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Chyna Interview Highlights

Former WWE Intercontinental and Womens champion “The Ninth wonder of the World” and Vivid Video Vixen Joanie “Chyna” Laurer was a guest on Wrestling News Live’s Fall Out show (found at and below are some of the highlights:

Why She Choose to work with Vivid Video: “Vivid is hot you know,I didn’t know anything about porn but even then I would see the calendars in the book stores and they had the billboards and the girls were plastered all over the place over Sun Set billard in front of the clubs and they (the females on the billboards) looked gorgeous.”

How well she has been treated since joining Vivid Video: “Beyond my expectations, I am totally psyched and I’ll tell you why; I haven’t felt like this since I was on top of my wrestling days right before my departure as I had just done my book and I did playboy and it was a total high of my life, I loved every day, and I woke up every to do all that (it) was tremendous. I kinda have the carpet pulled out from underneath me and Its’s been a long while and the problem died and I guessed I might as well be as real as I can get and I’ve gone through a lot of obstetrical and when this came up, I’d won my name back in 2007 after fighting for it for seven years and I hadn’t do anything super big with it since I got my name back you know? I had been doing little movies here and there and a copy of reality shows but this, when this opportunity came up, I was like “Yeah”, I didn’t have to think twice about it. I was insecure for about two minutes and then I thought “ Why on earth would you not do this?”. Everything I have done in my career, I have jumped in with both feet and I’ve taken chances and risks and something things have worked out, something thing’s haven’t but I have never been afraid of judgement.”

How her TNA debut came about: “It was a surprise to me as it was to you(the internet fans) because basically I got a call from Vince Russo out of the blue and I was expecting it to be an Australian beer company and then it was Vince Russo and kinda basically overnight I was on an aeroplane….. So I get this call from Vince Russo and I clearly wasn’t expecting that you know because basically since the time I left from WWE, I never physically spoke to anybody expect from legally… so when this phone call came I was like, “Woah” but things have been going really well for me over the past year and the last couple of years I have really moved on and I’m really healthy physically and I get this call and I was really happy to hear from Vince (Russo) and he said he was thinking about me and the angle(Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle) and would I be interested and I said “well of course” and I think he was shocked because we were friends and I really enjoyed working with him in WWF and he was like “I didn’t know how you were going to respond/react” and I was like “Its not the people within the business I’ve had problems with, we all know the problems and the reasons why” and I was happy to hear from someone and wondered why it took so long for someone to call me. When I went there, I was really psyched to see everybody and I don’t think anybody expected me to go and be that willing to jump back in so it was kinda a quick process for everybody.”

Chyna’s thoughts on her one appearance stay in TNA: “I really didn’t know what was going to happen, I basically went to go to talk to them and I didn’t expect to be on TV that night but you know, the Pay Per View was right around the corner so I know that was the angle they wanted to do so I really don’t know what was going on behind the scenes. I knew Vince Russo and Bruce Prichard were really in my corner like wanting to make things happen so I don’t know, maybe it never surfaced as I never heard back after that but I consider it open basically.”

Chyna’s thoughts on Eric Bischoff’s recent “Deer in the headlight” comments: “My friend keeps me in hopline so I’ve sort being listening to what people have been saying and when I saw his(Eric’s) comments I didn’t know how to react to it because I never expected it because it was so out of left field as I had just gone to TNA, things went great and as far as I’m concerned I’ve never had beef with Eric, I’ve never even worked with him, he was very nice to me when I was there and I don’t have a problem with anybody and it was great so I just don’t know where it came from, it was strange. Maybe I looked like a deer in the headlights because I didn’t have the right lashes on? Or something, I don’t know.”

Chyna on keeping the porn film a secret: “I didn’t hear from anyone before anybody knew about the movie because I had been keeping it a secret since I did the movie last November and that’s one of the reasons I looked so well and why I feel so well and its not my obligation to go around telling people everything I’m doing and its not a secret either so after the fact I haven’t talked to anybody in a while, its almost like he came up with a reason because of the movie, who knows?”

Chyna on her “TNA missing the boat” with her comment: “I didn’t mean it in a negative way, I think they are missing the boat because I think we can have a lot of fun and I could do a lot of stuff and it didn’t make sense to me to go do one thing then kinda have it lingering out there….. I mean when I did playboy, it was like the biggest issue ever because your combining the two so you have wrestling, boobs beer and popcorn *laughs*.”

Chyna’s thoughts on working the late Eddie Guerrero: “Yeah it was really fun, I love the soap opera aspect so for me it was the first time we got to do vignettes and the chemistry was there and it was funny and he really taught me a lot in the ring because when we worked together is was magic. I remember Eddie taught me how to press (slam) people and the first time I pressed him, I got him up and I was trying so hard and he jumped so hard as we were practicing in the middle of the ring and I actually threw him out of the ring and he landed on the floor!. He was awesome.”

Chyna on WWE’s Hall Of Fame: “Well you know what? As far as relationships goes, I’m way over that you know, it was a typical break up in the sense of losing someone you love and the deceit and cheating yes but that happens to all of us. What was the real heart breaker for me was that I really knew in my heart it would blow over in a year or two or when we were able to pass the relationship stage that everybody goes through in a break up but because of the way business was done, I didn’t know that it would be a decade later and nobody has spoken to me I mean come on, I’m over the relationship part, it was just bad business on their part if you ask me.”

