Monday, 18 July 2011

Xplosion TV news in the UK

TNA Xplode onto UK Primetime TV Slot

By Phil Allely

Impact Wrestling have announced that their Xplosion TV show has proved so popular amongst viewers that it will move to a new primetime position in the Challenge TV schedule.

Xplosion will now move to Wednesday nights at 10pm. The Jeremy Borash hosted show features a combination of both new and classic wrestling matches. On weeks when a monthly pay-per-view is broadcast on a Wednesday night at 10pm, Xplosion will return to its current home of midnight on Tuesday.

Jeremy Borash said: “At the many fan events we've had over the last several months, fans kept saying Xplosion was on too late.

“They were also telling us that they wanted to see exclusive matchups, and popular web features like the Spin Cycle and the Match of the Week.

“Combined now with the Xplosion Championship Challenge Tournament, Xplosion is really stepping it up, and so is Challenge TV with this move to 10pm."

Challenge can be found on Freeview channel 46, Sky 125 and Virgin Media 139.

Flagship show IMPACT WRESTLING will continue to be shown every Tuesday night at 10pm on Challenge.

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