Friday, 27 June 2008

Warrior Returns To The Ring Triumphant

The Warrior (jim hellwig) returned to the ring in Spain taking on former WWE star Orlando Jordan for the NWE title and beat him to be crowned the new heavyweight champ.

The trim and in shape Warrior has since vacated the title saying it should be held up for a tournament.

The match drew 14,000 plus and was huge success for the company and Warrior who may just step back in and shake those ropes one more time.

pics here soon when i can get them, my review of the match is online at

Thursday, 26 June 2008

WWE News & Rumours

It seems former TNA star Ron 'The Truth' Killings is set to make his in-ring debut soon, he has beenworking dark matches recently.

With no hints at who his mystery tag team partner will be, the best bet or the title match at Night of the Champions PPV would be fellow son of a grap legend Cody Rhodes.

With his star well risen it looks like 2008 will conitinue to blossom for Lance Cade, seems WWE Management have big plans for him.

The WWE Draft In Full

Below find a list of the complete WWE Draft, some good, some bad, some surprising and a few oddities.

Talent Joining Raw (10)Rey MysterioCM PunkMichael ColeBatistaKaneJamie NobleDeuceChuck PalumboMatt StrikerLayla

Talent Joining SmackDown (12)Jeff HardyJim RossUmagaMr. KennedyTriple HTrevor MurdochBig Daddy VDH SmithBrian KendrickMariaShelton BenjaminCarlitoTalent Joining ECW (5)Matt HardyMark HenryHornswoggleSuper CrazyFinlaey

Talent Leaving Raw (11)Jeff HardyJim RossUmagaMr. KennedyTriple HTrevor MurdochDH SmithSuper CrazyBrian KendrickMariaCarlito

Talent Leaving SmackDown (10)Rey MysterioMatt HardyMichael ColeBatistaMark HenryJamie NobleDeuceHornswoggleChuck PalumboFinlay

Talent Leaving ECW (6)CM PunkKaneBig Daddy VMatt StrikerShelton BenjaminLayla

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Scott Steiner Injured Out For Six Months

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner will be out of action for up to six months, the 'genetic freak' injured his knee during his bout with Kaz and Samoa Joe at Sacrifice, he has undergone surgery for a torn ACL and will need to recover for up to six months.

It's unknown what this means for his associates Petey Williams and Rhaka Khan.

TNA Victory Road PPV line-up so far



FAN'S REVENGE MATCH FOR THE TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP The Latin American Xchange (c) vs. Robert Roode & "Cowboy" James Storm

THE FINALS OF THE WORLD X CUP TOURNAMENT Featuring Team TNA, Team Japan, Team Mexico & Team International

TNA KNOCKOUTS MATCH Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love

Plus more.

The Reason Why Triple H Jumped To Smackdown

Triple H was drafted to SMackdown for one main reason, his schedule on raw made it very difficult for him to see his wife Stephanie and his child, with another child on the way it makes more sense for him to be on smackdown where he can actually see Steph (she is planning on taking both children on the road with her) more.

There is also a good in-ring and on screen reason to move him too, he is a much needed big name to add to the dire Smackdown brand and hopefully his presence will elevate the blue brand too.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

TNA Live In Liverpool Some Personal Pics

Here are some pics from my superb seat (one of the boxes) at the recent Liverpool shows by TNA.

The Day I Met Dixie

Here's a nice wee pic of me and my new buddy Dixie Carter (of TNA fame). She was very kind to us all during our trip to Liverpool to cover the TNA debut tour of the UK, Dixie and her whole roster took as much time as they needed to keep fans happy, posing for pics, signing autographs etc and ensuring TNA made the best first impression they could.

Jeff Jarrett To Return To The Ring

Although he was backstage for the recent UK tour and is always present for PPV, Impact and US shows Jeff Jarrett has finally announced that he will be heading back into the ring. After a lay-off for persoanl reasons (which I'll not go into here), Double J shoudl be able to add some new blood to the main event of TNA. He will also be one of the lead characters to make the next UK tour in January. I for one can't wait to see him back in the ring, be it guitar in hand or with a new gimmick he has been missed and will be a welcome addition to the already burgeoning roster that TNA has.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Pro Wrestling Ulster PWU Next Show

This Friday (27th June) Pro Wrestling Ulster will present their next live event Adrenaline, this will be headlined by a unique event as the tandems of Toxic/'Mighty' Marty Andrews, Kev Rocks/Danny Butler & Chad Kingston/El Toro Sanchez battle it out in a first for the fledgling company, a triple threat tag team tables elimination match for the vacant PWU Tag Team titles. also on the card Real Southern Attitude (Marshal/Vice) will see who Tron 'The Northern Irish Nightmare' has chosen as his partner for their challenge match.

