Friday, 14 January 2011

Undertaker: Wrestlemania Plans/Possible Spoilers

The Undertaker was backstage at Tuesday's WWE SmackDown tapings in Alabama and surprised most people when he entered the backstage area.

Taker was mainly there to visit with Michelle McCool but also was there to watch the angle where Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson joined Wade Barrett in a new Nexus faction.

Both Jackson and Barrett have been talked about as possible WrestleMania 27 opponents for Taker, with Kane being a candidate also. Jackson and Barrett are likely opponents if due to his health, Taker can't perform like he has in recent years with Shawn Michaels.

The idea would be to put Taker into a match where he keeps his streak in tact but not one where they would attempt to outdo his past two WrestleMania matches.

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