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WWE Money In The Bank - PPV Review 2011

Money in the Bank 2011WWE: Money in the Bank 2011 [Blu-ray]WWE Pay-Per-View Review – Money In The Bank 2011

By Phil Allely

Money In The Bank may be a relatively new WWE PPV event, but it does something that many of the more well-known monthly events do. This event usually delivers some very exciting and innovative matches/storylines. The premise of MITB being that both Raw and Smackdown have action packed ladder matches where the winner can grab a briefcase containing a world title shot. This case can be cashed in anytime they want and this concept has enabled some shock title changes and unbelievable WWE TV moments.

With the recent high octane statements by CM Punk and the ensuing mayhem they created this event was a firecracker waiting to explode.

Opening match for the Smackdown MITB briefcase was a great way to kick things off. Amongst the chaos, set-pieces and sometimes overly booked in-ring action Sin Cara was wheeled off after a Sheamus powerbomb through a ladder. (a move needed to write Cara off TV until he serves his WWE Wellness Violation penalty) Daniel Bryan was the surprise winner after fending off the rest of the challengers Wade Barrett, Kane, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

Needing to slow things down after such a thrilling encounter the Diva Title was up for grabs next. Short and reasonably sweet the brawl between Challenger Kelly Kelly and champ Brie Bella was okay, but served its purpose. Kelly coming out victorious after interference from Nikki Bella backfired on her sister.

Big Show versus Mark Henry was verging on bearable for most of its duration next. Whilst both big men are lumbering and often un-inspiring, they did give their all here and show some more enthusiasm than previous bouts together have shown. Henry even pulling off the win, after some hard-hitting power moves.

Raw’s MITB match was marginally better than the Smackdown effort and it fulfilled its lofty expectations as well. This match had it all, dangerous moves, spectacular spots and a return to fomr for the man who many thought was earmarked for championship gold at Wrestlemania Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio being the man who overcame the might of Kofi Kingston, Jack swagger, Evan Bourne, R Truth, Alex Riley, The Miz and Rey Mysterio to net himself a guaranteed shot at the Raw gold.

The World Heavyweight Title match was an interesting one. Challenger Christian of course saw his title dreams shattered in mere days by current champ Randy Orton and he had come up short in encounters ever since. This time the stipulation was that is Orton was DQ’d the belt would change hands, Christian of course would do all he could to attempt to goad Orton into getting disqualified and reclaim his belt. Which is exactly what happened, the in-ring action, storytelling and performances here were spot on. Orton’s ill-fated low blow to Christian saw his temper get the better of him and the challenger win the title. Orton’s post-match beat down and temper tantrum all give this feud great mileage.

The hugely popular CM Punk’s challenge for John Cena’s WWE title was not only the main event it was perhaps the match that will rejuvenate the company. Recent months have seen fans bore of its matches, PPV viewers have dropped and of course due to injuries etc. many of the top names have been off TV. The WWE needed to do something and you know what this almost ‘shoot style’ scenario with CM Punk may just have done it.

The match itself was above average (considering Cena’s involvement) the brawling, in and out of ring activity and storytelling were superb throughout. The involvement of Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitus et all just helped elevate proceedings and make us think that as promised Punk may just win the title and then leave the WWE with it in his grasp.

Punk did indeed win the strap (the interference/decision tampering attempts by McMahon and Laurinaitus all backfiring spectacularly). A MITB briefcase cash-in attempt by Del Rio (under orders from Vince) fell flat too and the celebrating new champ ran off through the crowd to a huge ovation.

Money In The Bank was a great event all round for the WWE and since then their TV shows have been pretty much essential viewing. Punk’s title win and his erratic action have made things highly interesting again. New champ Christian has got his hands full too as no doubt Orton will be trail for a re-match soon. Of course there are also the two MITB winners (Del Rio/Bryan) who both have a title shot waiting for them.

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