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New JRs BBQ highlights Jim Ross

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on As usual, here are some of the highlights:

- Hopefully, Cole and I did not overly offend too many of you wrestling purists with our 'exhibition' Monday night. It earned the top quarter hour TV rating on the program for the night and that distinction has already been throughly analyzed by those who earn a living covering the genre. Lots of ways for that data to be dissected one can argue. 

- My right hand is somewhat banged up and the x-rays were not overly encouraging Tuesday but it won't keep me from doing what I need to do on Sunday at Extreme Rules. 

- Cole's tooth went to the bone on a knuckle on my right hand which caused bleeding from my hand and his lip for those that have asked. Apparently the risk of infection from a human tooth IE a bite or something like what occurred Monday night is potentially harmful so we've been very careful with the infection aspect of the 'wound' in addition to caring for a sore hand. 

- Interesting that WWE Raw defeated both NBA playoff games Monday night in the TV ratings race. Based on NBA rights fees, WWE is a bargain for USA Network based on the ratings the program has earned year after year. One of those NBA games featured was my OKC Thunder. 

- Congrats to Chris Jericho for his amazing run on DWTS on ABC. @IAmJericho is one of the most multi talented performers with which I've ever been associated. Without question, one has to assume that many doors were opened by Chris' performance on DWTS as it relates to potential, future gigs in 'Hollywood'. We're getting tons of emails and tweets @JRsBBQ asking when Jericho is coming back to WWE. I have heard nothing regarding this matter from any one in any official capacity. I do think that Chris will likely have another run in WWE but whether it is this year or next is completely Chris and the WWE's call. The day Jericho returns he will zoom up the ladder as arguably the most talented, all around grappler on the roster at this time. 

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TNA Velvet Sky and Winter Pics

DieHard Wrestling: Interview with Former WWE Diva and Playboy Cover Girl, Candice Michelle

Here is the link to a new interview with Former WWE Diva and Playboy Cover Girl, Candice Michelle by Diehard Wrestling's Derek.

Candice Michelle is arguably one of the top five most recognizable divas in WWE history. I’m sure her spread in Playboy Magazine has a lot to do with it. But at the same time, Candice was known as a team player who allowed the WWE to exploit her looks and sex appeal for the greater good of the divas division. Unfortunately, her in-ring career was plagued with injuries and some say that was what led to her unexpected release. Luckily for Candice, there is life after wrestling and opportunities to keep her career alive and well. Truth be told, we’ve probably seen the last of Candice Michelle in the squared circle, but the memories of her contributions to the business and to the pants of the male wrestling demographic will live on.

In this exclusive interview for DieHard Wrestling, Candice discusses her thoughts on the state of women’s wrestling, which locker room diva has the hottest naked body, injuries, motherhood, TNA Knockouts and much more!

Follow this link for the CANDICE MICHELLE INTERVIEW & don't forget to follow DieHard Pro Wrestling for more Online Wrestling Videos

Trish Stratus Cover Photo with Business Award

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Christy Hemme New Pics

Angelina Love New Pic

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Rosa Mendes Pics

Sid Eudy Interview Link

Arda Ocal & Jimmy Korderas of R.A.W. Radio spoke with former WWE & WCW Champion "Sycho" Sid Eudy. Highlights:

What Sid is up to now - his movie career and bodybuilding.

Is Sid still available to wrestle & did the WWE ever offer him the chance to 'comeback'

His feelings being at WrestleMania 8, how he told Vince McMahon he didn't want to work for the company after that Pay Per View and what the original plan was for him leading up to Mania.

"My original plan was to only do TV's and PPV's until WrestleMania and than I would become the Champion at WrestleMania and than I was gonna do house-shows after WrestleMania. But the situation with Warrior being fired at SummerSlam changed the whole thing. I don't remember Papa Chango missing his cue - I just remember things not being laid out very well."

