Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Kevin Nash new interview highlights

Kevin Nash recently spoke with Slam Wrestling about his future with WWE. Here are some highlights:

Working with the next generation of WWE talents:

"I think it's a good fit, helping out young talent, especially right now. The only people that can help out young talent are people who have experience.

It's true that (the older generation) can't give them that much in terms of showing them (moves), but we can give them psychology -- how to put a match together, how to tell a story. One of the biggest problems this business has had, is that the people who have taught wrestling have always been 'mechanics', but they've never been the guys who've drawn money. You need guys that have drawn money to teach guys how to draw money.

There's a different process to be an opening card guy to being a main event guy. There's a specific way a main event guy works. Those are the things that I think I can bring to the new generation of guys."

Things working out right in his career:

"I don't think there's a lot of people on the planet that have my size, my build, my face. Most giants aren't exactly handsome and can call themselves 'Big Sexy'. I've been blessed with a different package than most big guys. I was more mobile than most -- even when I was beat up and torn up. And I had a good sense of humour. And, like anything else, the stars have to kind of line up. I was blessed that things worked out for me."

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DDP Interview Highlights

Former World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page appeared on the Right After Wrestling show last night. Here are some highlights:

DDP on possibly coming back to the WWE in the future & how he is doing today:

"I spoke to Johnny Ace about this...I haven't heard back from him on it. I told him I would love to do some kind of PR. Some public relations. That sort of thing is what Vince [McMahon] wanted me to do when I left. He wanted me to stay and be the color-commentator but I was burnt out of wrestling for so many years and I needed a break. Long story short, 10 years later I'm still doing pretty well but I would love to be a part of the WWE family."

What DDP thinks of the whole Kurt Angle/Randy Orton "finishing move" situation:

"The thing is you don't use the guy's finish in the same company. If you're in TNA and Kurt Angle is using the Ankle Lock, then you don't do it in that company because Kurt will really take your ankle and put you in it and break your ankle. But if you're in the WWE or the independent circuit, it is what it is. I don't know what's happening between Randy [Orton] and Kurt [Angle] but I love Randy using the RKO. Being it's a version of the Diamond Cutter, people will think of me whenever he hits that move. And I think Randy is the greatest wrestler in the World...I think he is the very best. "

Memories of working with Macho Man Randy Savage in WCW:

"[My favorite match with Randy Savage was our first one at Spring Stampede] because that's where he put me over. We were doing house shows and one night in Florence, South Carolina, Arn Anderson walked into the locker room and he was the agent. He asked Macho what he wanted to do tonight and Randy said, 'I think I wanna take the Diamond Cutter', and it almost knocked Arn over. Arn asked me if I knew how much of an honor that was and I was like, 'ummm yeah'! When I hit the Diamond Cutter the crowd exploded. When the referee slid down, the entire place was counting 1-2-3 and the crowd exploded again - and Randy (while laying there) said to me, "I think we have our finish to Spring Stampede'!"

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Monday, 30 May 2011

Ric Flair Interview Highlights Re: Randy Savage

Ric Flair was a guest on 610-AM The Fan’s “The Drive” show with Taylor Zarzour and Marc James on Friday in Charlotte, N.C. In the interview they went over the awful death of Randy Savage. Here are some comments from the interview.

Flair on “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s death hitting hard: “It sure did (hit hard). It’s pretty sad. He just recently got married, it’s been a little over a year, and was happy and, you know, really seemed to be at peace with himself. He just had a phenomenal career and to have this happen is just really, really sad.”

Flair on his WrestleMania VIII match with Savage: “That was a huge day for me and my first dance at WrestleMania, of course. It was just a tremendously well-written program. It was like he was married to Liz back then and she was a huge commodity and a huge star with the WWF, or that’s what they were called back then, of course. And the thing was, ‘She was mine before she was yours.’

It was well-written and done and Randy worked hard at it and I worked hard at it. We had a really good match. Curt Hennig, God rest his soul, managed me and Liz managed Randy and we gave them a hell of a show and it was awesome. That was my first Mania and one of the finest memories of my career.”