Chyna’s future in the porn industry: “I’m hoping that’s coming my way, there is definitely talk of more and you know, I just think in a short amount of time you see how your working together and I would love to do more work with Vivid, they have treated me exceptionally, its quite glamorous I have to say, it really has been, it felt great and they treated me beyond fair and I need that, I’m on board for sure so you know, we will keep you posted, I don’t know what’s gonna happen but its looking good.”

Chyna on if she would return to WWE or TNA if they offered her a contract: “Absolutely; Based upon the deal. I’ve come real far at this point in my life and I know what I want and I know what I deserve so you know, if everything was good for this point if my life, yeah of course….. I think I’m pretty reasonable; I have done a lot of things throughout my career and worked hard for my name and know my work ethic so you know I don’t know, like loreal, I guess I’m worth it but you know, you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow.”

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WWE Capitol Punishment PPV Review

WWE: Capitol Punishment 2011 WWE Capitol Punishment – Pay-Per-View Review

By Phil Allely

The latest addition to the WWE PPV event list Capitol Punishment had a pretty decent looking card of matches lined up and each was reasonably well built upon in the build up to the event. However the delivery of some did hamper proceedings somewhat and even with a few title changes the overall effect wasn’t as hoped unfortunatley.

The opening battle for the United States Title was a nicely paced affair. Both men trading the advantage and near fall situations. Vickie Guerrero yet again proving to be the deciding factor, her interference allowed Ziggler the chance to end the match with a rope assisted sleeper hold. Ziggler becoming new US Champion in the process.

Next up The Miz and his former charge Alex Riley faced off. The duo were faring well and showcasing their repertoires nicely when Michael Cole stuck his nose in where it wasn’t needed. Luckily Cole’s involvement and a botched briefcase shot by Miz couldn’t alter the outcome too much, Riley taking advantage of a referee step-in to nail a DDT for the win.

Alberto Del Rio versus Big Show was an odd pairing, the action prior to the match made it even more so. Mark Henry attacked Show before the bell rung and beat him up, these injuries allowed del Rio to inflict further punishment on the big man. Show did try to fight back, but his injured knee forced him to give up and lose to a celebrating Del Rio.

The Intercontinental match between Champion Wade Barrett and challenger Ezekiel Jackson was pretty much what we expected from the lacklustre former Corre members. Zeke gave Barrett a proper pasting at every available opportunity, the action was pretty dull at times though. Jackson eventually made Barrett tap out to the ‘torture rack’ finisher to win the IC strap.

Picking things up pace wise Rey Mysterio then tackled CM Punk. Punk and Mysterio worked hard in this one, each move hitting the mark and livening the night up. Punk surprisingly saw his hand raised in victory after blocking a 619 attempt and nailing a good looking GTS.

Christian’s attempts to re-capture the World Heavyweight Title were dashed again next. After some great back and forth action, the pair swapped near falls and signature moves. The finish coming after Christian walked into an RKO, the retaining Orton even going as far as to slug his protesting challenger with the belt post match for good measure.

There followed a bonus match not previously advertised. Evan Bourne versus Jack Swagger was a worthy addition to the card and helped retain interest in proceedings. Bourne snagged the win after a sneaky roll-up.

The main event saw R-Truth challenge John Cena for the WWE Title. Truth is certainly making the most of his moment in the sun, his attitude, performance and general demeanour are perfect headline attraction heel like ones. The action throughout was the usual run of the mill Cena style stuff, big moves, superhuman comebacks and non-selling of stiff looking shots. Truth did however make it look as if he may just be able to win the gold. The end though surpassed many things we’ve seen before on a wrestling show (and we’ve seen it all from twin referees, run-ins, double crosses, rings breaking and much more over the years). As Truth slid to the outside and (in bad guy mode) drank a fans soft drink, he was struck in the face by said fans drink. This distraction proving to be the opportunity Cena needed to capitalise and hit an ‘Attitude Adjustment’ to keep his belt. This made the main events result a bit flat for many I’m sure.

Capitol Punishment was an ok wrestling event. There were some decent undercard matches, the (fake) Barrack Obama skits were poor and of very little interest to most people viewing. The Title changes have helped rejig storylines and Mark Henry finally came across like the monster he is being billed as. The problem is the event was an average affair at best and felt thrown together. WWE is beginning to show signs of a lack of imagination and needs new blood. Pushing guys like Miz, Riley, Del Rio and even Zeke/Barrett is fine, but there also needs to be some creative work done to keep current roster members treading water (like R-Truth was) on fans radar and prepare them for their turn in the spotlight.

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Jeff Jarrett wins AAA title

Jarrett conquers Mexico

By Phil Allely

This past weekend TNA founder Jeff Jarrett toppled El Zorro to become the new Mexican World Heavyweight Champion at the AAA organisation's Triplemania event. Cheered on by his wife Karen, Jarrett made history and shocked those in attendence by raising the prestigous belt. Post match the new champ teased a possible feud with Dr Wagner Jr as fans went crazy for his surprise win. Also on the card were Mr Anderson, Rob Van Dam, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Angelina Love. Mexico is a hotbed of wrestling activity and TNA's recent journeys there have proved very successful, it will now be interesting to see if Jarrett's win leads to co-pomoted shows or mexican challengers appearing on US TV.

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Desmond Wolfe Gone From TNA?

Wolfe out the door!

