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DVD Review Wrestlemania XXVII

DVD Review: WWE Wrestlemania XXVII

By Phil Allely

Wrestlemania needs no introduction these days, the event is of course the pinnacle of WWE’s programming and the one event that they throw more money at than any other throughout the year. So with injuries plaguing the company and some big names leaving for various reasons what had Vince McMahon and his crew got up their sleeves to make 2011 the best PPV ever?

As always the WWE invited a host of TV, Music and Movie stars to Mania, appearances by Snoop Dogg, Jersey Shore’s Snooki and Keri Hilson all worked reasonably well. Retro stars and low card players also popped up in some nice backstage vignettes. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s stare off with guest host The Rock was a lovely piece of TV.

This was also the event where the WWE dropped the ball somewhat and missed a golden opportunity to let (the now retired) Edge bow out of the wrestling business in style at the event of the year. His match with Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio may not have been booked as the opening bout of the card and most certainly the result would have been very different if Edge’s health situation had been made clearer. This was a shame as the encounter worked well and Del Rio’s push was in full swing in the lead up to the event.

Next up Rey Mysterio versus ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes was a fun match-up. Both working well and Rhodes especially proved himself as a performer by making sure the banged up Mysterio was protected during some risky moves.

In another example that the shows timing was off (the first being the Daniel Bryan/Sheamus US Title Match being bumped to the pre-show dark match) the Big Show/Kane/Santino Marella/Kofi Kingston and The Corre battle had far too little time to build any momentum and any real crowd heat.

Randy Orton taking on CM Punk brought things back on track though, the pairing really going all out for a match of the night nod.

The 2011 Hall of Fame Inductees made their customary appearance next and all went down well (Sunny looking gorgeous), but comedy star Drew Carey did have to listen to many boos.

Following the HOFer’s (where Shawn Michaels stole the show) the hugely anticipated scrap between veteran Jerry Lawler and mouth-piece Michael Cole tried to keep the momentum going. This is a match that even with Steve Austin as guest referee could have used some cutting of its duration. Odds are Bryan and Sheamus were not amused at all, those extra minutes of course could have given them their Mania moment.

In the match of the night Undertaker defended his undefeated streak against (the only WWE star suitable to tackle it) Triple H. Both men gave their all and this match is well worth a few viewings to fully appreciate their dedication and intense effort.

The mixed six person tag featuring John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki versus Dolph Ziggler and Lay-Cool was a good pace slower after the previous epic. Snooki deserving a good mention for her athleticism.

The main event had a lot to live up to and it did try its best to fulfil its obligations. John Cena and The Miz having the best match they could under the circumstances. Wrestlemania certainly wasn’t a failure as an event, it just had a few moments where planning and forethought could have gave it a better edge (pardon the pun) than it had.

The extras are what will ensure this DVD set sells well and deservedly so. First up is the Daniel Bryan/Sheamus US Title match (which evolved into a Lumberjack brawl/battle royal). There are also highlights of the Del Rio/Edge feud and legendary moments form previous Wrestlemania’s, these are fun, interesting and welcome additions to proceedings. Disc three houses the WWE Hall of fame ceremony in its entirety and to be honest probably makes this set all the more worthy of purchasing by being there. The ceremony has it all, heartfelt speeches, fun, entertainment, genuinely enthusiastic inductees and of course Shawn Michaels crowd-pleasing and tear-inducing bow out as an in-ring performer.

Wrestlemania XXVII is available now on 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray.

Priced £29.99 (DVD) and £34.99 (Blu-ray), visit for more information or check out your local retailer.

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Natalya and Maryse new pic

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Shawn Michaels DVD Review - Tagged Classics Heartbreak Express Tour, Hits From The Heartbreak Kid

DVD Review, WWE Tagged Classics – Shawn Michaels: Hits from the Heartbreak Kid/Heartbreak Express Tour

By Phil Allely

Considering his recent retirement and the fact that we will never see Shawn Michaels perform in the ring again (unlike many grapplers he has indeed stated that his retirement is permanent) this re-release of two previous discs is a welcome look back at vintage 1990s HBK.

