Friday, 16 November 2012

Lita interview highlights

Former Women's Champion Lita spoke with WWE's website this week to
promote the new WWE '13 video game. Here are some highlights from the

WWE.COM: What is your favorite Attitude Era moment you were involved in?

I could make a laundry list. I think the first thing for me that was
definitely Attitude Era–based and my first really main storyline with
WWE was with Eddie Guerrero & Chyna vs. myself & Essa Ríos. [I
was] the first woman Chyna interacted with, and to be in there with them
was great. They had their funny story going on, and you never knew what
my story was with Essa Ríos, so that was one.

I think also, when I
had a run in with Triple H & Steve Austin when they were together
as The Two-Man Power Trip. Looking back on that, I was just excited to
be out there with Triple H and “Stone Cold.”

WWE.COM: What are the differences between Attitude Era Women and today’s Divas?

I think the women of The Attitude Era really did a good job at figuring
out who they were and what they wanted to portray to the fans. So each
woman was such an individual — you were never going to get Lita and
Ivory confused. You’re not going to get the two confused, as opposed to
now, is it the hot athletic girl with the short shorts on? No, it’s the
other hot athletic girl with the short shorts on. It was about setting
yourself apart.

WWE.COM: Which Diva today would best fit in The Attitude Era? Is there a Diva today you’d most like to compete against?

I think it’s interesting to see the Divas of today and to see who the
fans are attaching to. Obviously, right now, it’s AJ Lee, who’s not the
strongest; she’s not one of those classically hot chicks. But she sets
herself apart, and you have emotion when she’s out there and you get a
sense of who she is, and so I think that’s really cool to see the kid
that wasn’t supposed to make it being the one that’s out there, and
that’s who the fans want to know more about.

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