By Phil Allely

According to various news sources TNA have removed UK wrestler Desmond Wolfe from their roster page of the Impact Wrestling website. Wolfe (aka Nigel McGuinness) has only just resurfaced on TNA TV as the commissioner of Xplosion this past month. He was removed from TV/PPV almost a year ago, due to an undisclosed medical condition. Whether his contract has expired and not been renewed by TNA management or Wolfe has received his marching orders is unknown at presentn. Before his disappearance Wolfe had a number of high profile bouts under his belt, especially those against Kurt Angle and was a member of the highly enjoyable tag team London's Brawling, alongside fellow UK star Brutus Magnus. During his absence from TNA programming Wolfe was involved in writing a sit com and participating in stand up comedy shows. His former tag team partner Magnus is now once again a key component in the British Invasion team.

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Batista Interview HIghlights

Former World Heavyweight Champion Batista was a guest on's Wrestling Observer Radio this week to discuss his time with WWE, MMA, the future and lots more. Here are highlights from the excellent interview:

* Batista said he left WWE because he felt like he didn't fit in anymore. He feels like wrestling is in a bad spot right now and has gone down hill since the whole PG direction. Batista said it leaves a bad taste in his mouth and became too unbelievable & hokey. He added that the things he learned from guys like Triple H and Ric Flair, you couldn't do anymore. He said you couldn't use your tools anymore. Batista said he felt like he became disconnected from the business and became unhappy with it. He still believes in WWE as a company but there wasn't a place for him anymore.

* Regarding his most recent run where some felt it was the best work of his career, Batista said he knew he was leaving and basically did what he wanted to do and eventually it worked. He didn't care about pissing anyone off on the pic and just put his thoughts out there more without worrying about upsetting anyone. He said this started to work so Vince McMahon let him work with it. He recalled one promo before his last WrestleMania in San Jose, California where he let it run how he wanted to do it, ripping on several people. When he got backstage, Vince told him that he went too far with the promo and gave him a good earful.

* The spotlight that he was using before leaving WWE was an idea that Michael Hayes came up with.

* Regarding his departure, Batista gave WWE about 7 months notice that he wanted to finish outright. He wanted to go out the right way and give WWE plenty of notice. That 7 months ended up turning into 9 months because they needed him longer. Batista made it clear that Vince left the door wide open for him to come back. He said he enjoys having that opportunity there to go back, if he wants.

* He had reached out to Strikeforce while with WWE and the MMA promotion expressed interest but he didn't actually sit down with them until he left WWE. His intentions were doing a MMA fight when he first left WWE. At one point he had a 3 fight deal with Strikeforce that would have him do a CBS fight, a Showtime fight and then a pay-per-view fight, all leading to a fight against Bobby Lashley. Batista cited scheduling, his movie work and financial differences, among other things, as to why the deals never worked out. They had another deal almost ready to be signed that would have sent him directly to pay-per-view to fight but his manager Cesar Gracie didn't think everything was fair. Strikeforce was bought by UFC and that was that as far as Batista fighting for Strikeforce goes.

* Batista feels that WWE had a huge missed opportunity with Kennedy, now known as Mr. Anderson in TNA, and was shocked when he was released. He feels WWE could have done more with Ted DiBiase Jr. and knew Kofi Kingston would be a top star when he was in FCW. He also says Sheamus has potential and was one of the smart guys who hooked up with veterans like William Regal to learn more about the business. He added that Sheamus took some crap from people for hooking up with the veterans but it was worth it.

* Regarding Mason Ryan, Batista doesn't think the Nexus star is imitating him and if he was, Batista would be flattered. Batista thinks Ryan is a great guy after meeting him in London and is curious to see where his career goes.

* As far as his future in wrestling goes, Batista does not want to have another full-blown run but would like to return to WWE and officially retire with a small run or something like that. He is also interested in working with WWE in some other capacity. He doesn't want to be a full-time actor and doesn't think he will ever be qualified to be one. He is also looking to continue his MMA training and eventually get a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Trevor Murdoch interview highlights

Former WWE star Trevor Murdoch, who had recent tryout matches with the company, says he's returning soon. Here are some highlights from an interview with

How do you feel about returning to WWE?

I've been doing this since I was 18 years old. So I'm at an age where when I went to WWE the first time I was 25 years old and I'm really excited that I'm still at a young enough age that I'm going to be able to go back and do some good things on TV. My [5-year-old] son is now old enough to see me and understand that daddy is on TV and he loves pro wrestling. So I'm fired up to be able to get back to working on TV again for sure.

You recently had a tryout with WWE. How did that go?

They went great actually. The first night I wrestled Evan Bourne. The second night I wrestled Jey Uso. My concern going back wasn't the wrestling part. It was there's a lot of new faces on the WWE roster. They're almost all new faces. And I was concerned that I was going to get back there and on one was going to know me or everyone was going to snub me a little bit. "Who's this guy?" and "he's just going to try to take our spot." But when I went back, everyone was super nice and were extremely respectful and excited to see me. It was a very welcoming experience. Not to mention that I had two really good matches.

Do you have an indication of what WWE wants you to do when you get there?

