Thursday, 31 July 2008

Exclusive TNA Add Dublin Date To 2009 UK Tour

yes my prayers (TNA's Irish fanbase fans too) have been answered, hopefully it was due to my suggestion when meeting with Dixie Carter.

TNA have confirmed today to me (see the exclusive story on the Sun's website) that they will kick off their 2009 UK tour this coming January in Dublin, Ireland.

It will be the National Stadium, Dublin on January 16th tickets are E33.60.

This will be TNA's Ireland debut and the frst time in years a wrestling pormotion has put on a show in Southern Ireland.

Look out for my review live at the show in January and watch here and the Sun's site for any more news.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Kaz and TNA part ways!

TNA are reporting that Kaz (Frankie Kazarian) has asked and been given his contract release, considering his status in the company, former X Division title holder, main eventer recently and leader of Team TNA at the World X Cup, my own personal theory is that this is a Brian Pillman style work, where kaz will seemingly elave the company to work elsewhere and then return triumphant.

Could be interesting if it works.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sandman Arrested

Former WWE star The Sandman has been arrested for assault, see my story on The Sun's website.

Should Shawn Michaels Slow Down?

Ok, he's on a limited shcedule and only really does tv tapings and big shows, but with his knee and back problems can Shawn Michaels body really take the bumps that it's been forced to endure in recent months?

Surely Shawn should reduce those bumps and lengthen his in-ring career a bit longer in doing so?

ECW Title Future

This weeks it seems Mark Henry's title challenger for Summerslam will be determined in a four-way match-up. Mizz, Morrison, Finlay and Matt Hardy will battle it out for the title shot.

Hardy would seem the prime candidate for the shot, but could someone like Finlay slip through and fly the flag for the UK/Ireland at the Summer's big show.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Victory Road Review

My review of the latest TNA PPV Victory Road can be read on the Sun's website, please feel free to leave your comments there.

JR Speaks Up About His Smackdown Position

Good Old 'JR' Jim Ross has been stating that he is more than happy to be a part of the Samckdown announce team (alongside Mick Foley), it's been reported that he may be jumping bakc to his old stomping ground on Raw with Jerry Lawler, but JR is saying that he like smackdown and enjoy havng his weekends off.

Moving Ross to Smackdown was a surprise move on the part of the WWE and one that seemingly offended and uspet Ross to start with, perhaps he has decided to stay put and give it a go or wants to simply take what he's given and stay off the McMahon radar for a while.

Friday, 18 July 2008

TNA News

Reports flying about the net seem to be saying that although fans have the daggers ready to plunge into his back, TNA writer Vince Russo is building up a firm fanbase backstage and looks to be a longterm fixture in the company.

Fire Russo chants are commonplace at live evenst and ppv's, his writing style seemingly offending the TNA die-hards, but perhaps we are all getting the guy wrong and he is trying his best to help the company gain a foothold and battle the WWE.

Only time will tell.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Mr Perfect DVD Preview

The upcoming tribute dvd to former WWE IC Champion Mr Perfect 'Curt Hennig' is looking like a best-seller in the making, the dvd features many of the grapplers best bouts, from all levels of his career, early matches, WWE ones prior to his back injury and even his foray into WCW and beyond, before his untimely death.
More info as I get it.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Knuckles busted!

TNA star Mickie 'Moose' Knuckles has broke her right femur in an indie show for IWA Mid-South, see my article in the sun's website.

there's also a video clip of the incident there too.

Monday, 7 July 2008

TNA Victory Road Confirmed Matches


FAN'S REVENGE MATCH FOR THE TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP The Latin American Xchange (c) vs. Robert Roode & "Cowboy" James Storm

FAN'S PICK THE STIP - SIX MAN TAG TEAM WAR: AJ Styles, Christian Cage & Rhino vs. Kurt Angle & Team 3D

THE FINALS OF THE WORLD X CUP TOURNAMENT Featuring the return of TNA's innovative Ultimate X Match Team TNA vs. Team Japan vs. Team Mexico vs. Team International

GRUDGE MATCH "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal w/ SoCal Val vs. "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt

TNA KNOCKOUTS MATCH Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love

The Victory Road PPV is live July 13th expect my review on the Sun's website after the show has been broadcast on Bravo the following Wednesday (July 16th), we wouldn't want to spoil the fun would we.

Trevor Murdoch Released By WWE

Trevor Murdoch has been released by the WWE, the main reason seems to be they are unsure what to do with the unusual looking grappler. His former tag partner Lance Cade is being tipped for greatness but the hard hitting and old school style Murdoch has seemingly been jettisoned by the WWE. The Harley Race trained wrestler should fare well on the indie circuit. but probably not in a huge role as he has not really gained a big enough reputation in the WWE to ensure long-term earning on the circuit, would TNA hire him, its uncertain as he does not really fit into their style either.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Finlay In ECW

Finlay is rumoured to be taking the slot left vacant by the late Chris Benoit (the plan was for the following to happen to benoit), my fellow Irishman is going to help educate, train and elevate up and coming WWE superstars before they hit the Raw or Smackdown roster.
It's a role Finlay is made for as his worldwide knowledge and decades of dues paying will no doubt be a great help to eager wrestlers. His move to ECW was to help this plan out and still let him compete in-ring too.
Hornswoggle will have a tougher time as he will lose a lot of his young fans in the move.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Rellik Parts Company With TNA

Rellik (yes Killer backwards) otherwise known as Johnny Stambolli or Johnny the Bull has left TNA, most recently assoicated with Dustin Rhodes' Black Reign character Rellik was on a pay per event deal and has now moved on to pastures new.

Kurt Angle Injured Again

TNA star Kurt Angle is reported to have blown his knee out during the past week, he did compete anyway, although heavilly strapped up, but surely this along with his recent neck and leg injury's (that kept him off the UK Tour) must show the grappler that he needs some time off to let his body heal up.