Sunday, 20 February 2011

Kevin Nash tweets

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on Here are a few highlights from this entry:

Jerry Lawler and his match with The Miz:

"Any one who thinks that it's simply not possible for Jerry Lawler, at age 61 and on a week where he buried his 90 year old mother, to win the WWE title against the Miz this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber needs to rethink their position. It is possible and it damn well could happen. I agree that the King is the underdog going in but what a story for the ages it would make if the WWE HOF'er did win the title. I'm not saying bet the farm on it but IF Jerry Lawler were to somehow, by hook or crook, defeat the Miz Sunday it would be one of the hottest topics around the WWE water cooler in years.

I admit that I legitimately have an emotional investment in this one because of my friendship with Jerry and after seeing first hand what he went through this week.

At least can we all agree that stranger things have happened in WWE over the years can we not?

Miz might not realize it today but Miz will be a better wrestler over the long haul after the learning experience that he will have Sunday night competing with the King."

The underrated William Regal:

"William Regal's brief yet effective cameo on the vintage (ugh) Khali Kiss Kam Monday night on Raw was yet another example of how talented the Brit truly is and why I consider Regal one of the most underrated talents in WWE. He's also a legit tough dude let me assure you."

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