Sunday, 31 October 2010

TNA Star Working at Hooters!!!

by Phil Allely

Rumour has it that TNA's Miss Tessmacher (Brooke Adams)who portrays Eric Bischoff's secretary on TNA PPVs and events, is also working part time at a Texas Hoters near her home.

Here's a few pics to whet your appetite.

WWE reportedly sign Val Venis

by Phil Allely

Former WWE IC champion Val Venis is said to be re-signed with the company. Venis recently worked some TNA shows/events when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in to the company. Reports are unsure if Venis will be working as a WWE agent or onscreen talent.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Ringside Chat With Tracy Smothers

by Phil Allely

Tracy Smothers is known by many as one half of the exciting WCW tag team The Wild Eyed Southern Boys (alongside partner Steve Armstrong), he is also a man ECW fans will remember as a member of the FBI (full Blooded Italians). Smothers is a true veteran of the mat game, touring the world and performing wherever he could. I even saw him here in Northern Ireland in a small town hall (circa 2007).

This DVD (which I purchased from Tracy himself) is a Highspots produced sit-down chat about his life in wrestling and some of his best memories/stories.

These include how he got into the business, his big break, trips to Japan, his time in WCW, best matches, road tales, match highlights and of course soe of his most well known situations.

He talks openly about his re-emergence in ECW and the formation of the FBI, his involvement in the WWE One Night Stand event and a very memorable match with Lex Luger in 2005, plus the JBL confrontation.

This is a must for any shoot interview fans and anyone who has a passing interest in wrestling. Tracy is a great subject to cover and this is very high on the Highspots list of must see/own DVD.

TNA Jeff Jarrett DVD Review

TNA Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain DVD Review

By Phil Allely

Jeff Jarrett has pretty much done it all in wrestling, working for the likes of Vince McMahon (WWE), Eric Bischoff (WCW) and of course the USWA alongside co-owner Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. He has also netted himself many headline runs, title wins and also had his fair share of stand out matches.

Jeff is now better known as the man who built TNA, personally funding the company in its beginnings and forging the partnerships that have kept it in business today. This four disc set takes a look at Jeff’s TNA career (2002-2008) and throws in a look at some of his earlier matches too.

In recent years Jarrett’s personal life has preceded his in-ring actions and although he now has no real say in the day-to-day running of TNA (Dixie Carter having majority control) Jeff is still a prominent character on and off screen and remains as an ambassador for the promotion in many areas.

The matches on this lavish set cover all the bases for Jarrett’s TNA tenure. We see him face legends such as Sting, Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner. There are enjoyable outings with TNA originals AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, plus entertaining bouts with Team 3D and The Road Warriors amongst others.

Having a four disc release based on one person does prove to be a bit repetitive at times however. There are a number of excellent matches here, but when you factor in such characters as Raven, Dusty Rhodes and even Sean Waltman, they usually make up for the athleticism by pulling out all of the stops in the entertainment stakes.

The good point here also is that we get to see the six-sided old style TNA ring in use too.

WWE Bragging Rights PPV Review

WWE Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View Review

By Phil Allely

Bragging Rights should have been a good to decent WWE event, there was the honour of Smackdown and Raw on the line in many of the bouts and the general feeling was that it could do no wrong.

However one match only really stood out from the pack and that was the opening contest, the remainder of the card fell down and lost our interest too easily.

The previously mentioned opening match was between intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and United Stated Champion Daniel Bryan. The pair worked very well together indeed to whip the crowd into a frenzy, exchanging wear-down holds and near falls before Bryan locked on his LaBell submission move to net himself the win, much to Vicky Guerrero and Ziggler’s annoyance.

In an impromptu match-up (which in my opinion don’t really work as fans tuning in don’t expect them and they’ve no real build up) chosen by the unseen Raw GM, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre defended their tag team Belts against the Nexus duo of John Cena and Dave Otunga.

The bout itself saw Cena make another one of his one-man team showings, leaving Otunga very little to do as he decimated the cocky tag team champs. Rhodes and McIntyre proved no match for Cena here, Otunga looked like a waste of space too, which can’t be good for a man who is a member of the WWE’s latest heel faction. The end came as Cena locked his weak STF move on Rhodes to win the straps for his team.

