Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jeff Jarrett: Highlights from a recent Zoo Magazine interview

Jeff Jarrett: Highlights from  a recent Zoo Magazine interview:

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) will next month begin its tour of Europe once again with a number of shows all over the UK. How would you describe an event for those who are unfamiliar with TNA?

It is a unique experience first of all. I believe we have the best in-ring action in the world. With our four main divisions of the women's 'Knockout Division', Tag Teams, ‘X Division’ and Heavyweight make it the best in-ring action.

But it is not just a wrestling show, it's a TNA experience. What I mean by that is that the VIP meet & greets, the pictures and autograph sessions allow fans to really interact with the TNA wrestlers. We don't want fans to just watch a TNA show. We want them to be involved as much possible. It is a very unique philosophy to TNA where we want to give an altogether different experience to the fans at our shows.

The UK is well represented in TNA wrestling with the likes of Doug Williams and Desmond Wolfe, what difference do the Brits make to the roster?

The Brits we have bring their talent to the roster, just like everyone else we have in TNA Wrestling. You know, fifteen to twenty years ago there was a whole array of different wrestling styles from the European mat wrestling, the high flying style of the Mexicans to the classic showmanship of the US wrestlers. British wrestlers do have the talent and Douglas Williams proves that after his win over AJ Styles. At TNA we want the best talent not just from the US but from all over the world.

You are currently exploring the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in TNA. Is this the company recognising and respecting the threat companies such as Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) pose?

I wouldn't necessarily say that it's a sign of recognising the threat of MMA companies such as UFC. To be honest I don't think comparisons can really be made because pro-wrestling and MMA are two different businesses altogether. It's an entirely different business structure and product.

Would you say you are you a fan of MMA promotions such as UFC?

I've seen UFC and respect what those guys do but not as big a fan as many would perhaps think just because of what I am doing in TNA right now with the 'MMA Challenge'.

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