Each one offers a nice collection of some of Shawn’s finest outings, Hits From the Heartbreak Kid features bouts against Bret Hart, Crush, Mr Perfect and Razor Ramon, there are also some tag matches with Shawn tagging with old pal Diesel. All of which showcase just how good the guy was in the ring and how vital he was to the WWE product in that boom period for the company.

Heartbreak Express Tour takes a slightly different tack as it covers mainly pay-per-view match-ups and spotlights two of the biggest events in 1996 for Michaels. These were of course his showing at the Royal Rumble (in highlight form) and of course the epic Wrestlemania XII encounter with Bret Hart that saw Shawn raise his first WWE Heavyweight Title.

Also on offer there is the match that defined Kevin ‘Diesel’ Nash’s career in the WWE, where he and Shawn had a wonderfully entertaining No Holds Barred battle. There is a fine effort against an on-form British Bulldog. The superb Summerlsam 1996 scrap with Vader and the In Your House spectacular with Mankind are also included in their entirety. A pair of matches with Michaels former bodyguard Sycho Sid are well worth seeing again too.

Overall these two shows perfectly encapsulate the classic 1990s style of wrestling and how much Michaels meant to the WWE back then. To think that a few short years later he would suffer a serious back injury and semi-retire is shocking (but displays just how dangerous wrestling can be), the fact that he returned to action in the 2000s and went on to be an even bigger superstar than before is amazing. The matches here on these discs are a great way to look back at what now can be called the first half of Shawn’s career and also give any newer fans the chance to see him at his in-ring prime. His second half of his career saw him adapt his style and whilst still putting in stellar performances, these are the bouts that Michaels true fans will adore.

Tagged Classics: Shawn Michaels – Hits From The Heartbreak Kid and Heartbreak Express Tour are available now from and all good retailers.

RRP £19.99

Certificate 15

Running Time 4 Hours 1 Minute

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New Brooke Adams, Miss Tessmacher Pics

RVD Interview HIghlights

- Rob Van Dam recently spoke with The Miami Herald. Here are some highlights from the article:

His match with Jerry Lynn at TNA Destination X:

"I was very pleased with the match as was Jerry Lynn. We had a competitive bout as we’ve always did. That same spirit that used to drive us for our matches before definitely came out. We haven’t wrestled since 2001. It has been quite a while, but we were able to pick right up and feel that chemistry together. According to the reports from the office, our match was off the charts. Especially for what they wanted the focus to be on right now and what they want the young guys to pick up and learn. I was super happy with the match. Jerry and I know the more we wrestle each other, the better the match gets."

His style:

"Before, my style was considered a pioneer style that people weren’t to, but now even on a pay-per-view like Destination X, everyone is flying and flipping. It’s the nature of that division. There are a lot of wrestlers who have been influenced by those earlier matches. Especially those matches that Jerry Lynn and I had in the 1990s. I don’t feel like right now, even after being in the business for as long as I have, anyone wrestles like me. I still stand out. Nobody does most of my RVD moves.

The truth is a lot of it is because they can’t. Some of it is out of respect. A lot of it is because normal people can’t jump off the apron and do a 360-degree spin in the air, then come back on one leg, with the other leg coming down on somebody on the guard rail. Normal people can’t do that. Normal wrestlers can’t do that, or they will get injured. That is still one of the things that set me apart. That’s not going to change."

Young stars not asking him for advice and a possible knock at Generation Me:

“I feel like I get respect, but not in that way. I’m open to it. Most of the guys, I don’t know if they don’t feel welcome to ask me or any of the other veterans or what. That is probably an issue that we have is the young guys should ask some of the older guys. They should be saying, ‘Hey, watch my match. Let me know what I can improve on.’ That never happens enough. Some of the young guys who are or were there, I don’t want to mention any names. There were two young guys who just left and looked like they were out of high school. The whole time they were there, they never introduced themselves or shook my hand. Things are way different than they used to be."