Flair on Savage: “My thoughts about Randy are different. I think he was such a competitive guy. Randy had a really hard time relaxing and I feel bad. I think about the times I used to say to him, ‘Hey man, just calm down and don’t worry about this and this and this… whatever happens is going to happen.’

“If you go to sleep at night worrying about what’s going to happen the next day, it’s just too hard. You know, he worked like I did, 365 times a year back in the old days.

“He actually broke in in Charlotte in 1975. I’d only been here a year when Randy moved in down here. He played semi-pro baseball, I think, in St. Louis and was doing fairly well but wasn’t blowing up the ladder like expected so he came here and broke in the business.

“The irony in that is when I first moved here in ’74 I actually traveled with his dad (Angelo Poffo)several times. I knew the whole family very well. His dad just passed recently and I think that hurt Randy really bad. They were very close.

“Randy just dropped out of sight when the company was sold from WCW (to WWE). The thing I feel worst about, of all of the guys that are available and eligible to be in the WWE Hall of Fame — there most be something that I’m unaware of that’s gone on and they’ve never inducted him because Randy certainly was a major player for the WWF in the mecca days of the ’80s and ’90s.”

Flair on if Savage is one of the ten greatest wrestlers of all time: “Of course. Yeah. Of course. … I didn’t always agree with Randy. I’m not gonna lie to you. I didn’t sweat things out like he did. But I wasn’t… I didn’t have to fight like a dog in that race they had to be whoever they were in the eighties in that show, where everybody was fighting for position everyday of their life. I didn’t have to evolve from that.

“I never had personal differences with him, nothing about lifestyle. It was just about business and it doesn’t stop my opinion (of him)… he always did favors for me. He came in and opened some of my Gold’s Gyms.

“We were great friends. He and I clashed in business but outside of the ring we were great. He could drink beer and have a good time. And I made him laugh and helped him take his mind of things that bothered him. We got along great and had a lot of fun together.

“I used to say to him all the time, he probably died with 300 million dollars in the bank. I’m not exaggerating. I’m being facetious. But Randy was very thrifty. I used to say to him all the time, because he would stay at hotels that were less cost effective than where I stayed. (laughs)

“You can criticize it all you want but I’m going to enjoy the moment because you never know, you know. The irony in that is Randy was only 58 years old. That’s sad because I guarantee you he’s got enough money to live 200 more years. He made it. He worked hard to earn it. He worked very hard to earn it. He deserved it.

“But I always used to say to him, ‘Man, you live for the day.’ Today’s another example of why you have to live for today. You never know.”

Nasty Boy Mocks Savage's Death

A Nasty Tribute to Wresting Legend Savage?

By Phil Allely

According to multiple sources, outspoken former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs (of the Nasty Boys) mocked Randy Savage's death at a wrestling convention last week in California, on the very day the mach man passed away.

A number of former WWE stars were on hand for Big Time Wrestling's annual Wrestlefest event at the Newark Pavilion including Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Jim Neidhart, Jerry Sags, Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart. News of Savage's passing broke Friday and Knobbs was cracking jokes about the deceased wrestler later that day in front of his longtime colleagues.

Sean 'X Pac' Waltman, who witnessed Knobbs' mean-spirited behavior, took to Twitter to criticize the Nasty Boys member.

He wrote, "There's no shoot brewing with Knobs. He's just an ass#### for making jokes about Randy Savage dying on the same day it happened. He's pathetic."

Waltman also wrote the following to Hulk Hogan, a close friend of Knobbs': "I'm sorry to even bring you into Knobs BS, but he needs to be held accountable for once. You're the only one I know who can do it."

Savage's brother Lanny 'The Genius' Poffo was also scheduled to appear at the event but canceled due to Savage's death. There was a ten bell salute held in honour of the Macho Man and many in attendence were noticeably saddended by the shocking news.

