Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Jillian Hall Interview Highlights

Q & A With Jillian Hall from

1. Jillian, do you think you will ever possibily return to wrestling? ( TNA, WWE etc.)?

Jillian: Never say never! However, right now, Im not in a place where I’m ready to go back. I’m enjoying time off even more then I thought I would. If I know me though, one day I’ll wake up, miss it, and have a crazy urge to return…I just don’t think that will happen in the immediate future.

2. How much notice were you given that you would win the Divas title and were you told at that time that you would only hold onto the belt for roughly 3 minutes?

Jillian: I was told I was going to win it earlier in that day. They told me the entire scenario of how it would happen at once, so I was happy for the opportunity, but it was bitter sweet at the same time. I had ideas of how we could’ve made my title reign mean a little more but sometimes when they have their minds set on something, there’s no changing it.

3. I love the Divas, I can almost say I watch wrestling just because of them. I get totally interested in every Divas storyline. But I always find myself asking why sometimes WWE just wastes some of their amazing talent. I mean, women can wrestle and there could be so many great matches out there. So is beauty what really matters? Or do you think that the fans would never appreciate a good Divas match? I just wanted to hear the opinion of someone who experienced that.

Jillian: I feel the same way you do! There are some very talented divas that take a backseat almost all the time. In my case, I was capable of wrestling, I wanted to wrestle, but I was looked at as just a character. So, I went out and did the “funny, crazy diva” stuff and my other job was to make the other girls look good. They use you how they see you! Most of the girls have their place, and it’s hard to prove that you can be something else. Sometimes girls get pushed because their really hot but then the next month they may push the most talented. It’s actually very unpredictable to everyone! As far as match length goes, divas usually get the leftover time and are first to be cut.

4. On October 12 2009, you shocked the WWE Universe by winning the WWE Divas Championship from Mickie James, only to have the championship taken from you moments later. What were your feelings towards WWE management, having them do that to you, and to Melina instantly winning the title again when you had worked so hard throughout your entire career and didn’t get the recognition you deserved in the WWE?

Jillian: Like I said in the above answer, it was bitter sweet! There are a lot of things I would’ve changed about that if I wrote the show, but at the same time, I did make history! So, I wasn’t mad at anyone at all. I was hoping that maybe I would get the opportunity to hold the title again, but my career wasn’t headed anywhere near that at the rate I was going, lol.

5. Was there ever any talk of your returning to Smackdown? Before you left TV you defeated Eve in a 6 diva tag and also had a championship match with Melina, was this angle meant to go anywhere or was it a going away present?

Jillian: No, definitely not a present, lol! They didn’t even know I was leaving at the time. At Summerslam, Melina and Alicia had a match that didn’t go as well as they had hoped it would, so it was originally suppose to be Alicia that won the 6 girl tag and had the rematch with Melina. I actually got my hopes up for a day that it might go somewhere, but it ended up just being the start of Melina/Laycool. After the unification of the titles, there wasn’t a lot of hope for me to be taken seriously anytime soon….I had suggested a move to Smackdown of a few occasions, but it was always brushed off.

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