Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Will Ric Flair sign with TNA?

Sources say that through the connection between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair (via the Hulkamania tour etc), TNA have had some preliminary talks with Flair about joining them.
I'm still not sure about Ric wrestling these days, but as an on screen talent he would be great.

Hogan wrestling for TNA!

In interviews Hulk Hogan has said that he will be using his upcoming Hulkamania tour to test his legs and see if he is fit to enter the TNA ring. Hogan wrestling a limited shcedule for the company and appearing at PPV's could certainly help TNA buyrates.

Nash Suspended Over TNA Outburst

Rumour has it that Kevin Nash has been suspended for a week after his outburst during last weeks Impact! taping, his outburst ws after Chris sabin suffered a stinger in the ring and Nash felt the spot was dangerous and unneeded.

Big Kev should be back soon and will probably be as outspoken as ever.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hogan and TNA

By Phil Allely

Hulk Hogan joining TNA is a great move, but we have to hope that the many ego's involved (Russo, Hogan, Bischoff etc) and the fact that Hogan's old NWO buddy Kevin Nash is present too all mean that things could go the way of WCW unless they are very careful. However it could all work out well and the WWE may well be panicing right now, after all the publcity this move brings to TNA the interest the company really could be snapping at the WWE's heels with ease.

Breaking News Hulk Hogan to TNA!

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling On Spike TV! - HULK HOGAN JOINS TNA WRESTLING!

Hulkamania runs wild through TNA!

By Phil Allely

In a surprise move for the company TNA has made perhaps its biggest signing to date as Hulk Hogan himself has joined the company as an on-screen personality and perhaps even a wrestler.

At the press conference to celebrate this mighty wrestling union the Hulkster stated that he felt great and was looking forward to becoming a partner with the company, Hogan will make his debut on this weeks TNA Impact! Show and that appearance will surely see the company’s viewing figures leap up as many fans tune in to see the legend back in the ring once more.

Hogan has already teased an appearance in TNA, when a few years back Jeff Jarrett launched an attack on Hogan as part of a Japanese press conference (where Jarrett attacked Hulk and left him bloody and beaten). This time however it looks like Hogan will not only appear on TV in the six-side ring, but he will also take an active role in the storylines.

With many former WCW stars in TNA employ and former scribe Vince Russo penning the scripts, many fans will hope that TNA doesn’t fall into the nosedive that WCW did and instead progress to the highs of the original Monday Night Wars that the on-form WCW had with Vince McMahon’s WWE.

That would be a dream come true for many veteran fans, as the world really does need the WWE to have some healthy competition and the addition of Hulk and his legacy to the TNA roster could just help them make it a two horse race for wrestling domination.

TNA President Dixie Carter has backed the decision to bring the Hulkster on board and said that “although rating were high for Thursday nights, having his presence would help get them (TNA) were they need to be”.

This weeks Impact! Will be essential viewing for everyone, from the casual fan to the die hard ones, who doesn’t want to watch history being made when that all too familiar orange skinned giant makes his way down the ramp to pump up a crowd of adoring fans, I know I’ll not miss it.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Michaels retirement plans!

According to numeorus sources Shawn Michaels has no immediate plans to retire form in-ring action. Shawn is already working a limited schedule and does not work house shows at all. This lesser schedule should enable him to last much longer than his contemporaries.
I'd expect the WWE to hold an event of Ric Flair proportions once Michaels decides its time to hang up his boots.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Some WWE photos to share

Some personal pics from a WWE show in 2007 I was at.

Hope you enjoy,

Battle of the Brits DVD Review

BY Phil Allely

Battle of the Brits is a retro step back in time for fans of the old style UK wrestling scene of the 1970s-1980s. The good old days of Big Daddy etc that saw millions of us sit huddled around the tv with the family on a saturday afternoon. The action was poor by modern standards, few of the wrestlers could jump let alone perform some high flying moves we expect these days. In fact many could barely move due to their fat frames. But we loved them eh!
This release is a two hour plus sleection of some of the periods best matches, yes production values are poor and it is dodgy stuff at times, but for a step back in time and nostalgia alone the disc is very enjoyable and a worthy addition to your collection.
If you search the net or poke around high street stores, you'll find this a cheap dvd and a fun way to spend a few hours, especially in the company of such legends as Giant Haystacks, Bomber Pat Roach and other such UK stars of the time.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Nigel McGuinness Joins TNA!

By Phil Allely

ROH legend Nigel McGuinness has debuted in TNA as Desmond Wolf (a trademarkable name that he came up with). This is a big-ish surprise to many of us, McGuinness and Brian Danielson were both seemingly tipped to sign with rivals the WWE. Whilst Danielson is heading to the WWE it looks like they were unwilling to take on the injury prone McGuinness (two bicep tears and many other in recent years), but now perhaps TNA can use him wisely and gain some ground on the WWE. According to sources Daniels (of TNA) has been raving about McGuinness's working for the company.

Scott Steiner pulls off a surprise good match!

