Friday, 27 February 2009

Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling Week Two Review

Some of us may hate and some us may love the audacity of it, but one thing we can all agree on is that The Hulsketr's Celebrity Wrestling is a superb no-brainer of ashow for us to savour. Shown on Bravo prior to the weekly TNA Impact1 showing the weekly series is one of those car-crash tv programmes that you really have to watch to appreciate. In an idea akin to the ill-fated ITV series here few years back the Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Jimmy Hart judge a group of z-list US celebs as they get trained by Brutus Beefcake and Nasty Boy Nobbs. The entertainment factor here is that we actually get to See the moves, the acting, the posturing and all those things that Vince McMahon would prefer to have kept a secret.
This weeks episode hilarious as the celebs were asked to come up with ring persona's and also perform some low risk but hard to master moves.
It's fun to see the guys and girls put through their paces and learn the ropes, who'd have thought a simple task like running the ropes could be tough to do and an acquired skill!
Roll on episode three.

Legends Of Wrestling Fanfest

Legends Of Wrestling Fanfest

As Wrestlemania fever builds up within us all and the annual wrestling spectacular grows ever close and eclipses all in its path, it’s very easy to neglect other events happening around the same time.

One such event will be a real treat for anyone who happens to be in Houston, Texas, prior to WWE’s highlight of the year.

TNA superstar Booker T’s Fight For Kids Foundation will be presenting a special fan fest on the day of April 3rd at the George R Brown Convention Centre in Houston.

The Legend’s Champion has amassed a wealth of grappling talent from TNA, including World Champion Sting, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, The Beautiful People, Christy Hemme, brother Devon and of Course Booker and his lovely wife Sharmell.

All of course will be more than willing to meet, greet and pose for pictures with fans, either as part of the one-off VIP package or in separate photo and autograph deals

Also lined up to appear are wrestling legends Sid, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Ron Simmons, Toto Santana, Nick Bockwinkle, ‘The Mouth of the South’ Jimmy Hart, Nasty Boy Brian Nobbs, Tully Blanchard and ‘Iceman’ King Parsons.

Bringing the glamour to the show will be former WWE Diva’s Torrie Wilson and Amy ‘Lita’ Dumas.

If you are heading to Texas for Wrestlemania I’d thoroughly recommend you check out for details of this unique one day event.

TNA Star's House Burns Down

TNA wrestler Sharkboy has lost all of his possession in a house fire, he learnt this whilst on the road this week for the Impact! tapings.
In a statement to the media Sharkboy has said that he lost all of his merchandise and that anyone with outstanding orders will be reimbursed. There will be no stock to order any more for sometime, poor Sharky, fingers crossed he doesn't get the axe from his TNA job now to need a bad week.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

TNA return to Ireland in October


Due to overwhelming demand from Irish fans, the superstars of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling’s “TNA iMPACT!” (Saturdays, 9 p.m. on Bravo) will bring “TNA Live!” back to Ireland this October 3 at the O2 Arena in Dublin.

TNA celebrated a successful Irish debut in January with two sold-out events. With fans turned away on both nights, TNA officials decided to return to Ireland as part of their European tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland this Fall.

The Main Event Mafia and the superstars of TNA’s Frontline will return to Ireland to battle in the signature six-sided ring, as well as the high-flying, no-limits X-Division and the lovely and lethal TNA Knockouts.

Tickets start from €33.60 (excluding booking fee) and are available March 5 at all Ticketmaster locations as well as online at . A limited number of tickets are priced €81 (including booking fee) are also on sale and include a meet and greet, free program and ringside seats.

Flair hits the big 6-0

Wrestling legend and infamous party animal has celebrate dhis 60th birthday, stating he feels like a 25 year old and has no plans to grow up or slow down his pace of life. Flair of course is set to make an appearance for the WWE over wrestlemania weekend and induct his great rival Ricky Steamboat into the hall of fame.

Also celebrating her birthday on the same day as Ric was WWE diva Maria, she is 27 years old.

A new TNA feud in the pipeline!

According to some sources a rumoured match for Lockdown (TNA's all cage match PPV) is Sting V Mick Foley. Considering the current on-screen situation with these two it has to be thought that either Foley turns heel or Sting double crosses him soon and remains with the Main Event Mafia. Should be interesting to see what develops there.
Other matches seem likely to be Kevin Nash (assuming he's injury free) V Samoa Joe and perhaps a final Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle match-up.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New WWE DVD Announced

Silvervision has announced that the next WWE dvd to be released will be the often talked about, but never produced 'Macho Man' Randy Savage retrospective.
After much wheeling and dealing it looks like the dvd will now be a reality, it is said that Vince McMahon has always put the release back, but now perhaps he's finally relented and went for it. Savage was hugely popular Star in the 1980s-90s, had superb feuds with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and the Ultimate Warrior during his sting in the WWE.A collection of his matches will be a great addition to any ones dvd collection.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

WWE HOF Announcement

It's offcial Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year. Steamboat will be inducted by his longtime rival and fellow wrestling legend Ric Flair.