Otunga celebrated with the gold for a short while before Cena decided to drop him with an Attitude Adjustment and walk off with them for himself.

Next up Goldust (in his first solo PPV match in 8 years) and Ted DiBiase had a reasonable brawl, both men’s seconds Maryse and Askana were involved too. The guys did well and put forth a spirited if unexciting fight. DiBiase got the win after Goldust got distracted helping Askana out of the ring. Post-match Askana and Goldust beatdown DiBiase and posed with the Million Dollar belt.

Outside interference stopped Natalya from getting her hands on the WWE Divas Title. Co-holder Michelle McCool taking all the help she could to finally put down the far superior hart Dynasty representative.

The Kane and Undertaker Buried Alive match had potential, but lost an awful lot of its appeal quickly. Perhaps it the overreliance on supernatural aspects to the characters or the PG rated action, but it really didn’t help that the two combatants have met on numerous occasions and need a breather from each other if possible.

The back and forth power moves, in and out of ring action and interference by Paul Bearer all led to a Nexus run-in enabling Kane to use the urn to blast his brother into the open grave. A shower of soil and a lightning bolt to a gravestone ending this one in Kane’s favour.

The Team Raw versus Team Smackdown Elimination match had its moments, but they were few and far between. Raw were represented by the Miz, John Morrison, CM Punk, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino Marella, R Truth and Sheamus.

Flying the flag for Smackdown were Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio and Edge, they were accompanied by their mascot Hornswoggle.

There were some swift elimination’s, annoying count-outs and of course a rapid trading of trademark moves before things got down to the nitty gritty and fans tuned in harder to witness the winning combination of moves.

Edge and Rey Mysterio proved to be the better tandem in the end, taking out The Miz to win for Smackdown.

The main event was Nexus main man Wade Barett taking on WWE Champion Randy Orton. The stipulation here was that if Barrett lost Cena would be fired from the WWE. Cena’s presence was a key to this one.

Barrett tried his best against the far superior Orton, netting himself a few decent near falls. Cena tried to hold back, but did get involved on a few occasions, the obligatory ref bump and nexus run-in (thwarted by their reluctant teammate Cena)left things a bit mental and Cena's Attitude Adjustment strike on Barett led to his DQ win. Post-match cena tried to do the right thing and present Orton with his gold, but ate an RKO for his trouble.

Bragging Rights was luckily on free TV here in the UK, our US comrades had to pay an awful lot to see this below par effort, that we know WWE can better. The opening match betwen Danielson and Ziggler was well paced and set us up for a huge fall, the in-ring action wasn't awful, but lacked something that a ppv should never do.

Perhaps it's now time for the WWE to return to their roots and forget about long-winded storylines and show us some real intense wrestling?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Taylor Wilde Engaged

Congratulations to TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde who has announced she is engaged.

The former TNA Knockouts Champion and Tag Team Champion is said to be over the moon.

Eddie Guerrero's Daughter Signed to WWE!!!

Rumour has it that the daughter of the late great Eddie Guerrero has been signed to a WWE developmental contract.
Not sure where this one will go, but second and third generation stars are forming a big part of the lower WWE roster these days.

Mick Foley Headlines Irish Wrestlefan Fest

by Phil Allely

TNA star Mick Foley will be joining a whole host of wrestling legends this November in Dublin Ireland as part of the Wrestlezone event at the Glenroyal Hotel.

On November 13 and 14 Foley and many other names in the world of wrestling will be making appearances, talking about the business and signing autographs.

Check out for more info.

Line-up so far includes: Mick Foley, Chyna, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Virgil, Lilian Garcia,, The Honky Tonk Man, Brutus The Barber Beefcake, Tito Santana, The Genius, Rick Martel, Greg Valentine, Candice Michelle and (tbc) Jimmy Hart.

The event Will be one of the biggest ever hosted in Ireland and will see fans from all over the UK descend on Dublin to see their heroes.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

TNA Greatest Moments DVD Review

by Phil Allely

TNA has not been in business for that long in comparison to its nearest rival the WWE. The reality is that since it's birth in 2002 the company has grown so much, that it's hard to imagine its not been around forever.

This new DVD release by TNA takes a look at some of the highlights from the past 3 years (2007-2010), a time when the company took its first major steps and cemented its path into serious contention for the WWE's mantle.