What the atmosphere felt like behind the curtain at SummerSlam '91concerning the Ultimate Warrior

"I think everybody was aware of it but I don't think anybody cared. Things like that happened so often that nobody ever cared. People might have cared about it - but it's not anyone's business, so nobody cared"

Where was Sid happiest to work - which company?

Sid's thoughts on being a champion and carrying a championship title

"When I first started the business, I was told I would never be champion. The belt was always put on people who could draw. So I never expected to become a 15-time champion or anything...(the championship) just became an extra thing in your bag to carry're never in the business to become champion, you're in the business to do your part - whatever the promoter tells you your part is."

His thoughts on working with Shawn Michaels in the WWE around 1996/1997

Sid talks about his ankle injury - why it happened, the rehab and the entire situation

"It was a PPV. What they did was put that (move) in there as a cue for the camera to go back and show the 'mystery partner'. I wasn't comfortable doing that move (from the second ropes) but I tried and sometimes we make mistakes"

A story of having a punctured lung and broken ribs during a match with the Steiner Bros & Doom

For the full 15+ minute interview, click here:

Below are full results from the 2011 WWE Supplemental Draft:

Below are full results from the 2011 WWE Supplemental Draft:

* Daniel Bryan goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Jack Swagger goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh go from RAW to SmackDown.

* Jimmy Uso goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Kelly Kelly goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* JTG goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* Alicia Fox goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* William Regal goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Yoshi Tatsu goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Drew McIntyre goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* Natalya goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Curt Hawkins goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* Chris Masters goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* Jey Uso goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Kofi Kingston goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* Ted DiBiase goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Tyson Kidd goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Tamina goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Tyler Reks goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* Alex Riley goes from RAW to SmackDown.

* Beth Phoenix goes from SmackDown to RAW.

* Sheamus goes from RAW to SmackDown.

Major WWE Creative Changes, HHH-Vince News, New Diva Slip Pics and More...

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Mexican American Alliance Pics

TNA DVD Review - Genesis 2011

TNA Genesis 2011 DVD Review

By Phil Allely

Genesis was TNA’s first PPV offering of 2011 and now we can all enjoy it at home with this new DVD release version of the event. So what makes it worth purchasing?

Kicking things off Kazarian (representing Immortal & Fortune) took on fellow high flyer and risk-taker Jay Lethal in an entertaining and dangerous X Division Title scrap.

Next up the two ladies who rank high in the rejuvenated Knockouts Division Mickie James and Madison Rayne faced off for Rayne’s cherished women’s singles strap. The talented James was more than able to carry the ever-improving Rayne to a great bout.

Anytime the two best combos in the wrestling business (in this writers opinion) meet in the ring it is a special thing, throwing the TNA World Tag Team belts into the mix make that even more special. Tag Champs the Motor City Machineguns against Beer Money had so many high spots it’s hard to pick them out. Sabin/Shelley and Roode/Storm blend together so well they make pure wrestling poetry when they meet.

The most decorated tag team in wrestling (Team 3D) continued their implosion as Brothers Ray and Devon took their annoyance out on their (storyline) sibling.  The arena and ringside area became a war zone for this encounter, both not wanting to give up and unleash much pain on the other.

AJ Styles being genuinely injured led to Abyss taking his place against Television Champion Douglas Williams.

The following encounter was shaded in secrecy and suspense from the get go, former TNA Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam was about to face a handpicked opponent by Immortal’s Eric Bischoff. When it was stated that RVD was going to get Hardy, (of course World Champ Jeff Hardy was off the card) we thought we knew what was coming, but what we got was his brother and former WWE superstar Matt Hardy (sporting a new look). This was a wonderfully heated pairing, both men have faced each other before and both have something to prove as former champ and TNA new boy respectively.

Jeff Jarrett and the returning Kurt Angle put forth a vicious at times MMA challenge brawl next, the pair exchanging holds, moves, offensive and defensive holds. Angle even bladed to pump up the adrenaline.

The main event was designed to determine the number one contender for Jeff Hardy’s World Heavyweight Championship. Mr Anderson (fresh off his enforced concussion based sabbatical) squaring off against the hugely imposing Matt Morgan. Anderson was on fine form and showed no signs of his recent injuries.

