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DVD Review: TNA Twin Pack - No Surrender 2011/HardCore Justice 2011

TNA Twin DVD Review : TNA Twin Pack - Hardcore Justice 2011 & No Surrender 2011

By Phil Allely

I’ve said it before but it needs saying again TNA’s concept of putting two recent Pay-Per-Views together on one reasonably priced DVD is a masterstroke for the company.

We have already reviewed both these shows (so you can see our comments here elsewhere), so here let’s give you a rundown of what Hardcore Justice and No Surrender 201 have to offer.

This two disc box set runs for over six hours and both events are well worth viewing once again.

HardCORE Justice 2011

On August 7, 2011 live from Universal Studios, TNA Wrestling presented "HardCORE Justice" featuring a six man match with an all-out war between Immortal and Fortune as well as the continuation of the "Bound for Glory Series."


In the live pay-per-view event, TNA Wrestling's "No Surrender" on September 11, 2011 featured the finals of the "Bound for Glory Series" and the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Mr. Anderson! You do not want to miss all this high impact action plus exclusive backstage post match interviews, bonus footage and more!

These events featured:

HardCORE Justice 2011

X Division Championship

Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley vs. Brian Kendrick

Knockout Tag Team Championship

Rosita & Sarita vs. Tara & Miss Tessmacher

Bound for Glory Series Match

The Pope vs. Devon

Knockouts Championship

Winter vs. Mickie James

Bound for Glory Series Match

RVD vs. Crimson

Fortune vs. Immortal

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Tag Team Championship

Mexican America vs. Beer Money

No Surrender 2011

#1 Contender for the X Division Championship

Jesse Sorrenson vs. Kid Kash

Bound for Glory Series Match

Bully Ray vs. James Storm

Knockouts Championship

Mickie James vs. Winter

World Tag Team Championship

Mexican America vs. the Pope & Devon

Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe

Bound for Glory Series Match

Gunner vs. Bobby Roode

X Division Championship

Austin Aeries vs. Brian Kendrick

Bound for Glory Series Finals

Bully Ray vs. Booby Roode

World Heavyweight Championship

Mr. Anderson vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle

This TNA Twin pack is available now from all good retailers and more information can be got via

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