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Randy Savage New Pic

yes that is Randy Savage in the background.

Old Pic of former WWE Star Katie Lea (now TNA's Winter)

Honky Tonk Man Rips Hogan

WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man said on his Facebook this weekend that a top behind-the-scenes player in TNA, someone close to Hulk Hogan, has left and is returning to WWE. Honky's team then wrote the following blog on his official website against Hulk Hogan:

"You guys keep asking what's the issue with Hogan. Here's the deal. Hogan is in a back brace and without it he is on a walker as an old crippled dogsh## of a man who could only be found with his feet in Lard Ass Bubba's ass. You ask why HTM doesn't like Hogan?

Jeff Jarrett approached HTM for a TNA merchandise deal in 2010 and "sent" a contract. Contract never came. HTM signs with WWE & Mattel. The same time, Hogan and Bischoff join TNA and Bischoff publicly insults HTM. HTM is called up for the "Hogan & Friends Tour", went to the show and had a great event with the boys and the fans. HTM and Jimmy Hart spend hours setting up the show, spots etc. HTM and his web team promote "Hulk and Friends" everywhere which Hogan's agent praised and admitted none of the other stars did! Bubba the lard sponge calls out HTM on his radio show so HTM posted a video owning Bubba in retaliation. Hogan goes off without seeing the facts and HTM is off the tour.

HTM went to Hogan's room on the Hogan & Friends tour and spent hours talking to Hogan. Hogan was nice to HTM's face. That's the deal with Hogan. That's always the deal with Hulk Hogan. Ask Vince McMahon or Randy Savage.Hogan is a walking dead because he went with that travelling door to door meat salesman Bischoff instead of hanging with the guys who stood beside him and once again turned on WWE. McMahon's done with Hogan and WWE have no interest in his dead ass. They put over Hogan, built him up as Babe Ruth and he spat in their face. Hogan was due to wrestle John Cena at a recent past WrestleMania but couldn't commit due to his health issues then announces at Vince's backyard MSG that he's signed with TNA. Now after taking TNA nowhere Hogan's had to take a pay cut with TNA and mark my words within 6 months he'll be gone.

What is WWE going to do with a free agent crippled Hulk Hogan? Nothing. They own the entire back catalogue, anything of worth they have. Hogan has his chance to be the Babe Ruth of WWE and spat in their face. He demands top money from Vince and has nothing in return to offer.Hogan's "Hulk & Friends" Tour is dead in the water. Events were cancelled due to poor ticket sales and performance and Hogan's $100k fee demand while paying his fellow boys $3k.

THQ recently signed Hogan to WWE Allstars as his contract allows for outside licensing which is a slap in the face to TNA. Would McMahon let any WWE star sign a TNA merchandise deal? How is that taking "the company to the next level" Brother!.

The guys in the back have no respect for Hogan and Nash is laughing his ass off now that Hogan is broke and Nash is back as a player.

A major TNA backstage player has bolted TNA for WWE, someone close to Hogan which has left Hogan reeling. More on that to come..

Hulkamania killed itself.

HTM Team"

Men on a Mission Oscar Interview Highlights

Oscar, the manager/hype man for WWF legendary tag team Men On A Mission joined In Your Head for a fun filled interview with hosts Jack and OIB.

by Jason Davis

For full audio please visit

Jack starts the interview by asking how Oscar got into the business. Oscar explains that he was in Cesars Palace while Randy Savage and Vince McMahon were shooting vignettes for Wrestlemania 9. He walked up to Savage and did a freestyle rap, and Savage told him to call the office the next day to see about getting a job and the rest is history.

Jack asks Oscar if he got along with Mabel and Mo. Oscar says it was real rocky for the first few months. Oscar says that their personalities clashed at first, mainly because he liked spending money freely while Mabel and Mo were more reserved in their spending. But, after a few months they became brothers.

Oscar then answered a question about the Kliq, and if there was any heat. Oscar says that The Kliq were very arrogant and thought that they were the top dogs. Oscar tells a story of how they almost came to blows with Shawn Micheals and Kevin Nash. Mabel got extremely sick while they were in Tel Aviv, and ended up passing out backstage. The next night, Mabel was in the shower and The Kliq started harassing him, and it almost led to a brawl.

A listener calls in and asks Oscar that if PG-13 and M.O.M were in a cage match, who would win. Oscar says that they would squash PG-13, and then went on to say that PG-13, Public Enemy, R-Truth, and John Cena all stole their rapping entrances from Oscar. Oscar says that he could show up at a live event, do a freestyle rap, and be more over than R-Truth. Oscar says that R-Truth needs to rap different songs. Jack brings up that R-Truth did have a new song for a minute. Oscar says that the new song didn’t get over because white America doesn’t know what crunk means.

Jacks asks if Oscar ever experienced racism. Oscar said that he is sure it exists, but he never saw it. He got ribbed, but never thought it was done as a form of racism.

Oscar is asked about todays product. Oscar says that wrestling isn’t building stars for longevity. He doesn’t think Kofi Kingston will last more than three years and that the members of Nexus won’t last two years. He compares wrestling to music. In music, Justin Bieber is hot right now, but in two years no one will remember him.

Jack asks Oscar if Bam Bam Bigelow had any problems with the Survivor Series match, where there were four Doinks. Oscar explains that during that time, WWF had the most professional working atmosphere he has ever experienced. Oscar said that he liked working with The Headshrinkers because they made them work. He liked working The Quebecers because of the entertainment value of the matches.

Oscar ends the interview by saying that he has a bunch of tour dates he will be announcing soon, and he will call back with the details.

Chrish Jericho Interview Highlights

Triple H taking over WWE:

"He's going to take over the company. This isn't the year 2000 anymore where he was trying to bury me. Nobody wants to be Bruce Hart, where he takes over Stampede Wrestling and goes out of business two years later after his father had it for 40 years."

Returning to WWE:

"It could be two days down the road. I'm still a huge fan of the business. When it's time to go back, I'll go back."

Favoring a PG-13 product:

"I think I did better in the PG-13 environment. It's easier to get pops when you say, 'ass.' they're going 'tee-hee-hee, he said a swear word.' I wasn't really doing any swearing. I just go with the flow. If I have to do an X-rated environment, I'll do that. And if it's PG, I'll do that."

Sunday, 27 February 2011

New pic Kevin Nash, Lillian Garcia, Torrie Wilson

New Beth Phoenix Pic

New sexy pics of TNA star Angelina Love


Holywood Star by Eamon Nancarrow book review

Holywood Star by Eamon Nancarrow

By Phil Allely

Over the years I’ve had the chance to read my fair share of biographies and autobiographies, many of them proving to be a wearing experience on my eyes and once eager mind. Thankfully Northern Irish singer Eamon Nancarrow has given me an opportunity to once again savour such reading/reviewing opportunities. His first foray into the world of literature proving to be a tour-de-force of a well paced lesson in how to write a successful and honest biography piece of work, without turning it into a blatant ‘look at me’ style attempt that so many try and fail with.

Eamon writes from the heart, through his own words and sometimes alcohol hazed memory of events, he gives his readers a look at how he like so many of his peers attempted to live the rock and roll dream by forming a band and making it big in an industry that can use you, abuse you and throw you away all in the same day.

Over the course of three hundred fifty pages (which due to the short chapters, punchy delivery and countless ‘laugh out loud moments’ disappear through your fingers with ease) we follow the young and long-haired style icon (hey we’ve all been there) as he embarks on a globetrotting adventure, to prove himself and become the next big rock star to come out of The Emerald Isle.

Kicking off with an introduction to his family, upbringing, musical heritage and his background, its not long before Eamon has us giggling at his mis-adventures and formation of the first of many bands and line-ups he would become a part of during his career to date. Holywood Star is a rare book, being told warts and all, in a no-holds-barred manner by a man who simply thought why not put all of these tales of gigging, rocking, sleeping on mouldy matresses and much more down on paper for someone else to laugh at, as much as he and his band of fellow rockers did (eventually, after they‘d lived and survived it of course).

