Sunday, 23 January 2011

Kurt Angle Forced to Leave TNA UK/European Tour


Kurt Angle was pulled from TNA's European tour last night.

Angle while performing in Lyon, France was infromed that his
 fiancĂ© Giovanna Yannotti was rushed into hospital with extreme
blood pressure which caused her to pass out. Yannotti was due to give
birth to the couples first child in mid February.

Due to her medical condition, and concern for the baby, doctors decided
that it was imperative to induce labor.

Within the last few hours Yannotti gave birth to Giuliana Marie Angle.

Baby is said to be doing well although many weeks premature. Yannotti is
presently listed in intensive care.
Kurt Angle is currently on a flight home.
Angle left the TNA tour with the full blessing and support of the

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