Friday, 11 February 2011

Eric Bishoff Discuss 'They' and more..

Extracts from a recent Eric Bishoff interview about 'They' and more from TNA...

"I don't think there's any one thing in success & failure. It's always a combination of several things. I think one of the things we are doing that is resonating with the audience in integrating more reality into our stories whenever we can. Keeping an edge on our stories & characters, more so than we have done in the past. Where we are in our storylines really started back in October at Bound for Glory, and it's continuing now where we are today and where we are leading up to on March 3rd."

His opinion on the new direction of the "They" storyline:

"I think 'Plan B' (the Fortune split from Immortal) was well-received. It caught everyone by surprise when everyone came to TV, because we didn't call everyone and give a heads-up in advance and because we like to contain & control information creatively as best we can. Once everyone wrapped their heads around it, I think the guys were very excited about it. Fortune is a strong, aggressive, young, emerging group of talent that saw a opportunity for them to step up, and now they're taking it."

What fans watching at home can expect to see on the March 3rd edition of iMPACT that's different from their normal Thursday night TNA viewing experience:

"What I'm hoping we're going to see is, I know we are going to see a pretty powerful show from a content point of view. You are also going to see a show in front of an energized crowd in a bigger arena that has a different kind of energy. I'm going to say better energy, but a different kind of energy than we typically see."

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