There are stories of road trips, both good and bad, successful and failed gigs, fights, tales of love affairs, accounts of some tragic fashion choices and of course the enduring friendship between himself and long-time friend and foil Ken Heaven. Every wannabe Lee Roth, Coverdale, Tyler or Jagger will eat this up as will all those girls who had to suffer their partners ill-fated rock influenced dreams and aspirations, many will recognise the situations, tales, lifestyle and way of life described on each and every page.

The term side-splitting is over used at times in journalism, but perhaps I can squeeze my one genuinely deserved quota (for the year) of it in here. I personally don’t see many readers even those of a morose nature being able to stifle a giggle, or three in each chapter on offer throughout, which to me shows just why a book such as this is not only a necessary addition to your collection. It’s also an appropriate gift for anyone in the family who has ever thought of becoming a rocker or who harbours fond dreams of bygone days when they used to rock out with their mates in a garage, shed, local church hall or even on a stage in a band that simply faded away one day and left them back at square one.

All in all this a superbly told account of a man’s experiences in the world of rock music, his ups, downs, life changing moments and his well deserved place in the Northern Irish music landscape. Eamon thankfully is still strutting his stuff behind the microphone on a regular basis, fronting the ever-popular band Strictly No Ballroom.

To learn more about Eamon, upcoming gigs and where to purchase his book visit

Kelly Kelly a tongue in cheek interview - highlights features a new tongue-in-cheek interview with WWE Diva Kelly Kelly to promote the upcoming show there. The interviewer noted that she learned to refer to WWE as "sports entertainment" and not "wrestling", and that their performers are "Divas" and "Superstars", not wrestlers. Here are the highlights:

WWE officials keeping up on her appearance:

"Every week one of my bosses comes up to me and goes, "Lemme see your nails." He gets so mad if they're not done! Every week I have to be on it. If I break one, I have to get it fixed. But I keep 'em short and I keep 'em real natural, so usually they don't break. It's usually me biting 'em off."

People saying WWE is fake:

"I just wanna punch people in the face when they say something like that. . . . Luckily, I haven't been severely injured, but I've . . . broken ribs and stuff. It's not as glamorous as it looks. Still, I love comin' to work every week."

Being all natural:

"Oh, it is. I'm not ashamed of it. It's all real. I love getting that question because I'm like, "Yes they are and I'm so proud.""

The interviewer then asked Kelly Kelly if other Divas worry about their breast implants exploding in the ring. Kelly didn't get to answer as the WWE handler who was overseeing the interview ended it abruptly.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 PPV Review

WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Pay-Per-View Review

By Phil Allely

The Elimination Chamber is one of the WWE’s best gimmick matches and one that harks back to the glory days of the cage match, where feuds ended inside the steel confines of the cage and old scores were settled with a lot of violence and hefty dose of blood. These days of course the WWE is PG rated and blood is something they try their best not to show on screen if they can. That however doesn’t stop cage and gimmick matches being intensely enjoyable and great live entertainment.

Following hot on the heels of the Royal Rumble Elimination Chamber 2011 was another step along the road to Wrestlemania for many involved and made for very good viewing too, as storylines continued, title chases built and some surprises kept us all on our toes.

Things kicked off nicely with Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio facing off against Intercontinetal Champion Kofi Kingston. The action was crisp, Del Rio and Kingston blending well together to make a nice opener for the PPV. The rising star that is Del Rio finally winning with his arm breaker finisher to out the non-title match to bed and progress with momentum onto this years Mania.

Next up was the first Elimination Chamber bout, this one was the Smackdown brands chance to shine as Drew McIntyre, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Big Show (replacing the fired Dolph Ziggler) all went on the attack within the steel structure to wrestle the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge.

There were some pretty decent exchanges as each man entered the fray and the fight began to pick up speed. Edge held his own form the start and even as the bodies began being pounded, battered and flung onto as much exposed steel as possible it always looked as if he could achieve the impossible and leave the match as champion. As the eliminations started to reduce opponents it was Edge who was able to outsmart Mysterio to retain his gold.

His celebrations were short lived though, as Del Rio ran in to began to assault him, luckily Edge’s (storyline brother) Christian made his timely return to the WWE and chased off Del Rio.

Booker T then made his way to the ring to introduce another perosn who will join him as trainer on the upcoming Stone Cold Steve Austin hosted series of WWE Tough Enough, it was none other than former Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. Booker and Trish had some fun in the ring to the enjoyement of all in attendance before the action started again.

The unlikely and yet amazingly ‘over’ tag team of Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella were defending their gold against members of new faction The Corre (Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel), with Ezekiel Jackson in their corner too, things were one-side for the defending champs in this one. Kozlov and Marella did have their moments, but this was all Corre, Gabriel was able ti pull off the win and net the belts after a nice 450 splash on Kozlov.

A fun segment then saw Vickie Guerrero face off against Teddy Long over the firing of her beau Dolph Ziggler, Kelly Kelly made her return to the company. LayCool made a run-in to attack Kelly, fortunately Trish Stratus made the save and unleashed a beautiful double bulldog on the pair to round off a fun return by two of the fans favourite Divas.

Up next was the match many of us have been waiting for decades to see, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler in a WWE Title match on PPV and this time he just may have a chance to raise the one title that has eluded him over the years. Lawler’s feud with WWE Titlist The Miz and colour commentator Michael Cole had already hit fever pitch by their point and the crowd were as pumped up as 61 one year old Lawler was.

The match itself was very good considering The King’s age and Miz’s relative newness to this level of bout. Both men traded the advantage, Lawler hit some nice moves for near falls and of course Cole and Miz’s second Alex Riley got themselves into the mix at times too. All of which set up nicely the finishing sequence, after missing a piledriver Lawler was hit by a big kick and then a ‘Skull Crunching Finale to see his dreams of WWE gold slip through his fingers one more time (although his now planned match with Cole at Wrestlemania will see him achieve that dream of appearing on the biggest event in the WWE year).

The main event was of course the Raw Elimination Chamber, there was no title belt on the lien this time, just the small matter of being able to go to Wrestlemania and take on the champ for the gold. With a prize such as that on offer hopes were high indeed for this one.

Shaemus and John Morrison started things off and got the pace going for the others. They were soon joined by Randy Orton, CM Punk, R Truth and eventually John Cena. A malfunctioning pod saw Punk get eliminated and re-instated (by the ever present RAW GM computer), this let everyone have a fair shot at the match it seemed and all went for it with gusto. The final three remaining were Morrison, Punk and Cena, after some nice sequences Punk eliminated Morrison and felt the force of an Attitude Adjustment from Cena on the steel for his trouble. Cena was then easily able to pin Punk and win his spot on the Wrestlemania card.

Elimination Chamber 2011 was a fun and interesting event, the build up to Mania was well paced and the return of Trish and Kelly were nice to see. The addition of Booker T to the commentating roster and the tag Title change are fresh and welcomed ones too. Miz not laying down for Lawler was a disappointment to many, the king fully deserves a title run, even a short one for his dedication to the sprt, but perhaps he himself is happy enough to be in a title match and to know that he will make it to Wrestlemania at long last.

Shawn Michaels Talks HOF and Triple H v Undertaker

Shawn Michaels was interviewed by this week and talked about WrestleMania 27, the WWE Hall of Fame and more. Shawn said that as of now, he's not aware of plans for him to be involved in the Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania and feels the match doesn't need him. Shawn said:

"I've heard all the rumors. As of right now, I'm doing one thing and one thing only at WrestleMania, and that's the Hall of Fame.

I don't think The Undertaker and Triple H need Shawn Michaels to deliver a spectacular match or make this incredibly interesting. Those two can do that on their own. Right now, as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to be there watching it like everyone else."

