Thursday, 31 January 2008

No Way Out Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match

The elimination chamber will be rolled out once again for the upcoming No Way Out PPV, combatants will be Big daddy V, Graet Khali, Finlay, Undertaker, Batista, with the likes of Big Daddy V and Khali involved i'd not hold out much hope for this match, but workers like Finlay, MVP, Taker and Batista outnumber them and if given the majority of the match to perform they should elevate it nicely.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Will Shawn Michaels Be Flair's Final Opponent?

Rumour has it that Shawn Michaels has expressed an interest in being the man to end Ric Flair's in-ring career at this years Wrestlemania, if anyone can bring the best out in Ric (one last time) its Michaels.

New Match Added To WWE No Way Out Card

Ric Flair puts his career on the line one more time in the run up to Wrestlemania with a match against Mr Kennedy at the upcoming PPV No Way Out.

Will Slick Ric be able to hold on and pull out a win one more time to take his place on the Wrestlamania card one mroe time.

Former TNA Star signs to WWE

Former TNA wrestler Chris Harris is rumoured to have signed a contract with the WWE, he will debut soon and as yet it is unknown which brand he will join.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

No Way Out two matches announced

Two matches have been announced for next Month's No way Out PPV by the WWE.

John Cena Vs Randy Orton (for the WWE championship)

Jeff Hardy Vs JBL Vs Chris jericho Vs Triple H vs Umaga Vs Shawn Michaels (elimination match for the WWE title shot at Wrestlemania)

Possible Wrestlemania Match

It looks promising that one of the highlights of this years Wrestlemania will be a undefeated record Vs udefeated record title match between Edge and The Undertaker, as both men have been unbeaten at the big event so far, plus adding a title into the mix would be a great incentive for fans too. Surely taker is due one more run with the title after he was injured last year and missed his long-planned stint as champ.

Cena and WWE Swerve The Fans/Media

It was decided that John Cena should make announcements, talk about his forthcoming movie project and make everyone think he would not be appearing in a WWE til after Wrestlemania to help make his surprise return to the ring for the Royal Rumble, just that a surprise. With his pectoral injusry recovered from sooner than expected the grappler is now back in the thick of it and centre ategw ith his sudden re-emergence back on the active WWE roster.
A wonderful piece of mis-direction by the WWE and Cena.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Brooke Hogan Trashy Babe!

Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke has been voted number 7 in the websites list of the top ten trashy babes. You have to feel sorry for wannabe singer Brooke who stars alongside her family in the popular MTV series Hogan Knows Best and is in the centre of the current Divorce hostilities between her parents.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

TNA Against All Odds Card

Here is the updated card for TNA Against All Odds:*
Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage for the TNA Title*
AJ Styles & Tomko vs. BG James & Bob Armstrong for the NWA Tag Team Titles*
Awesome Kong vs. ODB for the TNA Women's Title*
Abyss vs. Judas Mesias in a Barbed Wire Massacre Match*
Team 3D & Johnn Devine vs. The Motor City Machineguns & Jay Lethal in a Hardcore City Street Fight*
Booker T vs. Robert Roode*
Eric Young vs. James Storm for the "Drinking Championship"

link to and the Cena dvd I reviewed

Saturday, 26 January 2008

WWE writer fired

WWE writer and backstage aide Dave Lagana has been fired from the company, after a stin on the smackdown team and recently ECW, he is known to have helped elevate John Cena's career and behind the scenen activities. it looks like his role of head writer will be filled by Dusty Rhodes sometime soon.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Belfast Brawl On WWE Smackdown

This week's Smackdown has a great match-up that will be entertaining and exciting both at the same time, it's the Belfast Brawl between my fellow Irishman Finlay and the Great Khali, the seven foot plus monster will try his best to beat the fighting Irishman in a match that surely is in Finlay's favour. Never one to back down from a fight Filay will give it his all and who knows may just be able to beat the Punjabi giant down to the size of Hornswoggle who Finlay has helped numerous time srecently in his tough love matches from Mr McMahon.
Smackdown will be most certainly worth viewing for this match-up alone, plus of course the final burst of activity before the upcomign Royal Rumble PPV event this weekend.

