Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sting Reclaims TNA Title

Sting reclaims TNA Championship and fulfils Angle’s Prediction!

By Phil Allely

It’s rare to see a major wrestling title change hands on free TV, but this past week on Impact Wrestling (shown in the UK last night on Challenge) that very thing occurred, as former World Champion Sting reclaimed his prized World Heavyweight Gold from Immortal’s henchman Mr Anderson. Their physical and pretty evenly paced encounter was made possible after a number of TNA’s top names gave ‘The (Joker faced) Stinger’ the assist. Throughout the two hour programme a number of Sting’s ‘Clown Minions’ (Fortune and later Kurt Angle) took out Immortal members Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Gunner and Bully Ray, to give the veteran fan favourite a fair crack at the belt. Anderson's Scorpion Death Lock and Sting's enthusiastic approach (including a mic check) all helped too, the end coming as a ref bump allowed Angle's clown to erase Bully Ray's interference and allow Sting to nail Anderson for the three count.

In a recent interview with Sun Sport’s Phil Allely, Kurt Angle seemed to predict that he would be the man facing Sting for the gold on the upcoming Maximum Impact IV tour of the UK and now he just may be (or vice versa!). Angle as per his win over Jeff Jarrett at Slammiversary is now the number one contender for the gold and will face new champion Sting for the title at the upcoming Hardcore Justice Pay-Per-View.

“Yeah having a guy like Sting spearhead this tour is a big deal all round. I was so pleased to hear him mentioned for the shows. You know he never did tour much and it has been over a decade since he was here. So this is major news and I’m especially happy as I get to join him on this one. I’d love to face him on the shows, in fact it would make perfect sense to do just that. Us two headlining would be the icing on the cake, he is one of the top guys of all time and he’s in the best shape he has been in years, both of us at our peak physically would be intense. Yeah I’m hoping that’s the case, though we do have so much talent here in TNA, the guys will be fighting to get a post on this tour. We intend to bring the best over here and put on the quality of shows you become used to.” Said an enthusiastic Angle, whilst in the UK to promote the upcoming tour.

Sting’s latest championship reign puts him level with Kurt Angle as a four time TNA champion. This also means that once again the power within TNA has shifted and Hulk Hogan’s Immortal faction are back in the challenger/intimidator role. Sting’s alliance with Fortune and Kurt Angle may be short lived, but it will make the upcoming TV shows and PPV’s a lot more fun to witness as the storylines unfold and new allegiances appear.

Just who will we UK fans get as touring TNA Champion come January 2012?

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