Shawn said he hasn't decided yet who will induct him into the Hall of Fame this year but mentioned names like Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman and others. Shawn said it's a decision he will have to make pretty quick.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Mistico/Sin Cara news

When Sin Cara (Mistico) was introduced at WWE's press conference in Mexico yesterday, he came out in a Mistico style mask before taking it off to reveal his new WWE mask. Sin Cara reportedly means "Faceless."

WWE has setup a Facebook page for him at and a Twitter account is being setup. WWE will begin airing clips from the press conference on this week's TV and Monday's RAW. Mistico's signing with WWE is being covered my all the media in Mexico as it's considered a big deal.

Sin spoke at the press conference and said he doesn't know which brand he will end up on but said he is ready when called and proud to be working for the greatest promotion in the world. Lucha Libre journalist Kris Zellner expects Cara to end up on the SmackDown brand with Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.

Jim Ross New Tweets RE: Mistico

Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter about WWE's new star, Sin Cara:

"Mistico is signed, sealed & delivered w/ WWE. Now known as Sin Cara. Helluva young hand. A new star looms on the horizon. Congrats Sin Cara. Every major media outlet in Mexico City present 4 Sin Cara media announcement. He's doing 1 on 1's now w/ them including espn deportes. It was great 2 rep WWE in Mexico City 4 Sin Cara signing anouncement. Appreciate the opportunity to step back on the field, so 2 speak."

Chavo Classic comments on Shaul Guerrero in WWE

Chavo "Classic" Guerrero recently appeared on and was asked about his brother Eddie Guerrero's daughter, Shaul Guerrero, debuting with WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling. Chavo said he wished he could have trained Shaul so she would be safe and best served.

He said he believes that if Eddie were still alive, Shaul would not be involved in the wrestling business. Chavo Sr. also said that Vickie Guerrero has really separated herself from the Guerrero family since Eddie passed away.

TNA New Impact Pics

WWE Tough Enough News


Trish Stratus & Bill Demott Named Trainers

Former WWE(R) Women's Champion Trish Stratus joins USA Network's upcoming, non-scripted series WWE TOUGH ENOUGH(R) as a trainer. Stratus and Tough Enough veteran trainer Bill Demott join WWE Legend Booker T. as the training team for the show. WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will serve as the host.

The series will premiere Monday, April 4 at 11/10c, the day after WrestleMania(R) and immediately following USA's ratings juggernaut WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW(R), and move to its regularly scheduled slot in primetime, Mondays at 8/7c, starting on April 11.

With her natural athleticism, charismatic personality and knowledge of what it takes to be the best in WWE, Stratus is the ideal trainer for Tough Enough. In 2000, she made her television debut with WWE. Combining beauty, brains, strength, and a record breaking seven championships - for which she earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records - Stratus was the epitome of a "WWE DIVA" and helped to make the brand a cultural phenomenon. In 2006, Trish retired from WWE and will go down as one of the greatest Women's Champions of all time. After retiring, Stratus focused her efforts on launching her lifestyle brand, which includes a yoga studio - the largest in Canada, a travel adventure series currently airing on the Discovery Channel and a yoga/fitness product line set to be released this fall, all under the Stratusphere banner name.

Along with fellow trainers Booker T and Bill Demott, Stratus will mentor the diverse group of WWE TOUGH ENOUGH men and women who will live, train, eat and sleep under one roof in a house in Southern California. Each week, the contestants will battle it out in a series of unique challenges designed to test for such characteristics as showmanship, creativity, athleticism and desire, just to name a few. Viewers will witness the trials and tribulations of what it takes to be one of the best in the world's greatest sports entertainment organization. The grand prizewinner will be awarded a contract with WWE.

For more information on Stratus' yoga studio and her upcoming feature film debut, log onto

Jerry Lawler Interview Highlights

Jim Ross' future with WWE:

"JR and I had some tremendous chemistry, but I don't think you've seen the last of that. I think JR will be back on the air in some capacity. He's too good not to utilise. A lot of people don't realise what the situation is with him. He had a couple — I guess three now — real serious bouts of Bell's Palsy, which is very similar in effects to a stroke.

They don't really know, but they think the attacks are brought on by stress. Nobody takes their job more seriously than good old JR. The reason Vince has kept him off TV all this time is because he's concerned with his health. He's worried that if he puts him back out there regularly, he'll have another Bell's Palsy attack."

His feud with The Miz:

"I thought the matches, especially the TLC match with The Miz, were good. I know that after the match was over, when I came back to the Gorilla Position, everybody standing there gave me a standing ovation. Vince came over and hugged me and said: 'Man-oh-man, what a great match!'"

Wrestling at WrestleMania:

"I've been with WWE for 17 years and that's something I've never achieved. I remember in 2007, when Vince came to me and said they were going to induct me into the Hall of Fame, I said that I didn't want to. He said: 'What do you mean, you don't want to?' I replied: 'Most people feel like your career is over when you go into the Hall of Fame, like in baseball or football or something. Also, I've never done that much here, Vince. I've never won a title, I've never even wrestled on a WrestleMania.' He said: 'What? You've never wrestled on a Wrestlemania in all the years you've been here? That's a tragedy. We've got to fix that next year.'

That was his mindset then, but things get put on the backburner. First 2008 came and I didn't get a match, then 2009 came and I didn't get a match, then 2010. But I must say that there's never really been a point in time in those years when I've been involved as much as I have been as of late. So if there ever was a time for it to happen, I think this would be the most advantageous.

And would I love to have a WrestleMania match? Oh boy, yes. Other than getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, that would maybe be the highlight of my career to finally get to perform there."

Thursday, 24 February 2011

WWE All Stars Game - Roster List

Below is the full roster for WWE All Stars, which was announced today:


* Howard Finkel

* Paul Bearer

* Jerry Lawler (announcer)

* Jim Ross (announcer)

WWE Legends:

* Jimmy Snuka

* Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

* Shawn Michaels

* "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

* The Rock

* Ultimate Warrior

* Mr. Perfect

* Andre the Giant

* Bret Hart

* Eddie Guerrero

* Hulk Hogan

* Jake The Snake

* Macho Man

* Roddy Piper

* Sgt. Slaughter

WWE Superstars:

* Big Show

* CM Punk

* Drew McIntyre

* John Cena

* John Morrison

* Sheamus

* The Miz

* The Undertaker

* Edge

* Jack Swagger

* Kane

* Kofi Kingston

* Randy Orton

* Rey Mysterio

* Triple H

Downloadable Content:

* Big Bossman

* Chris Jericho

* Jerry "The King" Lawler

* Michael Hayes

* Mark Henry

* R-Truth

* The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

* Ted DiBiase

* Dusty Rhodes

* Cody Rhodes

* Hawk

* Animal

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 DVD Review

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 – DVD Review

By Phil Allely

Bragging Rights is the only WWE PPV event in the year where the company’s two brands fully battle it out for supremacy . This year was no different with a 7 on 7 tag team elimination bout between key Raw and Smackdown being one of the highlights of the card.

Featuring (Raw) Miz, Sheamus, CM Punk, John Morrison, R Truth, Santino Marella and Ezekiel Jackson against (Smackdown) Big Show, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Tyler Reks. The match itself had its fair share of in-ring action and moments, the end result going down very well with the fans too. The trophy was won by the best team on the night, the level of talent involved and various set-pieces etc. all make this a good match to have on DVD and watch a few times to get the full benefit of what went down.

Elsewhere World Heavyweight Champion Kane and his brother Undertaker had a painful looking Buried Alive brawl for the gold. Taker was of course out looking for revenge after some recent losses to his sibling, Paul bearer’s presence and the involvement of Nexus helped mask the limited movements of Taker and as usual he seemed to be more than willing to put himself through more abuse than he should to please his fans.

Ted Di Biase and Goldust’s fight over the Milion Dollar belt was a short affair, it did have its moments, but the cat fight and post-match beat down were the highlights really.

Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler’s Champion versus Champion match-up was a great opener and as usual both stepped up to the plate to deliver the goods. Ziggler’s second Vickie Guererro was in fine form too. The pair of combatants proved the point with ease, as to why at that time they were the United States and Inter-Continental champion’s (respectively).