This was also the night that Mr Anderson saw his Title dreams come true, yes there is an impromptu World Heavyweight Title match here as well.

Genesis was a superb opener in TNA’s 2011 PPV assault and one that proved that the company do have a great product and roster on hand to get it over. This DVD is an great way to remember how the company kicked off the year.

New Tammy 'Sunny Sytch Pics

Brooke Adams (Miss Tessmacher) Rare Pic

a nice pic of recently returned TNA knockout Brooke Adams (aka Miss Tessmacher)

Christina Crawford Interview Highlights - Tough Enough 2011

WWE Tough Enough contestant Christina Crawford, sister of Alicia Fox and former FCW Diva Caylee Turner, recently spoke to about the show. Here are some highlights: 
Working with her sister Alicia Fox:

"I would love love love to win that title one day. But it would be the best if I could take it from my sister. What started my dream of working with the WWE was when my sister got hired, but I was too young at the time to apply. My dream was to go to school and then I would try out for the WWE. She is on the main roster and I haven't gotten the chance to work with her yet. But we do hang out together and it's great moral support." 
Concern over injuries:

"I am not worried about injuries because the training environment is always safe. The trainers are helping us learn to build and to protect our body." 
Show host Steve Austin:

"He is extremely intimidating, but you are just starstruck when you first meet him and you forget all of that. It's amazing for a legend like him to share his knowledge with us." 

WWE DVD Review: The Big - A Giant’s World

WWE DVD Review: The Big - A Giant’s World

By Phil Allely

This new release from Silver Vision is a rather nice looking triple DVD set looking at the life and career of the organisations largest performer the Big Show. The seven foot tall athlete is by far an unbelievable sight in a world where larger than life performances and actions are everyday events. The charming and comically talented Wight is a perfect example of someone who enjoys his job and relishs the responsibilities and demands it brings.

This set offers up not only a one hour documentary about Paul’s life and career to date, but also presents some of his finest in-ring moments. The documentary is pretty well made, we learn about the young man’s diagnosis of Acromegaly (the condition that saw Andre the Giant grow to such gigantic proportions and die at a young age) Wight is upbeat about his condition, the stress and strain it put on him and the operation he underwent to try to halt its progression.

His rise through the ranks of basketball leagues and his chance meeting with Hulk Hogan (which led to his signing with WWE rival WCW) are covered nicely if briefly. The early career of his on-screen character The Giant are treated similarly, the main bulk of the documentary piece cover the WWE side of things and show how the once toned and athletic wrestler slowly became an overweight embarrassment. Wight’s removal form WWE TV and subsequent time in Ohio Valley Wrestling are mentioned briefly too, this is a time where he felt humbled and saw that his fame, money and WWE career could be gone in mere moments if he did not work for them. Work he did though as Big Show is now one of the more reliable and crowd-drawing members of a rapidly depleting roster, amassing many world titles, singles belts and currently residing as one half of the Tag Team Champions (alongside Kane).

The Big Show/Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania boxer/wrestler encounter is rightly mentioned as one of the highlights of the mans career, it bringing the WWE and Big Show to great national notice and creating huge PPV buy-rates along the way.

On the match front there are too many to mention in full, but of them there are some great moment where the Big Show/Giant shone as a true star in the making. The early matches in WCW have their moments and the World Title victory over Hulk Hogan is a very good example of how the Giants character worked so well in that company. And in that era. There are also some choice encounters with Sting and Lex Luger, the WWE portion of matches are very decent too, featuring encounters with Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Rob Van Dam amongst others.

This box set is a very good way of celebrating the life and times of Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight and perfectly showcases his considerable talents, his progression to acting, dedication to his job and optimism all shine through too. Whilst some of the matches are slightly repetitive in style, they do show the career of the man retrospectively and allow us to see him grow as a performer.

The Big Show - A Giant’s World is available now from and all good retailers.

