Tuesday, 30 March 2010

TNA/Extreme sports re-show Destination X

Below is an email received today from TNA, re: the mistake during the broadcast of last weeks Destination X PPV here in the UK,

Extreme Sports Channel apologises to the UK TNA fans disappointed by the broadcast of TNA - Destination X on Friday 26th March, which was inadvertently cut short as the result of a data entry error in our scheduling system.

We’re committed to broadcasting TNA programming for its many loyal UK fans and we take our responsibility to our viewers seriously. We are conducting a full review to investigate how this error occurred and will take measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

There will be full repeats of Destination X on Wednesday 31st March at 21.00 BST, on Saturday 3rd April at 23.00 BST and Sunday 11th April at 23.00 BST.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to TNA fans who tuned in on Friday and we hope to see you all again for Lockdown in April.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Scott Steiner was at Impact looks like he and Flair are mates again.

RVD is in pre-production of a comedy show.

AJ Styles and Kevin Nash are lined up to appear PIW shows in the US, Ron Simmons is the PIW commissioner.

Impact v Raw

my full Impact! recap is up on The Sun website, but below are somme points I feel need to be addressed from the first live TNA show of the Monday Night Wars part 2.

Hulk and Flair blading, a good move I think, the pair had a brawl that befitted their age and in a non-pg environment blood can be shed.

Hogan/Flair/Styles/Abyss opening and closing the show, I liked that, Stings interference gave it a nice spin and had us watching to see what happened next.

Sting turning heel, the stinger is known best as a face, so a heel turn was a shock, he still has some matches inn him, so good move there.

Beautiful Peopple winning knockouts tag belts, the Rayne/Sky combo is better than other incarnations, looking forward to some decent female tag bouts.

Shannon Moore, the high flyer has the potential to boost the x division.

RVD, great intro against Sting, too short a match, but what a way to enter TNA.

Jeff Hardy, he's back and cleaning house, great coup for TNA if he stays clean.

I enjoyed Impact, it trounced Raw and built up the Destination x ppv, the live alternate weeks bit worries me though.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Skye & Rayne in FHM

Skye and Rayne unleash the Pain!

By Phil Allely

FHM magazine meet TNA Knockouts The Beautiful People in this months edition of the popular Mens publication and get a taste of life in the ring from the gorgeous duo.

Madison Rayne and Velvet Skye gave the reporter an insight into how tough wrestling really is during the companies recent UK Tour. Putting him through his paces in the six-sided ring, as some of TNA's top stars watched from ringside, enjoying the writers plight (although how you can complain about being manhandled by Velvet and Rayne is beyond me).

Highligting how brutal the sport can be the pair battered the journalist in the ring, hit him submission moves and left him a battered and bruised mess, highlighting the fact that if a 105lb Rayne could make him hurt, imagine what a 240lb Kurt Angle could do.

the article also features some interesting comments from TNA Champioon AJ Styles and the Uk's own Desmond Wolfe, plus pictures of the training session.

check it out at newsstands now.

Friday, 5 March 2010

More TNA Departures

Rumour has it that Sean Morely and Roxxi are now gone from TNA, its been a busy week for TNA farewells.

Sting signs with TNA

Dixe Carter has tweeted that Sting has re-signed with TNA and will be at this Mondays live Impact!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

news and rumours

Check out the Sun's wrestling page our end of year awards are now published, some surprises there in the results.

TNA have released Traci Brooks, the original knwckout is now goen form the company, thts two knockouts gone this week.

AJPW star Joe Doering is on his way to WWE developmental, he was a tag team partner with Muta and a good all round star, here's hoping WWE don't spoil that talent.

Hulk Hogan is doing interviews to plug the upcoming Monday night Impact! (head-to head with WWE Raw), in one interview Hulk said some people had just signed for TNA and did the RVD thumbs trick, does that mean Rob is one his way in?

More as I get it.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Eric Bischoff on Facebook

Bishoff has mail?

By Phil Allely

TNA’s Eric Bischoff has been addressing the company and its progress via his Facebook social networking page. The former head of WCW and current business partner of Hulk Hogan has made some candid and open comments to fans suggestions, and requests made via his official page.