John Cena’s storyline with nexus took a surprising turn when he was teamed with Dave Otunga to take on WWE tag team Champs Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Cena took control of the match and Otunga barely got a look in, the action was decent, but not as exciting as it could have been, the ending was a pleasant surprise though.

Natalya’s challenge for the Diva’s Championship was a thoroughly enjoyable one, tackling one half of the co-champions LayCool (Layla). Of course Michelle McCool played a big part in proceedings and Miss Neidhart was double-teamed and cheap shot assaulted as often as possible throughout.

The main event was an above average affair and may be the match that sways people’s choice to purchase this DVD release. The match pitted Nexus main man Wade Barrett against WWE Champion Randy Orton (for Orton’s Gold), John Cena was in Barrett’s corner too, the stipulation being if the nexus member failed to win the bout Cena would be fired. Orton’s intensity, Barrett’s improving in-ring skills and Cena’s acting all helped elevate this to decent main event material and of course the obligatory run-in/ref bump etc. all helped too.

On the extras front Bragging Rights 2010 has an interview with the Smackdown Team and a short piece on the Undertaker.

Bragging Rights 2010 is a good addition to your WWE DVD collection, the matches were all worth seeing and some of the storyline developments and feuds were at their peak here.

Bragging Rights 2010 is available now from and all good retailers.

Brooke Adams (Miss Tessmacher) candid and posed pics

Paul Bearer comments on his recent WWE appearances

Going back to WWE last September:

"As I always said never say never. The WWE contacted me about coming back and I told them no. Then they had some of my friends (Kane, Undertaker) call me too. After about 6 weeks of this I finally agreed to come back. I didn't want to come back and work the long road schedule. I signed a 6 month contract, knew exactly what they were going to do with my character. It was fun to be back with the boys."

Being abducted by Edge:

"A lot of people kept saying, 'Oh I can't believe Edge hit you with a dodge ball in the head, I can't believe he pour the marinara sauce all of you!' Let me just say (not the I'm bragging) on top of my contract the WWE cut me a bonus check for all of that, I would say that bonus check for just that segment was more than anyone listening would make in a month, so I had no problem with it."

His future involvement with WWE:

"Like I said before, never say never but I'm happy now spending time with my family. I will be at Wrestlemania, not involved with the actual Wrestlemania show but I will be at the WWE Access that happens that weekend and I am looking forward to that!"

Paul also talks about his possible appearance in an upcoming WWE video game (WWE All Stars) and then takes a question from a fan. The question seemed to upset Paul and he quickly left the show. This prompted former WWF Superstar Jim Powers (who was listening to the show) to call into the show and sound off on Paul Bearer, John Cena and a number of other topics!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Trish Stratus Film Poster

Madison Rayne Pics

Chris Jericho New Interview

Over the past week, there has been plenty of talk that former WWE Champion and now two-time New York Times best-selling author Chris Jericho will be making a big announcement regarding his future soon.

Maybe it's just coincidence but USA Today wrote on Monday that Jericho's name has come up as a possible contestant in the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars." The cast for the show will be revealed any time now.

Jericho was asked if he will be on the hit ABC show Monday morning on the "Open Mike" radio show on 740 The Game in Orlando, Fla., as part of an interview promoting his second autobiography "Undisputed."

"People keep asking me that and they also keep asking me if I'm going to be the lead singer of Velvet Revolver," Jericho said. "Neither one of those things is what my announcement is. It would be nice to do either or but that's not what I'm thinking about when I'm talking about my announcement."

Instead, Jericho alluded to his announcement having something to do with his rock band Fozzy.

"I've been threatening this announcement for about three weeks now. It's basically something to do with what's going on this summer. I kind of alluded to it ... a couple of big shows we're hoping to get confirmation on pretty soon."

Those shows are several big traditional festivals in Europe which he and his bandmates would enjoy being a part of.

The one thing he did not definitively say was that he would not be a part of "Dancing With the Stars," only that his big announcement did not have to deal with that show.

Jericho has previously said that that he turned down the reality show before because it interfered with his WWE schedule. That's not a problem right now since he is out of wrestling for the time being.

The one thing that can be almost certain is that his announcement will not be a return to the WWE in time for WrestleMania 27.

"Yeah, it would be great to be a part of it. But I think at this point in time with all the guys that are coming back ... The Rock came back and obviously Triple H will be back soon and probably The Undertaker. All these guys are returning and so it's better for me not to be there and get lost in the shuffle of everybody that comes back and all the hoopla of WrestleMania."

CM Punk recent comments

CM Punk, a WWE Triple Crown Champion and the only WWE Superstar to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match two years in a row, revealed to WWE Magazine what he has left to accomplish. "Obviously, I'll always be known as the guy who won back-to-back Money in the Bank Ladder Matches at WrestleMania. So I think that's the goal to beat. There aren't a lot of things that I have left to do," he said. "There are two titles that I haven't one: One of them is the United States Championship, and the other is the WWE Championship. I'm not one to think that I'm beyond the U.S. Title. I'm kind of a "collect-them-all" type. But I've got three big things left. "I have to win a Royal Rumble; I have to win main-event 'Mania; and I have to win that WWE Title. So I don't think my defining 'Mania moment's happened yet."

Monday, 21 February 2011

Trish Stratus Talks to has posted Joey Styles' interview with Trish Stratus, who returned to the company at Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV. Here are some highlights of what Trish said about:

Getting Physical With Lay-Cool: "Lay-Cool irks me a bit. They’ve been running their mouths off, so I thought I’d show them who’s “tough enough.” [laughs]

There’s just a little rule to take away [from tonight’s experience]: Whenever I come to a WWE event – although I am retired – I should always, always have my wrestling boots. When you wear heels and you try to be a Diva, it’s not a good thing, as we saw this evening when I tripped up ap a little bit. Hey, I’m retired. I tried to deliver some Stratusfaction, and I’m a little bit rusty."

Her Yoga Studio In Canada: "Stratusphere Yoga Studio [], in the suburbs just north of Toronto, is doing very well. It started out with women coming in and doing yoga, but now I’m seeing athletes come in, like the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Argonauts. I think [yoga has] become more mainstream. More athletes are talking about how it has helped them and their careers, so it’s nice to see that more and more people are accepting of yoga. "

Her Movie Career: "I have been keeping busy. The latest thing that I’m very excited about is this action film I did, called Bail Enforcers. I was doing some stunts – I actually did all my own stunts, which was so much fun, I just had a blast doing it – and there’s a little “leak” of the footage on my website, so you can see a little snippet of the film there."

Chris Jericho Interview Highlights


Chris Jericho Interview Recap: Chris Jericho appeared on the Main Event this past Sunday. The professional wrestler, former world champion, rock star, and actor discussed his new book Undisputed, already a New York Times Bestseller; as well as the status of his wrestling career, advice for TNA, throwing tobacco spit in the Rock’s face, his matches with Chris Benoit being buried in history, his band Fozzy, and more. Jericho is no stranger to The Main Event, making this his sixth appearance on the program.

SHOW: The Main Event, Sundays on CJLO 1690AM in Montreal

HOST: Ryan Rider

Can Be Downloaded At:

I would like to introduce someone for his record breaking 5th appearance on the Main Event…he is a 2 time interview of the year winner…he is the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla with his band Fozzy…the first ever WWE Undisputed world champion…his new book titled Undisputed is in stores everywhere now…he is froot…he has travelled the world countless times and lives to tell his tales…let me present, Chris Jericho, welcome back into the Main Event!!

1) Well of course you’ve got your brand new book, Undisputed, which as mentioned is in stores everywhere now. How did writing this book differ from your first one, the New York Times Bestseller, A Lion’s Tale?