His time with TNA:

"I can’t say that I have been utilized to the fullest. I’d say very much not, but I don’t want that to come off as a complaint because I really like my deal with TNA. I’m very professional and there for whatever they need me to do. Having said that, I still care about my character and my career, and I’m very easy to get along with."

TNA not having brand recognition:

"We don’t have it. We have less than a handful of third party licensees, where as the big companies like with WCW there were a lot more. When they were around, they had a couple a hundred licensees. We need to get the TNA Impact Wrestling brand out there.

The most common comment I hear every day from fans that spot me for the first time at a restaurant, mall or beach. The one comment I get is, ‘RVD, you’re my favorite wrestler. What happened? Are you not wrestling anymore? Why did you retire?’ I get that all the time. It’s not a bad downside for the deal I have, but it’s something I put up with. I’m always like an ambassador. I would say, ‘You got Spike TV? The show is on Thursday nights at 9.’

That tells me there is a void there, where a lot of wrestling fans have yet to catch onto this product. Brand recognition is so important. When I was with WWE, people would have me sign merchandise that I didn’t even know existed. I would go, ‘What the f---? There is an RVD outlet cover for your wall? I had no idea.’

With TNA, unfortunately right now, we are dealing with T-shirts, action figures, trading cards and then a few key chains or something. That is all we got. We have a handheld game, I guess. I don’t think that many people know about it. Then we have a big void. I’m hoping at this weekend at the Comic-Con in San Diego that the TNA office will meet some third party licensees."

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WWE Money In The Bank - PPV Review 2011

Money in the Bank 2011WWE: Money in the Bank 2011 [Blu-ray]WWE Pay-Per-View Review – Money In The Bank 2011

By Phil Allely

Money In The Bank may be a relatively new WWE PPV event, but it does something that many of the more well-known monthly events do. This event usually delivers some very exciting and innovative matches/storylines. The premise of MITB being that both Raw and Smackdown have action packed ladder matches where the winner can grab a briefcase containing a world title shot. This case can be cashed in anytime they want and this concept has enabled some shock title changes and unbelievable WWE TV moments.

With the recent high octane statements by CM Punk and the ensuing mayhem they created this event was a firecracker waiting to explode.

Opening match for the Smackdown MITB briefcase was a great way to kick things off. Amongst the chaos, set-pieces and sometimes overly booked in-ring action Sin Cara was wheeled off after a Sheamus powerbomb through a ladder. (a move needed to write Cara off TV until he serves his WWE Wellness Violation penalty) Daniel Bryan was the surprise winner after fending off the rest of the challengers Wade Barrett, Kane, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

Needing to slow things down after such a thrilling encounter the Diva Title was up for grabs next. Short and reasonably sweet the brawl between Challenger Kelly Kelly and champ Brie Bella was okay, but served its purpose. Kelly coming out victorious after interference from Nikki Bella backfired on her sister.

Big Show versus Mark Henry was verging on bearable for most of its duration next. Whilst both big men are lumbering and often un-inspiring, they did give their all here and show some more enthusiasm than previous bouts together have shown. Henry even pulling off the win, after some hard-hitting power moves.

Raw’s MITB match was marginally better than the Smackdown effort and it fulfilled its lofty expectations as well. This match had it all, dangerous moves, spectacular spots and a return to fomr for the man who many thought was earmarked for championship gold at Wrestlemania Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio being the man who overcame the might of Kofi Kingston, Jack swagger, Evan Bourne, R Truth, Alex Riley, The Miz and Rey Mysterio to net himself a guaranteed shot at the Raw gold.

