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TNA Turning Point 2012 Review

TNA Turning Point 2012

by Phil Allely

Jeff Hardy retained his prized gold in the main event of TNA's Turning Point PPV and former champion James Storm saw his dreams come true as he netted a number one contenders spot for the belt.

TNA's Turning Point PPV continued the on-going storyline of the mysterious Aces & 8's members and their association with former Team 3D member Devon. We were also treated to a few key challenge matches and more, all of which gave fans the opportunity to join in the excitement of the ongoing storyline featuring the invading group.

TV Title holder Samoa Joe opened proceedings up with a successful title defence against his former pal Magnus. Brit Magnus is far better as a heel and his work against the talented pro Joe proved his worth here. After a few nice teases Joe nailed the submission win.

Although a very exceptional grappler Eric Young has seen his career lend itself towards the more comedic side of things. His partnership with ODB has made Impact Wrestling house shows an event to see. Here we were greeted by the combos of ODB/Young versus Tara/Jesse Godderz. This fun encounter ended with EY nailing a nice looking elbow drop to take the win for his team.

In a nice change of pace for a TNA PPV outside interference did not effect Rob Van Dam's successful defence of his X Division Title next. RVD and opponent Joey Ryan gave us all a fine example of how to construct a match without any interjections. Of course following Van Dam's bout winning 'five star frog splash' the champ was flattened by Ryan's associate Matt Morgan.

Ace's and 8's member Doc (a familiar shaped grappler to a former WWE one) tackled Joseph Park next in a match that needed Park to channel the aura of his brother Abyss. Park is a fun character, but he runs away from violence and Abyss does not, fans would appreciate a more violent approach to proceedings we are sure. Doc was well on form here and nailed a choke slam for the storyline efficient win.

With tag teams thin on the ground TNA's best duo (Kazarian/Daniels) faced new Tag Team Champs Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero in a reasonably paced scrap. The combo of Kaz/Daniels are well worth a viewing every time they appear. The union between big man Henandez and veteran Guerrreo have boded well here. The Mexicans pulling off the win with ease.

The TNA World Title scene took a new step when Austin won the belt. The fact that Jeff Hardy was able to wrestle the gold away from him meant that the roster were having ot be on top form to get a shot at the gold.

Next up we saw former champs AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and James Storm step in to the ring for a number one contenders match. Styles worked his socks off here, but still fell to a Storm 'superkick' the cowboy winning and netting himself a shot at the world champ.

Newly designated Sergeant at arms of the Aces and 8's Devon faced Kurt Angle in a decent match next. Angle was seeking revenge for his recent beat-down and Devon was asserting the power his associates have on TNA. As usual Angle made his opponent look a million dollars and gave Devon a fair amount of spots. Kurt did however lock in his patented ankle lock for the submission victory.

Ladder matches are a tough thing to consider (both as grappler and fan) the wrestler has to risk his body against the steel item and trust that his foe is as willing to do the same. Jeff Hardy and challenger Austin Aries are two prime examples of wrestlers who willingly give up their bodies for their art. This match was a by the book stroll through ladder match psychology and bouts of old. Hardy was back on form and Aries as always showed his true talent too, the ensuing match was a mixed bag if high-risk spots, near falls and much more.

Hardy grabbed the win by overcoming Aries to snag the belt.

TNA Turning Point 2012 was a fun outing for the company. The results may not have been ground breaking, but the results will shape the company for a while. James Storm will make a formidable world title chaser, Aries will be a great challenger and the Aces and 8's storyline seems to continue.
By Phil Allely

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