Undisputed is now officially a New York Times Bestseller. It is very gratifying. It takes a lot of time to write a book; it took a year and a half to get it how I wanted it. It feels good. Many times when you do something for the first time it’s always unchartered waters. You don’t really know how to do it, where to go. Now that I have one under my belt, I kind of knew the shortcuts but it’s a long arduous process. That will never change. This time I had more experience, more knowledge. It probably went by a little bit quicker because of my experience with the first one. If you’re going to do it right – for both of these books I wrote every word that you see. Everybody seems to like it, it’s being critically acclaimed. This is the type of buzz that you want.

2) One of the things I was surprised about in the early part of the book was the amount of heat that you had coming into WWE. The “tobacco spit” incident with the Rock… why do you think that the rock never laid into you for it and has that subject ever come back up in a conversation with rocky?

He remembers it, of course he does. What happened was it was the first match I ever had against The Rock. I did have a lot of animosity and uphill battles when I first got to WWE. I picked up a cup from the floor but when I threw it in the Rock’s face it wasn’t beer or soda, it was tobacco spit juice. He was really freaking out, it went in his eyes. He never really did nuts on me about it. I think because he kind of emphasized with me about it because he came in with a lot of animosity coming in. He kind of had the same thing when he was first coming in – he got a big push coming in, a lot of people didn’t like him. He got a really big push right off the bat and people didn’t like him. The cream always rises to the top. He was my only ally when I first got there in 1999.

3) You seem to be your own biggest critic throughout both of your books. Do you ever feel that you are a bit too harsh on yourself?

It’s one of the reasons I’m always successful in everything I’ve done. I’ve never settled for anything. I’ve always wanted better. I always want it perfect, but nothing could ever be perfect. It makes you strive for that. It makes you create better moments in wrestling, or in music, or in writing. As an artist you always want to get better. Every time you sit back and think “I am the best in the world at what I do”, but if you believe that all the time then you’re living in denial. That’s something that people appreciate in both my books is that I’m always very honest. When something didn’t work out the way I wanted it to work out I had no problems bringing it up and facing it. It makes for great stories and great writing no matter what the situation might be. I think Undisputed overall is a better book than A Lion’s Tale because it is just as funny, just as honest but it a lot deeper because of all the experiences I went through during the time period I wrote about. The first book is written from a guy in his 20′s with a frivolous and fancy free type of vibe. Things in life hit you in different ways. Mature experiences, grown up experiences seen from a guy in his 30′s sees it in a different vibe; but still very funny, very entertaining. A good movie will take you through an emotional roller coaster. That’s what Undisputed does.

4) Numerous times in the book you state that it is a shame that many of your classic matches are buried and technically do not exist anymore. Do you think that WWE should acknowledge the matches that you had with Chris Benoit?

I don’t really want to watch them. I don’t think I would get the same enjoyment or vibe from them after all that’s happened. I don’t blame Vince for now using them because he [Benoit] did a lot to damage the industry. It’s not a shame that they’re not shown; it’s a shame because of what happened. I would feel very uncomfortable at this point, maybe in the future, but not right now.

5) Wrestlemania X8. You got 1/5 of what your opponent HHH got paid for the event. I heard that Hogan wasn’t happy with his pay at the event either compared to what he got in the old days of Wrestlemania. Why, when you were the champion, did they book you so atrociously as Steph’s lackey and then sent you a low-end paycheck?

One didn’t have anything to do with the other. You can read the whole story in the book. It was my idea but the other part of the story where Stephanie and I were having an affair was left out. Then I would end up being pu###-whipped by her. People in the crowd always know someone who meets a girl and then you never see the guy again. Next thing you know the guy is wearing the same clothes as her, likes the same music as her. I thought it would be really good. Vince liked that part of it but not the other part of it. I was basically pu### whipped without the pu###. IMO I wasn’t really quite ready for it. It wouldn’t be booked like that the other 5 championship reigns I had. But at the time I was just trying to keep my head above the water and be a good soldier. This made for great stories in the book. Just because you’re the world champion doesn’t mean you’re the best. That was the problem at the time, I wasn’t the best guy in the company even though I was the champion. And that was the problem. You learn and get better as a performer. I had a better repore with Vince, with the performers. You get better with age. And that’s the way it should be. Whether you’re a performer, a soldier, a computer programmer, or the President of the United States, as you get more experience you get better overall.

7) Speaking of booking…you make a jab at TNA’s booking in your book. You also posted some tweets on your Twitter page (quote: After 10 yrs TNA talent still have an inferiority complex. If u don’t think that u work for the BEST COMPANY EVER then nobody else will! As a performer u hav to act and project that where u work is the pinnacle of competition! If not then the whole place just seems second rate)…What advice do you have for them?

When we worked in ECW it was a small company, I wasn’t making more than $250 a match, but you believed in that company. You believed you were better than WWE or WCW. When you believed it, the fans believed it. There were people there who would die for the company. That’s how you gain fans. If you don’t have the confidence in yourselves. If I’m watching something where they basically say we’re #2, and always talking about #1. Then why would I watch #2? I would just switch the channel to #1. If you work somewhere, you need to project that this is the best place in the world. Otherwise then why are you there, why are you wasting your time being there? I want TNA to grow as a company, it’s better for me as a performer and me as a businessman. But how can they grow if every chance they get they are constantly talking about up north and the WWF? When I was up north everything was against me and now I’m the champion. Well that makes you look bad. If I was working for TNA I would say that this is the best company in the world and this is where the best competition is. And leave it at that. If you don’t believe that then you shouldn’t be on TV working there.

8) What is the status of your wrestling career right now? I assume that you plan to come back down the line, but will this be sooner or later?

I left the WWE in September to tour with Fozzy. We have a lot of momentum behind us. We’ve been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Australia, Canada, we just did a show in Los Angeles a few weeks ago which was cool. When I was a kid I had two dreams: to be a wrestling and to be a rock star. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with wrestling. When the time comes, if I feel like I’m ready to go back and that I’m going to be able to reinvent myself and do something better. Roll the dice, who knows. In 2005, I knew that I might have never came back, I was really burned out on wrestling. I knew that if I came back I wanted to be better than ever. This last time I wasn’t burned out, I just had other projects. I’m still a big fan of the product. Whatever happens, happens. I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve never contained myself within the wrestling box. I have a lot of projects that are very successful that I need to spend time on. A lot of people get mad at me by that but that’s what Chris Jericho has always been. If my name is on it then it is the very best that I can possibly do. In the WWE, if I was there right now I would not be 100%. And you can’t be that way when you’re working there, you have to be 100% committed. If not, step aside and let someone else take over that is.

You’re going to have to wait until Book #3. Undisputed ends when I return to the WWE in 2007. There is already 3 ½ years of material including the 3 best years of my career. Undisputed is going to do even better than A Lion’s Tale. There is no reason to not do #3. The material I have for #3 is just as good as the first 2. I still have a few years to go before I write but I would definitely like to write another one. But it is not about the numbers, it is about the quality. If I don’t think it would be as good, I won’t do it.

Wrestling's 101 Strangest Matches

Wrestling’s 101 Strangest Matches - Book Review

By Phil Allely

The world of wrestling of course by its very nature an odd hybrid of pure athleticism, entertainment and choreographed moves. The addition of storylines, writers and all manner of themes, ideas, concepts and individual company creativity has meant that over the decades there have been many instances where things have gone wrong, went off kilter or in some cases simply were not to be. Many wrestling fans know the odd nugget of match trivia and history, but one has taken this a step further and his name is Oliver Hurley, Mr Hurley is a well known wrestling writer and he has compiled 101 of the weirdest, oddest, craziest and most ludicrous matches from the history of wrestling into one handy to read volume.

This well presented book has everything you need to become the wrestling nerd you always wanted to be, or simply a few nice pieces of information to drop into the conversation next time your more knowledgeable friend decides to pass on some of his trivia to you.

There are all manner of historical moments, mishaps and blunders here to peruse at your leisure, the events that just were never meant to happen, the pioneers who created matches and concepts we now take for granted, the oddities of the sport and at times off-the-wall ideas that promoters every so often decide to act on.

