Friday, 15 July 2011

X Division gets new blood

TNA Hype X Division Revival

By Phil Allely

After the success of its Destination X pay-per-view TNA (Impact Wrestling) have made the official announcement that Austin Aries signing as new roster member is the first of many to reinvigorate the faltering X Division.

Aries will offically join TNA this week after winning a hard fought four-way match against Low Ki, Zema Ion and Jack Evans at the PPV.

TNA Vice president of Talent Relations Bruce Pritchard is stated as saying that 'yes the fans did chant sign them all. But Austin's unique style and intensity will be a great addition to the X Division. He brings an arrogance and a confidence, backed by tremendous pyhsical ability. Based on the various X Division performances throughout qualifying events on Impact Wrestling and the outstanding Destination X event we (TNA) will be signing new additions to the X Division roster in coming weeks. Our goal now is to reinvent and redefine the X Division as something unique to all of pro wrestling.'

The X Division was once the jewel in the crown of TNA and maybe now the opportunity has arisen to see it do so again. The success of Destination X and the enthusaism of the wrestlers involed may just have helped the talented performers involed get the recognition they so rightly deserve.

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