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

New Jim Ross Blog

Jim Ross posted a brand new blog on his website commenting on Brock Lesnar’s book, “Macho Man” Randy Savage” and more. Here are some highlights:

Roundtable: “BTW and speaking of legends, we are preparing to shoot two more Legends Roundtables in a week or so. Not sure of the complete panel, I think that Michael Hayes, JJ Dillon and myself are 3 of the 4, or the topics. It’s one of my favorite things to do especially now that I’m not on the air weekly. Love the atmosphere and the honesty of the panel and am anxious to hear of the subjects, panelists and air dates which are all TBD.”

Randy Savage’s Influences: “Tweeter follower asked me where I thought Randy Savage got the majority of his in ring influences. Savage was very individualistic but I’ve always been of the mindset that his costumes and music were somewhat influenced by WWE HOF’er Gorgeous George. Randy was amazingly intense, virtually 24/7, and brought natural athleticism to the squared circle. We never always agreed on a variety of professional matters and had our share of disagreements but never once did i not respect his in ring ability and the fact that he was one of the biggest , pro wrestling stars of all time.”

Lesnar Autobiography: “Anxiously awaiting my copy of the Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman book ‘Death Clutch’ and somewhat curious to see how yours truly is depicted by Brock after a less than celebratory departing from WWE while I was an executive w/ the company.”

Writers: “Emailer…Why on Earth would you really want to be a ‘wrestling writer?’ As John McEnroe once screamed to a tennis official, “You CAN’T be serious!” I’m not one to throw water on anyone’s dreams but the life of a ‘wrestling writer’ is often times thankless, tireless, and massively over scrutinized. I know that I couldn’t handle it in today’s marketplace.”

Friday, 27 May 2011

Reid Flair Interview Highlights

Reid Flair appeared on the Hit the Ropes radio show on Wednesday and said while he hasn't ruled out working for TNA, his goal is still to work for WWE. Here's what he said:

"No, I have not ruled out TNA. I respect the guys that are there. I respect the people in management and stuff like that. My dream since I was five years old was to work for the WWE and that's my goal. I think for people who are already established as stars, TNA is a great place to go. But me being a young kid and stuff like that, not having established myself, I think that sometimes the younger guys may be misrepresented and stuff in TNA. And I'm not saying anything malicious about TNA, WWE is just where I want to be. That's my goal. WWE is the big time and I want to be with the best."

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Kevin Nash Interview Highlights

In a new interview with John Pollock of The Fight Network, Kevin Nash says he hopes to face Big Show at this year's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view and talks about almost doing something with Show at the WrestleMania 27 pay-per-view last month. Nash notes that it wouldn't have been fair to take the WrestleMania spot of another WWE Superstar who had been waiting on their first WrestleMania.

Regarding his WWE return at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, Nash said those few moments were better than anything that happened to him during his five year stint with TNA.

Nash also talks about how Shawn Michaels (who he thinks won't ever return), other veterans and himself may get involved with WWE's developmental process that Triple H is currently heading up. You can see the video below:

New article on Randy Savage career

Dave Meltzer of Yahoo! Sports has an article chronicling Randy Savage’s extraordinary wrestling career and it features behind-the-scenes details on how it came to an end.

Savage briefly appeared for TNA Wrestling in late 2004 to feud with Jeff Jarrett. At the December pay-per-view, Turning Point, he was scheduled to partner with Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles in a tag team match against The Kings of Wrestling—Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Savage, who hadn’t wrestled in over four years, flaked out of the match mere minutes before the pay-per-view was to go live.

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, who was TNA’s head booker at the time, recalled the tumultuous ordeal backstage in a quote for the article.

“The last words he said to me, five minutes before the PPV, was, ‘I can’t do this. I don’t want people to see me looking like this,’” Rhodes remembered. “Jerry [Jarrett, a TNA company co-owner] called [event producer] Keith Mitchell in, and I said, ‘Change the main event. I said to him, ‘Randy, just go home. It’s okay with me.’ That’s the last words he said to me.”

To explain the wrestling legend’s absence from the match, an angle was hastily scripted for The Kings of Wrestling to attack Savage and stuff him into the trunk of a limo, which spend off out of the arena’s parking lot. Without Savage, Styles and Hardy had to work the match by themselves. Savage ultimately appeared, albeit briefly.