WWE News Second Generation Star Fired

Former Legacy member Manu (Afa Anoi jnr)has been given his marching orders from the WWE. Reasons seem to be his in ring work. he is latest in a long line of WWE superstars to be removed from the roster as of late.

Monday, 23 February 2009

TNA Another Superstar Released!

News just in that TNA mid-carder and X Division stalwart Sonjay Dutt is the latest casualty of the TNA roster cull.
Dutt is a shock departure for me, as I'd reckoned he'd be a big part of the companies Indian tour plans. TNA has a big market share over there and good TV ratings, like WWE's Khali Dutt surely had potential to become a big star there.
WWE will surely snap up the speedy high-flyer.
So Cal Val's position must be in jeopardy now too though, her spot as his valet/companion has now gone of course.

TNA Impact Review

Well we all by now know that I was less than impressed by TNA's Against All Odds PPV. The good news is that recent episodes of Impact have renewed my faith in the company.
In the latest edition we were treated to a street fight between the Motor City machine Guns and Lethal Consequences, it was a high-speed and quite brutal affair that featured steel chair shots, ladder spots and more.
Beer Money took on the Canadian duo of Petey Williams and Eric Young, this is anew idea by TNA where Beer Money put their tag titles on the line against a team and if they fail to beat Roode and Storm the pinned person will leave TNA for good. Unfortunately the person this time was Petey, a big mistake I'd say as he has tremendous potential and the roster will Miss him. He was in tears as the crowd wished him well.
In a poor match-up Brutus Magnus, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Matt Morgan teamed against LAX and Shane Sewell. Not bad, but Magnus really does need some work, he looked stiff once more int he ring. LAX and Sewel worked well together though.
We got to see Abyss and Dr Stevie have a consultation, let's hope Stevie Richards makes his on screen debut soon, he's a great character.
Finally after the bickering, arguments and in-fighting Kurt angle got his wish for an empty arena match with world champ Sting (I'm still not sure about empty arena matches, surely you want fans to witness the carnage!), anyway after some hard battling the main Event mafia stepped in and broke up the fight that Sting was dominating. Looks like he's still going to face Angle at Destination X now, let's hope that PPV wipes the memory of Against All Odds away!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

TNA News/Rumours

Puerto Rico seems to be a hotbed of TNA action at the moment, with LAX winning the tag titles there and samoa Joe making an appearance for the IWA too.

With Japan too and the UK tours being so successful, TNA seem to be going well with their dreams of taking on the global market.

It seems a few new knockouts could be added soon, after the poor showings recently, the division really needs an influx of talent to battle taylor wilde and co.

I'd expect Sting to jump to the Frontline very soon, his feud with Kurt angle over the world title must be heading that way.

WWE No Way Out My Comments

So NWA is over and we've all heard about the shock surprise in both elimination chamber matches. Champion Edge was pinned early in the opening one, and Jeff hardy did his suicidal routine off the pods, before Triple H picked up his 13th world title. The second chamber match ha d shock twist as edge wiped out Kofi Kingston prior to his entering the chamber, this led to Edge pinning the star of the match Rey Mysterio and pick up another world title in the same night he lost his.
A greta way to keep the fans guessing, I'm sure you'll agree.
Other matches were ok, Shawn Michaels, go his freedom from JBL in an excellent brawl and Finlay failed to win the ECW title, but the emphasis was on the chamber bouts and rightly so.
My only flaw would be that we never saw a Mania build up, so the upcoming RAW/Smackdown shows need to do that now.
As a stand alone show it was good, expect Michaels/Taker for Undie's mania winning-streak to be announced and other feuds to rear their head before the shows end this week.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

New and Rumours

So Against All Odds is over, my rveiew will be on The Sun website soon (please check it out).

In other news, maybe I was wrong to say he was leaving, rumour has it Eric Young may be back on our screens soon.

Jimmy Rave however is gone from TNA, so that's him and his partner Lance Hoyt gone. Wonder where that will leave their former manager/escort Christy Hemme, what will she'll do when she returns from her neck problems?

Nick Aldis made his debut on PPV as Gladiator Brutus Magnus, my comments on this will follow too.

Over in WWE-land The Von Erich's are said to be inline for a Hall Of Fame spot, not surprising since the WWE made the dvd about the promotion they ran recently and even had Kerry's daghhter under contract for while, she by the way is seemingly in line to pose for Playboy.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

TNA/WWE Rumours

Christian has made his long awaited return to the WWE, curiously he's turned up on ECW, challenging the winner of the upcoming Swagger/Finlay Title match.
Maybe they thought they needed a big name to boost the brand, he should fare well there, I personally want to see him against Finlay.

