Friday, 29 February 2008

Hayabusa DVD Review

This is a superb three disc set that showcases the legendary Japanese high flyer Hayabusa. A man who was cut down in the prime of his career during a seemingly simple in-ring moonsault. Slipping mid move he landed on his neck and is now paralysed. Here we get to see the man in action with bouts fomr his entire career, incuding the vioent FMW matches and of course many of his trademark high-risk moves. This is a must for fans of Hayabusa, high-flyers or simply wrestling enthusiasts.

Best Of Starcade

The WWE are going to acknowledge their former rival WCW by releasing a dvd dedicated to that promotions annual sueprcard Starcade. it was WCW's Wrestlemania and will im sur eplease many fans who like myself have hoped for years that the WWE would release WCW material like they did with ECW.

If it sells well can we expect more WCW related material, i hope so.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Hulk cheated on Linda!

The National Enquirer has an article that states Hulk Hogan had an affair with a friend of his daughter Brooke, during the time he and his wife of 25 years Linda were having marital problems. The woman was a person who the family knew and worked alongside Brooke on her album. Looks like the knives are coming out for the Hulkster in the build up to his divorce.

Bobby Heenan Shoot Interview Review

As he is currently in hospital after having reconstructive surgery on his jaw, i thought it appropriate to review a shoot interview with legendary manager, sidekick and commentator Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan. Heenan recorded this in 2001 and give comments on all aspects of his career. Bobby was always a quick-witted man and his stint as colour man to Gorilla Monsoon was one of my earliest memories of wrestling, he had the ability to entertain and involve the crowd even during a dull match.
This dvd is superb and a worthy addition to anyones collection.

highlights are:
How he got started in the business.
-Why and how he became a manager.
-All the details on how he pioneered the managerial role.
-Early Midwest territory including Indianapolis.
-How he developed his interview skills.
-Talks about legends like Bruiser, Crusher, Harley Race, Verne Gagne, The Original Sheik and others.
-What was it like to work for Gagne?
-The success of the AWA.
-Heenan takes you to other promotions like Texas, Florida, & Memphis.
-What was Hulk Hogan like in the AWA?
-Why did he leave NWA and how did Hogan help him get his job in WWF?
-What was Vince McMahon like?
-All the details of his WWF stint including managing John Studd, King Kong Bundy, Hercules and Paul Orndorff.
-Why he didn't like to manage The Missing Link.
-Heenan takes you inside the Hogan vs. Andre Wrestlemania 3 match including how they got Andre to agree to lose.
-All the details on hosting Prime Time with Gorilla Monsoon.
-His close relationship with Hogan.
-The heat with Terry Taylor and the failure of the Red Rooster gimmick.
-The story of Atsushi Onita breaking his neck.
-Being phased down as a manager.
-Being brought back as Ric Flair's manager.
-Why did he leave WWF?
-Going to WCW with Hogan.
-Why didn't he manage in WCW?
-How did WCW hold him back?
-Why did they hold him back?
-Heenan explains why he didn't care in WCW and why his performance wasn't that good.
-The failure of WCW.
-His return to WWF at Wrestlemania 17.
-His future.
-Lots of one-liner jokes.
-Heenan talks about a lot more

Meet the Miz and John Morrison!

ECW Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz will be here in person in the UK on Thursday 6 March – make sure you’re there to meet them!

The WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 online tournament has drawn to a close now but the live regional final will be taking place at HMVs gaming zone in their Princes Street store, Edinburgh. If this isn’t exciting enough real WWE stars will be there to meet fans and sign autographs.

The UK tournament finalists will battle it out to be the regional champion and win the chance to head off to the global final at WrestleMania® in Orlando. Come along and see this live action and then collect your free WWE Autograph Mat and get a signature from John Morrison and The Miz.

There will only be a limited number of autographs available on the day so make sure you arrive in time to receive your official wristband. Wristbands will be given to the first 500 people in the queue.

