Sunday, 1 January 2012

DVD Review: The Steve Austin Collection

wrestling legend Steve Austin has made a very impressive mark on the movie/TV industry and has forged himself a nice career in it since he hung up his wrestling boots.

This triple disc boxset is a very good introduction to Austin's movie output and a testament to his acting prowess.

With his recent return to WWE TV and a wonderful performance as host of the wrestling company's Tough Enough TV show it is now highly likely that Austin will work between his acting committments and his big screen ones.

Stone Cold as he is most well known in wrestling circles is one of the few fomer grapplers that has done well for himself outside of the ring. I have even had the priviledge of interviewing him on multiple occasions and found him to be a very nice man indeed.

The films on offer here include Austin's breakthrough hit The Stranger, a bu the numbers action romp, Hunt to Kill (featuring Eric Roberts) which heads down a more rugged ass-kicking route and the feel-good tale Born to Fight, which sees Austin strut his acting chops to the best of his ability.

With huge hit action flick The Expendables under his belt Austin's career is now going to the next level, he can indeed pick and choose his films, he can also jump genres too.

This boxset is a great way to introduce yourself to Steve Austin the actor and you know what you will be very pleasently pleased too.

The Steve Austin Collection is on release now from all good retailers.

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