Coming soon from Silver Vision are:

WWE TLC - Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2010
WWE Tagged Classics - Rebellion 2001 & Insurrection 2002
DX - One Last Stand

Scott Hall's Wife discusses his health

Dana Hall told Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier that he ex-husband, Scott Hall, now has little contact with their children—16-year-old daughter Cassidy and 19-year-old son Cody. 
"He hasn't seen Cassidy since August 2010," Dana said. "I don't think he has seen Cody in almost two years. They may have had one or two brief phone calls since then, but nothing that I know of. 
Dana, who fears that her children have suffered irreparably from the dysfunction of the family, says her son won't communicate with his father "until Scott gets in rehab and away from the enablers he is with." 
"He calls inconsistently and texts him, and Cody doesn’t respond... They hold it in. They hate to talk about it, but they accept that they don't have a father or a normal life. The last time I talked to him face to face was when I took Cassidy to the hospital to tell him goodbye last August. It was a horrible scene. He had been doing crack cocaine for days and had used all the money in the account he wrote the child support check on and it had bounced. 
"I have cut off his contact with me and the kids, and ignore his calls, texts and messages to me, which are 99 percent negative and nasty when he is drunk. At this point, he can have no contact with us unless I know his intentions. Actions speak louder than words." 
Nash stated last week in a blog post that Hall's problems go beyond substance addiction. His issues, Nash says, are based on events that happened before his wrestling career, and Hall's only coping mechanism is turning to drugs and alcohol. 
"I can tell you Scott Hall has neither a drug or alcohol addiction ... Scott's problem is he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Drugs and alcohol aren’t the problem; to Scott they are the solution," Nash wrote. 
"Please don’t judge Scott on what you just saw. He would give any of you a kidney ... He’s my brother (and) we will get through this." 
Dana, however, believes Scott, is running out of options. 
"Pretty much, we are done, his brothers are done, his mother is worried sick, feels helpless ... We try to live life as if he is already dead, until he does something really bad, and then it is kind of hard to ignore." 
Hall's son Cody accompanied Nash to the hospital for a brief visit on Thursday. Dana updated her Twitter page yesterday with news that Scott is out of the hospital, but has not entered a treatment program.

Ted DiBiase talks surgery, WWE and Chris Benoit spoke with WWE Hall of Famer "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase while he was at the Mississippi Braves baseball game signing autographs. 
DiBiase noted that he would be getting both of his knees replaced soon. He joked: 
"They call me The Million Dollar Man, but once I get two knee replacements and a hip replacement they will be calling me the Six Million Dollar Man." 
DiBiase also offered his thoughts on Chris Benoit: 
"Chris was one of the nicest guys that you could ever meet. I still struggle with this. Just like in any industry, there are always some idiots, but out of all of the WWE wrestlers in this industry, if I had to pick 5 guys that I held the highest regard and respect for, Chris would be one of them. Some say with as many times that Chris flew off of the ropes and hit his head that it may have had something to do with that, but I just don't get it, he was a great guy." 

Cadid pic of TNA Tara on her motorbike

TNA new Pic of Knockouts Champion Mickie James

TNA Rumour as to why Desmond Wolfe is off TV

 Randy Ricci, a former production manager for TNA Wrestling, claimed in a blog post on Friday that he heard the reason Desmond Wolfe has not been wrestling in recent months is because he has Hepatitis C—a viral disease that leads to inflammation of the liver. He added that he hopes it's not true.

Ricci says he heard the former ROH World Champion will be offered an office job.

Wolfe last wrestled for the organization in August. He and Magnus were scheduled to receive a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship against The Motor City Machine Guns at No Surrender, but were pulled from the event at the last minute, with TNA citing a "personal issue" as the reason. It was later reported that Wolfe was pulled from the event due to an undisclosed medical situation that would sideline him indefinitely.

Hulk Hogan is the only TNA Wrestling employee to publicly address Wolfe's status with the organization. When asked recently on Twitter about Wolfe returning to television, Hogan responded, "Desmond's situation is beyond TNA's control, the ball is completely in his court."