In three and bit hours the programme tries to capture some of the most thrilling, surprising and shocking events that have occurred during this time period.

The sections covered include title wins and chases, exciting matches, debuts and other highlights for TNA.

As a snapshot of just how good TNA can be this is a remarkable release. Even if you have many of the companies PPV's in your collection this is a must have disc. Where else are you going to get footage of The Hulkster debuting in TNA, his match with Abyss against AJ Styles and Ric Flair, Team 3D facing Rick Steiner and Animal and so much more.

There are some nice talking heads with many of the current roster, including Sting, Kurt Angle, Hogan, Flair, Taylor Wilde and Madison Rayne. The matches themselves are shown in clip form, but that doesn't take anything away from them, the pieces used are perfectly able to portray the tone and nature of each one. The performers talking about them also helps build a picture of just what's going on.

The fact that this disc covers up to recent events also gives an insight into just how TNA want to show they have a history and fanbase who appreciate just what they do.Hulk Hogan coming across as a face is a minor downside though, as he has just recently of course turned heel and taken control of the company from President Dixie Carter. But on a whole this is a fine example of how to do a 'best of' collection.

I highly recommend this to TNA fans old and new, plus anyone who wonders just what all of the fuss is about.

Taker v Lesnar?

After his UFC title loss this week Brock Lesnar had a brief war of words with WWE superstar The Undertaker (who was in attendance), it is long rumoured that the WWE are keen on a Lesnar/Undertaker match and perhaps this could be a catalyst for one.

Undertaker off UK Tour!!

Rumour has it that The Undertaker is being removed from some of the advertised matches on the upcoming UK/Europeran tour.
Undertaker has been said to have shoulder injuries in need of surgery and to be taking time off after Bragging Rights to fix them.
On tour the matches originally planned as Kane v Taker and Taker V Big Show are now Kane v Big Show.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

AWR Tour of France November 2010

by Phil Allely

AWR: American Wrestling rampage have annunced some dates for this coming November in France. The cards will feature a host of former WWE and TNA stars. They include Booker T, Charlie Haas, Rene Dupree, Shelton Benjamin, Scott Steiner and The Sandman.

Friday, 22 October 2010

DVD Review - Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane - DVD Review

By Phil Allely

It’s not all limousines and champagne in the world of wrestling, for a select few maybe, but the rest of the roster have to rough it to make ends meet. This DVD from Big Vision Entertainment takes a look at some of the best stories and tales of life on the road, letting the guys and girls involved share them with us.

This is a wonderful education for both wrestling fans new and old. Letting us into some of the things that go on as our heroes travel to the venues we watch them perform in. Many of today’s stars have less of a schedule than those a decade ago (veterans were on the road 300 days or more), but they still have an awful lot of time on the road to kill compared to many of us. These are their stories and boy are they fun.

There are literally dozens of talking heads here and each one is not only a recognised face from the world of wrestling, but most are well known people who at the time were not gagged from spilling the beans by the company they used to (or currently) work for.

So theirs are wonderfully honest accounts of just some of the shenanigans that wrestlers get up to, as they wearily travel from town to town, all in the name of sports entertainment.

Some of the guys who pop are Shawn Michaels, who recalls just how he and former tag team partner Marty Jannetty ended up fired form the WWF , before they’d even really started there. WWE Hall of Famer ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper tells all about how he ended up in jail. Plus many more anecdotes from people like The Hardy’s, Jimmy ‘Mouth of the South Hart’ , Ricky Steamboat, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, Arn Anderson and many more.

Also extras wise the guys at Big Vision haven’t skimped on things, there are matches featuring Eddie Guerrero, Low Ki, Super Crazy, Tajiri, Jake Roberts and The Sandman, plus outtakes and a very special Pipers Pit segment featuring Kevin Von Erich.

Life in the Fast Lane is available now from Big Vision Entertainment and all good retailers.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fit Finlay Documentary

by Phil Allely

Fit Finlay - The Fighting Irishman

Dave Finlay is a legend not only in his native Northern Ireland, but across the globe. Finlay is one of only a few men who has become a household name in every wrestling organisation he has participated in and has worked in Europe, Japan, the UK and of course the US where he is now based.

