Monday, 14 February 2011

Justin Credible Interview Highlights

Justin Credible issued the following statement regarding rumors from yesterday:

"The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated, lol I won't even discuss this further. I am and was 100% for all my events yesterday, dead and done with this topic. And the reason I left right after my match was cause I have a six hour ride to CT."

He then wrote the following on Twitter:

"I want to thank my friends scott hall & xpac for getting my back. they know nothing is wrong and im fine. dont believe the haters. There is zero to validityto this. pac talked to me and my wife and all is well and this is the last i will speak of this. im real easy to get a hold of and if i was missing people could have called me or my wife like razor and kid did. Sorry to dissapoint you but this was a false alarm. maybe next month lol."

There was speculation on Credible yesterday after he abruptly left an event in Maryland this weekend and reports saying he was very upset. Sean Waltman posted on Twitter that Credible was missing and talked like it was a serious situation. People were concerned for Credible because of his past issues with painkillers. Credible has talked lately about opening a new wrestling promotion in Connecticut that Scott Hall also may be involved in.

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