Not wishing to ruin things too much I will say within these pages you will find a wrestler defecating on another by accident, a match continuing even though the lights have gone out, a grappler being hypnotised, an upstart British star being brutalised in Japan and some downright insane bloodletting and violence.

Wrestling’s 101 Strangest Matches is available now online and from all good book retailers, I for one cannot rate it highly enough and recommend it to fans old and new of the sport.

Trish Stratus Returns To WWE

Trish Stratus made her return to WWE last night, being announced as another trainer for Tough Enough. Trish later made the save for Kelly Kelly as she was being attacked by Layla and Michelle McCool. Trish took out LayCool and celebrated with Kelly. Kelly was re-hired by Teddy Long

Sunday, 20 February 2011

TNA Tag Team Star drop belt to sign up full time

Phil Shatter, known as Gunner of the tag team Gunner & Murphy, lost the NWA National Title last night in New Jersey and has signed a deal with TNA. He was telling people at the show that he dropped the NWA belt due to signing with TNA.

He wrote on his Twitter @TNA_GUNNER:

"To reign as NWA National Champion for 25months was an honor! To lose it tonite to @chanceprophet, a true pro, was awesome! He deserves it! One chapter ends as another begins! TNA here I am!"

The team of Gunner and Murphy has been featured more prominently on iMPACT lately and appear to be going into a feud with TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money.

Kevin Nash tweets

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on Here are a few highlights from this entry:

Jerry Lawler and his match with The Miz:

"Any one who thinks that it's simply not possible for Jerry Lawler, at age 61 and on a week where he buried his 90 year old mother, to win the WWE title against the Miz this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber needs to rethink their position. It is possible and it damn well could happen. I agree that the King is the underdog going in but what a story for the ages it would make if the WWE HOF'er did win the title. I'm not saying bet the farm on it but IF Jerry Lawler were to somehow, by hook or crook, defeat the Miz Sunday it would be one of the hottest topics around the WWE water cooler in years.

I admit that I legitimately have an emotional investment in this one because of my friendship with Jerry and after seeing first hand what he went through this week.

At least can we all agree that stranger things have happened in WWE over the years can we not?

Miz might not realize it today but Miz will be a better wrestler over the long haul after the learning experience that he will have Sunday night competing with the King."

The underrated William Regal:

"William Regal's brief yet effective cameo on the vintage (ugh) Khali Kiss Kam Monday night on Raw was yet another example of how talented the Brit truly is and why I consider Regal one of the most underrated talents in WWE. He's also a legit tough dude let me assure you."

More Jim Ross Blog Highlights

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on Here are a few highlights from this entry:

Jerry Lawler and his match with The Miz:

"Any one who thinks that it's simply not possible for Jerry Lawler, at age 61 and on a week where he buried his 90 year old mother, to win the WWE title against the Miz this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber needs to rethink their position. It is possible and it damn well could happen. I agree that the King is the underdog going in but what a story for the ages it would make if the WWE HOF'er did win the title. I'm not saying bet the farm on it but IF Jerry Lawler were to somehow, by hook or crook, defeat the Miz Sunday it would be one of the hottest topics around the WWE water cooler in years.

I admit that I legitimately have an emotional investment in this one because of my friendship with Jerry and after seeing first hand what he went through this week.

At least can we all agree that stranger things have happened in WWE over the years can we not?

Miz might not realize it today but Miz will be a better wrestler over the long haul after the learning experience that he will have Sunday night competing with the King."

The underrated William Regal:

"William Regal's brief yet effective cameo on the vintage (ugh) Khali Kiss Kam Monday night on Raw was yet another example of how talented the Brit truly is and why I consider Regal one of the most underrated talents in WWE. He's also a legit tough dude let me assure you."

New Jim Ross Blog Highlights

Jim Ross is back with another blog on Here are highlights:

SmackDown going live:

"No...I don't ever see Friday Night Smackdown going live, full time IE weekly. It might happen occasionally but it isn't cost effective or travel friendly to do live TV on Mondays, Fridays, and some Sundays and still try to do live event touring. Makes no sense."

The Angle-Jarrett storyline in TNA:

"An emailer asked me what I thought about recent TNA storylines involving Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jarrett and their children. I'm not a regular viewer of TNA first of all but what I have seen of this storyline that's allegedly based in reality isn't my cup of tea. I could care less what the adults do in their storyline but having minor children involved doesn't personally work for me. TNA isn't my hill to die upon and I harbor no ill will toward them but I find it challenging to believe that some individuals actually think that this is effective, episodic TV."

Tonight's Elimination Chamber:

"I'm anxiously looking forward to Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV from WWE that emanates from Oakland. Obviously, and based on precedent, the Chamber bouts will occupy the majority of the ring time on this event but my focus is on the King vs. Miz bout for the WWE Title. Miz will likely see every trick in the wrestler's handbook in this one and I don't expect this title bout to be a marathon. It can't be a marathon bout if The King Jerry Lawler wants to win the WWE Title IMO. The 61 year old WWE HOF'er, who buried his 90 year old mother on Wednesday, needs to essentially tell us what time it is and not how to make the watch when Jerry looks to make history. Not only would Jerry be the oldest WWE Champion ever, or so I think, he would also be in rarefied air as a WWE Hall of Famer who wins the title after being inducted into the WWE HOF."

Shawn Michaels Talks Wrestling

Shawn Michaels was interviewed at the first annual fund raising dinner for The Outdoor Adventure Foundation, Texas Chapter, yesterday. Here's what he said about his future in wrestling, thanks to

"I’m not going to wrestle again. The only way a 185-pound guy made it in that business is to do something nobody else ever did. The best thing I can do is to stay retired, because nobody ever stays retired. I’ll still be part of the company. You never really get out of the WWE unless you’re wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of the Hudson River, but no more active wrestling."

Shawn will be appearing on a new hunting TV show this coming June - "Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures."

WWE UK Tour Matches 2011

Below are matches scheduled for WWE's April tour of the United Kingdom. As always, cards are subject to change but it could give possible ideas on champions and feuds following on from WrestleMania. Apr 13 - Glasgow, Scotland *John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE Championship *CM Punk vs. Randy Orton Apr 16 - Birmingham, England *John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE Championship *CM Punk vs. Randy Orton Apr 17 - Newcastle, England *Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship *Ezekiel vs. Big Show Apr 17 - Nottingham, England *Fatal Four Way for the WWE Championship - John Cena vs. The Miz vs. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk *Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the US Championship Apr 18 - Liverpool, England *Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship - Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Wade Barrett *Ezekiel vs. Big Show -

Friday, 18 February 2011

Triple H Interview re: The Chaperone

While an actor by the name of "Paul Levesque" might not ring a bell, it's more likely you would know him as Hunter Hearst Helmsley or "Triple H," a professional wrestler who has gone to the very heights of the sports entertainment business after seventeen years in the ring. He has become hugely popular because of it, most famously for his run with Shawn Michaels turning the WWE (then known as the WWF) on its ear as "D-Generation X," possibly the closest thing professional wrestling had to the Sex Pistols back in the day.

Seven years after co-starring in the comic book threequel Blade: Trinity, Levesque is back in movie theaters with WWE Studios' latest, The Chaperone, a very different film that what one might expect from wrestling's perennial tough guy. Directed by Stephen Herek of The Mighty Ducks, Mr. Holland's Opus and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, the film has Levesque playing an ex-convict who tries to reconnect with his young daughter, played by Ariel Winter of "Modern Family," after getting out of prison while avoiding the temptations of his previous life of crime. It's a movie that's partially a comedy but also a rather touching emotional journey that might actually be enjoyed as much by parents as kids who have absolutely no interest in wrestling whatsoever. had an interesting sit-down with the wrestling superstar to talk about the movie, and we found him to be a thoughtful and intelligent interview subject who not only talked about making the movie but also his overall career and his thoughts on what it means to be a "role model." It's been a while since "Blade: Trinity" and since then, other wrestlers have tried their hand at acting like Steve Austin and John Cena. Was it a personal choice for you to wait until this project came along before you did another movie?