The World Heavyweight Title match was an interesting one. Challenger Christian of course saw his title dreams shattered in mere days by current champ Randy Orton and he had come up short in encounters ever since. This time the stipulation was that is Orton was DQ’d the belt would change hands, Christian of course would do all he could to attempt to goad Orton into getting disqualified and reclaim his belt. Which is exactly what happened, the in-ring action, storytelling and performances here were spot on. Orton’s ill-fated low blow to Christian saw his temper get the better of him and the challenger win the title. Orton’s post-match beat down and temper tantrum all give this feud great mileage.

The hugely popular CM Punk’s challenge for John Cena’s WWE title was not only the main event it was perhaps the match that will rejuvenate the company. Recent months have seen fans bore of its matches, PPV viewers have dropped and of course due to injuries etc. many of the top names have been off TV. The WWE needed to do something and you know what this almost ‘shoot style’ scenario with CM Punk may just have done it.

The match itself was above average (considering Cena’s involvement) the brawling, in and out of ring activity and storytelling were superb throughout. The involvement of Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitus et all just helped elevate proceedings and make us think that as promised Punk may just win the title and then leave the WWE with it in his grasp.

Punk did indeed win the strap (the interference/decision tampering attempts by McMahon and Laurinaitus all backfiring spectacularly). A MITB briefcase cash-in attempt by Del Rio (under orders from Vince) fell flat too and the celebrating new champ ran off through the crowd to a huge ovation.

Money In The Bank was a great event all round for the WWE and since then their TV shows have been pretty much essential viewing. Punk’s title win and his erratic action have made things highly interesting again. New champ Christian has got his hands full too as no doubt Orton will be trail for a re-match soon. Of course there are also the two MITB winners (Del Rio/Bryan) who both have a title shot waiting for them.

Diehard Derek's CM Punk Views
CM PUNK is a Bag of Douche!

Yeah, he may be the hottest trending name in pro wrestling as we speak, but it doesn't change the bad taste he left when we worked with him.

CM Punk - or should I pull a Vinnie Mac and just refer to him as "Phil" - is a very talented and gifted athlete. He's one of the best I've seen on the mic in a while. Unfortunately, his over sized ego casts an enormous shadow over his skills and paints him as an old school, red rubber, hanging in your grandmothers shower, vinegar smelling, DOUCHEBAG!

Before going any further, let me just make it clear that opinions expressed in this article are solely mine (DieHard Derek) and do not reflect on the opinions of the owners and integrity of this website.

Now out of respect for this and its visitors, I won't go into detail or take a big fat alton brown pizza dough dump on this website because I wouldn't want this to be associated with my personal feelings spawned by my personal experience with Phil. BUT, if you want to hear a story that a an indy locker room can attest to about what it was like working with Phil right before he signed with the WWE, then please click the link below to follow the full story.

Now on the flip side of the coin, I would welcome all your comments and opinions about Phillip Punk. I know many of you may be a fan of his work, as well am I. But I'm not talking about his character, I'm talking about him in real life. Mr. Phil Brooks! So if you were ever told to "F" off when asking for an autograph in an airport or a hotel, I'd love to hear about it!

In the meantime, enjoy the read!


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Kaitlyn and AJ Lee new pics

Diva Bikini Pics

Mr Anderson Interview Highlights

TNA's Mr. Anderson spoke with The Dover Post this week to promote TNA's July 23rd show at the Delaware State Fair. Here are some highlights:

Q What are some of the behind the scenes stuff that we as viewers don’t see?

A It’s a two-hour show every week, and they get to see us for five to ten minutes. If you get a 15-minute segment on TV that’s a long segment because we have such a long roster. So they think you have it made. They don’t see that we do three non-TV events a week. I’ll get home, wash all my clothes, re-pack, and go out for a really, long loop. Then we do two TV shows and then we’re traveling, we drive ourselves from city to city. If we’re in Milwaukee and then Chicago the next night, we have to drive after the show to Chicago. And we have to find a gym, and a place to tan, and make sure we’re eating properly, and it’s 11 at night and nothing healthy’s open. Those are the things that people don’t see that we do. A lot of times we work 16 to 18 hour days, and don’t think twice about it. For normal people, 12 is pushing it. A lot of people work 8 hours shifts and go home. I always go back and think this beats the hell out of every job I’ve ever had.

