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More WWE Belfast pics

Pics taken Nov 2010

WWE European tour pics Nov 2010

more pics from the Smackdown tour Nov 2010, taken in Belfast.

WWE DVD Review: Chris Jericho Breaking the Code

Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho

WWE DVD Review: Breaking The Code - Behind The Walls With Chris Jericho

By Phil Allely

Chris ’Y2J’ Jericho is currently on sabbatical from the WWE and has stated (in an interview with yours truly) that he may not return to the company anytime soon (you can read the interview very soon right here, so keep coming back to check us out), but that has not stopped them from putting together this rather excellent three disc set looking at Jericho’s career and legacy to date.

The very fact that Jericho in many interviews has said that he would never work for any other wrestling organisation may have something to do with the care and attention that has gone into this release. He documentary section itself is a well produced lok at every aspect of young Chris’ life and follows his rise through the ranks of pro wrestling. Taking looks at each promotion he joined, his tag team runs with Lance Storm, early matches and his love of music, which has in turn seen him leave the WWE for tours with his rock band Fozzy. Jericho is an interesting and fun person to view in this way and you do learn a huge amount from this piece., there is an awful lot to take in with this energetic and intelligent Canadian.

Some of his finest moments are here for all to see, the WCW days when he honed his character, the Millennium countdown that heralded his first WWE run and his time away from the ring to enjoy life on the road with his band.

From a match point of view there is very little to be afraid of here. The WWE have mined the archives rightly and brought some of Chris’ early matches as one half of The Thrill Seekers are covered well, his ECW appearances get a mention and the classic he had under the WCW Cruiserweight banner get a very healthy bit of airtime. Of course this set wouldn’t be the same without a long look at the mans WWE career and the matches although perhaps ones we’ve seen before are a great gauge of just what Jericho brings to every match he has. There are outings against Kurt Angle, Triple H, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and even Hulk Hogan himself squeezed in here. All of which have something special to them and show the character of Jericho to the best they can.

As a showcase of Jericho’s in-ring career to date (I firmly believe he will appear in WWE rings in 2011), his upbringing, training, life and love of music this is probably in the top five DVD box sets produced by the WWE for a man who has actually left the company.

If you are a Jerichoholic you will love this, if not you will be by the time you finish watching it, Jericho has a nice appeal to him. He may appear cocky and full of himself, but that’s is because he knows he can do exactly what he says he can, he can pull a match of the night out of a situation it shouldn’t even factor into (if he puts his mind to it).

This box set is on release now and available through www.silvervision.co.uk

Lex Luger Talks WWE and His Future

Lex Luger: I'd like to see how I'd have matched up to Triple H

By Phil Allely

It's been more than 15 years since Lex Luger (Larry Pfohl) set foot in a WWE ring, but that is about to change (in a way) when the legendary Superstar makes his video game debut as a playable character through the latest downloadable content package on the upcoming Raw V Smackdown game.

In a recent chat with WWE.com the former WCW World champion, WWE superstar and co-winner of the 1994 Royal Rumble talked openly about his in-game character, his dream opponent and the legacy of Lex Luger. Here are a few snippets from that chat.

Although he had no input into the games design Luger's ikeness will appear in the upconing game and be a fully playable add-on that can be downloaded.

Lex Luger: I totally trusted THQ on that, but I just got a sneak peek preview and the realism is just incredible.

Luger's previous agame appearance for the WWE was in 1995's WrestlemaniaThe Arcade Game, a programme that now appears very dated indeed.

Luger: Oh yeah, it’s like night and day. I mean not just the technology, but the manoeuvers and the different matches and all the alliances you can get involved in. The variety of choices they have now just blows me away.

Lex was best known in the WWE for his All american character, but does he conisder it a high point or not.

Luger: As far as the highlights of my career, slamming Yokozuna was just phenomenal. Everyone who goes on YouTube or Googles me, they always say, ‘I saw that thing where you slammed that gigantic guy!’ It really was an incredible experience.

The British Bulldog and lex formed a formidable tag team during that era. That team also feature in this new game content?

Luger: The Allied Powers are back! Isn’t that cool? That’s part of the fun of this game. You’re able to put teams together and get us involved with today’s current Superstars. You can have really classic matchups.

having retired in 2001. Lex was asked if there a dream match you never had in your career that you wish you had.

Luger: I guess it would be against some of today’s Superstars. I'd like to see how I’d match up against John Cena or Triple H or Randy Orton.

He then explained how The Total Package would fare in a brawl with powerhouses like Kane or Sheamus?