Dave 'Fit' Finlay came to prominence in the 1980s during UK Wrestling's heyday on ITV, when such names as Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks were dominating the scene.

There with his wife/manager 'Princess' Paula at his side, heel Finlay was a man to be reckoned with and one of the most hated men on UK TV. This peak time in the United Kingdom and the popularity of Finlay's character led American organisations to become interested in his all rounded abilities.

Dave surfaced in in WCW during its final hurrah as a company and became a well respected member of the roster, he was very at home in the companies hardcore division. Taking part in some brutal and exciting bouts as a part of it.
His initial introduction to WCW fans was one of the most hard-hitting and exciting in the industry, Finlay attacked and destroyed fellow UK star Steven Regal in a wonderful piece of TV, setting up his character and cementing his place in the company.

An injury during one such bout left Fit with nerve damage to his leg, his career seemingly over and wrestling a mere afterthought. A stunt with a Table involving former Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs left dave fearing he would lose his leg. Fortunatley the leg was saved and miraculously Finlay was able to return to the ring a feew years later and once more compete in the sport he love sso much.

Fortunately the WWE came calling during this time and Dave became one of their trainers. Primarily as the man who put the Divas through their paces and he made a big difference in that division (match quality wise, every Diva he trained heaped nothing but praise on the Belfast man.

Finlay is a very respected person in wrestling circles, his ring competence and abilities are renowned.

So now after over 3 decades in the business he loves, tours of the world, wrestling for small crowds and featuring on Wrestlemania's, it is now at a time where Finlay is happily taking a backstage role in the WWE that someone has decided to profile his family in a documentary.

Here is a link to that documentary, which will be shown on Setanta soon and will be reviewed in full here shortly after.

Monday, 18 October 2010

More TNA Knockouts

here ya go, Miss Tessmacher, So Cal Val and Lacey Von Erich, enjoy one and all...

TNA Knockouts Pics

a few pics of TNA Knockouts Daffney and Taylor Wilde, Enjoy....

TNA Post Bound For Glory Impact! Review

An Immortal Comeback!

By Phil Allely

The Bound For Glory fallout episode of TNA Impact! This past week has proved to be the highest rated one since January this year and it’s all down to a man who many thought was past his sell by date, ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan.

This weeks Impact! Had an awful lot of ground to cover and answers to give after Bound For Glory’s unveiling of a new league within the TNA hierarchy, who were aligned with new champion Jeff Hardy. That group of course were fronted by the Hulkster.

Attracting a very healthy audience of 1,985,000 viewers on Spike TV (a very impressive 1.4 rating) TNA must be extremely happy with how things are panning out right now.

Impact! Itself featured Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff officially taking control of TNA from a legally bound and gagged Dixie Carter, in a move that many think will mark the companies rise to greater heights. Hogan (still on crutches) advising all that his ‘Immortals’ were now the TNA Company.

The show also saw Ric Flair tease a feud with Hogan’s faction before hugging his one-time foe. Meaning Hogan’s Immortals and Flair’s Fortune groups have an affinity in the new TNA. The whole plan seemingly being that whilst Dixie Carter brought in inferior quality performers o pad out her under card, guys like Hogan, Jarrett, Bischoff and Flair were negotiating backstage to work her out of the company.

Jeff Hardy’s new title reign got off to a good start when Bischoff welcomed him to the fold and said he was a lynchpin in the whole deal. Former WCW/N.W.O. stalwarts Kevin Nash (in his last TNA role) and Sting both declined a part in the Immortals line-up, both citing that’s not why they were in TNA these days.

In an exciting and confrontational encounter Dixie (who is really growing into her onscreen character) confronted The Bisch and The Hulkster about what has been going down, Carter’s husband Serge even fell to a punch, as the higher powers of TNA prevailed in their quest.

Match wise the action and re-jigging of all things TNA came thick and fast, first of all first of all Madison Rayne challenged new Knockouts champion Tara to a bout, which was accepted, but Tara simply lay down for Rayne to relinquish her strap (in a nod to a very infamous WCW title change orchestrated by TNA writer Vince Russo).
Tara acted as if she has done something monumental and Rayne as if she has just been through the fight of her life to reclaim her gold. Mickie James interrupted and said that they’ve made a mockery of the championship.

Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett had a face-to-face meeting that in some ways hit home to many in attendance and at home, the pair arguing over the finish of the BFG title match and Kurt’s former wife (Jarrett’ new one) Karen. Angle ending up being rescued from a beating by colour commentator Taz.

The next match saw Abyss face off against a pretty annoyed Samoa Joe. Joe had the advantage throughout until Abyss used a chair and hit him with the ring bell to lose by DQ.

TNA’s Pope D’Angelo Dinero was excommunicated next as he faced the insurmountable odds of Douglas Williams, Beer Money, Kazarian and AJ Styles. The Pope did get some decent moves in and even a pop at Fair at ringside, but the numbers game prevailed and he went down for the three count.

Newcomers to TNA J Woww and Cookie had a brief braw (with Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich in attendence) before the main event.

Rob Van Dam and Mr Anderson has been sanctioned and its time for them to hit the gorund running.
Both men have something to prove, Anderson wants his shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Title down the line and RVD is up for a shot at Jeff Hardy if he wins.

Both men went hard at it, each trading near falls, signature moves and risky set-pieces, before Bischoff makes an appearances and removes the referee from the action, leaving a prone Anderson and Van Dam to feel the brunt of a running in Hardy’s ire.

Impact! Certainly seemed to set up TNA’s new direction, the action was well paced, the talking told the story well and if viewing figures are anything to go by TNA are on course to end the year on a high.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New TNA DVD Releases: Greatest Moments/Best Of Asylum Years

by Phil Allely

These have just arrived and I've not got round to reviewing them yet, but here is a sneak preview of two new TNA DVD releases.

TNA Greatest Moments: a collection of some of the TNA fans greatest moments from 2007 to today. These include Mick Foley's arrival, The Hulkster signing for TNA, Sting's Bound For Glory streak, Kurt Angle's many great matches, Team 3D winning their 23rd tag team title, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan in the ring, plus many interviews and much more.

TNA The best of the Asylum Years - Volume 1: a two disc collection of matches that helped shape TNA, from it's formation to modern day. look out for classics featuring Sabu, AJ Styles, Raven, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Terry Funk and many more.

Both available soon.

Daniel Bryan Talks About His WWE Release and Return

Earlier this year hot new prospect Daniel Bryan (indy star Bryan Danielson) was fired by the WWE after he had choked out a ringside offcial during a WWE event, although he has now returned to the WWE Bryan has now finally explained a few things about what happened in an interview, excerpts of which are below.

On the incident that led to his release: "I had never had to work on a PG show before, I got caught up in what I was doing. I got to the back and they told me that we weren't allowed to do that kind of stuff. Vince (McMahon) called me himself and explained they were letting me go because they were a PG company and they couldn't have that kind of behaviour. But (after I was gone), the fans, the WWE Universe. was awesome. There were Daniel Bryan chants at shows. A main event of Randy Orton and John Cena and the fans were chanting for me. "

On receiving the news of his release: "When I got the news they had let me go, I was obviously devastated. For the next 24 hours, I thought, 'What am I going to do, I was setting up wrestling dates ... I was working on that. Then three or four days after a whirlwind of activity, I just thought, 'What just happened?' I just sat there and ate cupcakes for a couple of weeks."

On returning at SummerSlam: "I was really nervous coming back, at SummerSlam. I was going to be the seventh guy (on Team WWE against The Nexus). It was a big spot to be in. SummerSlam was the highlight of my career to that point."

His goal in WWE now: "I want to main event Wrestlemania, the main event in the biggest show of the year. That's the apex of anybody's career. But I know that a lot of people have had that goal and a lot of people never got there."

Saturday, 16 October 2010

TNA Bound For Glory 2010 PPV Review

Bound to Please

By Phil Allely

TNA’s flagship pay-per-view Bound For Glory had to pull off an awful lot to please its loyal fans, the event promised a new world champion, RVD’s revenge bout with Abyss, Mickie James first PPV appearance, the EV 2 and Fortune feud was to culminate in Lethal Lockdown and after some teases Abyss would finally reveal who ‘They’ were, so did 10/10/10 ultimately fulfil its obligations?