Q Guys like Ric Flair have had careers for decades now. How long would you like to keep at it?

A If I’m still doing this five years from now, please, just shoot me. I love the wrestling business, I love entertaining people, but it doesn’t define me. And for people who are defined by this, that’s fine. I don’t judge them or look down on them, but it’s not for me. After 13 years of taking abuse I have aches and pains, and my wife calls me the old man a lot — more than I would like for her to call me. But I know that I can’t do this forever.

Q What would you like to do in the future?

A “E.T.” was the first movie I ever saw in the theater, and I remember looking at my mom and asking, “How does somebody do that? I want to be Elliott.” It just so happens to be that I live in the greatest country in the world where you can do anything you want. And if you want to be an actor and you work hard at it, you can do that. I’d like to transition into movies, TV, maybe some behind-the-scenes stuff here at TNA, or as a commentator. Eventually, my plan is to move to Wyoming on a big place of land and hunt, and fish, and spend time with my family and travel, and do some charity work.

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Sting Reclaims TNA Title

Sting reclaims TNA Championship and fulfils Angle’s Prediction!

By Phil Allely

It’s rare to see a major wrestling title change hands on free TV, but this past week on Impact Wrestling (shown in the UK last night on Challenge) that very thing occurred, as former World Champion Sting reclaimed his prized World Heavyweight Gold from Immortal’s henchman Mr Anderson. Their physical and pretty evenly paced encounter was made possible after a number of TNA’s top names gave ‘The (Joker faced) Stinger’ the assist. Throughout the two hour programme a number of Sting’s ‘Clown Minions’ (Fortune and later Kurt Angle) took out Immortal members Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Gunner and Bully Ray, to give the veteran fan favourite a fair crack at the belt. Anderson's Scorpion Death Lock and Sting's enthusiastic approach (including a mic check) all helped too, the end coming as a ref bump allowed Angle's clown to erase Bully Ray's interference and allow Sting to nail Anderson for the three count.

In a recent interview with Sun Sport’s Phil Allely, Kurt Angle seemed to predict that he would be the man facing Sting for the gold on the upcoming Maximum Impact IV tour of the UK and now he just may be (or vice versa!). Angle as per his win over Jeff Jarrett at Slammiversary is now the number one contender for the gold and will face new champion Sting for the title at the upcoming Hardcore Justice Pay-Per-View.

“Yeah having a guy like Sting spearhead this tour is a big deal all round. I was so pleased to hear him mentioned for the shows. You know he never did tour much and it has been over a decade since he was here. So this is major news and I’m especially happy as I get to join him on this one. I’d love to face him on the shows, in fact it would make perfect sense to do just that. Us two headlining would be the icing on the cake, he is one of the top guys of all time and he’s in the best shape he has been in years, both of us at our peak physically would be intense. Yeah I’m hoping that’s the case, though we do have so much talent here in TNA, the guys will be fighting to get a post on this tour. We intend to bring the best over here and put on the quality of shows you become used to.” Said an enthusiastic Angle, whilst in the UK to promote the upcoming tour.

Sting’s latest championship reign puts him level with Kurt Angle as a four time TNA champion. This also means that once again the power within TNA has shifted and Hulk Hogan’s Immortal faction are back in the challenger/intimidator role. Sting’s alliance with Fortune and Kurt Angle may be short lived, but it will make the upcoming TV shows and PPV’s a lot more fun to witness as the storylines unfold and new allegiances appear.

Just who will we UK fans get as touring TNA Champion come January 2012?

Chavo Guerrero to TNA?