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Jay Lethal Gone From TNA

Jay Lethal is officially gone from TNA, reports The former X-Division Champion has hardly been used in the past few months, but did work this past Sunday's Lockdown pay per view. Lethal was recently taken off the TNA roster page on their website. No word yet on the reasons behind his departure. More on this story coming soon.

Sting Interview Highlights

Sting (Steve Borden) recently spoke to here are highlights:

You could be forgiven for not knowing who Steve Borden is, however, one mention of his wrestling name and millions of fans will know exactly who you are talking about. Better known as Sting, Borden has been in the wrestling industry for over 25 years, and has become an icon in the hugely successful world of wrestling.

Having begun his career in 1985, Sting has gone on to become a 14-time world champion, winning gold in both WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and TNA (Total Nonstop Action).

With everything that Sting has achieved, he is the most well-known professional wrestler to have never performed in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). caught up with the grappling legend to discuss how he got into wrestling in the first place and talk about his many meetings with WWE owner Vince McMahon.

How did you first get into wrestling?

I was raised in Southern California and co owned a health club, Gold’s Gym. A guy came in one day with three big guys and was trying to break into pro wrestling, he was looking for a fourth guy to join and tried to recruit somebody from the gym but had no luck.

He then asked me if I wanted to do it and to be honest, in the area of Southern California where I grew up, I had no idea what pro wrestling even was. I had heard about it but never seen a match on television or been to an event.

He then ended up taking me to an event at a sports arena in Los Angeles, where I saw Hulk Hogan, The Iron Sheik, The British Bulldogs and Andre The Giant. Some of the biggest names in wrestling were there, and it was just incredible.

For me, I had always wanted to travel, get out of California and that was my ticket. I then went to a wrestling camp and had my first match on Thanksgiving Day 1985 in Jerry Jarretts Mid-Southern Wrestling.

What happened to the other three guys who came to the gym?

The others who where there never actually made it in the business. We were then looking for someone else and came across Jim Hellwig who later became the Ultimate Warrior.

Jim came out from Atlanta Georgia, flew to California and went through the last four weeks of this wrestling camp with us and the rest is history.

How did the name Sting come about?

My original name in wrestling was ‘Flash’ but our gimmicks and looks all changed. I wanted something maybe a little bit more edgy so as a matter of fact I named myself Stinger. People call me Sting but it was originally Stinger and people call me both today. I also gave Jim Hellwig his first name, which was ‘The Rock’ so he was the first ‘Rock’.

What was behind the idea of the face paint both you and the Ultimate Warrior wore?

Jim was 280lbs and I was 260lbs, when we started the Road Warriors were such a huge name and we where trying to find a way of making our name and getting our faces out there.

In our book there couldn’t be a better way than going the face paint route and see if we could get the attention of the public and hopefully get matches against the Road Warriors, and I can’t say it was a mistake from either one of us.

You really made a name for yourself in WCW (World Championship Wrestling), what was the highlight for you?

It would have to be all those years leading up to the launch of Monday Nitro [WCW’s flagship show] and we were always the second best wrestling organisation, always number two, second class citizens, never quite as good or big until we landed Monday Nitro.

We then eventually became the number one wrestling organisation. It was good after a decade long battle to become the biggest wrestling organisation in the world and to take it world wide, that was a pretty good feeling.

That then led to some of the biggest matches I ever had including my world championship win over Hulk Hogan at Starcade 1997.

You are the biggest name in wrestling never to have featured in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), has Vince McMahon ever approached you to join the WWE?

Yeah, several times, and I was close to signing every single time and probably closer than ever this last go earlier in the year in January it was very, very close.

However the rest is history and I have always chosen to stay put. All those years throughout the nineties especially and the early 2000’s I always believed Vince McMahon wanted me more to undercut WCW than he did me as a talent. I was real close but never did do it.