Over in TNA it seems as if Lance Hoyt, Eric Young and Petey Williams are gone form the company.

Hoyt I can understand, but Young and Williams have had pretty high profile positions recently. More on that as I hear it.

I've a worry about TNA this week, I'm reviewing the Against All Odds PPV tonight (check out the review soon), but the idea of the Main Event Mafia splitting from Sting could be a mistake, Sting is always well received as a face and his postiion in the Mafia looked good alongside Booker T, Nash and Steiner. I'd prefer to see Sting nash et all turn on Angle and be the cool faction.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Congratulations to Mickey Rourke who is well on his way to that elusive Oscar win, he's just picked up a BAFTA to add to his other accoloades for his turn in the superb movie The Wrestler.

Ove in TNA UK star Nick Aldis has made his PPV debut for the company at the Against All Odds event, watch out for my review and comments when the event airs here this wed night.

Also in TNA keep an eye on the Kurt Angle and Sting situation, looks like a Main Event Mafia internal feud is about to happen, expect a match or two on PPV and a hop to the Frontline by Sting.

WWE-land has one big story at present, Chris Jericho was seemingly asaulted and attacked (verbally and physically) as he attempted to drive from the arena after Raw this week. See numeorus websites etc for clips of the incident and the irate Jericho, WWE are playing it down of course.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Hulk's Celebrity Wrestling Come's to Bravo

This Saturday at 8pm we can all indulge in a superb piece of car-crash TV courtesy of Hulk Hogan himself. Initially run on the US Country Music Network! the celebrity wrestling series found such a decent market and audience that second series if highly likely. Following in the footsteps of the ill-fated UK version of the same idea (that flopped a few years back). Hogan is the main man in a show that takes a bunch of c-list and below US stars, gives them a trainer (Nasty Boy Nobbs and Brutus Beefcake) and throws them into the world of pro-wrestling. The judges are Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Jimmy Hart. We can also expect some appearances by the likes of Goldberg and RVD, you may notice trend here, all the afore mentioned wrestling stars or characters are good buddies with the Hulkster.
Of course that's the idea, Hogan Know's Best (the series that brought the Hogan clan into our living rooms) was a huge hit and they hope that using Hogan's friends etc they can make another similar hit show here too.
I will of course comment on the show as i see it, what i can say is that it is reported to have been hated by Vince McMahon because it opened the world of wrestling up too much, for that alone it's worth a viewing or too.

The great news is that after this celeb bashing fun we can see some real pro's in action by tuning into the regular TNA Impact broadcast that follows on at 9pm.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

WWE Rumours

Seems like Mickey Rourke's Wrestlemania showing may be a thing of the past already. Ric Flair is being tipped to be involved with Jericho instead, although not in a wrestling capacity I'd say.

Could Finlay pick up his first world title soon? The Irishman is being lined up against ECW champ jack swagger, could elevate the brand if the veteran took the title and brought the fight to the roster. He does need to drop Hornswoggle though.

Gaim Kim has filmed vignettes to re-introduce her to fans again and should appear soon.

No news on Christian, but i did hear he has mentioned that Nash may jump ship too, more on that as i get it.

Monday, 2 February 2009

TNA Impact Report

I must admit I loved the recent edition of TNA Ipact on Bravo this past week, having Kurt Angle and the Main Event Mafia take control of the show was a masterstroke (yes it may resemble an old NWO idea), but it was a great piece of TV. Booker T and the injured Kevin Nash proved to be good play-by-play men, Booker especially had it perfect as he spouted rambling facts and figures during the matches they called, big Kev seemed to be having a ball as the straight man. Scott Steiner was an interesting ring announcer, his technique is unique to say the least.
Match wise we had some good ones too, ODB took on the entire Kongtourage, Petey Williams was up against Matt Morgan and Sting (who Kurt is either testing or weakening for a title match) took on Team 3-D. Sting is known to have dodgy knees at present so perhaps he will drop the title to Kurt and then battle against his MEM mates after a short break. Sting is to take on Kurt, Brother Ray and Brother Devon at Against All Odds in a match where who ever scores the pin wins his title.

Mach Man DVD May Be Released After All

Sources say that the long overdue Mach Man Randy Savage DVD may finally be produced by the WWE. Savage was one of the WWE's biggest stars and of course is still well remembered today(Jay Lethal's Black Machismo is a great way to keep his spirit alive and well). A DVD of his feud throughout the 19080s-1990s would be superb and well received I'm sure. it's always been rumoured that it's only a personal thing between randy and Vince McMahon that's been holding this DVD back, but fingers crossed it goes ahead.