Recently released WWE superstar Chavo Guerrero Jr was interviewed this past week for the Right After Wrestling Radio show in the US. In his 25 minute long interview he discussed many things in his career, including his contract release from the WWE, his career after his uncle Eddie passed away and his recent twitter rants at John Cena. His most interesting statement was in response to the question of who he would still like to wrestle. “I would love to work with AJ Styles, we always used to call him AJ Steals, because we thought he was always stealing our moves. But I knew him since he was just a kid breaking into the business. I would also like to work with Kurt Angle again and to see him again.” Said Guerrero in what many feel is a blatant hint that he may indeed be TNA/Impact Wrestling bound.

WWE DVD Review: Tagged Classics - The Rock

WWE DVD Review – Tagged Classics: The Rock – The People’s Champ and The Rock – Just Bring It

By Phil Allely

With his star turn at this year’s Wrestlemania The Rock is once again one of the hottest talents signed up to the WWE. After making it big in the movie world many thought that he like so many other onetime Wrestling stars would never step back into the ring beyond the odd nostalgic appearance. Of course now after Mania we now know that The Rock will return to action to face John next year at the event and perhaps even make an in-ring appearance or two before then too.

This two disc set from Silver Vision is the perfect way to refresh your memory of classic Rock action and also acts as a nice introduction to the character for new fans, who have only seen the 2011 version of him.

‘The People’s Champ’ opens this set up well as it lets fans old and new see the self-proclaimed “most electrifying man in sports entertainment” at his finest. This was a man who made the audience beg for more before he even spoke a word in a promo, he had catchphrases, used an elbow drop as his finisher and he seemingly had the ability to gel with everyone on the WWE roster. There may have been moments where his in-ring work faltered, but the charisma, showmanship and general feeling that you were watching something special made even those select moments slip past with ease. One of the most interesting features here is the chronicling of the formation his partnership with Mankind (dubbed the Rock n Sock Connection). The duo were as good as tag team partners in the comedy inspired pairing as they were in competition with each other.

‘Just Bring It’ is a pretty decent offering that takes a close look at the Rock during his peak period. This was a boom time for the WWE and Rock was at the centre of it, his matches with the likes of Steve Austin, Kurt angle and many more of the periods top superstars are superbly presented. There are plenty of vignettes and some classic promos thrown in for good measure as well. The few matches as bonus features are a welcome bonus too.

So to coin a phrase of the great man himself this is exactly the right DVD set to let you see just “what the Rock is Cooking”. The footage may be a few years old now and the character may seem old hat in some ways. But if only the WWE could replicate the rise and success of the Rock, his story is one that many young wrestlers hope to emulate and one that will endear the character to the viewer with ease. His subsequent rise to fame as a mainstream star and the fact that he willingly returns to the sport that made him (when he can) is a very positive point as well.

Tagged Classics – The Rock: People’s Champ/Just Bring It is on general release now. It is available from and all good retailers.

Release date: June 13th 2011

RRP: £19.99

Certificate: 15

Running Time: 5hrs 03 mins

Discs: 2

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Sin Cara

The following comes from WWE's website:

STAMFORD, Conn. – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde (Sin Cara) for 30 days for his first violation of the company’s policy.

WWE did an injury angle with Cara at last night's Money in the Bank pay-per-view where he was stretchered out after Sheamus powerbombed him through a ladder.

Xplosion TV news in the UK

TNA Xplode onto UK Primetime TV Slot

By Phil Allely

Impact Wrestling have announced that their Xplosion TV show has proved so popular amongst viewers that it will move to a new primetime position in the Challenge TV schedule.

Xplosion will now move to Wednesday nights at 10pm. The Jeremy Borash hosted show features a combination of both new and classic wrestling matches. On weeks when a monthly pay-per-view is broadcast on a Wednesday night at 10pm, Xplosion will return to its current home of midnight on Tuesday.

Jeremy Borash said: “At the many fan events we've had over the last several months, fans kept saying Xplosion was on too late.

“They were also telling us that they wanted to see exclusive matchups, and popular web features like the Spin Cycle and the Match of the Week.