Luger: I like to think I’d hold up pretty well. The athletes are more athletic and the maneuvers are so spectacular, but I’d still have a basic ground attack. I’d have to stick with that, but sometimes simplicity is best.

Luger: People tell me that back in the day they loved to see me because once I got them in the Torture Rack the match was over. You don’t kick out of the Torture Rack, buddy.

You suffered a spinal stroke a few years back and have been recovering slowly from that. How have you been feeling since then?

Luger: Thank you for asking. I'm getting more strength and endurance back. I'm able to do more things from my spinal cord injury, which I'm very thankful about. I still continue motivational speaking with guys like The Million Dollar Man. And I have a business called Total Package Fitness out here in Atlanta. We do wellness consultation, exercise, nutrition and supplementation. That’s what I always loved doing

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More Smackdown European Tour Nov 2010 Pics

More of my own pics taken during the recent WWE Smackdown European tour, November 2010 @ Odyssey Arena Belfast.

WWE Smackdown Tour Pics Nov 2010

A few more pics taken during the recent Irish leg of the WWE Smackdown tour.

ECW Francine a few pics

We all love the old ECW and here are a few pics of the Queen of Extreme herself Francine, the most popular lady the promotion ever had.

Kelly Kelly Some Pics to Brighten Your Day

Here are a few random snaps of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly (aka Barbara Blank), sure to brighten even the dullest day eh?

Bret Hart Addresses The European Tour Incident

Bret Hart has a new blog post up where he addresses the recent incident on the WWE European tour where some of his belongings were stolen, here are a few pieces of it.

"On another thankful note, I wanted to say that my recent WWE tour that landed me back in London, England's 02 Arena, Brussels, Belgium, Mannheim, Cologne, and Nuremberg, Germany and capped off with an amazing couple of days in Istanbul, Turkey. I usually try to write about my wrestling life experiences such as being the enforcer in Randy Orton's bout, but I'll skip right to one of the highlights of my storied career: standing in as the #3 man of the Hart Dynasty, David Hart Smith (Harry Smith) and Tyson Kidd (TJ Wilson), throughout the German leg of the tour. The Nexus crew were spoiling for a pier 6 brawl and they got one; one that landed one of them in the sharpshooter every night. It was such a thrill for me to live a sweet dream, perhaps Davey Boy Smith's dream, but a sweet one all the more knowing that when young Harry was but a lad, he never ever stopped believing he'd someday grace a WWE ring. Even as a mere boy, I think we both often wondered if somehow, someday, somewhere we'd team up and work together. Same for Tyson Kidd, whom I've also known since he was around 10 years old. Like Harry, he too, never gave up on his dream of doing the same. As for Germany, I can't think of a better wrestling environment to let that wonderful dream play out. Thanks to the Hart Dynasty for letting me be part of the show, thanks to my German fans for coming, and lastly, thanks to the WWE for letting me have this special moment at this stage of my life and career."

"The only sour note was the loser who stole my ring jacket. I fully expect that this thief will eventually wear it only to be mobbed and stripped of it by my fans over there, who will always be on the lookout for it. No real Hitman fan would want to steal from me! It's all the more frustrating since nearly all my career ring jackets have been stolen mostly during my WCW days. I'd have someone take my jacket at ringside and never see them again. It got so bad that, as ridiculous as it is, I stopped wearing jackets because that hapless company of inefficiency couldn't stop letting them get stolen. Anyway, one more gone and, like always, I'll simply get another. Enough on that."

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WWE Live PIctures: Belfast Nov 2010

A further selection of pictures taken during the 2010 European tour by the WWE, at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast November 2010.

By Phil Allely

WWE Live Pictures: Nov 2010 Belfast

A selection of pictures taken during the 2010 European tour by the WWE, at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast November 2010.

By Phil Allely

WWE Survivor Series 2010 Review

WWE Survivor Series 2010 Review

By Phil Allely

The annual WWE Pay-Per-View Survivor Series is a thanksgiving tradition and used to be one of the most exciting events of the year, consisting of many so-called Survivor matches (where teams of five fought for survival). The matches were often between people who rarely if ever met in the ring and saw some great combinations of team mates, creating excitement and a very different format than every other event offered by the company during the year. The 2010 effort saw only one such match feature and whilst not as good as some previous years the card was decent and continued some of the years greatest storyline threads through with ease. Not bad when you consider the fact that the WWE itself had announced last year that the event would cease to exist after 2009.

The Nexus/John Cena alliance factored highly in proceedings this year and Cena’s WWE carer lay on the line in the main event, so whilst many of the company’s big hitters (Undertaker, HHH, CM Punk) were out with injuries the rising faction saw itself pushed to the hilt to fill the void, as they have been doing on PPV and during the recent European tour.