Event details:
Thursday 6 March 2008, 3:30-6pm
129 Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, EH2 4AH

The store phone number is - 0131 225 7008

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Kane to retire soon?

Rumour has it that Kane(Glenn Jacobs)is planning to retire from in-ring, but not for a few years yet.

Here's hoping he gets a run with one of the top titles before he does step down.

Cena Comments on the Rock!

In a recent interview at John Cena makes some comments about former WWE superstar Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, in particular his leaving his fanbase behind and concentrating his movie career. Cena has of course juggle dmovies/wrestling whereas Rock has stayed firmly in Hollywood and not the squared circle. This could be fun as the Rock is line dup to induct his dad into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Michaels and Hunter Off Duty!

a nice pic i found of Triple H and his Buddy Shawn Michaels off duty and out of character.

Wrestlemania 24 Matches So far

the following seem to be the matches for this years Wrestlemania, unless of course there are any injuries etc between now and then.

Title match: Orton v Cena V HHH

Title match: Edge v Undertaker

Boxer v Wrestler: Big Show v Mayweather

Money in the bank: Jericho v kennedy v Jeff Hardy v Benjamin (more tbc)
Ric Flair v Shawn Michaels

playboy bunny match.

more tbc over the next week or so on WWE tv.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Heyman Hustle Part Two Online Now

check out and the next episode of the sueprb Heyman Hustle, Paul Heyman's latest project that's taking the world by storm. This episode features former WWE and ECW star Dawn Marie amongst others.

Finlay The Fighting Irishman

Currently making the most of his charge Hornswoggle's push as a McMahon family member, my fellow countryman Belfast's own Dave'Fit'Finlay is in a wonderful spot in the WWE.

As a fan who remembers him from his old World Of Sport days on ITV alongside Big Daddy et al, its wonderful to see such a true grappling legend get his chance on the world sstage.

Here's hoping the man who brawled all over the world, trained many WWE divas for the ring and can handle any fight headlines for many more years to come.

Phil Allely

TNA Knockouts To Get Their Own Show!

Sources say that TNA are considering a TNA Knockouts tv show, it's a viable option as the company do have a number of talented female wrestlers under contract, it would be a stand alone show most likely on a different channel, the problem could be removing the girls from the main Impact show as they do bring in the viewers and the company do not want to lose valuable fans.

WWE Offered TNA Tag Team!

Rumour has it that TNA have approached the WWE to see if they are interested in their tag team the James gang (BG and Kip), who of course were famously part of the original DX faction in the WWF/WWE and although older and slightly worn down could give something to the promotion. Perhaps TNA have lsot interest in the duo or simply cannot think of a storyline for them at present.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Rey Mysterio Out Of Action Again!

looks like little Rey Mysterio will have to wait another while before he can attempt to raise the world title again. he is now sidelined with a bicep injury that requires surgery and will be out for approx six months.

Lindsay Lohan At Wrestlemania?

After a highly publicised appearance backstage at Raw it looks as if the WWE is grooming Li-Lo for a slot at ths years Wrestlemania. With her chequered and high profile career and public life Miss Lohan would be an ideal addition to the card in some capacity, either as guest ring announcer, manager, companion, time keeper or interviewer. Should be interesting to see if they pull this one off.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

WEW Ho-mania DVD Release Review

Another release by WEW (women's erotic wrestling), these babes not only grapple but they showcase their sexuality too, softcore fun and action combined in one disc. A reasonably priced disc and a fun-filled card of matches (as below).

Hardcore Table Match:Lady Storm With The Smoke Vs. G I Ho. - with Referee Isis.PWO Tryout. 1:The Hardcore Icon G I Ho Vs. The Woman Beast Amanda Storm.PWO Tryout 2:The Hardcore Icon G I Ho Vs. Kristy Kiss. - with Referee Isis.PWO Tryout 3:A Strap On The Pole Match:The Hardcore Icon Vs. The Woman Beast Amanda Storm - with Referee Bill Alfonso.PWO Tryout. 4:WEW World Heavyweight Falls Count Anywhere Title Match:Lady Storm Vs. The Hardcore Icon G I Ho.The Hardcore Icon G I Ho Vs. Dawn Mae.