After several minutes of Hardy and Styles fighting off The Kings of Wrestling, Savage, wearing a long black shirt to hide his shrunken physique, returned to the Impact! Zone and walked down to the ring. He was tagged in by Hardy moments later and pinned Jarrett after a punch to the jaw.

Savage bolted from the promotion days later at an iMPACT! taping due to a disagreement over the finish of his match at the next scheduled pay-per-view, Final Resolution. He had requested that he win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from Jeff Jarrett at the event, but was denied. He never wrestled again.

Rhodes, who lived a 20-minute drive from Savage, never saw him again following Turning Point. He compared Savage of the last five years of his life to the reclusive lifestyle of Howard Hughes.

“I could see it in his eyes … he just didn’t want to do it,” said Rhodes. “Obviously, he was financially set. Out of all of us from that era, [Ric] Flair, Hogan, Andre, myself, how many of us walked away. One.”

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Jim Ross New Blog

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

- It was fun to be a part of the Lawler-Cole bout Sunday at Over the Limit in the Key Arena and I was especially excited to discover once I arrived at the arena that @BretHart was in the house.

- Loved the Orton-Christian match and felt like it was the show stealer on the PPV. Two really skilled guys and once again it showed that Christian is underrated but is an important facet of Friday Night Smackdown. Orton is a major star, without question, but his best days should lie ahead.

- R Truth seems to have finally found a viable niche and he is one of the brighter aspects on Raw. Truth is embracing his new persona and I happen to think it fits him well.

- No...I have no idea if or when Randy Savage will be inducted into the WWE HOF or if he will go in with his former wife and valet, the late Miss Elizabeth. As I have said many times, it is obvious that both are deserving.

- Yes...I was impressed with the interaction between Alex Riley and The Miz Monday night on Raw as was, seemingly, the live audience in Portland. I am intrigued to see where Riley on Smackdown, I assume, and Miz, continue to evolve. Riley looked very impressive doling out the physicality on Miz on MNR.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More Randy Savage Stuff

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer stated today on F4WOnline.com that recent allegations made by WWE Hall of Famers George “The Animal” Steele and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper concerning Vince McMahon’s soured relationship with Randy Savage have nothing to do with the WWE chief’s animosity towards the late wrestler.

Piper alleged last Friday on Twitter that Savage slapped McMahon in a bar. Steele then suggested in an interview that McMahon held Savage in contempt for abruptly jumping to World Championship Wrestling in 1994 because he considered him “almost like a son.”

Steele said, “I think that what happened with Randy, when his career was winding down with the WWF, Vince McMahon just loved Randy. After all everything Randy had done and he took him under his wing, and he wanted Randy after the ring was over with for him, he wanted him to be our spokesperson. He was traveling with Vince all the time. Randy was almost like a son, they were really tight. And then one day, we were at a TV meeting, and we got word that Randy, without calling Vince, had left and jumped to the WCW. I had never seen Vince McMahon broken before, he was crushed. It hurt him big time and I don’t think he ever got over that. I think that’s the real problem to be honest with you.”

In late 1996, Savage’s contract with WCW had expired and he briefly negotiated with WWE regarding a possible return to the organization. Meltzer said that during this time frame, Vince McMahon told him he would take back Savage “with open arms,” but would “never ever” take Hulk Hogan back.

Meltzer then notes that McMahon’s animosity towards Savage during the final years of the wrestling legend’s life stemmed from an incident that occurred following 1996, or “something he found out.”

“Any explanation of why Vince hates Savage that has to do with something that Vince would have known pre-1996 is clearly balderdash,” Meltzer stated. “Either something post 1996, or something he found out after 1996.”

There is a long-standing rumor indicating that Savage was involved in a sexual relationship with McMahon’s daughter Stephanie during his final year in WWE, therefore explaining his animosity towards him (which McMahon learned years later). While the allegation has never been verified, Meltzer stated in March 2009 that top WWE officials believed the rumor to be true.