Paul "Triple H" Levesque: Yeah, for me, I dug what I was doing, do you know what I mean? And that was the thing for me. When "Blade" came along and I did "Blade," it was fun to do and all that, but I was a WWE star and that's what I wanted to be doing, and that's what I had in my head. I got offered a few other things, and if it would have been something great I suppose, I might have jumped on it, but it wasn't something where I thought it was worth taking time away from this. I'm at a different point now, I'm at point of my career where I'm 41 years old, which from a WWE wrestling standpoint is a young man's business. I'm not saying I'm done, but it's not what I'm going to be doing full-time every day for the next ten years. It was the time for me to do it and it was a different challenge for me, I enjoyed it.

CS: How were you approached for it? I assume the project was built around you or did they have a script and just had to find the right guy to star in it?

Levesque: No, WWE Studios--I'm not sure how they acquired the script--but they sent a copy of the script to me and I thought it was good, I enjoyed it. It obviously needed some changes or whatever but I enjoyed the script. I thought the story was good, and I thought that it had a good feel to it, a good heart, and the character was good, so I told them I was interested in doing it when the time was right. We just kind of slotted it into production. I did another film for them also, which I was never scheduled to do, but one of the guys they were going to do it with we had contractual issues with and he left and Vince asked me to do it, so I stepped in and I did that one also. "The Chaperone" I was always supposed to do, and I just liked it because it was a different challenge. It was a character that I got to be a little funny at times, serious at times, emotional at times, so it was a different challenge for me. It's easy for us to go out there, we can all do action pretty well, and I think that's the standard of what everybody thinks they're going to get out of us. To be able to do something else, not just from a fan's standpoint, but from a challenge standpoint. I'd like to do things that aren't just me being Triple H but with a different name.

CS: I think most people would be surprised that there isn't a big fight scene where you have to rough anyone up.

Levesque: And realistically, if you want to look at it that way, I mean, one of the problems that I had with the script in the beginning was that I felt it needed to be beefed up because I thought the kids weren't empowered enough. I wanted the kids to be more heroes in this, and that's why I get captured and the kids come to the rescue. It's funny, any time I show it to my niece and one of the guys who works for the company happened to be there when his son watched it. I think he's like 10 and my niece is 10. When the kids started to make the escape and jump on the bus and have to go make the save, they were all at the edge of their seats. It's a cool movie from that standpoint. Here's this big, giant guy that you think in most movies is gonna take on the world, and he actually ends up being saved by a bunch of little kids and it's kind of cool.

CS: This is the third WWE Studios film. The first one was a drama and the second was a comedy and this is really a mix of the two, being more of a family comedy so was that something you really wanted to try to do something different?

Levesque: No, I don't think necessarily. For me, I read them and if it's a good story and I'm entertained by it - I like all different kinds of movies. This kind of movie, I would like. I like action movies and dramas and horror movies and all different stuff. I kind of read them, and if I read it and I think like, "This is really good." If I'm three quarters of the way through it and I can't wait to get to the end then I feel like, "Wow, that's a pretty good story. I'd like to see this." If I feel that way, then I think, "This would be a good thing to make." To me, it doesn't matter if it's a big part of a small part in that movie. It's part of making a good story, so you're just a part of that storytelling.

CS: Well, this could have gone either way because it could be done as a family movie but it also could be done as a crime comedy for teen or older male audiences.

Levesque: It could've, yeah. We kinda did a blend of it, and I felt like because of the age of the kids that were in the movie, which we actually toned down a little bit, made a little bit younger, I felt like it actually worked better. It was better for the script. If we were gonna go for the older teenagers, it's a completely different movie now, but I think it would've been much more of the realm of just what people expect from us.

CS: I felt like it was a throwback to "The Goonies" a bit and it had that kind of vibe so that kids can like it but it wasn't completely alienating for adults either.

Levesque: Yeah, I look at it and I think, "This is a movie that a parent could take their kid to and not feel like 'I shouldn't have taken my kid to that,'" but what will be something that their kids will enjoy, but they'll also think like, "Oh, this is a pretty good story, and the characters were well-developed. It had some good stuff to it. It wasn't just a kiddie movie where I feel like I just wasted two hours of my life, but my kid was entertained."

CS: Obviously you have a certain image from your years of wrestling, so do you think parents will understand that this is something they can bring their kids to see?

Levesque: I mean, I hope they will. I guess to me there was a point in time when Arnold (Schwarzenegger) was making movies where he slaughtered hundreds of people per scene, and then he made "Kindergarten Cop," but people kind of went with it. I'm hoping that's what they'll see. The thing that's difficult for us is I think they think they see Triple H of the WWE and they think that's all we are, because it's the character they see us as the most and we get typecast in that role. But it's really a character I play, no different than Ray Bradstone in "The Chaperone" is. It's a character that you portray in a show, but not everybody, but there's a lot of guys that are very talented in the WWE that can do other things than just what we do, too.

CS: I think every actor has that problem. They basically get famous for a certain type of role, then they try to do something different, and it's hard to go back and forth, especially when you come from wrestling, and you have to maintain an image of whatever your character is going through at that specific time.

Levesque: Well, it's tough, especially like in a TV show I think where you watch it in your home and it's kind of a weekly thing, you picture that person as one thing. I think that's why people that come out of TV shows struggle then to be mainstream movie stars because all you do is envision them as that character. It'd be tough (if you're) Kramer from "Seinfeld," you don't even have a chance. No matter what movie he walks in, you see him as that goofy character. He would be hard-pressed to do a dramatic role. When Robin Williams tried to do that dramatic movie--and he ended up being successful at it in the long run--but the first one he did, all you could picture was Robin Williams the comedian. Of course, it's tough to separate. You kept waiting for him to do something goofy.

CS: Ariel is obviously pretty amazing on "Modern Family" and she's really good in this, too, so what's it like working with kids, especially ones like her who already have a lot of experience acting?

Levesque: Well, first of all, let me just state that Ariel is amazingly talented, and she's a great little kid. We became very close on set, and playing her father is almost like a father-daughtery kind of relationship a little bit to a point. Her mom was on the set all the time, but her dad obviously was working and wasn't there. Because there was a lot of kids of that exact age, there was a lot of junior high romances going on on-set - the boyfriends and the girlfriends, and the she-said-he-said, and it was entertaining from that level. But then, she was "dating" one of the other boys and I took him aside and was like, "Hey buddy, I'm watching you," and he was scared to death and she thought it was the funniest thing. (laughs) He came to me and he said, "Sir, I'm a gentleman. I would never" and I was like, "Well, you better be!" (laughs) The first day that she and I met, when I learned how good of an actress she was - I never met her before and we were just gonna rehearse a couple of scenes for (director) Stephen Herek. We were just literally walking through the script reading the scene, not acting it out or anything. We're sitting at a table, and she does a scene, and she's kinda angry. Steve says, "I think in this scene, by now in the script you've gone from being angry to being emotional. When we do it, maybe even to the point of a tear," and that kind of thing. She says, "Okay." He says, "You guys want to, just walk through one more and try it a little bit more emotional on this one." She goes into like, this Oscar-winning performance with the tears steaming down her face and the whole thing. (Laughs) I thought, "Oh crap, I gotta bring my A-game. This little girl's gonna smoke me."

CS: Has she been acting for her whole life?

Levesque: I don't know how much other stuff--she hasn't been here that long (Laughs)--so I'm not sure how much other stuff she's done, but I know she's been acting for a while.

CS: What about shooting in New Orleans? I've been to some of those places you've shot and they can be quite crowded, so how were you able to do some of those outdoor scenes without lots of people coming up to you and recognizing you?

Levesque: No, we did. That's the thing, a lot of scenes that we're shooting there's a barrier on one side of the street and a crowd of people that recognize me from the WWE on the other side. I would go in between shoots and sign autographs and stuff, but New Orleans was great except for it is the hottest. It was like the surface of the sun hot.

