Wednesday, 26 May 2010

TNA Sacrifice

Well hopefully you've all read my full review of the Sacrifice PPV on the Sun website, but if not here's my thoughts on the show.

Overall I thought sacrifice achieved its goals, RVD had a great match wiith AJ, Dug Williams retained his x division gold, Sting brutalised Jeff Jarrett and the Hulkster stayed off screen for a decent part of the show.

Of course some things were annoying, Abyss and Desmond Wolfe was a waste of talent (Wolfe), The Band really shouldn't be wrestling these days let alone winning the tag straps and the Knockouts will miss the departed tara.

RVD as champ is a good move thoughh, he is a prefect figurehead and one that the majority of wrestling fans new and old will know straight away.

TNA are getting there, it will take time, but we have that don't we?

TNA Return to the UK

it's just been announced (by non other than Ric Flair)that TNA will be returning to the Uk next January for a short (but high profile)Uk Tour.

I'll attach the dates and venues here soon. Suffice too say that the crew this time will be sensibly padded out by such names as Flair, RVD, Jeff Hardy and of course such homegrown stars as Doug Williams and Desmond Wolfe.

I expect the tour to sell out and of course I'll be there to review it.