Meltzer said then, “I think that the reason is the same reason that everyone says. It’s the reason everyone in (WWE) says. It’s the reason that is the only one that makes any sense. So I think that’s the reason. I can’t come up with any other reason. I don’t know. I mean, I’ve heard that reason from so many people that are not internet rumormongers, I mean people who – all I know is that within the company as far as the top people, they all believe it, and nobody knows for sure, because it’s never brought up.

“When I first heard the story I didn’t believe it because I thought it was just some story, but then, and I mean even when people who are very high up in that company, after they left the company, would tell me that story I still didn’t believe it, but, you know, after a certain number of years when it’s just, you know, ideas are brought up for Randy Savage and the reaction – there’s something real, real bad because, let’s face it, I mean, I couldn’t count the number of times Vince said he would never do business with Hulk Hogan, and he always does. So, I don’t know…Actually, as time goes by, more people talk about it trying to say that it didn’t happen.”

WWE Over the Limit 2011 - PPV Review

WWE: Over the Limit 2011WWE PPV Review Over The Limit

By Phil Allely

Over the Limit had an awful lot against it from the get go. WWE main eventer Edge had retired due to a neck injury, Undertaker and Triple H were off TV for various reasons and Edge’s (storyline brother Christian had won and lost the World Heavyweight Title. So with only a few big names to hold things together how’d things go?

A heel turning R-Truth took on (the much injured) Rey Mysterio in the opener. Truth’s new attitude and Rey’s enthusiastic move all helped things move nicely. Not PPV standard perhaps Truth’s win was still a fresh start to proceedings.

Former CORRE member Ezekiel Jackson then tackled his former boss Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. In a decent big man match it all boiled down to Barrett’s remaining CORRE members running in to disrupt proceedings. Jackson winning by DQ, but Barrett retaining his strap.

New Mexican superstar Sin Cara faced off against the ever reliable Chavo Guerrero next. Guerrero was on fine form throughout, however Cara botched a few moved and it showed. Guerrero controlling the action and sequences, Cara somehow pulled off the win, he owes Chavo for that.

CM Punk and Mason Ryan then set their sights on the WWE Tag Team Title. The New Nexus duo fared well against champs Big Show and Kane, but there was only one way this encounter was going. Ryan being the unfortunate recipient of a double choke slam to lose the match for his team.

Divas Champion Brie Bella took challenger Kelly Kelly to a pretty reasonable Divas match next. An old school style swap with Brie’s twin Nikki trade places with her exhausted sister, to take advantage of a prone Kelly for the pin fall win.

In the match of the night Christian took on World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton for the Viper’s title. Orton and Christian are a very well gelled duo, Orton’s shock win over his nemesis may well be the best thing to happen the WWE in years. Christian looking like the true star he is and Randy cementing himself even more as a future hall of fame wrestler. Orton kept his belt, but it did seem touch and go for a long time.

The long winded Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler feud reached its pay off finally in the penultimate bout of the night. The Kiss My Foot match saw Lawler finally get some form of retribution on Cole. Cole was battered in and around the ringside area, he even took a tumble through his own ‘Cole Mine’. Lawler’s popular win saw him not only gain some form of revenge, but also saw surprise appearances by Bret Hart and Eve Torres, both of which helped bring a cowardly Cole back to the ring. Lawler gaining a foot kissing with the aid of a Hitman Sharpshooter.

The main event saw WWE Title holder John Cena battle The Miz in an I Quit match. The cunning Miz and his sidekick Alex Riley turned this into a handicap match from the off, using the no DQ rules to their advantage. Riley taking every opportunity to assault and side track champ Cena. Here can be only so many double team moves and sneak attacks before you break and that is exactly what happened here. Cena finally heading into Hulk Hogan territory with a superman comeback, Cena dodging a belt shot to hit an Attuitude Adjustment on Miz to keep his gold for another while.

Over The Limit was a decent if not overly exciting PPV, there were some sub standard matches (although they may have worked well on Raw or Smackdown), the Orton/Christian match certainly made its point. The big question now is where do the WWE go now , their big guns are on hiatus and they need to ring in young blood, so maybe this is the time of Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, Sin Cara and other mid-card mainstays.