Friday, 31 July 2009

Impact! News

Impact Preview: Foley’s ‘Legend’ary’ Reign Begins/Brits win big.

By Phil Allely

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again TNA give away more PPV quality matches on TV for free than any other wrestling promotion. It’s just a shame that when it comes to their PPV offerings they seem to lose that enthusiasm and present us with a mixed bag of grappling and inconclusive storylines.

After the half-hearted Victory Road event and the ongoing Jeff Jarrett situation left Dixie Carter in full control of the company, TNA seem to have pulled out all the stops to make each week’s Impact! Taping a show to savour.
This coming weeks episode is no different, as we see two major title changes, some very decent matches and a few returns to the ring by big name stars. Tune in this week on Bravo to witness the explosive action.

First off in a shock to most of us Mick Foley (with an assist from new boy Bobby Lashley) took the Legends Title from Kevin Nash in a match that also had Kurt Angle‘s World Title on the line. The hardcore legend is fairly picking up belts these days, this is Foley‘s second TNA singles title to date.

Next in great news for UK fans The British Invasion are now the holders of the prestigious IWGP Tag Team Titles, after using all of their heel tactics and help from Rob Terry, Eric Young and the other members of so-called World Elite to beat Team 3D for the coveted straps.

That’s big news for young gun Nick (Brutus Magnus) Aldis and veteran worker Doug Williams, the company must have great confidence in the UK pairing by putting such respected belts around their waists. The duo will now be in great demand, as they defend their belts on US and Japanese shores against the best the world has to offer.

In other Impact! Happenings Sting returned to seek revenge on The Main Event Mafia, AJ Styles and Matt Morgan clashed in a good encounter (the first of a three match series), a decent six-woman tag occurred and a refreshed looking ‘Super Mex’ Hernandez pulled off a surprise win by beating Samoa Joe one-on-one.

Impact! Is certainly becoming recommended viewing these days, after 200 episodes it keeps getting better.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Traci Brooks - Playboy Deal News

I've already mentioned this and ran it past my colleagues at The Sun, but it is now pretty much confirmed that Traci Brooks will be in the November Issue of Playboy (on sale in October).

In preparation of this momentous coup for TNA and high profile appearance by Traci here are a few pics of her.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

TNA - Playboy deal?

According to many newsboards, So Cal Val (at a san Diego comic con) and the twitter account of one Mr Jeremy Borash there are plans afoot for a TNA Knockout to be the latest wrestling feamle to be in Playboy. This would be a major coup for TNA as of course the WWE dropped their annual association with the magazine once they embarked on a more PG target audience.

According to sources the Knockout is scheduled to be Traci Brooks (who has just returned to TNA tv and is now a Main Event Mafia member).
Reports say she has already doen her Playboy shoot, more on this as I get it.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Christy Hemme

As news reaches me that the lovely Christy is returning to action in TNA (after her neck problems) I thought I'd add a copy of my treasured signed pic for all to see. It's also been brought to my attention that the pics of Christy can distract from my blog (so Rob this one is for you), so please enjoy the pics but try to pull yourself away and read the content too.

Enjoy the pic and let's hope Christy gets some decent TNA air-time when she steps back inot the ring for them.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

CM Punk Exclusive Interview

I have just spoken to WWE's CM Punk, look out for the whole interview over the next few days.

TNA comments/rumours

I've reviewed the Victory Road PPV (for The Sun online), but as a quick recap, the show was not bad at all, the Main Event Mafia took home the singles belts and Angelina Love retained her knockouts title again.

The PPV was decent and above par on recent events.

In other news I hear the British Invasion are being lined up to win the IWGP tag titles form Team 3D (that will be big news for the brit trio). Also the newly won legends belt is rumoured to be finding its way around the ample waist of Mick Foley soon too.

Jeff Jarrett TNA Situation

By now we will all have read about the inriguing story of JJ and Karen Angle moving in together, I don;t really know what all of the fuss is about, but rumour has it Jeff was sent home by Dixie Carter and his return is in limbo. My question is has Kurt angle threatened to leave over this situation? Kurt's current contract is due to expire soon, could it be an issue, he is considered one of the companies figureheads and perhpas has mor estroke backstage than we realise. Would TNA dump co-founder Jeff for former WWE star Kurt (considering his battered body these days)?

It will be interesting to follow this ongoing situation.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

TNA news

I've heard that current TNA heavyweight champion Kurt Angle was pulled from a few house shows due to a groin strain (occurring during filming of movie), he is still said to make his match this weekend at Victory Road.