The Bisch started things of by saying ‘Love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see on the debut of Impact! On March 8’

Many fans suggested matches, concepts and storylines, most of which had some merit, but one did trigger a quick response from the man himself, when asked if RVD would be joining TNA.

‘Not sure what Rob’s plans are, love to have him, he’s a great guy and awesome talent!’ he replied.

Other such highlights on the page include these below:

I’m ‘Not really interested in beating WWE in the ratings, just gaining a significant share of their audience and growing TNA’s audience in the process’.

‘The Six-sided ring was a gimmick, the guys don’t really work any different in it than a normal one’.

On the X Division and it’s lack of airtime of late, ‘You won’t be disappointed (with plans) I’ve loved that style of wrestling for a long time.’

Commenting on the possibility of former WCW star Vampiro coming in, his very direct reply was ‘A no talent gimmick come lately!’.

One superb nugget of wrestling wisdom came in a reply to a message about washed-up n.W.o legend legend Scot Hall, Eric admitted that yes Hall could be called a ‘World class screwup‘ like Cruiserweight star Juventud Guerrera, but (Hall) ‘Has the potential to be one of the greatest minds in the business, and still has a gift in the ring’.

With the recent influx of former WWE and WCW talent ,the subject of former stars has been approached and although nothing has been made definite by Eric, the general feedback is that we’ll not be seeing people like Bill Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page (or his wife Kimberly), Sid, or any of their contemporaries anytime soon.

Of course as long-term fans know Bischoff is a master manipulator and great business mind, so the man who coined the phrase ‘Controversy Creates Cash’ could well be swerving everyone right now, we‘ll have to stay tuned to Impact! to see for sure.

Branding the WWE’s Raw guest host format a ‘Weak Stunt’ it does indeed look at if he and Hogan are indeed ready to combat their business enemy head-on, the pair of flagship show will go head-to-head from Monday the 8th of March in US.

Check out ‘Eric Bischoff, Controversy’ on Facebook and remember the man himself assures us he reads every comment and will reply when he has time, perhaps we fans will get a say in how he and the Hulkster book TNA after all?

TMZ Running Flair 911 call

by Phil Allely

Celebrity gossip website TMZ has got it's hands on the 911 tape relating to the recent domestic assault between TNA star Ric Flair and his wife Jcqueline Beems.

The incident left The Nature Boy suffering from minor injuries and has become yet another blot on the once glorious career of the wrestling legend, before money woes saw him return from retirement.

In the call, Flair's step daughter says her mother Jacqueline and Ric 'were both drunk' and 'punching each other' at their home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She also states that 'Ric was bleeding from his forehead and needed medical assistance, but that the injury was not serious'.

The 911 call ends with Beems' daughter requesting police assistance, to help calm the couple down.

Beems was eventually arrested and charged with assault.

To hear the 911 tape go to: www.tmz.com

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

TNA Bound For Glory DVD Review

By Phil Allely

BFG 2009 was perhaps the final big PPV offering TNA made before Hulk Hogan's signing took over the booking and look of the company, it is usually the organisations wrestlemania event and this was no less an event than previous efforts.

This two disc set features a decent selection of matches, somee fall below par, but most are good-great and worth watching.

headline match AJ Styles v Sting is great, both men showing they warrant that spot, you really do feel that Sting could beat the youung and fast champ Styles.

in other matches Kurt Angle took Matt Moorgan to new heights, Morgan looked impressive here.

Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley had a decent if not specacular MMA syle brawl.

Abyss and Mick Foley's monsters ball battle was ok, not superb but ok.

the TNA/IWGP full metal mayhem tag teamm match had some neat momments and surprise wins as well.

Knockouts ODB, awesome Kong and Tara had good Knockouts title battle too.

The new TNA Knockouts Tag Belts found a new pair of owners as The beautiful people (minus Angelina Love) took on the excellent pairing of Sarita and Tayor Wilde.

The Ultimate X match saw somme impressive and innovative moves as usual, well worth watching again.

the sett also fatures the pre-show dark match, interviews, fan interaction highlights, musiic videos and more.

BFG 2009 gets a huge 9 out of 10 from me.

Monday, 1 March 2010

TNA Lockdown 2010 Poster

Here is the promo poster for the April TNA PPV Lockdown, as you can see it does feature Hogans and FLair dead centre, here's hoping this does not mean a singles bout in the cage is iminent!!