There is a lot of history between you and Hulk Hogan from your time in WCW, both Hogan along with Eric Bishoff joined you in TNA last year. What were your thoughts when those two joined the company?

I had some concerns as we know what happened with WCW. Towards the end I think there were too many hidden agendas and selfish motives by too many people that ultimately ended WCW.

You had two of the big powerhouse names that helped WCW become what it was and then you throw me into the mix as well, and it could be a really good thing or it could be an absolute disaster.

You recently became TNA Champion for the fourth time beating Jeff Hardy in 88 seconds. Do you feel the way you won the belt will tarnish this reign?

There is no other way of saying it but there is a scar there and it’s going to hurt. You had PPV (Pay Per View) companies, you had wrestling fans that paid to see something and they didn’t get to see a match. To cut a long story short it just sucks, and I can’t pretend it doesn’t.

I was sick the way it happened the way it did, but it is something that had to happen and the only thing to do now is move forward.

Do you think there will be a rematch between yourself and Jeff Hardy?

I believe he will come back to TNA. He is too big a superstar not to have around. I know he has a lot of personal issues going on but from what I understand he is getting stronger everyday, mentally, physically and spiritually, everything is on the up and up for him.

Hopefully he will continue and will end up back here. I have always wanted to have that match with Jeff Hardy and I’ve always wanted to tag with him as well. There are so many things that I think will be pretty cool to do with him. So believe it or not I’m routing for him.

TNA has come over to the UK for the past three years as part of their annual tour. Do you think an episode of Impact or even a PPV will be filmed in the UK?

It is something I would like to see happen and it is something I am going to voice my opinion on. I would love to be a part of it and think it would be good for everybody, good for TNA, good for England and good for wrestling fans all over. It is something I believe will happen.

There are currently a number of British wrestlers plying their trade in both WWE and TNA, do you think it will be long before we see a British Heavyweight champion in TNA?

I remember the British invasion from decades ago and it appears to have come full circle. We are seeing more and more Brits coming over and it’s only a matter of time before you see a Brit win the TNA championship. There are at least three here that are outstanding.

Are there any dream matches that you would like to have before you hang up your boots?

I would like to do something with "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke), but there are a bunch of guys here in TNA that I would like to wrestle before I retire. It’s quite funny actually because a lot of the younger talent approach me and say ‘I just want to wrestle you one time before you retire’.

As far as the WWE is concerned I would love to step in the ring with the Undertaker, that would be a great match.

TNA Impact is on Challenge TV (Sky 125, Freeview 46, Virgin 139) every Tuesday night at 10pm followed by TNA Xplosion at midnight.

TNA Lockdown 2011 Review

TNA get Cagey at Lockdown!

By Phil Allely

TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view is a highlight of the year for many wrestling fans, as it is the only event promoted by a mainstream US organisation that promises bloodshed. The all cage match set-up pretty much guarantees that.

Devon and Anarquia took pre-show warm-up duties with a short brawl, Devon pulling off the popular win.

The X Division then kicked things off (proper). Their Xscape match saw the Buck brothers, Chris Sabin, Robbie E, Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, Kendrick and Suicide battled for the right to be number one contender for Kazarian’s belt. Uber Confident Max Buck taking advantage of a slight ref bump to net himself the win in an exciting crowd-warmer.

The following four tag team affair saw Ink Inc. v The British Invasion v Crimson/Scott Steiner v Eric Young/Orlando Jordan. It offered up a lively mix of brutal moves, eccentric behaviour and some nice set pieces, ending when Shannon Moore stole the pin with a Moore-gasm.

Mickie James’ eagerly anticipated hair versus title match with Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne was cut short due to James shoulder injury, but the gutsy country singer was still able to raise her first TNA title over the cocky Rayne.

The Pope and Samoa Joe’s feud continued with a decent back and forth brawl, each trading the advantage before Joe locked in the ‘rear naked choke’ to take the submission victory.

Hernandez and Matt Morgan had a good big man match next, Rosita, Sarita and Anarquia tried but failed to distract big Matt from nailing a ‘Carbon Footprint’ for the win.