Also Tara (formerly WWE's Victoria) has been photographed for a US fitness mag wearing the TNA Knockouts title, could be a swerve or she is getting that belt from Angelina Love this weekend.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Four Horsemen Reunite This August

It’s been two decades since pro wrestling’s famed Four Horsemen dominated the National Wrestling Alliance. The legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Ole and Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard were the originals. Later, Barry Windham helped power the stable to a new level, second to none.

With legendary manager James J. Dillon in tow, the Horsemen ride once more as the most dominant faction in pro wrestling history. This time, their destination is the NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend in Charlotte, N.C.

In an unprecedented appearance on Friday, August 7, all members of the two greatest incarnations of the Four Horsemen will appear together to sign autographs, pose for photos, and mix with fans at the Charlotte gathering, which runs Thursday through Sunday, August 6-9 at the Hilton University Place hotel.

The Horsemen will be reunited at the Friday session on the autograph stage and photo op area, where fans can stand side-by-side with the Horsemen and pose for a high-quality digital photo, suitable for framing and autographing. That’s an item you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

The entire weekend is going to be incredible, but the Horsemen reunion just puts it over the top! This will likely be the most important moment in Fanfest history.

see for more details and info.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Hulk Hogan Interview extracts

The Chicago Tribune online has a nice little article about Hulk Hogan and the recent Hulk Hogan Appreciation day held for him.
Extracts as follows, taken form an interview during the fan signing event at Toyota Park.

On the subject of a wrestling comeback?

Hulkster: About every third person asks me that at these sort of events, 'when are you going to get back in the ring again?' They don;t realise that even though I look the same way I did 30 years ago-kind-of-my body is pretty beat up. It's kind of hard to explain to them.
The hip replacements, back surgeries, elbow surgeries, shoulder surgeries..I never like to say never, but right now I'm on the rebuild and rewind process.

On how even signings take their toll?

Hulkster: I tried to get through it without letting anyone know I was having a hard time. I'd never had a chair there at an autograph signing before. Now I have a chair in my bathroom so i can brush my teeth. When I shave, I shave half of my face, lay on the floor for 10 minutes and then shave the other half of my face.
I had a hard time walking through Chicago airport today. I stopped one time to sit down and acted like I was doing something. I walked farther and then I went into the men's room. I leaned on the sink to crack my back and pretended I was looking at my face.

On Wrestlemania XXV rumours that never happened.

Hogan explained that although plans were talked about for his appearance at the event, they fell through when he required back surgery.
'I don't want to exclude it from my thought process (a comeback), but it seems to get farther out of reach, but it's (wrestling) like the one place that when I'm there I'm totally free'.

When his recent family problems (divorce, son Nick's crash etc) are brought up he respond.

Hogan explained that his spirituality and religion have helped him cope with the personal nightmares. He is also now in talks to share his rebuilding story on a new reality TV show.
Hulkster:'It's a show about someone who could have been a statistic, someone that could have been involved in turning everything into a crime scene, someone that could have ended up jumping off a bridge or sleeping in the gutter.'
'Even though I've had financial devastation, I am planning on having my greatest year physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. People will realise I'm not who they thought I was. I'm not who I used to be. Now I'm 100 percent dependent on the spirit of Christ'.
The show is likely to film in late August and be titled 'Finding Hulk Hogan' or 'The Resurrection of Hulk Hogan' and will be unlike his previously scripted Hogan Knows Best series.

Hogan also wne ton to say that he does not travel much these days and was pleased to find that the fans not only turned out in large numbers to see him, but all gave him positive feedback about his general condition and look. He said he felt good that as he apporaches his 56th brithday nonone said he looked old or that his physique had diminished from his prime. Although he did say that his once 24inch pythons (biceps) were now probably even smaller than the 20inches he measured them a a few years ago.

Read the full article on the Chicago Tribune website.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

TNA Notes

So in the fallout from Slammiversary we are now learning that Kurt Angle (with his facial fuzz etc) has still kept his leadership of the Main Event Mafia an has turned his fellow group members against the groups leader Sting. Aligning themselves with Samoa Joe and not informing Sting. Leading to a beat down for The Icon and most probably Sting joining Aj Styles etc on the Frontline/Originals team.
Considering Stings popularity this is a good move, not so sure that after all the beatings he subjected his new teammates too, just how well the MEM and Joe will function though!.
Of course with Taz about to surface as Joe's mentor, perhaps things will take more shape soon and make a bit more sense.
Could this mean some new feuds aill appear now, as a more sadistic Joe takes on his old teammates and Sting battles his former allies?
Lets see what the next ppv and subsequent tv tapings sping forth eh?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Amy Dumas Interview

interview with Amy 'Lita' Dumas June 2009, by Phil Allely

Starting today (July 2nd) Amy Dumas, better known to us wrestling fans as Lita from The WWE or Miss Congeniality in the original ECW will be on tour in the UK and Ireland with her punk-rock band The Luchagors. Here is a short interview with Amy prior to their tour.

