Friday, 26 February 2010

Eric Bischoff on Facebook

TNA new boy Eric Bischoff has just set up his own Facebook page, he has made some interesting comments on the product, wrestlers and future ideas, check it out:

See Eric Bischoff, Controversy on Facebook for details.

Sting and TNA

Reports are sayiong that former TNA champ Sting (last seen watching the January Impact! from the rafters of the arena) is being mentioned very little at present within TNA.

Sting missed a few tapings and PPVs recently, this is said to have upset current head men Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. pics from live show Feb 19 2010

Here are some pics taken at the recent show I attended and reviewed right here.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Shannon Mooore to TNA!

according to various sources, ex-WWE star and good buddy of Jeff Hardy Shannon Moore has signed with TNA. Even Dixie Carter has let this one slip via her Twitter account.

Of course signing Moore could be a good move, he was the reason Jeff Hardy appeared on TNA TV and could help Jeff choose TNA over the WWE when he can wrestle again.

Saturday, 20 February 2010 review offer up a wrestling A-Z

By Phil Allely

Whilst we all love it when the WWE or TNA three ring circus comes to the UK/Ireland (for a series of live shows) it’s always good to remember that whilst the big two are only here a few times a year, there are many small time local Indy promotions who plug away each and every week to give us all our wrestling fix, each one hoping to win our attentions and support. is a fledgling promotion based in Northern Ireland, with just over a year under their belt so far.

The company are currently touring towns in NI offering Irish fans the chance to see some homegrown/US influenced grappling.

I caught up with them as they opened the tour off in Lisburn, County Antrim, with a charity show in aid of Multiple Sclerosis. The 250 fans in attendance were pumped up for a night of highflying and faced paced action, as the posters promised and they certainly got it.

The show featured a nice mix of singles matches, gauntlet style brawls and a over the top battle royal, the real story was that the promotion did exactly what it said it would on it’s promotional material. Young in-ring talents like Duncan Disorderly, Bingo Balance and Shawn Maxer may not be on TV each week or household names like their big league counterparts, but they do have the ability and experience to perform at their level, pulling off some spectacular moves and storytelling both in and out of the ring.

As organiser Stephen Muldoon told me ’What we want to do is offer family-based sports entertainment, give the older fans some flashy moves and high-spots, whilst keeping the kids entertained with some good old fashioned face/heel characters and storylines’.

One of the biggest obstacles Indy wrestling promotions have to overcome is badly organised competition who offer inferior products and poor performances. ‘One thing we find is that if a company has been to town before us and stuck the picture of say someone like Hulk Hogan etc on their posters and went on to basically rip off the fans (with their card), it’s tough for a genuine company like us to win their support back again.’ ‘It’s an unfortunate situation, but we have to live with it.’ Said Stephen.

With stars such as Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus all riding high in the WWE and TNA today , it’s sometimes hard to believe that they started off in small local shows run by companies such as, perhaps some day we can say we saw the newest UK star to sign for the WWE live in our local leisure centre, a few years before he made the big time?

Visit for full details of the companies roster and tours.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

This week start their latest tour of Northern Ireland, you can get all of the details on their website

I've pasted a link to the site, tickets for Feb 19 in Lsburn are £10 or £12 on the door, there are even family tickets too, they really need your support and the night will be blast I'm sure, I'll be there, so should you.

My review will be here after the show.


TNA PPV against all odds

Against all odds was yet another TNA PPV many of us here in the UK did not see, it is only available online or via BT Vision, hopefully this will change as we really do miss those PPVs on Bravo.

The show was pretty good, you can see my full review on the Sun's wrestling pages, but overall I enjoyed it, the formatw as slightly different (an eight man tournament and one title match, no Knockouts, no x division and no tag title match), but it was good to see the Pope win and less of Hogan etc.

I don't really enjoy seeing the Nasty Boys on TV though, there are better tag teams in TNA, but thats one minor point.

Hogan to step into the TNA ring

Hulk Hogan will step back in the ring to open up the latest chpater in the
Monday Night Wars, he will join Abyss and battle Ric Flair and AJ Styles on the March 8 Impact! which will be live and go head to head with WWE Raw.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wrestlers turned away from the UK

The organisers of this past weekedns Wrestleslam convention here in the UK are said to be slightly red-faced after some of their guests were turned away at customs. Molly Holly, Mr Fuji, Bushwhacker Luke and other were deemed security risks and sent back tot eh US.

The organisers have offered refunds and already had to announce that X Pac and Sid could not attend due to other committements (X pac is in TNA and Sid wants to be).

Hogan & Bischoff TNA State of Address

I have just written a nice peice for The Sun newspaper regarding the recent State of TNA Address on the Bubba the Love Sponge show by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, you can check it out at and look for the piece there.

They made some great remarks as to their fav TNA stars, Honky Tonk Man, Macho Man, Lacey Von Erich and the general running of TNA.

Chris Jericho is very unhappy too, as he has been put down by Bschoff (who said Jericho could never headline for anyone).

Great stuff all round.

Doug Williams X Division Champ

Even though he did not carry the belt on the recent UK tour, UK star Doug William is the curent TNA X Division champion, he used Rob (Global Champ) Terry's briefcase title shot to defeat Amazing Red at a recent tv taping. Doug may not be a high flyer, but he is a decent wrestler and will prove a good and worthy holder of the strap. TNA are currently mass taping events, so expect other changes etc to not be acknowledged on the road until the appear on t.