Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Knucklehead DVD Review

Knucklehead – DVD Movie Review

By Phil Allely

Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight is one of the WWE’s most impressive roster members, he stands over seven feet tall and has pretty much done everything in the company, he has held many titles and is once again back in the main event scene. After a few bit parts in such films as Waterboy and Jingle all the Way, this is Wight’s first starring role in a feature film and it’s not too shoddy an effort at all.

Big Show stars as Walter, a thirty five year old orphan who was never adopted and stayed on at the orphanage to help out the nuns and get in plenty of juvenile style trouble along the way.

Knucklehead is a simple, well produced knockabout comedy style film, but it also has a soft side to it and that’s where the big mans (as yet untapped) acting ability comes into play. Wight is an amiable leading man and this is the perfect vehicle for him. The fact that the filmmakers have brought in some top class actors to support him helps massively too, the script is well produced and the pace works very well indeed.

Walter (our mild mannered giant) meets down on his luck fight promoter Eddie Sullivan (Mark Feurnstein) after a fire causes damage to the orphanage and the nuns need a miracle to raise the fund sot keep it open and save the young boys from being sent off to state care. Sullivan making them an offer they can’t refuse and Walter is soon off on a road trip to fund the necessary fire damage repairs by participating in a number of Mixed Martial Arts matches across the US as they make their way towards the pro-am finals in New Orleans.

With Melora Hardin (as former exotic dancer and Walter’s Friends) along for the ride, a nasty criminal fight promoter (Denis Farina) in hot pursuit and some crazy/weird and downright mental characters to encounter Walters first trip outside of the orphanage fast becomes a wild ride of love, fights, thrills and spills.

Knucklehead is a pretty good attempt at a comedy road trip/coming of age style film, the story itself has its merits, there are plenty of jokes, moments of toilet humour and the cast are all perfect for their roles, Big Show especially has proved himself to be more than the joker of the WWE locker room, putting in a commanding and comical performance.

Knucklehead is available to buy now and is available from and all good rertailers.

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