Phil: Hi Amy thanks for taking the time to talk to me. So can you tell me and my readers what you are doing with yourself these days?

Amy: My schedule is much more relaxing. I must admit I enjoy it. I have a radio show on Project96-1 here in Atlanta I do on Sunday nights. It's a 1 hour punk show, I love doing it. The last Saturday of every month I am involved with the Silver Scream Spook Show at the Plaza theater in Atlanta. It is a live improv-comedy show with elements of a variety show, vaudeville, and old style spook shows. It is a lot of fun to do. Also, I am always doing stuff with my band as well, even if we aren't on the road, we are at the rehearsal space and dreaming up future possibilities for the band.

Phil: It’s been a few years since you left wrestling, do you ever miss it?

Amy: No, I don't miss it. Maybe if I didn't do any other form of entertaining in front of a live audience I would miss it, but I still get my fill of being an entertainer, just not in the ring

Phil: Are you still in contact with people on the WWE roster, has life there changed?

Amy: I talk to some people there, yes. I can't speak for any of them though, so I don't know about life there changing. Plus, when I talk to friends that work there it is usually catching up on life, rather than work gossip, so I can say I am out of the loop on that

Phil: Do you watch any of the programming, or that of TNA, any thoughts on either of them?

Amy: I don't watch, no.

Phil: You have been working on your music career and even independently produced your debut album with The Luchagors. How has the music industry treated you, did your past career and high profile help or hinder your progress?

Amy: I would say the music industry has completely ignored us. It is very hard to switch forms of entertainment without some company or lable behind you. I would say may past career has been a catch 22. It has made for somewhat of an instant international fan base, but music people seem to be turned off. Until they see us live, that is.

Phil: What inspires your music?

Amy: I would say day to day life can inspire me lyrically, but musically, I grew up on 80's and 90's punk and hardcore. The guys had more of a rock background, Jay, our bass player grew up on similar music. Band wise I would say 7 Seconds, Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Lunachicks, X, as well as The Ramones, Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy

Phil: Can I ask what your fondest memories of being a full time wrestler are?

Amy:I would say the time before I broke my neck, when I still felt invincible.

Phil: Would you ever make a return to the ring, perhaps for one last match or storyline?

Amy: Sure, I have never ruled out a brief run, or a match. Just not a full time schedule again

Phil: Did you see the send-off Vickie Guererro received recently, have you any opinion on that and how it compared to your own?

Amy: I wasn't aware she didn't work there anymore

Phil: So I hear us UK/Irish fans can look forward to seeing and hearing The Luchagors over the coming week or so, are you looking forward to the gigs and what can we expect from a live Luchagors show?

Amy: Well, definitely high energy, and anything goes. We don't plan a lot in our shows. Not even the set list. We just feel it out and make sure everyone has fun. I must admit, we put ourselves at the top of that list, though. But usually if we are having fun up there- you guys will, too.

Phil: Do you find the life on the road any easier in a band than when you were wrestling, any good road stories from either you can share with us?

Amy: Traveling with the band is completley different. Alone time is hard to get. We are usually piled into 1 room, but we chose that life. It's fun. Jay has fixed his snoring so that rules! With wrestling, there can be too much alone time, a lot of driving and a lot of hotel rooms alone.

Phil: Thanks for you time Amy, what’s next for yourself and The Luchagors?

Amy: We really want to concentrate on getting out a new album, so we will start writing and demoing that soon. Look out for it!- amy

Phil: Wonderful to talk to you, I can’t wait to get along to the gig in my hometown of Belfast and hear you guys live. I look forward to seeing you there.

You can catch The Luchagors and Amy at venues across the UK and Ireland near you soon, check out and local ticket outlets for dates and venues.

Phil Allely.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

American Wrestling Rampage For Belfast

The Ulster Hall in Belfast has a long history of holding wrestling and boxing events, so it's with great pleasure I can announce that the newly revamped building will host an event by the superb AWR company (American Wrestling Rampage)their Irish tour will be stopping off in Belfast on August 31st and tickets are on sale now.The line-ep will feature some familiar faces too, Rob Van Dam and X-Pac will be there alongside current champion Rene Dupree.

check online for details of this one and don't miss out, I'll see you there grapple fans.

Luchagors Next Week

I know I've mentioned them before, but Amy 'Lita' Dumas and her band The Luchagors are just about to start their UK/Irish tour and will be playing their punk-rock tunes to a host of wrestling/rock fans across the land.
You should check them out, I know I will be.