Phil Allely.

TNA End of Year Award Winners 2007

TNA 2007 Year End Award Winners as voted for by the fans

Winner: The Muscle Buster – Samoa Joe
Runner Up: The Flux Capacitor – Kaz
Third Place: Gringo Killer - Homicide
Runner Up: Christy Hemme
Third Place: Traci Brooks
TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR:Winner: The Motor City Machineguns
Runner Up: The Latin American Xchange
Third Place: AJ Styles & Tomko
FEUD OF THE YEAR:Winner: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle
Runner Up: Sting vs. Kurt Angle
Third Place: Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe
WHO TO WATCH IN 2008:Winner: Booker T
Runner Up: Kaz
Third Place: Judas Mesias
Winner: Sting
Runner Up: Jeff Jarrett
Third Place: Eric Young
Winner: “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal
Runner Up: Kaz
Third Place: Chris Sabin
Winner: Booker T comes to TNA Wrestling
Runner Up: Sting regains the World Title
Third Place: Kurt Angle wins every TNA Title
Winner: Sting vs. Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory
Runner Up: Ultimate X (LAX vs. XXX) at Bound For Glory
Third Place: Ladder Match (Kaz vs. Cage) at Genesis
TNA MVP OF 2007:
Winner: Samoa Joe
Runner Up: Kurt Angle
Third Place: Christian Cage

Ultmate Warrior Speaks Out Yet Again

The former world champion and current motivational speaker that is the Ultimate Warrior has done it again and made outlandish comments like he only can, read them on his official blog and witness for yourself his rambling on Heath Ledger's death, gays and the parneting skills of his old adversary Hulk Hogan.

TNA To Tour The UK

yes it's finally going to happen TNA officials have announced that they will bring thier six-sided ring and such stars as Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, samoa Joe and Boker T amongst others to the UK for three dates this June, keep reading for more updates as when they appear.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Sid Vicious Shoot Interview dvd Review

Shoot Interview With Sid Vicious

Written by Phil Allely

This is a nice little shoot interview that set the bar very high indeed for all future ones. It also is the first by RF Video to feature a former WWE/WWF champion. Sid Eudy better known as Sid Vicious, Sycho Sid, Sid Justice or simply Sid was a hugely dominant force in professional wrestling from the late 18980s to his early retirement due to a devastating leg injury suffered in a WCW ring in early 2001. This dvd is a remarkably frank and brutally honest trip through Sid’s career, that touches upon many of his memorable matches, his tenures with the USWA, World Class, CWF, WCW, WWE and even ECW. The best bits of any shoot interview are the behind the scenes tales, urban legends and real-life arguments that stretch far beyond in-ring storytelling. Its here on this disc that we finally hear Sid’s version of the Arn Anderson scissors incident, what it was like to participate in three-way matches with Bret hart and Shawn Michaels during their personal problems, drug use, the clique, matches with Sting, his WWE title reigns, negotiations with ECW and from the man’s own mouth the fact that he (and his ego) still believes that the WWE and wrestling business in general need him to boost their flagging ratings. Renowned as having a love for softball over his wrestling interests Sid comes across as a softly spoken and intelligent man who has such a high level of self-belief that he seems to firmly believe his own hype. This is one shoot well worth tracking down and watching as for 90 minutes you’ll be glued to the screen watching ‘softball’ Sid elaborate on many stories, incidents, road tales and ribs, as he weaves his way through his varied career from the bumbling Lord Humungous and Skyscaper alongside Dan Spivey to Four Horseman member, Shawn Michaels bodyguard, WWE/WWF headliner and of course World Champion.

WWE Royal Rumble Who'll Win?

So it's only a few days away now and the hype is building for the annual over the top battle royal at the Royal Rumble PPV. so who of the 30 men entering the ring that night will be last man standing and garner themselves a title shot at Wrestlemania, the shot at the greatest prize in the game at the greatest show the promotion runs each year.