No, actually. I'm kind of an open book and can do whatever I gotta do to have a good time but also to put on some good matches and also focus more on the sports entertainment side rather than just the pro wrestling. When I went in the first time, I wouldn't say I was naive, but I was more focused on the just the wrestling part. Whereas, now that I'm a little bit older and I look back on it ... I'm going to focus just as much on the entertainment part as I am the wrestling part. The last time I was there, I was like, I was trained by Harley Race. The cream will rise to the top. I'm a pro wrestler. As long as I have great matches, everything will be fine. That's only one part of it.

TNA Slammiversary 2011 Review

Ken do!, Anderson beats Sting for TNA gold

By Phil Allely

TNA’s Slammiversary PPV on paper offered a good looking card of exciting match-ups and the final match between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. The well built up Sting/Mr Anderson heavyweight title bout had great potential too. The finished product fulfilled its obligations and had some good to excellent in-ring action, we saw a new champion crowned as well.

In their penultimate match scrap, champ Sting valiantly tried to beat the younger man Anderson. However interference from Eric Bishoff saw him lose his treasured gold. Sting’s recent enthusiasm for wrestling made this loss even more surprising, his strong showing here was a pleasure to witness.

Elsewhere things kicked off with the British Invasion taking on James Storm and Alex Shelley (filling in for an injured Bobby Roode). In this decently paced opener the makeshift team of Shelley and Storm overcame the formidable Brits to retain the tag gold for Beer Money.

Scott Steiner lost to Matt Morgan in what was an average big man battle. The powerful Big Poppa Pump once again proving that no matter how big they are he can still manhandle them with ease.

Unlikely X Division champion Abyss successfully defended his belt against the fast-paced pairing of Kazarian and Kendrick in a pretty decent three-way match.

The undefeated Crimson and highly skilled Samoa Joe then had a hard-hitting encounter. Crimson pulling off the shock win to keep his streak intact.

The still mesmerised (and rapidly shrinking) Angelina Love w/Winter attempted to wrestle the Knockout’s strap from the grasp of Mickie James next. Winter’s interference was a constant threat to James’ reign, a fumbled DDT by the champ saw her successful defence marred somewhat.

Bully Ray and AJ Styles went all out in their blood splattered Last Man Standing match, picking up the shows pace and never letting it fade throughout their face-off. Styles taking (and giving) some extreme punishment in and out of the ring before finally losing to Immortal’s resident bully. Styles insane light rig leap amongst other crazy moves making this the match of the night.

The main event saw Kurt Angle put his treasured Olympic gold medal on the line in his (hopefully) final match with Jeff Jarrett. The crowd were hot for this one and the guys involved fed off that too. Lacking the intensity of the Styles/Ray or Sting/Anderson bouts this was a more emotive match-up, Angle seeking a final win and Jarrett seeking one more chance to belittle Kurt, both hoping to claim a number one title spot. Angle eventually getting the popular pin and a shot at new champ Mr Anderson to boot.

Slammiversary was a PPV of two half’s, when it worked it worked when it didn’t it just about covered its bases. The eyes of the wrestling world now are looking at TNA’s choice in bringing back the six sided ring for Destination X and what delights an X Divison themed PPV will bring. Anderson as champion opens up some new storylines and feuds too.

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WWE Exec interview highlights

WWE's International Executive VP Andrew Whitaker recently spoke with about WWE's expansion in India and more. Here are some highlights:

IT: You recently opened an office in Mumbai. Given that this is an important market, why did it take so long?

AW: India has been one of our most successful television markets for a number of years now. In line with our global strategy, since we have begun to introduce our other lines of business, the time is now right to begin building a more local presence in the market. The Mumbai office is the first step of that process.

You now have a talent development department. Is India going to be a part of this?

We have seen a number of non-American talent prosper within WWE, from The Great Khali to Rey Mysterio and more recently Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara and Sheamus. In fact this year we signed a new talent from India, Jinder Mahal. This success indicates a significant appetite and opportunity for us to actively recruit international talent and it is an area we will continue to invest in across all markets, including India.

Is there a chance of doing a film co-production in India?

It's certainly something we may consider. We enjoyed a successful partnership last year with Viacom whereby one of our top WWE Superstars, The Great Khali came runner up on Bigg Boss. There are a number of parallels to be drawn between WWE and Bollywood and we see great opportunities for us in this area.

What strategy has WWE followed to grow the brand globally over the past couple of years?

Our global growth strategy on a market by market basis is first to bring WWE's television programming into the marketplace, which is usually the starting point to begin engaging fans and bringing our unique form of entertainment into people's homes. Once we have established a strong television audience, we then look to introduce our other multiple lines of business, from live events where fans can see our Superstars live and in person to our vast lines of consumer products, digital media and publishing. WWE is a global business, seen in more than 145 countries in 30 different languages, and key to our successful global growth is our local office presence. We have offices in Stamford, New York, Los Angeles, London, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and now Mumbai, which are fundamental to our local level operations.

To what extent has the share of revenue from international markets grown? Which are the top three markets?

When we set up our first international office in London in 2002, international revenues were worth $32 million. That figure has now grown to over $133 million. Outside of the USA and Canada, our biggest markets are the United Kingdom, Mexico and France.

In terms of the new business model, which are the key focus areas?

There are two key components to WWE's recently announced brand expansion plans. First, the company will maintain a strong focus of growing its core business on a global basis and announced that Paul "Triple H" Levesque will be heading a new talent development programme. In addition, innovation will be the key to the long term growth through new consumer product launches, new television programming and international growth. The second component will be the active pursuit to acquire entertainment content companies and the outsourcing of WWE's core competencies - television and film production, live event production and licensing.