Opening things with a bang were Generation Me who took on the Motor City Machineguns for the Guns World Tag Team Belts. Shelley and Sabin proved once again just how slick a unit they are, systematically picking apart their younger rivals. The bucks did get in some great looking double teams and near falls against their more experienced and confident opponents, but a final flurry of tight ring work by the Detroit natives put their dreams of gold to rest.

A sexy looking Mickie James featured in the TNA Knockouts Title match, holding the action together well in her role as special referee.

The four-way battle saw Knockouts champion Angelina Love defend against, her Beautiful People partner Velvet Sky, returnee Tara and Madison Rayne. The match itself saw some decent action, the finish saw Tara sneak the pin and belt for herself much to Rayne’s dismay. Post-match James lamped a mouthy Rayne to ignite a possible feud.

Oddball team Orlando Jordan and Eric Young were up next battling the colourful duo Ink Inc. Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore were on form throughout. Their bizarre opponents were fun, but a tad too off kilter for many in attendance. Young’s comic turns however were spot on, Moore pinned Jordan to end proceedings. EY’s increasingly erratic behaviour causing his own teams loss.

The UK’s own Douglas Williams represented Fortune in his quest to recapture the X Division Title, current champion Jay Lethal of course had other ideas. Both men used their particular talents to their own ends, Williams utilising his mat based style, whilst Lethal tried his best to fly and use his speed. Lethal was lucky to steal a three count as he rolled through on a William hurricarana. Lethal received a post victory beat down by newcomer Robbie G after his win.

Rob Van Dam then finally got his hands on Abyss, seeking revenge for the brutal and bloody beat down that saw him lose his beloved heavyweight championship. The best place to do this was of course a Monster’s Ball match, where weapons are welcome and rules don’t exist. Van dam started fast on the offensive, taking the action in and out of the ring. Incorporating everything from chairs, barbed wire boards, tables and trashcans, the brawl lacked blood, but had some very good, back and forth action, featured some risky moves, career shortening manoeuvres and nasty falls. RVD pulled off the win with a nice frog splash.

Handicap rules were to the fore as Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett faced off against the trio of Kevin Nash, Sting and The Pope. With some bitter attitudes on hand, the teams recent war of words became a stiff reality. The numbers game proved to be the deciding factor though, the end coming when Jarrett turned on his partner Joe, leaving him to take the a three man beating and Nash powerbomb for the loss.

Team 3D made a special appearance to announce their retirement, the 23 time former tag team champs asked for one more match with the Motor City Machineguns before hanging up their boots.

Lethal Lockdown was everything it should be, a full throttle cage match where all hell breaks loose and the opposing teams finally get the chance to work through their differences with the cage and weapons as added extras. Mick Foley and Ric Flair had a brief ringside brawl before the EV 2/Fortune team stepped inside, Fortune having the man advantage throughout the first portion of the ten man event.

Flair’s foot soldiers took control from the outset, having a fired up Foley, Flair and the remaining team members at ringside helped keep the crowd pumped up as well. EV 2 however quickly clawed back some leverage of their own with each fresh man who entered, the extreme team proving to be better at handling the brutal setting.

The blood flowed freely from the onset, the teams brawled and when the cage top lowered the adreniline in and out of the ring began to pump big time. Kazarian and Stevie Richards took to the cage roof, the weapons were used by all and sundry and the teams took the war to the ringside area as well as above and in the ring. Brian Kendrick’s timely surprise appearance on the cage top gave EV 2 and nice assist. Dreamer ended the war by pinning recent nemesis AJ Styles whilst his weary team mates battered Fortune about the arena.

The main event promised a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion and the trio participating all seemed equally likely candidates. Kurt Angle said he’d quit if he was beat, Mr Anderson is a star on the rise out to prove a point and Jeff Hardy sits atop a short list of men who deserve a long world title run, if they can keep their noses clean.

After trading moves and match advantages, Angle made his move, nailing some brutal looking two man suplexes, a cool double ankle lock and more ludicrously insane moves, before Anderson and Hardy took their turn in the spotlight.

The finish was a shock for many reasons, after the many near falls, moonsaults, Angle Slams, swanton’s, mic check’s and obligatory ref bump, the title went to the unpredictable Hardy, but he had a bit of help.