“Combined now with the Xplosion Championship Challenge Tournament, Xplosion is really stepping it up, and so is Challenge TV with this move to 10pm."

Challenge can be found on Freeview channel 46, Sky 125 and Virgin Media 139.

Flagship show IMPACT WRESTLING will continue to be shown every Tuesday night at 10pm on Challenge.

AJ Styles Interview

Friends can knock each other out I guess?

AJ Styles Interview

By Phil Allely

TNA wrestler AJ Styles has done it all in the company and been one of its most well respected performers on what is at its heart a truly talented roster. As an exemplary star of the one-time hugely popular X Division current Fortune front man AJ was given the chance to headline the recent all X Division PPV Destination X.

In an exclusive interview with Phil Allely, Styles discussed that event and many more aspects of his career and working for TNA.

‘Destination X was probably one of best events of the year so far. There’s no doubt about it. Daniels and I had a great match. It was also one of our longest as well (almost 30 minutes). The only thing was I think he got knocked out during it. But maybe that’s what friends are for eh? They knock each other out (laughs). It was a great pay-per-view and one that I particularly enjoyed being a part of. The whole event worked well’. Said a clearly excited and enthused Styles.

Destination X saw the return of the six-sided ring to TNA. The decision to ditch that unique ring was one that many thought would hamper TNA’s attempts to take the fight to its nearest rival the WWE and perhaps even turn fans away from their product. However as live audiences and pay=per-view numbers/TV viewing figures grow, perhaps the ring wasn’t an issue after all.

Styles for one, was sorry to see the structure removed. ‘I hated to see it leave, I was excited to see it return though. I have I guess got kind of used to the four sided ring now and then here it was back again, I’d forgot how hard it was to perform in the six-sided one. The top rope stuff was harder, the ropes are thicker and to be honest it threw me off a bit. But you see that (the six-sided ring) is what made TNA and it was all about the six sided ring. It may have only been back for one event, but we showed how special it is’.

The six-sided ring was replaced by the more traditional four-sided one during the formative months of the Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff regime. With fewer current roster wrestlers being familiar with that ring these days, was the choice of Daniels as his opponent a welcome one?

‘Of course it was the perfect scenario really, Daniels and I have had some great matches in the past and having a good friend like him to work with helped me greatly. We’ve both had plenty of experience in the old-style ring. This match came together wonderfully because of our history and knowledge’.

The X Division was once one of TNA’s biggest draws and one that AJ himself was a major part of. Recently the emphasis on TNA programming has been less on the always exciting high flyers and more on the more established big men, or in some cases old pals of company big names.

‘The X Division is one of the best things we do. They do deserve TV time and unfortunately they don’t always get it. It’s been a case of guys like Hogan and Sting needing TV airtime and the X guys getting lost in the shuffle. My hope is that Destination X is the wake-up call they need to give them the shot they deserve. I’d like to see those matches return to form and being the reason that people tune in to see us doing this stuff once again’.

Having already netted himself every piece of gold available in TNA AJ still has dreams of holding more. ‘I’d like to win more titles, I don’t want to be after just one thing but. If I have an opportunity I’ll take it, as I’ve proved before that’s what I do best. I’ll take on anybody anywhere for the belts, no matter which one or who it is. The only good thing at present is that a lot of the X Division guys have moved up to other places on the roster, so at least you can still see them. So whilst I miss the push on that division a lot of us are still here doing our thing.’

The Fortune group which Styles heads up have been in some decent outings as of late, becoming a good sized thorn in the sides of Hulk Hogan’s Immortal collective.

‘Fortune still have some unfinished business with them (Immortal). My recent match with Bully Ray was awesome. I took him to a good match (maybe one of his best) and don’t for a minute think we’re done yet. You never know what’s around the corner. Fortune are getting stronger too, If you want to liken us to factions like The Four Horsemen I’ll agree. I mean how cool would it be to take control of all of the TNA gold and be running things here?’.

