Monday, 10 January 2011

Taylor Wilde Leaves Wrestling

Shantelle Malawski (aka Taylor Wilde) has now confirmed that she has indeed quit TNA and the wrestling business too. The 24 year old former TNA Knockout Champion and TNA Knockout Tag Team title holder has decided that after a few years of bone bending in TNA and before that the WWE, she will indeed hang up the tights and return to education. In an interview with my Sun Sport pal Rob McNicholl she has explained fully her decision to quit wrestling and how her lack of use in TNA during the Hogan/Bischoff regime all helped make her mind up.
Wilde was one of the leading lights in the Knockouts Division for TNA, especially in her matches against Awesome Kong and the company will miss her in that role.
I for one wish her well and that her new life outside of the ring and with her engagement.
I'm sure Shantelle/Taylor will perhaps return one day down the line to reignite a former feud or two and show us her moves one more time!

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