Monday, 22 December 2008

DVD Review: Shimmer Volume 6

Another in Big Visions dvd offering we have have the latest batch of matches fomr women's wrestling promotion Shimmer. For anyone who thinks the WWE women's division is the be all and end all of ladies grappling theses discs are for you. The Shimmer girls all have a solid wrestling background, can play to their small but rabid fanbase, entertain, preform and look good all at once, something many WWE performers have problems with. The matches here show some of the best in the business, including Nikita (now WWE's Katie Lea), Nikki Roxx (now TNA's Roxxi), Rebecca Knox, Sara Del Rey, Alison Danger, Amazing Kong(now TNA's Awesome Kong), Cheerleader Melissa (now TNA's Raisha Saeed) and many others.

This is a superb mix of fair to great women's matches and also shows the dedication of theses ladies as they put their bodies on the line for poor payoffs and before smallish crowds to fulfill their dreams.

A bonus match here includes current WWE roster member Nattie (now Natalya) Neidhart.

7 out of 10

Phil Allely

DVD Review: Revolucha - Dia De Los Muertos

This Big Vision Entertainment release is a great way to introiduce yourself to the Lucha Libre style of wrestling from Mexico. Taking place in the United States this features some of the genre's legends, alongside some familiar US faces too and also helpfully has English commentary.
The picture quality may be grainy and poorer than some mainstream releases, but it all adds to the appeal of this celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead by Detroit's IWR Promotion.

The matches here feature such stars as Hijo Del Santo, La Park, Super Parka, some Mexican mini's, US stars Shark Boy, Chris Sabin and one-legged grappler Zach Gowan, all of which put on spme superb showings here. They participate in cage, scramble, title matches and a bonus battle royal too.

I'd recommend this to anyone interested in Lucha Libre and mainstream wrestling fans alike.

7 out of 10

Phil Aallely

The PS 50

the recent issue of Power Slam magazine here in the UK has made WWE veteran Shawn Michaels their number one performer in their annual PS 50 list of the top 50 grapplers in the world today. Not bad for a guy who is in his mid 40s and has had a chequered career injury-wise. I've seen him very recently on their Belfast leg of the UK tour and he put in a phenomenal performance against JBL, they could have gone through the motions, but Michaels pulled out all the stops during what was essentially a house show. Check out the latest Power Slam for the full 50 wrestlers and their places in the list.

Some WWE Notes

According to sources Gail Kim is due to appear on WWE screens very soon, not a moment too soon I'd say as the women's division is seriously lacking talent and skill at present, the only shame is that her departure from TNA has meant that the once strong Knockouts division there has suffered recently and lost it's edge.

Shawn Michaels is seriously thinking about retiring in 2010, the man who has had the best year of his career in 2008 is hoping to finish his in-ring battles in a Wrestlmania match (like Flair did). Shawn has had numerous knee injuries and of course the back damage that caused him to retire a number years ago (seemingly for ever).

Christian is still said to be heading to the WWE, will he align himself with storyline brother Edge if he does make the jump back to the WWE?

In other injury news the Undertaker is said to be suffering with his back, knees etc. So his schedule could become even less that currently.

WWE better start building up some mid-carder stars now as their top line names could be disappearing soon.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gail Kim News

Former TNA Knockouts Champion, the gorgeous Gail Kim is sdai to have been on the road for the last month or so in the WWE. No word yet on her in-ring debut, but it can't be far of if she is touring with the main roster already.

Tomko is said to be wrking dark matches too, so watch out for him making his return too.

Foley to Wrestle For TNA

According to reports, this weeks TNA Impact will have Mick Foley making the announcement that he will be stepping into the ring as part of the TNA Frontline in a bid to topple the power trip of the Main Event Mafia. Should make for a fun show if Mick is on form and up for some high impact grappling.