The opening match saw United States champion Daniel Bryan tackle third generation star Ted DiBiase Jr. DiBiase may be losing his place in the shuffle these days, but Bryan’s presence and ability made this one of the matches of the night. Bryan locking on his LaBell lock for the relatively easy win, to retain his gold. Post-match The Miz and Alex Riley attacked Bryan and cut a promo.

Our very own Celtic Warrior Sheamus fell to John Morrison next, the Irishman and the high flyer working very well together, each getting the chance to shine and tease their finishers. Sheamus going the more traditional hard-hitting kick-punch style against the flashy Morrison. A nice looking running knee by Morrison after some back and forth action ended this one perfectly.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaval had a blast in the following Intercontinental match-up. Both seemed to be on fine form and blended well in the ring. Kaval was impressive in his style and Ziggler stepped up to the plate to meet him. Vicky Guererro at ringside had no real effect on proceedings and the action spoke for itself. A Ziggler tights assisted roll-up saw him retain his belt however.

The Team Del Rio versus Team Mysterio bout had some terrific in-ring action., but perhaps someone should have givena few of the guys a bit more ring time. The once mighty MVP was one such performer who deserved to be in on the action for longer. The eliminations came thick and fast and number advantages swapped place regularly before the inevitable two-on-one situation loomed its head. The oddity here being it was the face team of Rey Mysterio and Big Show who had the advantage of heel Drew McIntyre. A 619/choke slam combo saw the Scot fall and the little and large duo stand tall as survivors for their team and match winners.

Hart Dynasty member Natalya took on the WWE Divas Championship co-holders LayCool (Michelle McCool/Layla) next in a handicap match for the title. No matter what the devious LayCool threw at her Natalya’s skill and determination saw it fail. The talented young lady was more than fit for them and won the title to boot, following a few heated exchanges and a good looking Sharpshooter submission hold. A returning Beth Phoenix made the save to aid Natalya after a post-match LayCool sneak attack sought to thwart her in-ring celebrations.

Kane’s World Heavyweight Title defence against Edge was a really well paced and heated encounter that showed both main-eventers at their best. Kane may be near the end of his in-ring career, but given the right opponent and less of the over-the-top theatrics of his recent scraps with storyline brother Undertaker, the guy can still pull off a fine match these days. The only problem here was the end, as both men attempted their finishers, Edge seemingly pinned Kane to win the gold, however the ref then overturned his decision and stated that both men had their shoulders down for the three-count and the result was a tie. Kane retained his belt for another while, whilst Edge got some form of revenge by battering him after the match.

The Tag Team Title match was a no-brainer really, not many thought that the team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov could wrestle the straps from the Nexus duo of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Marella and Kozlov had some nice moment in the ring, but this really was all about Nexus and the factions members (minus Cena) did prove to aid the decision, distracting Marella for a Slater pin to keep their prized belts.

The long-awaited main event came next, with Nexus banned from ringside it was up to special referee John Cena to hold order in this one, he also had the stipulation that if Wade Barrett failed to win the title John Cena would be fired for the WWE.

Although Barrett is not yet ready (much like the rest of Nexus) for main events, he did hold his own well against the more street smart and savvy WWE Champion Randy Orton. The stipulations and Cena’s presence did help things move on and maintain crowd interest throughout. A few near falls occurred and both combatants hit their respective finishers. It was Cena who would seal his own fate though. Barrett was too buys arguing and shoving Cena that he lost track of Orton and walked into the match winning RKO.

A shocked Orton watched on as Cena acknowledged his fans and walked away from the ring, perhaps forever.

Survivor Series had a good blend of matches and exciting storyline developments throughout the card. The Survivor Series match was nice to see, Natalya winning the Diva gold and Beth Phoenix return will boost that division and Kane’s win will keep his Edge battles ongoing until some more guys come off the inured list. The big story was of course the (storyline) firing of John Cena, his feud with Nexus has yet to meet its natural conclusion and he is mentioned on future event blurb, so we must assume the WWE has some interesting twists and turns to offer up as this one moves on.

The events of the following evenings Raw were special too, as The Miz did the (dis)honourable thing and cashed in his Money in The Bank case to win his first World Title. So in the space of a few days the WWE clawed back some very valuable fan interest with some solid events. The return of some top names soon and the eventual reveal of who the mysterious Raw General manager is may well be the icing on the cake for them.

Gail Kim Pics

A few pics of the lovely and under-utilised WWE Diva Gail Kim