With his headline match at Destination X going down extremely well with fans and management alike, what does a guy like AJ look forward to now in TNA?

‘Well my sights are on the Bound For Glory series of matches on Impact Wrestling. I have no issues in saying that I want that title shot and I’m gonna work my hardest in these matches to get there. ‘

With the company adoption a new logo and new motto we just had to discuss Why wrestling Matters to a guy like AJ Styles.

Why wrestling matters to me is simple really, It’s what I know and what I do, it should matter to me because that’s exactly who AJ Styles is, I am a wrestler and wrestling matters to a wrestler.’

The UK fan base is ever growing and TNA yearly jaunts to these shores for tours are met with sell-out crowds. Styles has participated in previous tours, but missed out on the 2011 dates due to an injury.

‘Yeah being injured meant I missed the tour. I heard it was awesome too, so it was gutting to miss it. I am geared up for this one though. It was the right decision to not go last time though, health wise I just had to take a break to heal up. But I do still feel bad that I missed out on it all. Maximum Impact IV will see AJ Styles at full power and you can all expect me wrestling at 100%. Fans will get everything you expect form me for your hard earned money.’

Prior to our interview news had just broke that TNA roster members Orlando Jordan and generation Me had been released from their contracts. The question on everyone’s lips at times like this is how do their friedns, work makes and peers feel about these company decisions?

‘You know these guys are always just trying to do what’s right and make the decisions for their families etc. These guys are trying to make the right decisions for their families etc. I know they haven’t burnt their bridges here, so anything can happen down the line. They are all talented guys and they will find work easily enough. I’ve seen many friends come and co. from here (TNA) it’s something that’s gonna happen, it’s the nature of the business, who knows when its going to happen. It may even happen to me someday.’

A question we always ask to a Wrestler is are there any grapplers they think would benefit their company and perhaps even be a dream feud for them. AJ was only too happy to respond with what would be a very interesting and popular talent to join TNA.

‘Well I’d love to see Rey Mysterio end his career here. I’d love that opportunity, he is such a superstar and I’d hope it could happen, you just never know. Maybe some of our UK fans will give me a few other ideas in response to this one. Rey’s the only guy I can think of right now.

You can catch up with AJ Styles each and every week on Impact Wrestling, shown here in the UK on Challenge every Tuesday Night at 10pm.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

CM Punk Talks Steve Austin

While the chances of this happening are very slim, people close to CM Punk have said that Punk still has his heart set on a match with retired WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The potential feud was featured as a “dream feud” in WWE’s recent “All Stars” video game – and they both engaged in a war of words on Twitter hypothesizing what would happen if they ever stepped in the ring together.

During a recent interview with, Punk was asked about his recent “shoot” promo on RAW – and whether him wearing a Steve Austin t-shirt while giving the promo was a sign of things to come. Punk told GQ – saying a program with Steve Austin “writes itself” and is says he “absolutely” wants it to happen:

“I do a lot of weird little things like that because people talk about it. I don’t think it’s any secret; I think the biggest match any wrestling company can do right now is C.M. Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. I’ve thought that since I was 15. I’m straight edge. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. And that is the perfect protagonist or antagonist to Stone Cold Steve Austin, depending on how you want to spin it. It writes itself. You would have to try really, really hard to f*** that one up. The idea of being on television is to wear your T-shirt so people see it and maybe buy it. I had gone out previously in the night and wrestled. You throw your T-shirt on the ground, and I don’t know what the hell happens to it after that. I came to the back, and I was looking for another T-shirt. I sent somebody to go and get one, and they came back with a XXL. I was like, “I’m going to be swimming in this thing.” And it’s always creepy when you’re wearing wrestling trunks with a shirt because it doesn’t look like you’re wearing any pants. I had a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt in my bag, and it fit me. I chuckled to myself and put it on. Am I planting seeds? I don’t know. I can’t guarantee to anybody that that match is going to happen. Do I want it to happen? Absolutely.”