There has been talk about mixed martial arts and boxing now providing more competition for your viewership globally. I would appreciate your take on this?

We don't view MMA or boxing as competitors for our viewership globally. Their product is completely different to WWE. Whilst they may borrow from various elements of WWE's production to entertain their own fans more, what they provide is a pure sporting spectacle. We view our competition as any live or televised family entertainment event.

Piracy is a big concern especially in markets like China. How are you tackling this issue?

WWE is actively engaged in minimising the impact of piracy and counterfeit products on its businesses. We have a robust and mature trademarks registration and protection policy. The company takes down sites in real time that illegally stream WWE's PPV's, which otherwise represent a significant segment of annual revenue. The company also ensures that it seizes all counterfeit goods and legally challenges those companies and individuals found guilty of their manufacture and distribution. Piracy is a problem all over the world and cheats fans of genuine articles. It is a cost burden for brands and limits the investment being made in new lines for those consumers purchasing the genuine and authentic branded products. We are committed to continuing to do our utmost to protect our IP in every country.

Could you shed light on how social networks are changing the equation between WWE and its fans?

The way I see it, the rapid adoption of social networks gives a large amount of power to the fan. It is less about "selling" and more about engaging with the fans. WWE is taking a more editorial rather than a promotional approach with social networks. The key is to use social networks to entertain and inform while subtly marketing to fans.

Are the social networks allowing you to change course and take corrective action quicker?

Absolutely! social media gives us immediate feedback to everything we do as a company. We have Facebook pages for many of our products from the WWE Superstars to our merchandising and the information we receive is shared directly with our creative and editorial teams. Social media feedback is key to our future initiatives.

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Elimination Chamber 2011 DVD Review

DVD Review – WWE Elimination Chamber 2011

By Phil Allely

WWE’s Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View is traditionally the last chance for some of the company’s superstars to get noticed before the event of the year that is WrestleMania. This year was like every other one for any performer that wasn’t already lined up for the big event, whilst some matches had already been set for the biggest event of the WWE calendar, some were still up for grab and for those fortunate enough to be on the card, maybe there was a chance to strut your stuff and get yourself noticed.

The added factor of two matches being held inside the harsh confines of the steel structures of course made things all the more important. Although considering the new WWE attitude to blood and violence, the roster involved did have their work cut out for them.

Elimination Chamber already has a warm spot in the hearts of many (since its broadcast) as it is the penultimate event that Edge participated in. The World Heavyweight Champion having retired due to a severe neck injury after Mania the past April.

Edge did of course go on to successfully defend his treasured gold at WrestleMania and in turn retire as champ. Here though at Elimination Chamber he faced Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Kane, Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett in the first chamber match of the night. The action was well choreographed and each man shone. Christian appearing to save a match winning Edge from a post-match beat-down by a Mania bound Alberto Del Rio was nice bonus too.

Elsewhere on the card Kofi Kingston tried his best to outsmart a confident Del Rio in a decent bout. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov lost their tag team titles to the Corre duo of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in a decent if unimaginative scrap, and long-time colour commentator Jerry Lawler battled the Miz for the WWE Championship. Lawler and Miz gelled very well in this one, making the King’s attempt at gaining the title almost a reality on numerous occasions.

The main event was of course for that all important WM XXVII title shot. Here we saw some intense action, including a crazy human highlight reel performance by John Morrison against Heavyweight Champion John Cena, and a nice series of moves between challengers Randy Orton, R Truth, CM Punk and Sheamus.

Elimination Chamber was one of the better WWE events of the year to date. It built things up nicely for WrestleMania and it ended up being one of Edge’s final PPPV’s as well. For collectors this release is a must have item, the matches are all intense, they do their job perfectly and progress storylines too.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 is available now from

Prices are DVD £17.99 and Blu-ray £24.99

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Hulk Hogan Interview Highlights

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan was recently interviewed by’s Jon Robinson to promote his upcoming video game “Hulk Hogan’s Main Event” for the motion-sensing Xbox 360 Kinect system.

Hogan talks about a number of topics, including his relationship with Vince McMahon, his favorite matches and more. He also refers to his current employer as “Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA.” Head over to for the full article.

Here are some highlights of what Hogan said about:

Wanting To Wrestle Steve Austin: “Well, if there is that one last huge match that really, really meant something to the fans, that would have to be against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. I can see him already making appearances back on TV and he’s already starting to get full of himself. I heard him say for a while that his back and his neck were too messed up to wrestle, but from I’ve been seeing lately, I think he’s getting geared up to do something and I’d like to be a part of it.”

