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DVD Review: nwo The Revolution

DVD Review: n.W.o The Revolution

In 1996 the world of professional wrestling took a turn for the better. As the industry waned slightly and the main two companies (WCW and WWE) struggled to sell out arenas somebody needed to do something to break the status quo.
The moment that changed it all was when former WWE main eventer's Scott Hall and Kevin Nash decided to leave the organisation for some big money deals with their rivals WCW.
WCW was then under the leadership of Eric Bischoff (currently one of the key men behind TNA). Bischoff had gained power recently and whilst the product had grown steadily and even procured the talents of former WWE figurehead Hulk Hogan, he still felt something was needed to go to the next level.
Cue Hall (and subsequently Nash) appearing on WCW live TV. Both cutting some killer promos that seemed to allude to the fact that the pair were invading the company on behalf of the WWE (which they were not). The storyline gained momentum quick and saw Nash and Hall become two of the hottest commodities in wrestling ever.
The next big turning point was when during a six man tag match at Bash at the Beach Hall and Nash took on the trio of Lex Luger, Sting and Randy Savage (three men they had been intimidating for weeks). The punchline here was the lack of the much-hyped third partner for the Outsiders (as Hall and Nash were now known). This was the key moment in n.W.o history, as perennial good guy Hulk Hogan came to ringside, we all thought he was there to help Sting and Co. but he did the unthinkable and aligned himself with the Outsiders to pummel the WCW boys.
Hogan's heel turn was a landmark event. No one saw it coming and this DVD uses that as its main factor in the success of the n.W.o.
There have been other DVDs focusing on the New World Order, but this is the definitive version. Here we are presented with a nice history of the concept and wonderful array of talking heads, who were there at the time. The only major face missing is The Hulkster (whose TNA contract restricts his inclusion), but he does feature in events heavily. It is nice to see some people like Mike Rotunda, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, Billy Kidman and many others all give their two cents in relation to what made the story line work and inevitably implode.
The documentary here covers everything from the n.W.o's introduction to their demise. When it was at its peak the faction saw a weekly introduction of new members (mostly on huge cash deals) and the group ran amok in the company. The problem was the group got too big for its boots and expanded too far. As WCW ran into financial problems and closed its doors the WWE decided to rejuvenate the n.W.o for one more run and re-introduced Hulk, Hall and Nash to the WWE audience. It was however a short-lived thing and never really caught off the way it had before.
n.W.o. The Revolution is a three disc (two on Blu-ray) set that not only features the stoy of the faction, but some of the best matches (both WCW and WWE) that it had to offer. There are also some nice extras which include such things as the Hall and Nash intros and much more.
On the match front we have bouts featuring Rowdy Roddy Piper, Dennis Rodman, The Steiner Brothers, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jay Leno and Sting, all of them battling some member of one of the New World Orders roster.
Fans of the late 1990s wrestling industry will lap this up. Newer fans will enjoy seeing just what leaps and bounds were made during this era in the sport and how guys like Hall, Nash and Hogan have became so powerful in the business.

n.W.o. The Revolution is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.
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RRP £29.99 (DVD), £34.99 (Blu-ray)
By Phil Allely

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