Hogan V Flair The Ultimate Wrestlemania Match-up!

Even though he's alegedly planning a rival wrestling promotion to the WWE (with former WWE employee and WCW head honcho Eric Bischoff)does anyone else think that the Hulkster would be the perfect person to face Ric Flair at what might be the Nature Boys final high-profile match of his career?

Who wouldn't want to see two of the 1980s biggest stars slug it out one last time on the world's biggest stage eh?

See Floyd Mayweather Punch The Big Show

Boxwer Floyd Mayweather punches out the returing Grapler the Big Show (Paul Wight) at last weeks WWE PPV. see it in all its glory at where the gang have the video online to watch.

The Big Show recieved a broken nose for his trouble and will undoubtably now face the boxer in a singles or tag mach at Wrestlemania. Big Show has lost a huge amount of weight since he departed the company and had contemplated a boxing career before returning to his grappling home. It's great to see the former champion back on the top after a while away.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

TNA Destination X PPV Matches

the March ppv from TNA Destination X (Sunday 9th March) will be on Bravo here in the UK the next Wednesday (12th March).

matches confirmed so far are:

Samoa Joe, Christain Cage and Kevin Nash Vs The Angle Alliance

Rhino vs James Storm

also expect many more matches announced over the next few weeks as we see the X Division pick up and Gail Kim return.

Sean Waltman in Rehab

Sean Waltman (formerly the kid, lightning kid, 123 kid, x-pak and sixx) has entered rehab to help him get over his own persoanl issues, rumours that he had attempted suicide recently are unfounded and that seems to be all down to a mix of alcohol and some medication. waltman has been spending time in mexico's AAA and seemingly enjoying the experience. His old buddy kevin nash is assisting him and who knwos with fellow NWO memebr Scott hall getting the same treatemnt maybe the wolf pack will return to our screesn fully recovered and ready to entertain.

Wrestlemania Matches!

some matches that will def happen at this year's wrestlemania:

John Cena v Randy Orton
Undertaker v Edge
Floyd Mayweather v Big Show

there will also be a money in the bank match, Flair's final hurrah (possibly against Michaels), plus lots mor eto be announced.

No Way Out Injury Report

At No Way Out the (returning)Big Show suffered a genuine broken nose during his altercation with boxer Floyd Mayweather. Shawn Michaels also received one to during the main event.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Rock and Roll Express Q&A, DVD Review

The Rock and Roll Express are one of the most decorated and well known tag teams in wrestling history, here for the first time we get to see the duo in a wonderful q&a session. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson answer each and every question pitched to them and cover their whole careers to date, Morton is especially enthusiastic about his chosen career path and barely takes time to catch his breath as he strolls around the stage firing off quips, stories, tales and much more, Gibson is more laid-back but equally interesting. A wonderful addition to anyones shoot interview style dvd collection and R'n'R Express fans.

The tandem have worked for almost every major wrestling promotion and took on all comers from the Road Warriors to the four horsemen and worked in the likes of WCW, WWE/WWF, SMW and all points between. Raising titles everywhere they went.

There is also a bonus disc here of highlights for the 2004 fanfest weekend.

No Way Out Match List

I'll not spoil it for anyone waiting to watch the latest wwe ppv(repeated tonight) so here's the match line-up only for now:

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Title Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

ECW Title Match
CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero

Career Threatening Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. Ric Flair

RAW Elimination Chamber
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho vs. JBL vs. Umaga

SmackDown/ECW Elimination Chamber
The Undertaker vs. Batista vs. MVP vs. Finlay vs. The Great Khali vs. Big Daddy V

Dory Funk Jnr Retirement Tour of Japan

So in the fine tradition of wrestling Dory Funk jnr (the brother of Terry), has said that he will retire from in-ring action this year after a 35 year career selling out arenas all over the world. Time will tell if he can stay away from the grap game or like his brother come out of retirment every now and then to settle a feud and keep himself in thick of things, wrestling after all seems to flow through the funk boys veins.