Odds are pretty good for Triple H, Batista, Undertaker, Kane, Umaga and Shawn Michaels, surely as always the underdogs of the mid-lower card will flounder and be eliminated early, but here's hoping the match has a few surprises and as we all know the Big Show is destined to return anytime soon, so he may make a guest apeparance too.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Irish Whip Wrestling DVD Review

In a wrestling world where the recent Chris Benoit murder-suicide stories have plagued the sport and there seems to be a daily batch of grapple stars being named and shamed in steroid scandals, its great to see home-grown promotions fly the flag for the skilled smaller men and keep the family friendly entertainment factor to the fore or the show.This is the five year old Irish Whip Wrestling's latest dvd release that was recorded in July 2007, at The Forum venue in County Waterford, ireland and featured a nice mix of Irish circuit and IWW regulars alongside some top class US and Japanese talent brought in specifically for the event. At over two and half hours this event although not in the league of a WWE PPV production-wise, is a nicely lit, well presented and most of all involving event that brought together a mixture of grappling styles from all over the globe and presents them in a superb collection of six matches.The international line-up and the intimate nature of the venue all add to the feeling like you are in the audience for this show, plus the professionalism of the Irish stars Vic Viper, Ballymun Bruiser et al who hold their own against veterans like Doug Williams, Rikio, Ippei Ota and Kid Kash proves that the business is not yet dominated by the likes of the WWE and local promotions can still play to full houses on a regular basis. This reasonably priced dvd offers a glimpse of the irish stars who work hard to entertain their fans and put their bodies on the line for a sport they love. The addition of the international contingent helps add to the marketability of the shows, but takes nothing away from the skills the IWW regulars have amassed through blood, sweat and tears, as seen in the nice DVD extra showing world of sport legend Chic Cullen training the young Ballymun Bruiser for his hard-hitting match with Doug Williams.

Bobby Lashley#s Gone From The WWE

yes injured former ECW Champion and superstar in the making Bobby Lashley has parted wasy with the company that made him, details are sketchy, but it seems to be something out of the big mans control. we'll have to wait and se if he resurfaces in the world of MMA, TNA or disappears from the limelight.

John Cena DVD Review

SINCE he is currently on the shelf with an injury, this is the ideal time to refresh our memories as to just how good John Cena can be.
This new DVD, a bestseller in the States over Christmas, charts his rise to the top of the WWE and the realisation of his dream to win the world title.
We get a glimpse of John’s family background, his bodybuilding enthusiasm and the passion for wrestling that led the well-built young Cena to opt for a career in bone-bending.
His white rapper persona and initially weak wrestling skills divide grappling fans, with the kids loving him but hardcore followers booing him out of the building at consecutive WrestleManias.
But if you are a fan of the Massachusetts native, then this set offers everything you’ll ever need to know about your favourite superstar.
From his bodybuilding and American football days to his stint in WWE developmental promotion Ohio Valley Wrestling as The Prototype and subsequent call-up to the big leagues – it’s all covered.
We also see John’s transformation from a dull green ‘underdog’ to a hugely popular merchandise-shifting machine, thanks to the discovery that he could rap.
Clocking in at over eight hours, this three-disc offering takes in all Cena’s major interviews, promos and matches against top opponents including Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam and Edge.
Extras include his popular segments and personal muscle car collection.
One for the fans maybe, but also one for anyone who wants to see how dedication and enthusiasm can take you to the dance even if you are a bit rough around the edges.
Rating: 7/10

