Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sting's Impact! return review

Hulk’s Immortal TNA Takeover has a Sting in the tail!

By Phil Allely

After months of internet rumblings and rumours about his jump elsewhere, former multiple time TNA Heavyweight Champion and WCW legend Sting finally returned to TV this week and instantly made an Impact!. The rejuvenated Stinger winning the world title from Immortal’s Jeff Hardy in a surprisingly enjoyable main event of the flagship show.

Elsewhere on the highly hyped card Hulk Hogan returned from his recent back surgery to face off against TNA President Dixie Carter (revealing he had won their court case and was now in charge of TNA). The segment saw Immortal and Fortune have a verbal battle, Flair’s former charges making the save to rescue Dixie from Hulk and Co’s clutches.

Beer Money defended their Tag Team belts against Gunner and Murphy in a fast and furious bout, the ever sharp combo of Roode and Storm got the win though. Ink Inc. then challenged them for a match at Victory Road.

Jersey Shore star Angelina, joined Robbie E and Cookie to interrupt The Beautiful People’s celebration of Velvet Sky’s win over Sarita. The sequence ending in a cat fight to build up a new feud.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s wedding vow renewal (parts 1 & 2) degenerated into a fun brawl that saw Karen end up face deep in her own wedding cake courtesy of her former husband Kurt Angle and an oddly amusing/vomit inducing series of love, which was rounded off by an axe wielding psychotic faced Kurt Angle taking some flak from a New York Jet member.

Rob Terry battled Scot Steiner in a muscleman scrap, Steiner continuing his impressive ways by overcoming the younger mans onslaught with brute strength for the win.

Supermex Hernandez and former tag partner Matt Morgan pummelled each other in a bloody no contest revenge match and kept their war alive until perhaps a cage match beckons.

Stings re-signing with TNA puts rumours of him either facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania or entering the Hall of Fame to bed for now at least. As one of the few still in-ring active members of wrestling’s veteran elite the invigorated Steve Borden as TNA champ is a major factor in the ongoing war with WWE. With the Hulkster and his Immortal brand being rocked by Sting, Fortune and a resilient Dixie Carter, perhaps TNA’s lead into next weeks Victory Road PPV was so perfectly planned even (much berated) head writer Vince Russo needs commended for it.

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