His Memories of Randy Savage: “Randy and I were stuck together like glue for about 15 years. We did everything together — we traveled together, we worked out every day together — and then we went on to have some great matches. I know this sounds horrible, but we made a lot of money together, and then we had this huge falling out that to this day, I still don’t know why he got mad. He went through a lot with his divorce from Elizabeth and stuff, but we just started talking again a few months before he died. I don’t do many independent wrestling shows, but I finally did one and (Randy’s brother) Lanny was there and he was telling me how tough it was after their dad passed away, but his dad was really happy that Randy and I had started talking again. But then Lanny was really worried about his mom, so they were going to throw a big barbeque at his mom’s house with Randy and I, and that was supposed to be the next weekend, but Randy died in the middle of the week. Out of all the guys who have died, that one hit me the hardest. I’ve known a lot of guys, I’ve walked into hotel rooms where

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TNA Hardcore Justice 2011 PPV Poster Sneak Peak

Mick Foley Comments on TNA Departure

Mick Foley wrote the following on his blog regarding his departure from TNA:

"A few days ago, I woke up to the harsh realization that leaving Impact Wrestling meant I couldn't take my kids to Universal Studios any time I pleased anymore. No Mummy or Simpsons without waiting, no post pre-tape rides on the Hulk-coaster. A few days from now, I will come face to face with an even harsher reality; for the first time in several years, there will be no paycheck awaiting me in the Foley mailbox. So with those two realities coinciding, I think it's only fair that I've been asking myself whether working for TNA (Impact Wrestling) was really all that bad.

The answer I keep coming to is "no" - it really wasn't all that bad. In fact, it was pretty good. Sometimes it was really good. I was treated treated with respect, paid well, and pretty much liked everyone I worked with... including Russo, Hogan and Bischoff, in case you were wondering.

I think it's always a good idea to try see problems from other people's points of view. I mentioned on Twitter a few days ago that I pushed hard for changes I thought would be beneficial to Impact, and as a result, was thought to be "difficult to work with." You know, after a few days of serious thinking, I can really see how that "difficult" label could indeed apply to me. I was incredibly critical of the company on Jeff Katz's "Geek Week" last November, did an interview with the opposition to support my book, forgot to mention the company I worked for on several interviews, took part in a handful of interviews that I was asked politely not to by the company that employed me, and lastly, sent out a fairly immature and hurtful tweet comparing my Empty Arena match with the Rock in 1999 to Impact house shows - in terms of attendance. If not for Congessman Weiner's boner shot, my "empty arena" crack may have been the most ill-thought and costly tweet of the month.

I also mentioned my "request" to be released from my contract. Actually, it began as an a legitimate offer to Terry Taylor to help trim the Impact roster of some expensive fat. I had some genuine differences creatively with Impact, and honestly didn't think the company should have to continue to pay good money to someone who had lost faith ion the product. At the time, it seemed like a pretty fair offer. But at the point we agreed to forge ahead with me as the Network rep, I should have just shut up and done the best I could in the role, at least until the Destination X show was over - at which point my departure could have become an interesting part of the show. I regret that an initial offer made in the company's best interest became a request and maybe even a demand in my own self-interest - or at least what i thought was my own self-interest.. until I realized I didn't get to go to Universal or to the mailbox anymore.

Somehow, during the exit process, I forgot the central theme of the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or fear) - that people could disagree without being disagreeable. I think I did become disagreeable there for a few days, and ultimately, the manner in which I departed was not good for anybody involved - me, TNA, the wrestlers, or the fans. I am especially sorry that some of the things I did or said hurt Dixie Carter personally. While some of the criticisms leveled at TNA/Impact by me or others are valid, I think it's been very helpful for me to step back and visualize the landscape of the wrestling business without the faith and vision of that one specific person. Because, make no mistake about it, without Dixie's leap of faith several years ago, Impact does not exist. 100's of incredibly talented wrestlers wrestlers would not have had the chance to show what they could do on a national stage. Dozens of others, myself included, would not have been able to enjoy second chances, last chances, or have the luxury or making choices, had Dixie chosen not to invest her time, passion and money into the complicated, frustrating world of pro-wrestling/sports entertainment. For me, personally, the opportunity at TNA/Impact afforded me the chance to enjoy almost three great years with my family, while being able to explore other passions, like my work with RAINN - even while my passion for wrestling was fading.

Far too often, I was guilty of looking at the Impact glass half-empty - wishing the show and the company could be what I thought it should be, instead of seeing it half-full and appreciating TNA/Impact for what it was - a very good place to work, full of good people, who treated me and my family very well."

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Eric Bischoff Interview HIghlights

Monday Night Mayhem: Hosted By The Big Mosh & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent

Heard LIVE Monday Evenings @ 7PM ET/6PM CT

TNA’s Eric Bischoff was one of the featured guests on this week’s live edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem.

Eric Bischoff Discusses The Importance Of How TNA Is Actually Doing As A Company In The Eyes Of Spike TV, The Rumors Of Impact Wrestling Going On The Road This Summer, How Disappointed He Would Be If Mick Foley Left TNA At The End Of His Contract & If He Would Ever Classify Mick Being “Hard To Work With,” Whether Or Not Kurt Angle’s Full-Time Absence From TNA While Training For The 2012 Olympics In London Would Be A Blow To The Company, Chyna’s Decision To Restart Her Career In The Adult Entertainment Industry vs. Her Career In Professional Wrestling & His Reaction To Her Comments Of TNA “Missing The Boat” After Choosing To Not Bring Her Back After The Sacrifice Pay-Per-View, Why He Has Mixed Feelings About Mr. Anderson’s Impersonations Of Sting Over The Past Several Weeks On Impact Wrestling, Plus Much More In The Return Of “The Hot Seat With Eric Bischoff” (Flavored By Sizzlin Sauces)

You can listen to an MP3 of the appearance by clicking here.