Ringside Chat With Tracy Smothers DVD Review

Ringside Chat With Tracy Smothers

Written by Phil Allely

Tracy Smothers is a true grappling legend having worked all over the world and for every major promotion in the US at some point in his 20+ year career. From his early days in Florida to the NWA/WCW, WWF/WWE and as part of the FBI in ECW. Smothers still plies his trade today most recently on an Irish tour where yours truly got to see the ring general work a crowd to perfection. This sit down interview from Highspots Home Video from 2005 covers everything form his first meeting with long-time tag team partner Steve Armstrong and their fallout with promoter Dusty Rhodes, to his solo career and travels around the globe honing his skills and reaffirming his reputation a true hard-hitting wrestler. This is a very relaxed and informative interview that is all the more amazing because Smothers although never a headliner has more to tell than many top level stars and seems more willing to offer young up and comers his vast experience and help to aid the business he just can’t seem to leave. This is a wonderful two hour trek through early WCW experiences, hard-hitting stints for Japan’s W*ing and All Japan promotions, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, ECW, XPW and his return to ECW as part of the Hardcore Homecoming and One Night Only shows, the differences between the Shane Douglas and WWE organised events, his first hand knowledge of the JBL and Blue Meanie altercation, his involvement in it and how JBL is not likely to appear on his Christmas card list anytime soon. Tracy Smothers is one entertaining guy that unlike so many other veterans seems to have weathered the hard-living 1980s-1990s periods well and still has so much to offer the sport even when his body is giving up , here’s hoping we see him get a behind the scenes post for the WWE or TNA where his skills and experiences can benefit the young talent the promotions need to stay alive and in business.
This is one shoot style interview that is well worth tracking down.

TNA News

Kurt Angle is to comment on the Bock Lesnar MMA fight and on Lesnar's switch to the sport. A deal has been struck between he UFC and TNA to co-promote the event on their programming. should make for good viewing as Angle has made comments before that he intended to enter the MMA world himself at some point.

Shoot Interview With Nasty Boys DVD Review

Nasty Boys Shoot Interview

Jerry Sags and Brian Knobs were one of the most popular, best remembered and hard-hitting tag teams in the 1980s-1990s, their career taking them all around the world and to the pinnacle of tag team excellence in the ‘big two’ promotions of the time WCW and the WWF (now of course the WWE). Now semi-retired the duo still aspire like so many stars of that era to have one more run in the big leagues, most recently even receiving a try-out for the WWE. This shoot shows the pair as enthusiastic fans of the game and remarkably well adjusted when you consider the partying and over-indulgence they were renowned for. In this 2007 interview they cover many aspects of their careers, from the early days in the AWA, paying your dues, the progression to the big time, best matches, managers and their uses during matches, inventing hardcore wrestling with Catcus Jack in WCW, leaving to join WWE and the feuds they had, returning to WCW and encounters with the infamous N.W.O, injuries, problems with Ric Flair, fights with Hall & Nash that carried over into real life, the legendary ribs (pranks) that they had a hand in inducing at long last who defecated in Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s crown, Leon ‘Vader’ White’s feminine side and Knob’s long-standing friendship that has led to him having a new found TV career as a member of the Hogan Knows best cast.
This is a great two hour plus interview that shows fans old and new, just how tough it is to break into the business and how the hard-hitting style they adopted has shortened their connectivity in the ring.
Out now available from and from reputable online dealers.
Reviewed by Phil Allely

Hardy Boyz DVD Review

From The Backyard To The Bigtime: The Hardy Boys
By Phil Allely

It’s very rare to see a dvd shoot style interview with current WWE superstars and this three and half hour one is a must for fans of the dynamic brothers. Filmed shortly after Matt was fired and before his subsequent re-hiring by the company where they achieved their fame this is Matt and Jeff at their most honest, open and entertaining. Pro-wrestling Torch writer Wade Keller hosts this sit-down interview and leaves the boys (mainly Matt) to describe their love for the business, the way they trained themselves and set up their own company, being carnival performers, grappling under many gimmicks, indie wrestling, the road to WWE and their stint in the training camp with future stars like Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle, Ribbing and hazing during their early days in WWE, terminology, styles, ladder matches, mic work and some of the most memorable angles and matches they had as a tag team. This dvd offers some nice pop-up trivia to explain wrestling terms and moves, which help newcomers to the grap game understand the interview, the Hardy’s make for entertaining, informative and very open and honest subjects. Its great to see them explain that wrestling was all they ever wanted to do and to see how their hard work has paid off and now a short time later both are riding high in the sport once more.
Available now form Big Vision Entertainment this Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Insiders programme is a must for Hardy Boys fans, wrestling enthusiasts and anyone who wishes to learn a bit more about the behind the scenes life of a wrestler and the hard work it takes to make it to the to.
Extras include some early matches from the boys Trampoline Wresting Federation and OMEGA Promotion.