Adrenaline will be in Malone Rugby Club, Belfast, doors 7.30pm, tickets £8, children £5

Thursday, 19 June 2008

My New Venture Phil Allely Reviews

I've just set up a sister blog to this one for all of my ono wrestling reviews, so check it out for dvd, cd, movie, theatre, exhibition and reviews of anything else I see or hear.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Lex Luger Speaks Out

Former WWE and WCW star Lex Luger is interviewd on in his interview he talks about how his life has changed, how he lives now as compared to his glory days, his paralysis and injuries, his physical condition and how he is now living in a small apartment and his biggest excitement in a day is being able to do small jobs we all take for granted.

My TNA Road Trip

last Wednesday night 9pm-1am I sat eagerly watching and reviewing the TNA Slammiversary PPV. Knowing full well that i;d have to file my review very promptly as i had to try and get some rest as my TNA experiences were about to go beyond, dvd, ppv and impact watching. I was about to head off to Liverpool and the Olympia Theatre for two days of TNA's first ever Uk tour. Hooking up with my fellow wrestling writers from the Sun newspaper i made the long trip to Liverpool from Belfast and had the time of life as TNA blew the UK market wide open for themselves.

I'd been one of the first people to take an interest in TNA's product and i regularly write about them here as well as covering all ppv events for the Sun. The venue in Liverpool was ideal, small scale (approx 1800 fans), intimate and most of all welcoming as the six-sided ring seemed at home in what was surely an old music hall/theatre.

TNA had their midway promoters giving away foam hand and promo material for the upcoming video game.

The PR guys and girls were shifting huge amounts of the coolest t shirts imaginable, programmes etc all sold well too.

Jeremy Borash was superb, the action was the Best i've seen in decades of wrestling watching and every single match was superb. The crowd were rabid and reminded me of classic ECW ones, the chants were deafening, the atmosphere electric and not one person Left unhappy. the boys and girls of tna were everything i imagined and much more. The surprise being the after show meet/greet and signing where Ali the roster waited for hours to make sure all fans went home happy. Never have i seen such dedication to the fans.

Dixie carter and co should be proud of themselves for doing what no other company ever has, they brought wrestling to the fans and not simply used this trip as a money making effort. The next batch of shows will be in January, venues will be bigger, but the fanbase will be too and the company will be even better as they feed off their new found UK fans and build on the solid reputation this short tour cemented.

Special mention must go to Dixie who met, posed, smiled and enjoyed every moment she had with fans, us the press and anyone else she encountered, not many bosses would do that and she does it with such enthusiasm too.

It was a pleasure to meet the roster, PR people, backstage guys and of course the gorgeous Dixie. I wish them well and feel proud to have been a part of their initial tour of the UK.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Earl Hebner He Loves His Job

During the TNA UK Tour i was lucky enough to not only meet Wrestlings most controversial referee Earl Hebner, but take part in an interview with him that my fellow wrestling Rob McNicholl had arranged.

I'll not spoil what Rob will write, but suffice to say Earl is more than happy to be the man remembered for his role in the infamous Montreal Screw Job, he loves being the most well knwon referee and after 30 years in the business he stil enjoys his job, his brother Dave and Son Brian are involved in the business too and earl is showing no signs of hanging up his striped shirt anytime soon.

For anyone who does not know Earl was the man the WWE relied on to ref their most high profile matches, he kept things going through the companies attitude era, Hulkamania years and much more.

Gail Kim Rocked The UK

the gorgeous (and even more so in the flesh) Gail Kim was a part of the first TNA tour of the UK.

battling against the mighty Awesome Kong in singles and mixed tag matches.

Covering the shows for The Sun, i was fortunate enough to get close to Miss Kim and yes she is as good looking as she sesm on tv and more.