The battle between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett progressed with a ’ultra male’ match, each man trying to outdo the other with their stiff exchanges (including a career shortening cage top moonsault from Angle). With run-ins tight-pulls roll-ups and Karen’s involvement Kurt’s fate was seale, but he did step up to the fray before a bloody Jarrett took the win.

Sting’s defence of the world title against Mr Anderson and Rob Van Dam had its moments, each man getting the chance to shine, Sting especially showing more enthusiasm than he has previously. The champ has found his mojo again (an enthusiastic double ‘scorpion deathlock’ attesting to that), Hulk Hogan appeared to witness the Stinger drop Anderson to retain his gold.

Lethal Lockdown saw Fortune tackle Immortal’s Ric Flair, Abyss, Matt Hardy and Bully Ray. The opening segments were brutally intense at times, but it was when the weapons laden cage roof lowered that the blood and violence overflowed. Flair bled heavily, Daniels put his body on the line and AJ Styles returned to the fold, the main event had it all and more. Flair tapping to a Roode arm bar saw the faction win.

Lockdown saw only one title change and less blood than many expected, but it did do what it said it would do, feuds were progressed, storylines continued and no one left looking like they hadn’t been in a fight.

TNA are now in a classic WCW like position, offering an exciting and innovative alternative to the WWE product, it just needs to maintain that and gain a mainstream push.

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Christy Hemme New Pics

A Norfolk Doll WWE Bound!

A Norfolk Doll WWE Bound!

by Phil Allely

Wrestkling website Diva Dirt has reported that the WWE has signed twenty-year old British women’s wrestler Britani Knight (real name Sayara-Jade Bevis) nicknamed the Norfolk Doll to a developmental contract, after she had her second tryout this week at the SmackDown taping in London.

Knight had her first tryout match back in November of 2010. Britani, known as “The Norfolk Doll”, comes from a famous wrestling family in the UK known as “The Knight Dynasty” her brother Zak Zodiac has also received WWE tryouts recently. The youngster was trained at the WAW Academy and by her parents Rowdy Ricky Knight and Sweet Sayara.

She is the current Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion and made her debut earlier this year for the SHIMMER promotion.

Knight fits the WWE mould perfectly and should flourish in FCW as she awaits her call to the WWE, where she can fly the flag for the UK on the big stage.

WWE Reportedly Sign a new Diva

Diva Dirt reports that WWE has signed twenty-year old British women’s wrestler Britani Knight after she had her second tryout yesterday at the SmackDown tapings in London. She had her first tryout match back in November of 2010. Her brother Zak also had a tryout last year and yesterday with WWE, but no word yet if he was signed.

Britani, known as “The Norfolk Doll”, comes from a famous wrestling family in the UK known as “The Knight Dynasty.”

She is the current Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion and made her debut earlier this year for the SHIMMER promotion.

Trish Stratus Yoga Pics

The lovely Miss Stratus displaying her Yoga techniques....

John Morrison spoke with The Miami Herald this week. Here are some highlights:

John Morrison spoke with The Miami Herald this week. Here are some highlights:

Changes to his character:

"I think the main reason people take me more seriously now is my beard. I think that is the thing that has made the John Morrison character turn the corner and become looked at as a title contender. As someone people see or could see me in the ring with John Cena, The Rock and Steve Austin, even The Miz. I can’t believe I just said that, but The Miz is there. He is the WWE champion. All those guys were or are at the top for a reason. The more serious attitude, the aggression and the anger is something Johnny Nitro never had and John Morrison had been lacking prior to this year. I think I tapped into some very real things as would any method actor would."

His hopes for WrestleMania 28:

"I love Miami. I’m stoked that we are going there next year. If we are not going to be in Los Angeles, we may as well be in Miami. I love the sun. Next year I hope and expect to be main eventing WrestleMania. I want to come in as WWE champion or world champion or be involved in a WWE championship or world championship match."

Velvet Sky TNA New Pics