Shoot Interview With Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes Shoot Interview

Written by Phil Allely

Recorded in 2005 this shoot interview with former WWE, WCW and current TNA star Dustin Rhodes is a true classic of the genre. An emotional person the son of legendary grappler Dusty and current WWE superstar Cody the elder Rhodes (Runnells to be exact) boy breaks down a few times during this intense and enlightening trip through his more recent career. Including his thoughts on where his career would go when WCW was purchased by the WWE, his involvement in his fathers Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling promotion, his return to the WWE, working alongside his estranged ex-wife (ex diva/manager Terri/Marlena), working with the revived N.W.O, backstage changes and booking differences between his WWE tenures, the hardcore title run he enjoyed, teaming with Booker T, Eric Bischoff in the WWE and the infamous tourette’s gimmick that actually took off. Dustin also offers up his version of the now legendary plane ride from hell and like so many other shoot interviewee’s presents his favourite rib/prank tales from the road, people he loved working with and those he least liked, the storylines/matches he enjoyed working, painkiller usage and his relationship with his father. This is a real roller-coaster of a two hour dvd that opens up the behind the scenes world of the man the behind the Goldust persona that went from being a shocking character to one that fans cheered for.
Available now from all good dealers and

Shoot Interview With Sabu DVD Review

Shoot Interview With Sabu

Written by Phil Allely

Here’s a nice surprise for anyone who loved Sabu’s insane and often bloody matches during his ECW career, an in depth talk with the man himself. Sabu famously never spoke a word using mouthpieces like Bill Alfonso to do it for him, letting his suicidal in-ring work speak for him. The scar covered maniac is a remarkably soft spoken and intelligent man that has a wonderful memory of his career to date (in this case up to 2004) and those classic matches/feuds he took part in. The nephew of the original Sheik (himself a crazy grappler who bled constantly and threw fireballs at his foes) Sabu followed in his footsteps and began a long and hard career that would see him put his life on the line in many weird, wonderful and downright frightening matches that took their toll on his body. Talking about everything from his uncle and starting out in the business to appearances in Memphis and tours of Japan (where his first scarring occurred), Sabu (Terry if you like) tells it like it is giving his opinion on fellow grapplers, feuds, storylines, memories and ECW glory days with the likes of Taz and Rob Van Dam, his move to the more toned down WCW and his return to ECW and his and Rvd’s appearance on a live Raw show as part of a deal between Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon. This is one of those rare things an unexpected pleasure as you’d expect a virtually silent performer to have little to say, but in contrast Sabu seems to have an unending series of tales, personal memories and experiences that will surely lead to a follow dvd to cover his more recent forays in the WWE’s revamped/re-imagining of ECW.
Available now from and good dealers.

WWE New ECW Champ

Chavo Guererro the nephew of the much-missed Eddie Guererro has raised the ECW world heavywight title for the first time, pinning CM Punk during the recent tv tapings for the ECW brand.

WWE News

Former multiple time WWE/WCW/ECW star The Big Show (Paul Wight) is due to make his retrun to the suqared circle very soon as a memebr fo the WWe roster, its undecided which brand he will join, but the slimmed down Big Show may just be able to find his old level of in-ring interest and bring some greta matches out fo some stale people in the promotion. After an ill-fated atempt to become a boxer (the current staus of his manager Hulk Hogn's marriage etc have most probably put that to bed). It willbe interesting to see how he fares after a one year lay-off and only one wrestling match during that time (against his old mate the Hulkster).
expect Wight to appear on screens after the Royal Rumble PPV next week.

TNA News

Due to a licence being revoked the upcoming barb wire match between Abyss and Judas mesias at the Against all Odds PPV has been pre-recorded by TNA at the recent Impact tapings.
I'll not tell you the result but it should be interesting to see how the company promote the match-up during the ppv and how its shown.