Monday, 31 August 2009

Dixie Carter & Bobby Lashley Interview

Lashley and Dixie pave the way for TNA’s future.

By Phil Allely

This past week on TNA’s flagship show Impact! Company president Dixie Carter and latest signing Bobby Lashley had a sit down interview with Jeremy Borash.

Dixie Carter the charismatic front woman of TNA usually takes a behind the scenes approach to running things, she does however make appearances at live shows and PPV event to meet fans and promote the company as often as she can. This was her first ever Impact! appearance and certainly goes to show that TNA is changing since Jeff Jarrett’s apparent suspension (over the Karen Angle situation) and the recent creative team changes have taken place.

In the interview Carter and Lashley both explained their plans and hopes for TNA’s future, Lashley in a first for the company will split his time between MMA fighting and professional wrestling, the pair also announced that his in-ring PPV debut will be against Rhino at the forthcoming No Surrender event. Carter even went as far as to say that she hoped one day that Lashley could stand in a TNA ring with a title belt from her promotion on one shoulder and an MMA one on the other.

UK fans also got some well deserved acknowledgement as it was announced that Impact! (on Bravo) was beating other wrestling shows in the viewing figures war.

Can former WWE star Bobby Lashley make a difference to the TNA product and will Dixie’s predictions come true, only time will tell.

See the whole interview at:

Bobby Lashley TNA PPV Debut

TNA's latest signing Bobby Lashley (who will combine his MMA schedule with TNA) has been announced as the opponent of Rhino at the next PPV event No Surrender, Lashley is being built up as the saviour of the compnay form the Main Event Mafia and will I am sure face Kurt Angle very soon for the wordl title.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

TNA News

I hear that TNA president Dixie Carter had a special bash for her roster recently, she talked up the way the veterans and youngsters will work together, the atmosphere as a whole and how she hopes the brand will grow. I hope that works out for them. I am a huge fan of TNA and it's product, but I do feel that their PPV output especially needs some serious work, maybe the new creative team and other internal chnages will turn things around?

Phil Allely

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Mick Foley tries his hand at Stand-up

Mick Foley - Stand-Up-Guy!

By Phil Allely

We know he can still hack it in the ring to a degree and is more than willing to shed blood for the sport he loves, he has penned best-selling books and much more in his long career. But as many of us who remember his Rock ‘n’ Sock double act in in the WWE, his hilarious skits with Al Snow, or have seen him live will also know that Mick Foley has a genuinely unique line in comedy too.

This very weekend TNA’s former World and Legends champion stepped into a very different arena, as he tried his hand at stand-up comedy, at the world famous Hollywood California Improv Club.

In doing so the hardcore grappler took on probably his most vicious and rabid audience yet, taking to the stage with just a microphone to participate in the a one-off comedy/pro wrestling combo.

Also on the bill of the TXC (Total Xtreme Comedy) event was former WWE star and current ROH roster member Colt Cabana, plus support from Steve Simone, Brad Williams and Bret Ernst.

TNA’s Jeremy Borash hyped up the event on his official twitter account and Foley himself plugged it on his official My Space page this past week.

Only time will tell if this is a new avenue for Mick to take alongside his in-ring battles, or whether it will be something that transfers onto TNA programming as part of his character. It’s another good pr step for TNA though as they are in dire need or some decent mainstream and positive publicity after their recent spate of negative ones.

Here’s hoping Foley’s profile raising appearance at a top Improv club and Dixie Carter’s forthcoming TNA Impact! Debut all help the company turn the corner and indeed even ‘Cross The Line’ in the war of the US Grappling companies.

AWR hit Ireland next week

AWR will be bringing a mix of former WWE and indie stars to Ireland next week, I'll be there to see the action, so check bask for a review or two (perhaps even a surprise too).

Slated to apear are Sabu, RVD, Scott Too Hotty, Rene Du Pre and many others.


Will Russo be the next TNA roster casualty?

Accoridng to some newsboards, Vince Russo may be the next perosn to leave TNA, his creative position is weakening andperhaps after the years of 'fire Russo' chants the movers and shakers within the company have finally decided to start again with a clean sheet.

If it does happen, I'd say it would be after the Bound For Glory PPV, it is TNA's Wrestemania and as such is well planned already.


Thursday, 20 August 2009

TAZ's New TNA Role

Taz is set to join the TNA announce team, he will be replacing Don West as Mike Tenay's partner. Don West will remain a memebr of TNA staff and has moved up in the company.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

TNA/New Japan Title Controversy Sorted!

NJPW and TNA seem to have mended their breakdown in communciation and according to sources NJPW are now acknowledging The British Invasion as IWGP Tag Team Champions. Not sure what happened there, but all seems sorted now and the UK team will still be defending their belts against Beer Money at Hard Justice this coming weekend.

Phil Allely

Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain

Not so long ago Brock Lesnar was the man to watch out for in the WWE, but he himself grew weary of the sport in which he excelled and wished to return to try his hand at American Football. He left the WWE and subsequently his football career failed. This dvd was produced at the height of his WWE fame and features not only a look at the beginnings of this monsters rise to the top of the WWE tree, but his best matches form that part of his career.

Lesnar has bounced back of course he now earns huge sums of money for MMA fights and may never now have the need to return to the WWE, but for anyone curious about the mans in-ring abilities, this is a must see dvd.

Matches include ones with The Rock, Undertaker, Big Show, Kurt Angle and even the great man himself Hulk Hogan.

8 out of 10

Phil Allely

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Phil asks a favour

As many of my friends/associates know I'm now starting up my own pr/events promotions company.

So anyone out there (no matter where) give me a call, I as you can tell have a huge amount of experience promoting gigs/concerts/events all over the UK and the US, (google and see, I won't disappoint).

Anyone interested give me a shout.

tel: 07856092964

references and previous gigs/concerts etc are availble to peruse on request.


Sunday, 2 August 2009

TNA News - Dixie Swings The Axe

News has come to me that TNA President Dixie Carter has started to spring clean the company. First to go are creative team member Dutch Mantel and road agent Savio Vega. Both are allies of Jeff Jarrett and their loss will be felt throughout the company I'm sure.

I've also heard that Jarrett may not have any power within the company if he returns.

The loss of Mantel means that creative team main man Vince Russo has no one left to oppose his ideas, he has been joined by Jeremy Borash recently and it's unclear who else may join them now Mantel has gone.