Prior to his win Eric Bischoff and an on-crutches Hulk Hogan appeared and in a major swerve turn Jeff turned heel to join them, blasting both opponents with the walking aids, to gain an easy pin.

The crowd were obviously stunned, as we saw a newly heel Hardy deck an enquiring RVD, he joined a smiling Hogan, Bischoff, Abyss and Jarrett, subsequently revealing them to be the mysterious ‘They’ as the PPV went off the air.

Bound for Glory was perhaps TNA’s best offering of 2010, a new champion was crowned, we finally saw EV 2’s veterans beat Ric Flair’s young guns Fortune, the under card held its own amongst the bigger tales unfolding, RVD got his vengeance on Abyss, plus we finally saw who the much hyped ‘They’ were.

So where new champ Jeff Hardy and his new associates the immortal Hulkster, Bischoff, Jarrett and Abyss go from here is anyone’s guess. It has just opened up another dimension to the TNA product, with Fortune, EV 2 and now ‘the immortals’ on the scene it’s going to be essential to tune into Impact! To see what will now happen to Dixie Carter’s company, as the power seemingly shifts once again.

Fozzy Gig Review - Belfast October 2010

Fozzy: Let The Madness Begin Tour - Belfast Gig Review

By Phil Allely

He may be better known to a great many people as one of professional wrestling’s greatest superstars and in-ring characters, but that’s not where Chris Jericho’s heart really lies these days. Jericho (real name Christopher Irvine) has been involved in music for a lot longer than he has wrestling and has a real passion for making music and performing. He fronts fast-rising rock band Fozzy and after a five year break their 2010 UK tour brought them to Belfast once again. So just what did Belfast get from the band who began their life as a covers act named Fozzy Osbourne?

The Spring and Airbrake venue in Belfast’s city centre is a far cry from the large stadiums Chris regularly performed in as part of the WWE’s live shows and pay-per-views, but as he said himself during our lengthy pre-show interview he ‘loves playing live’ and ‘to be able to see the fans in the front rows sing-along to Fozzy’s songs is a bonus in playing more intimate venues‘.

The show itself was well paced and Jericho was hardly out of sight for long. From his entrance where he came in like the star he is all smile and sunglasses, to his rousing finale, this man proved he was one of those rare and annoying things, someone who can easily excel at more than one thing and overshadow all who’ve tried before, carving two different and interchangeable careers for himself. Plus he has a very decent rock voice, which he not only knows how to use, but can adapt to cover the softer tracks on Fozzy’s set list too. The band are a sum of their gathered talents though and each does play their part to the hilt, even if Jericho quite rightly is the main focus for many who watch them.

Fozzy’s music style is a mix of classic rock heavyweights of the 1970s and 1980s melodically styles mixed with more harder modern edge. Letting their music open itself to more than one distinct fan base.

The set comprised mainly of Fozzy’s latest album release Chasing The Grail and a few other tracks from the bands back catalogue, plus a cover or two. The large crowd in attendance thoroughly enjoyed each riff, joined in the lyrics and had a blast rocking along with a fully charged Jericho bounding about the stage. He never let up during the entire set, seemingly soaking up the energy and enthusiasm he was generating amongst the baying masses. The wrestling based chants, in-jokes by fellow band mates and other grappling related things went down well with the feisty front man, taking them on the chin, smiling and getting on with his performance.

During our conversation prior to the show Chris informed me that whilst previous gigs had been packed solid the fans were a bit quiet at times, he had even higher expectations for the Northern Irish fans, who were all eagerly awaiting the ‘Fozzy experience‘. He was to disappointed as we Belfast natives once again proved that this really is the place to play live rock music in, we welcome it with open arms, we adore it, buy it in shed loads and know a good band when we see one. Fozzy said they would leave us a ‘sweaty mess who had just experienced a real life hard working rock band’ and you know what they did just that.

Support acts Symphony Cult and Death Valley Driver were in the unenviable roles of warming up a crowd who just wanted to see Fozzy, however they did do their job and win over some new fans along the way. Symphony Cult’s Charlotte especially was on the receiving end of some adoring Irish eyes as her angsty voice and alluring style entranced the Belfast boys and girls.

Fozzy’s album Chasing The Grail is available now.