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WWE Hell In A Cell 2010 DVD Review

WWE Hell In A Cell 2010 DVD Review

By Phil Allely

I have mentioned this before but the new WWE PG rated era has had a knock-on effect on the companies output and general product, cage match and gimmicks have especially suffered at the hands of this new family friendly approach to wrestling. A match such as Hell in a Cell of course is somewhat hampered by the remit of no blood and less violence. Luckily sometimes whilst we all wish for some blood and overt/gratuitous behaviour from our in-ring warriors, there are times we don’t miss it too much after all.

The 2010 HIAC pay-per-view had some really interesting matches on its card, three of them inside the cage. The main one being the ten year anniversary of the first HIAC encounter between Kane and Undertaker. Back then Kane was a non-speaking mask wearing monster who had no compassion or fear. Their meetings then were violent, bloody and awfully entertaining. In 2010 the roles were pretty much reversed as Kane defended his World Heavyweight Championship inside the steel structure, taking on the man whom he has battered, abused and almost dismembered over the past decade (also his storyline brother), Taker was of course realigned with his former manager (Kane’s storyline father) Paul Bearer for this battle.

As is now traditional the match of the night contender opened proceedings, with Daniel Bryan defending his United Sates Championship against John Morrison and the Miz in a ‘triple threat submissions count anywhere’ brawl. This was a fine example of how to work the crowd, showcase your talents and allow the crowd into the bout.

Next up WWE Champion Randy Orton took on former title holder Sheamus in a fairly decent and involving HIAC scrap. Orton carrying the lesser seasoned Irishman to a superb match. Both used the cell to their advantage and you cold certainly feel the brutal blows as they hit them. The chair shots and use of the steel structure were perfectly utilised to elicit the desired reaction from the crowd in this one.

Edge versus Jack Swagger was an impromptu challenge match, the idea behind it being that Edge had flattened the man dressed as an Eagle (Chavo Guerrero) who accompanied Swagger to the ring and Swagger wanted revenge. Both put in good efforts here and of course Edge’s involvement ensure things ran smoothly.

The John Cena and Nexus battle was in flow still and the following match displayed the way the flow of battle was going for the feud. The stipulation being that if John Cena won Nexus disbanded, if he lost however he had to join the invading group of NXT entrants, all he had to do was beat their leader and NXT winner Wade Barrett . The match was fun, exciting and at times hard to call, the finish was well worked out and worth viewing or two to spot fully.

The Unified Divas Championship cat fight between co-champ Michelle McCool and Natalya had its fair share of exciting moments as well, Natalya leading the way for the always improving McCool. McCool’s co-champion Layla hanging about ringside did have an impact on the ending though.

The aforementioned main event was an at times violent and brutal affair, Kane and Taker battering each other about the ring, cage and anywhere else they could. The years may not have been kind to both men, age and wear and tear on their bodies have limited them, but they did put forth a good match. The returning Paul bearer (after a six year break) and his trusty urn were the only downside as the finish came not only out of the blue, but lost the plot with it’s delivery. However that can’t really diminish just how well the PPV played out.

WWE Hell In a Cell 2010 is available now from and all good retailers.

The event is available as a single disc DVD and as a double disc Blu-Ray set.

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