Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bobby Roode Interview With Phil Allely

TNA Interview: World Champion Bobby Roode Talks to Phil Allely

By Phil Allely

In a few short weeks TNA will be hitting the shores of the UK to one again make Maximum Impact with their latest short tour of these shores. Current World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode took time out from his hectic schedule to chat to our own Phil Allely about his spot in the company and the what the UK can expect to see.

“You know it was on the first TNA UK tour that me and James (Storm) were paired up and Beer Money was born. The UK crowds are always wonderful, we all have such a good time at those shows. I get the feeling they may not like me as much this time though. Saying that I am looking forward to going there again and honestly I can’t wait to defend my belt there.”

With a target firmly attached to his back with his recent heel Roode has to realise that everyone is out to get him these days.

“Last time I was in the UK I had James to back me up and we also had Ric Flair as our manager. Flair is unbelievable, it was an honour to have him with us, he is a legend, I’d say he is the best champion ever in this business. We learnt so much, he helped u and his stories were amazing. This time around it’s just me and my title, which is all I need, but I’ll have to watch my own back now.”

After failing to win the coveted world title at Bound For Glory (versus Kurt Angle) Roode turned heel on his own tag partner James Storm on Impact! a few short weeks later (Storm having shocked the world by felling Angle for the gold in a quick encounter.

“You know being the champ is one of the reasons I got into this business, it’s a good feeling, I may be under pressure and be busy all the time, but I want to run with this as long as I can. I’ll defend my belt against anyone who comes after it. In the UK I’d love to battle Sting, he’s been a real thorn in my side and it would be great to beat him as he returns to the UK.”

Prior to Bound For Glory Roode was heavily tipped as the man to topple angle for the prized strap, rumour had it Hulk Hogan was the man who stopped this taking place at TNA’s big show of the year.

“Those comments Hogan made never bothered me, there is a method to the madness in wrestling and things are said all the time, who knows what is right or wrong. To be frank I think that situation worked in my favour, it helped fire me up and got me to where I am now. I am the face of the company and I plan on being so for a long time.”

Many have likened Roode to the much-missed WWE legend Curt ‘Mr Perfect’ Hennig, Booby even adopted his Fisherman’s Suplex as his own finisher.

“I have always been a fan of Curt’s I studied his matches for countless hours. I’ve never tried to be him, but I guess some things rub off. I’m humbled to be compared to my hero. It’s such a privilege to be thought of in the same way as him.”

Many wrestlers have outside interests such as acting or music that TNA quite rightly encourage, however Bobby is very different from his locker room comrades.

“I’m concentrating on wrestling right now, my heart and soul are here in TNA, I want to be the best champion ever, that’s not just here in TNA, I want to make my mark across the wrestling world. I’ll be the most hated guy in the business and I’ll raise up the shock factor.”

Bobby Roode is scheduled to defend his belt at the upcoming TNA UK shows taking place on January 26-28, these culminate in a first for TNA an Impact! Wrestling TV taping at Wembley Arena.

Check out www.impactwrestling for more information and tour updates.

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