CS: Well, because it was summer. Yeah, of course.

Levesque: Yeah, I mean, almost between every other take I think they had to change my wardrobe because I was just sweating through everything I had. They would literally take a shirt off me, put a dry one on, go dry that one... it was just 115 degrees hot, it was ridiculous.

CS: But you did shoot a lot of cool scenes out in the main drag of New Orleans

Levesque: We did. Yeah, we did. To the point it was so hot where we had a day where Steve Herek actually kinda late in the day - we'd been shooting all day and it was blazing sun, and there was really no shade for the crew. Steve all of a sudden started saying a little bit of stuff that didn't make sense and we all thought he got heat stroke. We had to have him go in to the hospital, and they put an IV in him, and they put ice packs on him all day on his neck to try to keep him hydrated. I think we were all just in the sun, drinking coffee to perk yourself up, and dehydrating yourself even further. He was just overheated and dehydrated.

CS: And acting is supposed to be the easier and more relaxing thing to do when you're not wrestling.

Levesque: Yeah, baking in the sun, yeah. It was good though.

CS: You have this other movie you mentioned, WWE's "Inside Out," which I think is more of a crime-drama type thing I guess?

Levesque: Well, yeah, it's almost a "Coen Brothers"-esque kind of slice of life type movie. Michael Rapaport's in it and Parker Posey and Bruce Dern. It was a lot of fun. A completely different movie and completely different genre of film and different people to work with. Working with kids and Yeardley and even Annabeth Gish and Kevin Corrigan, it was laughing all the time. I mean, it was just funny all the time. I laughed all the time with Michael Rapaport too, but that was just more serious. When Bruce was there, he's such a great actor and it's very serious. I mean, Parker, she's a phenomenal actress.

CS: Wasn't she in "Blade" with you, too?

Levesque: She was, yeah. When they talked to me about doing that movie and Parker was already committed I was, "Oh, this will be great." Then she told me that when she heard - originally she didn't know the guy that was gonna be in it, and then they switched it to me and she was like, "Oh, this is great," because we actually have a romantic scene in it, so knowing each other makes it a little bit easier.

CS: "Blade" was a really different movie for her and it was pretty big for you, too, so it's interesting to see you two back together in something different.

Levesque: It was. She had told me at the time that was kind of her first big budget Hollywood thing. I was just blown away by the whole Hollywood thing anyway, then she was used to the indie run and gun and get it done fast and move on type thing. On those big budget films, you've got these ridiculous sets and everything takes all day. To assemble a scene takes all day.

CS: So this other movie you're doing is more like the indie type stuff she's done before, you'd say?

Levesque: Yeah, I mean, we shot in five weeks. One of the things that WWE Studios do, we shoot movies back-to-back in the same location. We shot four films in New Orleans, all back-to-back, so we save a ton of money on releasing the crew, then starting with a new crew. Basically, we would shoot a film five, six weeks, take a week off or so, and then they go right into the next film with the same crews, and all that changes out is the cast and the directors and stuff like that. Everything else kind of stays the same, so by the time we got to doing "The Chaperone," these people had all worked together for probably the better part of a year. So it was a very family environment, which is kinda what the WWE is anyway, so it really kinda worked.

CS: It's a really interesting way to work. Not many studios really work like that anymore.

Levesque: No, Vince is big on looking at things and saying, "Well, this is how it's always done, and they do it, but to me, that doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't we just do it like this and do it cheaper and do it faster and do it more efficiently?" I think he's ahead of the curve on a lot of things.

CS: That's how they used to make movies back in the '30s, the studios would just have the actors come in and there'd be a script and most of the crew were on staff.

Levesque: Yeah, and even on the aspect of how we do our DVDs. It's a limited theatrical release right into DVD a few weeks later, no window, your advertising once as opposed to the double. I mean, it's just a much more efficient way of doing things.

CS: Do you have the acting bug now? I don't know what your plans are for wrestling at this point, but do you feel like you want to try and do more acting?

Levesque: I enjoy it. Yeah, I enjoy it. Here's the thing: I'm at a point in my life where one, I don't have to do anything. I'm enjoying working behind the scenes for WWE and enjoying the time when I do get in the ring still. If the right picture comes along with the right story and I think, "Wow, I'd really like to do this," I'll enjoy doing that. I'm at a good place. I'm really just kind of trying to do things that I'll enjoy doing at this point, so if it's the right project and I think, "Man, that is something I think I'd really like to do," then I'll do it. I've gotten a couple of scripts since then, and I've read them and been like, "It's a good story, but I don't know. It doesn't seem like a challenge to me or something." I'll let somebody else do it.

CS: Are there any more challenges in wrestling? There's really not many wrestlers who've literally won every single belt possible.

Levesque: You know, from that standpoint, it's not a challenge anymore. I just read an interview with The Rock the other day where he said why he went into Hollywood. He'd done everything he wanted to accomplish in the WWE. I kind of feel like I've done that, but I still just enjoy the process. It's not for me about the challenge of, "Can I do this anymore?" It's more now about the challenge of like, just going out there, and we'll do WrestleMania and there'll be 75,000 people, and if you can't get a rush outta that, something's wrong with you, you know? So, to me, that's just fun.

CS: Do you still get a rush out of WrestleMania after doing it nine or ten times?

Levesque: Oh my God, yeah. It's still a rush, and the adrenaline, and it's performing. I mean, you can do fifty movies. If you still enjoy making movies, you enjoy making movies. I enjoy being in the ring and performing in front of fans. When I get the opportunity to do it, I have a lot of fun doing it. If I get the opportunity to do the right movie, I'll have a lot of fun doing that. To me, at this point, I've got three kids and they come first, then everything else is just what I feel like I want to do, and what will I enjoy?

CS: It's funny you mentioned before about the TV person and the real you, because while I was doing research, I found out that you actually are married to Stephanie McMahon, and all this time, I thought that was a storyline of the show.

Levesque: No, what's funny is Steph and I actually met--well, we had met before, but we didn't know each other at all. I'd only met her a few times, and how we got to know each other was because we were married on the show. That's how we started spending time around each other all the time. That's why I say our marriage works so well all the time, it's because we had a dry run on TV. We were married and divorced on TV, so we got it down now.

CS: That's hilarious because often, you see life imitating art or vice versa, and it never really works out.

Levesque: Yeah, and it just kinda happened, and here we are however many years later with three kids. It's great.

CS: Do you consider yourself a role model, or do you like being a role model? Or do you feel like you just want to be a performer and do what you want to do and not worry about that stuff?

Levesque: I like that we have the influence to make people happy, Make a Wish kids, or any kid, or something like that, "to put smiles on their faces," as Vince always says. That's what we're looking for. I don't like when people say, "Well, you're a role model" perse, because I feel like parents should be the role models and should tell kids what's right and wrong, not a character on television. While I still see that and take that seriously, I think there's a lot of things that happen now in the media where they tear people down for the smallest thing and say what horrible role models they are when nobody would've ever known about that if the media didn't put it out there, so who's the bad role model? Guys get in trouble now for doing things that every person in the world does, not that it's the right thing to do. It's just people make mistakes. They make bad decisions, and everybody does, and all the people that are throwing accusations at ‘em all have skeletons in their closet, and things they wish, "God, I wish I never did that." That's the way it is. But the media puts it out there to the point where you can't… so this Miley Cyrus thing in a way. Is Miley Cyrus a role model? Yeah, I suppose, but she's also a person, and she's also a kid, and she's living her life, and she's gonna make mistakes like every single person in the world does when they're 21 years old. You make mistakes and you hope you don't make too bad a one, but her mistakes unfortunately are shown on "TMZ" and in front of the world. Then they say how horrible of a role model she is when that kinda stuff happens to everybody else, too. To me, I don't know who's more to blame, her or the people that are putting it out there like, "Look, this is your hero? Look at what she really is!" To me, it's almost worse.

The Chaperone opens in select cities on Friday, February 18 and then is available on DVD on March 8 .

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