Flair on track for His Mania Moment

So Slick Ric did it again, he played the devious Kennedy at his own game and stole one more win and kept his career alive and well. Things look good for the Flair v Michaels match-up now.

Is Abyss about to do a Kane?

TNA star Abyss may be about to ditch the mask and perform under his real name. The grappler known for his blood-shedding matches this week removed his mask as he left the arena and perhaps will now compete without his trademark mask (will he be able to pull this off like Kane did when he unmasked?).

Friday, 15 February 2008

TNA Against All Odds PPV Results/Review

For anyone interested i have a full review of TNA's Against All Odds PPV on the Sun's Wrestling page.

go to and click the link for 'against all odds'

Results on here soon.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

TNA X Division News

The TNA X Division will once again play host to the World X Cup. The team comeptition started in 2004 and was last seen a few years ago, it will be great for the burgeoning X Division stars to compete against their peers from the likes of Japan, Mexico and Europe and a treat for the TNA faithful who will get their money's worth from the events.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wrestlers Pics They'd Rather Were Lost In Cyberspace :o)

Some pics a few grapplers would rather be deleted from their resume's perhaps, can you guess who they are?

The Rockers To Reform!!

Former WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty was at the WrestleSlam UK 2008 convention this past weekend telling people that we may see a Rockers reunion sometime after WrestleMania 24. The Rockers were a hugely popular WWE Tag Team made up of Jannetty and Shawn Michaels. They had a brief one night reunion in 2005 then another brief storyline in 2006 on WWE programming, plus a feaud or two along the way. Jannetty was last seen on WWE programming at the RAW 15th Anniversary special last year where he lost to Mr. Kennedy. This reunion if true could help take the pressure off Michaels who returned early from injuries to aid the company and could use some time off or less in-ring action to save his knee's/back etc from wear and tear. Jannetty still ahs a great deal to offer the WWE and after the success of the DX team reuniting it could be a winner all round.

TNA Against All Odds: On Bravo Tonight

Tune into Bravo tonight (uk cable and satellite) for the full TNA Against All Odds Pay Per View event that took place this past Sunday, the highlights of course will be the grudge match between Booker T and Robert Roode,Kurt Angle V Christian Cage for the title and the Abyss v Judas Mesias barb-wire massacre match-up.
I'll not spoil the results for you :o)

Jake Roberts Praises WWE/Vince For his Rehab

Former WWE sueprstar Jake 'the Snake' Roberts has praised his former employer the WWe and Vince McMahon in particular for hisstay in rehab to try to halt the demons that halted his in-ring career and left one of the best ring psychologists to hit the road searching for a paycheck instead of being behind the scenes of a major company helping the youngsters learn the ropes from a true legend. Perhaps after his rehab Jake will get that opportunity and aid the next generation of grapplers. As a sidenote jake is in good company at the facility he's in as he is joined there by Fellow wrestlers Ron Simmons and Scott Hall, I wish them all well and hope they grace our screens and arenas soon.

Belated Royal Rumble Results

Order of entry: (1) Undertaker, (2) HBK, (3) Santino Marella, (4) Great Khali, (5) Hardcore Holly, (6) John Morrison, (7) Tommy Dreamer, (8) Batista, (9) Hornswoggle, (10) Chuck Palumbo, (11) Jamie Noble, (12) CM Punk, (13) Cody Rhodes, (14) Umaga, (15) Snitsky, (16) The Miz, (17) Shelton Benjamin, (18) Jimmy Snuka, (19) Roddy Piper, (20) Kane, (21) Carlito, (22) Mick Foley, (23) Mr. Kennedy, (24) Big Daddy V, (25) Mark Henry, (26) Chavo Guerrero, (27) Finlay, (28) Elijah Burke, (29) Triple H, and (30) John Cena.

