Friday, 2 November 2012

WWE DVD Review: Rock Versus Cena - Once in a Lifetime

WWE DVD Review: Rock Vs Cena – Once in a Lifetime. Over three discs this special WWE DVD box set gives us the viewer an inside peak at the hype that surrounded the year long build up to the eventual match-up between The Rock and John Cena. Starting with the in-ring banter and bickering that hyped up a possible feud we get to see both men in fine form on the microphone. The Rock proves very quickly that his Hollywood hiatus hasn't slowed him down, he is still a master of the mic and one of the all time greats in the world of the WWE. As the story unfolds we get to see Rocky return to a WWE ring, his encounters with Cena and challenges get issued. It may seem a bit extreme to have three discs housing all of these events, but in all honesty it takes it to cover each of the year long series of events, that the WWE compiled to make the inevitable one-on-one scrap the one not to miss at WrestleMania. On the match front we get a few key ones and they are quite rightly the best examples of how the back story to this gathered pace. The John Cena and Mizz match-up has a few nice surprises (which we will not spoil), the Survivor Series teaming of Rock/Cena against Miz/R-Truth is a well-paced affair that not only highlights Cena's love-hate relationship with the WWE faithful, but how well he and Rock gel together. This match really did its job and made us all long for the WrestleMania match between the two. That match of course is featured here and rounds off the set nicely. Rock Vs Cena – Once in a Lifetime is the perfect example of just how good the WWE can be. They took a potential one-off match between a former superstar and current one, they hyped it up, built it well and finally pulled the trigger at just the right point. The wrestling world has a reputation for pulling the plug on such lengthy storylines and never explaining them or reducing them to a farce by over complicating them. This is the exception to the rule and one that every fan should indeed own if they can. RRP £29.99 By Phil Allely

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