Jeff Hardy reaches the WWE Pinnacle

So after a long hunt and numerous WWE wellness issues, Jeff hardy has finally achieved his dream and become the WWE champion. Toppling HHH and Cena at the most recent WWE ppv. Not too long ago smaller men never raised the big belt, it was left to the msucle-bound bigmen that Vince McMahon and co seem so engrossed in, no matter how un-talented they are. It took guys like Bret Hart and Shawn Michael's to step up to the big time and prove their worth for the smaller more agile roster members to get a fair shake of the title picture. Of ourse the smaller guys have had trouble drawing money for the company, so perhaps Jeff's title run wil be short (like CM Punks) although who knows, Hardy is one very popular guy and has huge number of fans.

Monday, 15 December 2008

New Articles on The Sun's Website

For anyone interested, please check out The Sun's wrestling page, where you can read my latest TNA PPV review (Final Resolution) and a piece on the Reid Flair debut match, featuring Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and The Nasty Boys.

TNA DVD Reviews: Knocked Out, Ultimate Matches

TNA DVD Round-up

We may knock TNA for the run-in heavy pay-per-views they produce, but when it comes to producing themed home DVDs the company stand head and shoulders above their competition.

This latest batch of releases offers fans the chance to see the superb TNA Knockout’s women’s division in their full glory and let’s casual and hard-core fans enjoy a selection of the companies best gimmick matches since its inception.

‘Knocked Out’ is a nicely made look at the women’s division, that not only presents some of the best ladies wrestling matches in recent memory, but also allows each Knockout the chance to explain why they got into the business and shows some of their early highlights too.

The matches contained here include the wonderful series of scraps between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, the makeover battle royal, 10 woman gauntlet match and the Talylor Wilde/Kong world title match upset, amongst others.

It is unfortunate that the now departed Karen Angle (the main cover star), Gail Kim and Salinas have moved on, but that in now takes away from the quality of the production and matches included.

The main extra is a true testament to TNA’s love of Gail Kim, as the bonus disc not only features a frank and honest final interview with the women’s division pioneer, but also her last match with Kong too.

8 out of 10.

‘Ultimate Matches’ is a great release for fans of the gimmick matches that TNA specialise in.

The six hour two disc set features some of the company’s finest examples of their innovative and in some cases complicated stipulation bouts.

The nice touch here, as with the Knockout title is that TNA let the grapplers talk about the matches before you see them.

It’s interesting to hear what Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe (to name a few) think of the often brutal and career-shortening matches they have participated in.

We see the traditional feud-ending cage match get a makeover, becoming the often bloody six Sides of Steel encounter or Full Metal Mayhem weapons-fest, the X division stars get a look-in as Ultimate X offers up some breathtaking and frightening moves in the attempt to grab the dangling red x, whilst Monsters Ball does exactly what is says and gives the big mean a reason to be brutal with each other.

The most curious and confusing, even to the participants (according to the talking heads intro) is the King of the Mountain match, where a pin only means you can try to win the match, which is at least explained prior to viewing and more enjoyable for it.

Ultimate Matches has some great matches and moments from the company’s history and as such will appeal to many of the TNA faithful, and those newer fans too who want to learn more about the stipulation match mainstays that TNA use throughout the year.

7 out of 10.

By Phil Allely

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Who is Suicide in TNA?

so the mysterious Suicide character from the TNA has made his on-screen debut. he made his presence felt by attacking the Motor City Machine Guns at the Final Resolution PPV.
But who is under the mask, my money is on Kaz, he has disappeared off-screen and seems the most likely candidate for the crazy masked gimmick.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Bruce Pritchard Released BY WWE

Bruce Pritchard,a longtime WWE producer and back room boy, has been released from his contract. This shoudl give everyone i the company a kick in the backside, as it means no one is safe in Vince McMahon's cull of staff. The credit crunch certainly seems to be hitting to be the company hard. Pritchard famously dated Stephanie McMahon and played on screen character Brother Love in the 1980s.
He is also the brother of WWE trainer Dr Tom Pritchard, best-known as Zip of the Bodydonnas.