Order of elimination: (1) Santino Marella, (2) Great Khali, (3) Tommy Dreamer, (4) Jamie Noble, (5) Chuck Palumbo, (6) Hardcore Holly, (7) Shelton Benjamin, (8) Roddy Piper, (9) Jimmy Snuka, (10) Snitsky, (11) Undertaker, (12) HBK, (13) The Miz, (14) John Morrison, (15) CM Punk, (16) Cody Rhodes, (17) Big Daddy V, (18) Mick Foley, (19) Elijah Burke, (20) Carlito, (21) Chavo Guerrero (22) Mark Henry, (23) Mr. Kennedy, (24) Umaga, (25) Kane, (26) Batista, (27) Triple H.


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Stevie Richards Returns to ECW

ECW legend and former cohort of Raven, Stevie Richards, the man behind the Blue World Order, Stevie-kick finisher and frontman of WWE's Right To Censor faction is making his long-awaited return to ECW very soon, Richards has had numerous operations to sort out an old injury and is now fit to return to his old stomping ground.

2008 WWE Hall Of Fame Inductees

It looks highly likely that two definite inductees in the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame which takes place Wrestlemania weekend will be Ric Flair and Mae Young, rumours also surround Peter Mavia and Rocky Johnson (The grandfather and father of former star The Rock)this would depend on the Rock's schedule to allow him to appear for the induction and legendary announcer Gordon Solie has been tipped for it too.

WWE Raw Star Pectoral Tear

Highlanders tag team star Rory McAllister has underwent surgery to repair a torn pectoral msucle.

TNA Tour UK Revealed

Kurt Angel was in the UK to reveal the three dates TNA superstars will make their in-ring UK debuts.

dates will be:

June 13 Liverpool
June 14 Coventry
June 15 Essex

according to Angle all of the company's top names will be on hand to participate.
With the increasing number of TNA fans tuning into Bravo now that the show has moved from Bravo 2, the UK is one of the brands best markets and one they need to capitalise on if they can.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Mick Foley Exclusive Interview On The Sun Website

My good buddy Simon Rothstein has an exclusive interview with hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley up on his website, see it at there's also a sneak preview of Paul Heyman's 'Heyman Hustle' project too.

Kevin Nash Shoot Interview Review

Kevin Nash/Big Daddy Cool/Diesel/OZ whatever name you know him by big Kevin is one of the most recognisable men in wrestling, standing at near seven feet tall he was never a high flying technician in the ring, but got by with his intimidating presence, big boots and huge powerbombs. This dvd is anear three hour shoot one where the man himself give his comments and thoughts on his career to date, best and worst matches, people he loved working with and who he hated working with, angles, storylines, his friendship with Shawn Michaels, the Kliq, Scott Hall, winning the WWE title, jumping ship to WCW, the forming of the NWO, the Monday Night War, being a booker during that time, WCW's demise, his return to the WWE and his current role on screen in TNA. This is a sueprb and very insightful interview and Kevin seems to be open and honest in his answers and tales.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

TNA Barbwire Masacre Match News

As I reported, TNA will air the Barbed Wire Massacre match between Abyss and Judas Mesias during Sunday’s Against All Odds pay-per-view. It will be made to look to pay-per-view viewers like it is taking place live in Orlando, Florida. There is definitely concern on how the live crowd will react as the tape rolls inside of the arena. In an attempt to make it look believable, Earl Hebner who refereed the match will not be in Greenville for the PPV nor will Jim Cornette who is also part of the match. Mike Tenay and Don West will call the match live from the arena. The reason the match is not live on PPV is due to local regulations and the bloody nature of the match (ie barbwire for ropes etc).

