Wednesday, 18 January 2012

JJ Dillon Talks Horsemen & WWE Hall of fame

Four Horsemen manager JJ Dillon was on the Busted Open Radio Show this week with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca. Dillon mentioned Triple H, Blackjack Mulligan and Dusty Rhodes as names who might induct the Horsemen into the WWE Hall of Fame this year from Miami. Here are a few more highlights from the show. Busted Open airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2-4 Eastern time on Sirius 94 and XM 208.

Why Windham was chosen for the WWE HOF over others:

"If you look at it from strictly a business standpoint, Barry was a behind the scenes agent at one time for the WWE for a number of years. His father Blackjack Mulligan is already in the WWE Hall of Fame. If you were picking out all the combinations of the Horsemen, the one that included Barry, I think other people would agree too, that was when we were at our absolute best."

Ric Flair showing up:

"You know when Shawn Michaels was inducted, Ric wasn't invited but he was there, he bought a ticket, was in the audience. He can kind of get away with things that other people cant. Who knows what's going to transpire in the next 60 days as far as Ric. But knowing him as I have for as long as I have, seeing him there would not shock me. Whether it's in an informal status or whatever it is, it would be good to see him, and if it ends up being just Arn, Tully, and myself, and I think Barry because of his health issues is a question mark at this point. Whatever it is, it is still an incredible honor. It's a very humbling thing and the pinnacle of my career. It validates everything that I accomplished in 40 years, spanning five decades in the wrestling profession."

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