Thursday, 8 November 2012

Triple H Interview Highlights

Triple H spoke to the New York Post about several Mania-related topics. Here are some highlights. On Brock Lesnar's WWE Return: "Brock Lesnar has been discussing his return being at WrestleMania." Not being retired and wrestling at WrestleMania: "I'm sure as we get closer to the event I’m going to get very excited about maybe throwing the trunks back on and getting back in there for WrestleMania." Attempting to breaking The Undertaker's Streak for the third straight year: "It’s New York, it’s WrestleMania, there’s going to be 70,000 people going crazy in MetLife stadium, it’s going to be tough for me not to want to be involved in that." Will Steve Austin ever wrestle again? "One thing I have learned in the WWE is never say never. I’d be surprised if Austin ever threw the trunks on again. You get to a certain point in your life where your mind thinks you can do a lot of things that you maybe can’t. I’d be surprised but I’ve learned in this business to never say never so you never know." Why WWE has not announced a headline match a year in-advanced: "Here’s the thing, Rock versus Cena being announced a year prior, that’s the first time we’ve ever done that. WrestleMania itself is a big-enough build. I think that having something like that is a double-edged sword because it could lose its luster over the course of the year, if you hear about it enough, or it can be the attraction that you have to go see at the end of that year."

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