Wednesday, 2 March 2011

TNA Cookie interview highlights

TNA Knockout Cookie recently spoke with The Miami Herald. Here are some highlights:

Getting the job with TNA:

"Vince Russo’s daughters love ‘Jersey Shore. They actually have him watching. I’m actually a huge fan myself, have been since the show started. The funny thing is I was doing a similar character [named Brooke Lynn] for an all-girls promotion called Wrestlicious, with Jimmy Hart. She was a loud-mouthed, bratty New Yorker, as opposed to being a loud-mouthed, rowdy girl from Jersey. It’s not that different. Rob got a tryout here, and TNA wanted to find a girl to put with him. Jimmy Hart and others from TNA that I’ve worked with before, were saying, ‘We got to get Becky.’ Two weeks I was there for a tryout. Two months later we were on TV."

The Knockouts division:

"We are super lucky. They obviously put a lot of time and attention in the Knockouts division, where each one of us has a distinctive character. It’s not like, ‘I’m a happy go-lucky good girl.’ Or, ‘I’m a $#%^%y bad girl.’ We all have distinctive characters, and we get a decent amount of TV time where we are allowed to have different storylines going. There is me and Robbie against Traci [Brooks] and Frankie [Kazarian] or the Beautiful People and Winter and that whole dynamic. Then you have Velvet [Sky] and Sarita, with Rosita coming in. We are all different. We really get a chance to show our characters, have some fun and show ourselves. I couldn’t ask for a better locker room."

Jersey Shore alum Angelina Pivarnick coming in:

"I kind of got my %$# kicked by JWoww. So we brought in Angelina, since her and JWoww have their little thing on Jersey Shore. We kind of brought her in, so I kind of have someone who has my back. You guys are going to have to watch the next two weeks of iMPACT! to see what Angelina does. She is very involved. Let’s just say that. You might see new Knockout tag champs in the future. I can’t wait for fans to see. Robbie, Angelina and I almost got booed out of the building. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. It was electric. We knew we had something to prove. We knew this was a big moment for us as a company to do the tapings on the road. It was a very long day. Especially with Angelina being there, but it was a wonderful experience. I couldn’t have asked for it to go better. I’m super excited for people to see these tapings. The fans brought it to a new level, and the performers brought it to a new level."

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