Interview highlights courtesy of Paterson, MNM’s associate producer & official correspondent:

The importance of talking about how TNA is actually doing as a company in the eyes of Spike TV: “People keep making statements about how TNA is not doing well, or TNA sucks, or whatever juvenile trite that comes out of their heads. It occurred to to me that no one is talking about how TNA is doing as a company. Coincidentally, I got an e-mail from Spike Television talking about last Thursday night’s ratings. In the e-mail, it said that Impact Wrestling was the #1 rated show in its demo & in its time period, despite that we were up against the NBA Finals. Impact Wrestling is the #1 program on all of Spike Television. We outperform the UFC. To be able to be the the #1 show on that network in prime-time is a very significant achievement. I just wanted to point that out, because not enough people are talking about the good things going out in TNA.”

How disappointed he would be if Mick Foley left TNA at the end of his contract & whether or not Mick was ever hard to work with on or off-camera: “Mick wasn’t hard for me to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed the on-camera work that Mick & I had together. I think some of the best moments that I’ve had on camera on Impact Wrestling I’ve had with Mick Foley. I will miss working on camera with Mick Foley. In terms of being disappointed, as much as I enjoyed working with Mick, there’s a very limited role for someone like Mick Foley, a character like me who doesn’t wrestle, who is really only a talker. If you look at where Impact Wrestling is right now, there’s just not a whole lot of room for more guys like me or Hulk Hogan. We just have to be the central focus of the storyline and probably will be for some time, and there’s only so much real estate. A lot of that real estate has to go to guys who can deliver action in the ring.”

How big of a blow would Kurt Angle’s full-time absence be for TNA while he is training in London, England for the 2012 Olympics: “I don’t think it’ll be a problem at all. I’m a strong believer that when you have large characters like a Kurt Angle, or a Rob Van Dam, or a Ken Anderson, or you name it, you have to cycle those personalities out from time to time in order to keep them fresh. We have seen a lot of Kurt Angle over the last year & a half. He has been central to so many storylines that if Kurt needs some time away to pursue the Olympics, and I think the publicity surrounding that would be great for our company & for Kurt Angle himself, that it will give his character time to refresh and come back more valuable than if he would just stay around and work a full-time schedule like everyone else.”

His thoughts on Chyna’s decision to restart her career in the adult entertainment industry vs. her career in professional wrestling & his reaction to her comments of TNA “missing the boat” after choosing to not bring her back to the company: “I didn’t know she made the comment that TNA ‘missed the boat,’ but I was not excited with the fact that the company decided to bring her in for the (Sacrifice) Pay-Per-View. The initial thought was a turnoff for me, but I kept my mouth shut. When I saw her at the Pay-Per-View and saw that ‘deer in the headlights’ look in her eyes when it actually came time to do something, it kind of confirmed what my instincts told me. Then I read about the fact that she wants to build her career around doing anal sex videos for Vivid. I was really, really, really, really glad that I don’t have to try & explain to anybody why I work in the same company as her.”

One Fall Wrestling Documentary - Carl Mailman Interview

New wrestling film One Fall to rock the U.S. movie festival circuit!

By Phil Allely

Wrestling was once the thing of smoke filled sports halls and almost underground status. It is an adrenaline filled area of sports that somehow through clever marketing and PR has become a mainstream form of sports entertainment over the last few decades. Making millions of dollars and selling out arenas.

Stars such as Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair have become household names and numerous wrestlers have been fortunate to be able to forge successful careers in TV and movies since they stepped out of the ring.

Whilst the big leagues (such as the WWE and TNA) continue to bring big name stars to fans across the globe via live shows and monthly pay-per-views, some smaller promotions are still plying their trade in tiny venues to minimal but rabid fans.

A new documentary called ‘One Fall’ by first time U.S. filmmaker Carl ‘The Mail Man’ looks at one of such promotion, the NWWA in Ogeron. Phil Allely caught up with Carl to learn more about this project and what he hopes it will achieve.

So Carl tell me about the movie One Fall?

One Fall is a character-driven piece following Dan Closser: By day, a tow truck driver in Portland, Oregon, but by night, a struggling wrestling promoter on the brink of financial collapse. Dan “The Man” pulls out every move, while chasing his hopes and dreams of turning his bush league promotion of wannabe professional wrestlers into a roster of world renowned superstars.

His journey is cut short at every turn: family hardships, endless injuries, a wrestler suicide, leaving Dan “The Man” with only one way out: To lead 16 wrestlers in breaking the Guinness Book record for the longest, non-stop wrestling event.

Sounds interesting Carl, so what exactly inspired it?

I am not sure if any one thing inspired the film. It just kind of happened. I drove by this wrestling promotion one evening and was intrigued by the notion of professional wrestling happening in a warehouse, just miles from my home. Having never heard of these events happening around town I had to take a closer look. That ‘closer look’ turned into almost 3 years of filming, and countless hours in post production.

I heard it’s taken almost three years to complete, so how did you fund One Fall?

The film was already “in the can” so to speak, when we (The One Fall Production Team) started adding up the cost of post production. The sum of money that is required to finish a film is astounding. We wanted to raise enough money to have the freedom to hire the best possible talent to complete the post production process. After doing our research on the many ways that someone can fundraise, with the help of an awful lot of people, we raised $25,000.00 on Kickstarter ( This is an ‘all-or-nothing’ fundraising website designed for artists of all media; Paint, Music, Film, Photography etc…

Just how involved were you in production, were you hands on with everything i.e. actors, script, direction?