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Hardcore Homecoming 2 November Reign dvd Review

Shane Douglas and co. unleashed one more ECW revival at the famous Philadelphia bingo hall where it all started and yet again did the former company, its fans and its perfomrers past a present justice.
Available now in the UK for the first time here is that event from 2005. With a host of ECW faces, three main events and a strong undercard this is extreme wrestling at its best. Expect blood, violence, high risk moves and rabid fans.

matches are:
CW Anderson V Matt Hyson (aka Spike Dudley)
Axl Rotten V Ian Rotten (tapei death match 2)
Shane Douglas V Pit Bull Gary Wolfe (dog collar chain match)
Justin Credible V Jerry Lynn (steel cage match)

plus appearances by Dawn Marie, Francine, Terry Funk and Tod Gordon.

this is a great addition to anyones collection and a bargain at a rrp of £7.99

Friday, 8 February 2008

WWE Severs Ties With OVW!!!

The WWE has severed its ties with developmental territory OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) this promotion was a feeder system for the WWE and produced such stars as batista and randy Orton over the last few years.
The WWE will now only have one feeder territory FCA (Florida Championship Wrestling), run by former WWE stars Steve Kerin, Tom Pritchard and Billy Kidman.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Jeff Hardy is his body giving up on him?

The hot at the moment WWE star Jeff Hardy is getting the biggest push of his career, he has headlined PPV's and taken champ Randy Orton to the brink of defeat, beat HHH fair and square and is on the top of his game, but will hardy be able to break through the 'glass ceiling' and take the heavywieght title home? He has the tools and enthusiasm to do it, but in recent interviews Jeff has stated that he has some knee problems, weak ankles, elbow, back and neck issues, he says its from, has his high risk style taken the grapplers long-term career prospects and title reign away from him?
Will WWE officials put the title on someone whose body could break down at any point?

Curryman on TNA

Japanese legend Curryman returns to the TNA six-sided ring this week joining fellow masked man Shark Boy (the Steve Austin impersonator of TNA) against the Rock n Rave Connection.

ECW Head Honcho!

With Dave Lagana fired Dusty Rhodes has been ideas man for the ECW brand, Rhodes is a legend in the industry and although recieved many bits of flack over his WCW booking days may be able to boost the ECw profile and showcase the decent talent on the roster. Rhodes is of course answerable to the head of Smackdown and that is of course another ring legend Michael 'PS' Hayes, the former fabulous Freebird is very ring savvy and here's hoping he and Rhodes can elevate ECW.
Here's a pic fo Hayes and his Freebird buddies.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The new look Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch

After her many health problems its great to see sunny back to her old self, i'm sure you'll all agree.
Top pic Tammy/Sunny in 2008, bottoms mid-90s Tammy/Sunny not looking too bad at all is she?

Elimination Chamber times two!

So with two elimination chamber matches at the February WWE No Way Out PPV will it make for great entertainment or fail miserably like the debacle that was 2006's December to Dismember match?

Hulk Hogan Mardi Gras King!

The Hulkster was the King of Bachus at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Link to WWE Live Show Review By Me

A copy of the two night WWE show in december I covered for The Sun.

TNA Against All Odds Final Card

Here is the final card for this Sunday's TNA PPV event Against All Odds. Shown on Bravo Wednesday 13th February.

TNA World Heavyweight Title:
Kurt Angle (c) Vs Christian Cage

TNA Women's Championship:
Awesome Kong (c) Vs ODB

6 Man Hardcore Street Fight:
Team 3D & Devine vs Motor City Machine Guns & Jay 'Black Machismo' Lethal

Barbwire Massacre:
Abyss Vs Judas Mesias
(due to local regulations this match has been pre-recorded at an Impact taping and will be inserted into the live show)

TNA World Tag Team Championship:
AJ Styles & Tomko (c) vs BG James & 'Bullet' Bob Armstrong

Grudge Match:
Booker T vs Robert Roode

Drinking Championship:
James Storm vs Eric Young

TNA Knockout Women's match:
Payton Banks Vs Traci Brooks.

by Phil Allely

Paul Heyman Interview

The Sun's website has an exclusive interview up with former ECW head honcho Paul heyman where he 'shoots' on the WWE and Vince McMahon amongst other things, its a must read for any wrestling fan.