I'll be posting some pics form the shows i attended so keep looking back.

Queue Idol Vote For me Please

Hi i'm a finalist on the q-matic Queue Idol competition to find the new Northern Irish voice for the system they use in post offices etc.

I'd appreciate your votes.

its on

thanks in advance.



The TNA tour of the UK was probably the most successful debut tour a wrestling company has ever had.
The comapny brought it's a-game, the roster was superb and each match a joy to behold.

Read my review on

also i can now confirm something that was told to us by Dixie Carter during the liverpool leg of the tour. TNA will be returning to these shores in january and the venues will be bigger, the show bigger and the quality will amaze you all.

Check back for more news as i get it, plus my comments on my meeting with Earl Hebner, backstage gossip, news, memories and pics from the Liverpool shows i attended.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Slammiversary On Bravo

The latest TNA PPV (and the one to give UK fans a taster for what theyw ill witness later this week) Slammiversary will be shown on Bravo 2 here in the UK tomorrow night at 9pm, I will of coruse be reviewing it for the Sun's website and will be in attendence for the two liverpool shows on June 12 & 13, see you there :o)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Concert-Crowd Rage A New Phenomenon!

Not strictly wrestling related but something I think will be of interest anyway. I was at the Bon Jovi, Razorlight and Kid Rock Concert here in ireland this past weekend (superb by the way thanks for asking). The show went wonderfully with no fights, hassle or anything, the issue came when the thousands upon thousands of us descended on the car parks to get our assigned buses.

i've witnessed road rage before but never crowd (or concert rage as i'll call it), but the crowd were one minute all singing and dancing on a post-concert high (that jon bon jovi can really keep a crowd going). the next minute they were baying for blood as parts of the queue jumped abouard buses ahead of the rest of us. I'll not say it ruined the day but it was scary to see a crowd turn so quickly, there were a few who could have snapped easilly.

It just goes to show if you go to one of these huge shows keep your wits about you when leavnig as you could very easilly have your day ruined by impatient people who don't grasp the concept of queues and the fact that whoever is organising the event is trying their very best to get every one home/to their park & ride or their car, the bus home or wherever they are going.

Is this a new concept or does hit happen all the time?

Friday, 6 June 2008

Trish Gets Breast Reduction

This months issue of Power Slam Magazine (UK) has an article on former WWE women's champion Trish Stratus. It mentions that like so many other former divas, Trish has now ditched her breast implants and is in great shape thanks to her new yoga regime and is currently enjoying opening her own yoga/fitness centre. The new natural looking Miss Stratus is looking very well inded married life must agree with her.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Heores Of World Class Wrestling DVD Review

Now many of us will recognise the name Kerry Von Erich, he crops up on older WWE dvd releases as The Texas Tornado. But a lot of us may not know his history and the influence his family had on professional wrestling. This DVD goes into incredible detail to show that influence.

In Texas the legendary wrestler Fritz Von Erich (Jack Addkison) ran a wrestling promotion and gradually his sons began to work for him, making themselves heroes of the promotion and popualar grapplers across the US and as far as Japan. Mike, Kerry, Kevin, Chris and david all had various elvels of in ring aptitude and this dvd not only shows them at their peak, but explains the ups and downs of the young mens lives, drug dependency, suicide, overdoses and other incidents that lead to Kevin being the sole survvior of the family. This three hour dvd is told in great detail and includes some insightful interviews and memories by kevin, old footage, how the company kick started the tv revolution of wrestling and eventually losts its way as the WWE began to steal wrestlers and take over territories. Thsi is one release every fan should own.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Orton Injured At One Night Stand

Randy Orton has suffered a collarbonoe injury during his bout at ONS, this time is serious enough as the bone is broken, what a time for this to happen as he was the top heel of the brand, now its always interesting to see what happens when a top heel gets taken off the air, he either gets replaced by an already established star or one turns to take that role, or (what i hope will happen) a struglling mid-carder gets the chance to break through to the top line and gte his chance in the main evenst against the top faces.

Only time will tell.

Kelly Kelly For Playboy!

The always lovely kelly kelly is being tipped for the next WWE/Playboy collaboration, check out her pics at the Sun's website.