The bulk of the film was shot by me. When you get to Act 3, The World Record Attempt, the shooting was handled by four of us. My wife, Kimi Kolba, and my two Producers, Russ & Annie McGarry (all of which make up the aforementioned Production Team.) I would go out to film wrestling for hours on end, every Saturday night. After about 6 months of shooting only wrestling, the guys began to trust me enough to start filming backstage/behind the scenes. That is where the story of One Fall started to unfold. Often times I would just shoot as a ‘fly on the wall’ observer. There were no directions given. After several more months of me shooting behind the scenes the wrestlers would forget that I was rolling tape & really be themselves. This is how I was able to capture so many amazing candid moments with these wrestlers, I slowly proved by worth & was accepted as part of their family. I truly have a lot of love and respect for each and every one of them.

Did the production go well once you got friendly with the wrestlers and crew?

The production went very smoothly. For a long time, I didn’t really tell anyone just how much I was filming, and what I was capturing. My wife, Kimi, was the only person that had an understanding on just how heavy some of the footage was. After being introduced to Annie & Russ McGarry, who have years of television production experience between them, I slowly opened up, and shared with them the gravity of the story I was unfolding.

Where or when may we expect to see One fall on the big screen?

We will start submitting One Fall to film festivals in September. I look forward to traveling with the film & showing it in as many cities as possible.

Why should we (wrestling fans) see it?

Until it blew up on such a global scale, wrestling was very much a regional sensation, with each town having its local wrestling celebrities. I think that there is a piece in each wrestling fan that longs for the ‘good old days’. The NWWA wrestling promotion, in Portland, Oregon, has managed to take me back to when wrestling was fun. Moving away from the big promotions, and watching some of the local wrestlers trying to make it to the big time, may help you appreciate just how much work it takes to make a name for yourself in this business.

Will it appeal to UK fans, or is this more of a U.S. friendly film?

This film will appeal to anyone who has ever dared to chase down a dream. The wrestling becomes secondary to the story behind each of these wrestlers pursuing a career in professional wrestling. We follow the men and women behind the “gimmick” that you see in the ring. The storylines of each of these wrestlers happen to parallel my story. By day I am a mailman. By night, I dream of becoming a successful filmmaker.

So Carl do you still watch wrestling on TV?

I have not watched wrestling on TV since the late 90’s. I would highly encourage people to seek out their local wrestling promotions. Here in Portland, Oregon, we occasionally get a group of 15-20 of our friends together & make a night of it. Its fun to put my camera down, and get into the show. Mind you, these wresters are my friends… but I still heckle & yell at them with no abandon.

So who is/was your wrestling hero?

I don’t think I have a wrestling hero. Maybe if I can tweak the question and answer as to which wrestlers (alive or dead), if I had my choice, would I have over for dinner…

-Andre The Giant

-Rowdy Roddy Piper

-Jesse The Body Ventura

-Ric Flair

-Mean Gene Okerlund (I know he’s not a wrestler.)

Like it, so is this a one-off film, or wil there be more?

With this being my first feature length film, I can assure you that there will be more. I have a few ideas for the next documentary, but it will be on another subject. I have a profound respect for everyone involved in making this film. I would like to let One Fall be whatever it turns into. I can’t imagine trying to top some of the moments I have witnessed with any other wrestling themed films.

May I ask what you thought of the movie the Wrestler, how does One Fall compare to that?

It’s funny that you ask that. I think I am going to have to get a t-shirt made that says: “No, I have NOT seen The Wrestler.” It started with me resisting the urge to see the film, because I do not want anyone to ever say that I copied, or stole from it, even though the topics covered couldn’t be any more different. My wife has seen it, but both of my producers have not. I have not watched any wrestling besides the wrestling shot for One Fall. I don’t want any influence from any other sources besides that coming from NWWA (the promotion featured in the film.) I have avoided a few other wrestling promotions in Portland, just so there is no outside influence.

Cool, so what plans do you have for the future now that One fall has been made?

One Fall will be finished in a matter of months. I hope that the film will open doors, both for me, and the One Fall Production Team. I think we will have an awful lot of fun showing this film to audiences. I would love for this film to bring a crowd back to wrestling in Portland. There is a lot of talent here, and they certainly deserve to have the house packed every week.

Would you like to see One Fall gain mainstream recognition, or is it more of an Indy style piece for smaller audiences?

We are trying to make this film appealing to a wide range of audiences. The idea of showing it to large crowds, and seeing and hearing their reactions to it is kind of what its all about. There is a story to be told. I want to tell that story to as many people that will listen. It really will be fun to watch, even if you have no interest in wrestling at all.

Will you be having a big US premiere?

What filmmaker hasn’t dreamed of having a big premier? Realistically though, I know that we are a small production team, with a high hopes for an indie documentary. If you were to have told me three years ago that I would have a feature length documentary to show, on even ONE big screen, I wouldn’t have believed you. I will be happy with the results even if it is only shown to the people involved. Of course though, I want to play every film festival know to man.

Why should a non wrestling fan go to see (or buy) One fall?

One Fall will speak to anyone who is living a life of which they wish they could improve, by succeeding in that thing that they are passionate about. How many people actually get to do for a living what it is that they really want to be doing? This is the story about a whole locker room filled with passionate men and women chasing down this dream of becoming a professional wrestler. And on some scale… they have already accomplished it.

Visit for more details and information.

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