Phil Allely

Monday, 4 February 2008

Paul Heyman On The Sun's Wrestling Page

Paul (ECW) Heyman is to start as of this week a regular blog and more on The Sun's wrestling page online, check it out asap and enjoy the exclusives.

WWE DVD Relases 2008

the following dvds will be released by WWE at some point throughout the year.

Austin (an in depth look at Stone Cold's career)
HHH (the first look at Triple H's matches)
Hardy Boys (the rise fo the popualr tag team duo)
The Rock (the career of the wrestler turned successful movie satr).
Starrcade (the best matches from the WCW supercard)
Mr Perfect (what i assume will be like the Brian Pillman retrospective).
Hell in a Cell (anthology fo the cage match)

Slick Ric's last dance!

Ric Flair’s last hurrah!

Unlike every other walk of life where when you retire you do exactly that, the world of wrestling paints a very different picture of what exactly hanging up the boots and tights for good means. Some grapplers have stayed away for good, but many miss the limelight, need the roar of the crowd or simply cannot cope financially without the big pay check’s they get from stepping in the ring. Mick Foley, Ultimate Warrior, Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels, Terry Funk, The Rock, Steve Austin, Big Show, Chris Jericho, JBL and many more superstars past and present have walked away from the sport and returned in some capacity for varying reasons, some successfully and some not so. With the ongoing lose and you retire stipulation in every match he competes in ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair is working his way towards one final big-time payday before he puts those OTT ring robes in mothballs forever. With a win over MVP at the Royal Rumble Slick Ric is edging closer to Wrestlemania and one more hurrah at the ‘granddaddy of them all’ before he hangs up his boots for good. But where will the styling and profiling, Lear jet flying, rolex wearing, living legend that is Ric Flair go and what will he do if he is forced to retire this year. In February he will be 59 years old and has without a doubt left enough of a legacy that he will never be forgotten and those whooo’s that echo through arenas accompanying knife edge chops will always be associated with him. He has sold out arenas over the world, competed with the best wrestlers, booked matches, had huge storylines, bled for his business countless times and regularly (in his prime) competed in hour long scraps that today’s stars wouldn’t even try to emulate. So will Ric retire?, who knows but it’s hard to imagine the high life loving ‘Nature Boy’ staying away from the squared circle for long, used wisely and sporadically the current roster of the WWE would benefit from Naitch’s experience and knowledge of ring-manship, he would be a marvellous manager or commissioner and would still be able to let his ego be fulfilled whilst not tarnishing his credibility as a legend by putting in poor matches that reduce him to a joke of a character that he simply should never be. Flair’s money woes are like the man himself the stuff of legend and his love of all things expensive will mean that he most probably needs to remain an active performer in some capacity, the storyline revolving around his retirement and it’s eventual outcome will make for some great viewing, his decision there after even more so. With 16 world title to his name and such a glorious career I’d hate to see those achievement ruined by a man’s egotism, here’s hoping the WWE and Ric can come up with a plan that keeps us all happy. After all he may have always said ‘To be the man, You have to beat the man’, but Ric you’ll always be the man in all of our eyes, you’ve no one left to beat to prove that.

By Phil Allely

Brock Lesnar's UFC Debut

Former WWE champion Brock Lesnar took on Frank Mir in hsi UFC debut this weekedn and although getting in some heavy offecne in the short match-up gfound himself tapping out in the first round. It will be interesting to see if Lesnars stock will rise after this debut or his loss will reduce his marketability.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Former WWE star Damian Demento lashes out at Taz

Former WWE star Damian Demento, who can be seen on the recent Raw 15 dvd set as a participant in the first RAW show has lashed out a curretn commentator and ECW legend taz on youtube, Demento seems to ahev problems with Taz at many levels and holds a grudge or two.

check it out on youtube

Friday, 1 February 2008

WWE Wrestlemania on course to be a sell out

Its looking good for this years Wrestlemania that it will be a sell out. Approx 8000 tickets are left to shift befor ethe event in two months time.