Scott Steiner has been rumoured to be leaving TNA once his current contract finishes, that may be up for some renegotiation after his performance at Bound For Glory this past week. Scotty was amazing during the full metal mayhem match against Team 3D, British Invasion and Beer Money, Steiner lost partner and TNA leaver Booker T early in the bout and pulled off a career best match in the interim. Scott hit some great power moves on all foes, he looked impressive all around the ring and certainly showed he has soemthing left in the tank.
I'd be shocked if he did not get re-signed by TNA, if not he could be a good addition to the current WWE mid-card.

TNA Bound For Glory - Review/Comments

by Phil Allely

Full Metal Mayhem for the TNA & IWGP Tag Titles: this match was certainly a decent enough brawl for both sets of gold. Interesting to see that TNA have rightly swapped the IWGP straps back to Team 3D, New japan will be pleased at that, the duo of Devon and Ray will certainly shift more tickets in Japan that the British Invasion pairing.
It is worth noting that The Brits are now sporting the TNA belts and will remain high on the card defending them.

In my opinion the team of Sarita and Taylor Wilde are the best female tandem in the US. Their match with the Beautiful People proved that.

I was a bit surprised to see Eric Young snatch the Legends Title form Kevin Nash, although with big Kev's knee issues etc I'd hope he steps out of the ring soon and moves into a managerial role. Hernandez is impressive, but perhaps not single title worthy yet.

Ultimate X was as always scary, exciting and innovative, amazing Red rightly retained his belt, but TNA need to watch the welfare of the X Division roster members, too many are getting injured in this style of match.

Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan are a very decent pairing when it comes to sigles matches, I do worry about Morgans lack of charisma and Kurt's failing body.

lashley and Samoa Joe was an odd bout, pity poor Joe the once unbeatable submission machine was wiped out by a not-over at all lashley in a match that progressed his career none at all.

The Monsters ball match between Mick Foley and Abyss was certainly action packed, although I'm not sure I have any excitement levels lefft for Foley or Abyss in weapons bouts, its as if the blood means nothing these days. daffney took anasty bump and received a broken arm I hear.

Aj Styles and Sting as impressive, the fact that Sting laid down for AJ shows he is a true pro, I do hope the great man hangs on in for a while more.

BFG gets a 7 out of 10 from me.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

BFG TNA preview

In 15 mins I will like many fans be sitting down to watch TNA's Bound For Glory PPV, I have not read any review etc for the event and hope it live sup to my expectations, I will not be reviewing this for the Sun this month, as a reporter is heading there live to review the show for a few mags. I will however do my review here for once.
I hope you come back and read it.

Booker T is he gone from TNA?

I know I mentioned it before, but it does seem Booker T has parted ways with TNA, he has been written out of the story lines and has very little time left on his contract, I hear Booker has had some friction backstage too, it all looks like he is heading to pastures new.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Shimmer Volume 6 Review

by Phil Allely

Now Shimmer is one of the US's best female wrestling companies and yet many of us still don't know it exists.Without Shimmer many of the top girls in the sport would not be there.
This disc (volume 6) just goes to prove that point, featuring many of the best ladies the wrestling game has to offer.
Matches here includes ones featuring Cheerleader Melissa (now Raisha Saeed in TNA), Nikita (Katie Lee Burchill in WWE), Awesome Kong, Nattie Neidhart and many other indie names who excel at the sport.
This disc is a great way of introducing yourself to Shimmer, the matches are of a high calibre and the action has its moments where you look in awe.
Check this out on the Big Vision label and enjoy the action.


Saturday, 17 October 2009

TNA Star To Leave After BFG?

I've already mentioned that according to reports Booker T may be heading on from TNA soon, leaving his fellow Main Event Mafia teammates somewhat in the lurch and a man down. It now seems as if his tag team partner Scott Steiner may be on his way out as well. Both have contracts up for renewal and whilst Booker could remain a top tier fixture, Steiner is a less favourable choice and with the departure of his mate Jeff Jarrett it leaves him in a poor place stroke-wise backstage.
It was said that the pair would be dropping the TNA tag straps at Bound For Glory this weekend, that is now pretty muhc a doe deal if both are being primed to leave the fold. Booker may have one more run with the WWE left in im, but Steiner is pretty much finished if he leaves TNA, the once great Big Poppa Pump will have to try to secure a decent spot on Japan torus or rely on his savings, his career is pretty muhc done and dusted now I'd say.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

TNA On Freeview

As you may have read freeview viewers can now see TNA's Impact! show on a friday night (for a short period of time), the idea is to boost viewers for the show and eleavte it's profile amongst UK fans.
Great news I'd say, it now means we see Impact! a full days before it shows on Bravo.
Watch out for Impact! on Virgin 1 very soon indeed.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

AWR European tour dates and info

Below are dates and details fpr the upcoming AWR European tour:


AWR Champion Rene Dupree - Rob Van Dam - Sid - Sabu - Raven - X-Pacc - And More!


