Friday, 29 May 2009

Former TNA Star Makes A Statement

Can You Dig It Booker?

By Phil Allely

Recently released TNA referee/wrestler Shane Sewell has made some interesting comments on his departure from the company and takes a few digs at his former opponent Booker T along the way.

On his social networking Facebook page Sewell not only acknowledges that his leaving TNA was amicable and purely due to both sides being unable to come to terms for a new deal, but he also has nothing but good words for legendary referee Earl Hebner and how much his knowledge and experience helped him in his on screen role.

However after saying that TNA has some great people in the company and that it was a pleasure to work with some of the best talent in the business today. Sewell then goes on to take a pop at a certain member of the Main Event Mafia.

He states ‘So what next? I’m heading back to my adopted homeland of Puerto Rico (the WWC). A Place where I don’t need a knock-off belt to be called a legend. A country where my years of blood, sweat and tears have already earned that legends status for me. A place where I can go toe-to-toe with visiting main-eventers, while they are away from the safety of their network TV script-writers and back room politics… Can you dig that?’

During his stint with TNA Sewell primarily worked as a referee/trainer, before jumping in to the ring and wrestling Sheik Abdul Bashir and Booker T in a couple of short-lived storylines, before being quietly let go last week.

We at Sun Sport had heard the door was left open for Sewell to return to TNA, will these comments see it closed permanently, or will they lead to a renewed feud somewhere down the line?

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

TNA news

Looks like former TNA wrestlers Raven and Shane Douglas are heading back to the company. WE will be seeing them both over the next few weeks and on PPV too.

Raven will likely side with former cohort Stevie Richards (Dr Stevie) and take up a feud with Abyss perhaps.

Douglas seems to be lined up against Christopher Daniels.

The only problem here is that both men are well past their sell by date and cannot hack it with the current TNA roster. I really do wish we saw some new young blood in TNA.

A rumour going about is that WCW star BUff Bagwell is being lined up for a run in TNA, considering his track record i do hope this is a false rumour.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Rumours and Snippets

In Tna news there is a press release that US fans will love, Dixie Carter and co have announced that in honour of it being the 7th one and the economic climate being so slow there are tickets for this years Slammiversary PPV going on sale for $7. check out the tna website for further details of that offer.

According to Jeremy Borash's twitter page Kurt Angle has been contacted to appear on the next series of Dancing With the Stars in the US.

Bobby Lashley is yet to sign a contract with TNA so we can expect him to be off screens until then, his signing would be a major coup for the company and set up some interesting new feuds too.

Over in the WWE you will all now have noticed that Ric Flair is once again back on our screens, it seesm highly likely that 'slick ric' is anting to return to the ring and fight again. I perosnally hope he does not and remains an on-air manager type person, his in-ring days are over and the match with Michaels last year should be his final match for any promotion.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

New TNA tv show for The UK

According to the Sun website and other sources the Bravo channel here in the UK that already boasts TNA's Impact show weekly will be getting another specially made show for the UK fans. It will be every friday and called epics. A guest host will introduce it each week and it will fetaue many classic tna matches etc.
Lok out for the first episode next friday May 15th on Bravo.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Tna Release

So the roster cuts still come thick and fast eh! WWE recently let Superstar Billy Graham go from his legends contract and now i hear that TNA have parted ways with Roxxi.

Roxxi was a decent part of the Knockouts roster and even went the extra mile last year and had her head shaved as part on an on-screen angle.

I'm sure she will fare ok on the indie circuit, but this does leave the TNA women's roster even lighter for talent than before.