Tuesday November 17th : Strasbourg, France [Tickets]

Thursday November 19th : Caen, France [Tickets]

Friday November 20th : Lille, France [Tickets]

Saturday November 21st : Le Mans, France [Tickets]

Sunday November 22nd : Limoges, France [Tickets]

Tuesday November 24th : Nantes (Zenith Metropole), France [Tickets]

Tuesday December 8th : Toulouse, France [Tickets]

Wedensday December 9th : Marseille, France [Tickets]


Thursday November 26th : Mannheim, Germany [Tickets]

Friday November 27th : Regensburg, Germnay [Tickets]

Saturday November 28th : Bamburg, Germany [Tickets]

Sunday November 29th : Essen, Germany [Tickets]


Friday December 4th : Bucharest [Tickets]


Saturday December 5th : Varna, Bulgaria [Tickets]

Sunday December 6th " Sofia, Bulgaria [Tickets]

Wrestling news

to start of I wish to state my sadness at the passing of WWE legend Captain Lou Albano, the captain was a true great in the sport and a real character, he will be greatly missed.

in some news snippets, I hear that the Ultimate Warrior has been added to the alumni list of the WWE website, can this mean that he will be one of the Hall of Fame guests next year? considering the problems he has had legally with the WWE it would be a great break to have him on side for once.

In other news, after TNA's rough European tour (I'm still to hear any live reports), I have heard that the Bound For Glory PPV is being papered all around the area it's taking place in, I really want TNA to succeed, but I do wonder how they can turn things aroudn sometimes.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

TNA Draw Poor Crowds on European Tour

by Phil Allely

Several reports are saying that the crowds at the recent TNA European tour were something like the oens they achieve in the US. Ranging between 1000 and 1600 per night. Considering some of the venues (inc Dublin's O2 arena) can house 7000-8000 fans this is a poor showing for a tour like this.

I for one feel that TNA works better in smaller venues and should keep performing to crowds like that before they try to take on larger venues.

I'm sure the fans who attended the live shows were not disappointed, but surely the roster and management were feeling let down at not filling the arenas.

The promotional material for the tour also featured a number of TNA stars who are now gone from the company. That cannot have helped things either.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Mick Foley on Stand Up Tour

TNA star Mick Foley is all set to embark on a stand up comedy tour, he will be supported by Colt Cabana and others. Foley recently had a very well received comedy outing last month and seems now destined to forge ahead with that as another sideline to add to his already expanding list of non-wrestling jobs.

Flair's title for sale online!

Owning a piece of wrestling history can be a costly endeavour!

By Phil Allely

Online wrestling store is auctioning off the original NWA World Heavyweight title belt. The belt up for grabs to the highest bidder is the same one that was held by wrestling legends Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair, during the glory days of the sport.

As many fans know Ric Flair, the previous owner of the title belt has had his fair share of money woes as of late, The Nature Boy reportedly used the treasured piece of wrestling history as collateral for a loan from Highspots, and was unable to repay the loan.

The company are now auctioning off the on their website, although owning such an iconic item will not be a cheap excercise, the starting price of $75,000 has already been offered and interest in the item building quickly.

Whilst only the more flush of us can fork out that sort of cash, some lucky wrestling fan will soon be the proud owner of one of the mat sports most historic items.

Check the auction out at

Thursday, 8 October 2009

TNA News: Is Booker T leaving?

TNA star and current Tag Team champ Booker T is rumoured to be finishing with the company soon. He is said to have refused to lose to Matt Morgan recently, has had some dialogue with Dixie Carter and is seemingly set to leave once his contract expires in November. Booker still has pretty good WWE connections and may resurface there, he still of course has his own wrestling promotion and other projects too.
I'd epxect him and Steiner to drop the betls at Bound For Glory and him to be ejected from the Man Event Mafia sometime later on TV.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

News and rumours

TNA: Rhaka Khan has now been removed from the TNA roster page on the official website, so it would seem that Kurt Angle's ex is most def history with the company.

Also a match has been confirmed for the Bound For Glory PPV this month, it will be a tag team four-way featuring Scott Steiner/Booker T v Team 3D v British Invasion v Beer Money, it seems the IWGP and TNA tag belts will be on the line for that one.

Sting and AJ Styles will most likely main event the show, although it now seesm Sting may not be billing it a retirment match and hang about for a while longer.

WWE: Sources say that CM Punk dropped his heavyweight title to Taker due to some sort of issue whilst on the recent European tour. It is said that Punk was dressed improperly for a champ and is being penalised for complaining when he pointed out that Cena always dressed down too. WWE always like champs to be well dresed and show and example, unless it spoils their character (see Stone Cold, Cena etc for that one).

Undertaker will now most likely face Batista in a new feud, of course that depends on Batista's body holding out and him being injury free.

Am I the only one who wonders about putting a world title on the part-time worker Taker and having him feud with an injury prone performer/

Other notes: The artist formerly known as Sunny (Tammy Sytch) has hit out at Lacey Von Erich's comments on Angelina Love (see web boards for full comments), Lacey is said to have said (in character according to her)some of them bad mouthing the former TNA Knockouts champ.
Love (via myspace etc)is said to have been upset at this and in an odd move Sytch has jumped in via her Facebook page and commented on Von Erich's remarks, Sytch mentions such things as suicide, drugs and other things the daughter of Kerry Von Erich and her family probably don't want brought up.