Thursday, 29 December 2011

TNA DVD Review: Enigma - The Best of Jeff Hardy Volume 2

TNA DVD Review: Enigma - The Best of Jeff Hardy Volume 2

By Phil Allely

Now back in favour with TNA management this is perhaps the best time to take a look at this recent double DVD set based on the most recent stint in TNA by the ever-popular Jeff Hardy.

Hardy when on form is a wonderfully entertaining and exciting grappler. This release takes us back to his early 2010 re-appearance for the company and follows his subsequent journey, through his main feud and his eagerly anticipated World Title win.

The material on offer here is very relevant and the freshness of it also means this will appeal to newer fans also. The documentary style links work well, as Hardy and many top TNA stars talk about his past indiscretions and how he made his mark once before in TNA before leaving to rejoin the WWE. Hardy himself seems very approachable here, he is honest in his answers and does acknowledge that he is very lucky to be in the position he is in TNA. This was of course before Hardy saw himself removed from active duty (and his title), this DVD timeline takes us right up to the point where TNA management and Sting had to take Hardy off TNA TV and ruin a perfectly enjoyable PPV in doing so. This event is something TNA may approach again down the line I am sure.

Alongside the talking heads and trivia points in the main feature we also get some top notch matches from 2010 TV and PPV events. The matches are all pretty decent ones, featuring Mr Anderson, Kurt Angle, Sting, Shannon Moore, Matt Morgan and a nice tag team scrap where Jeff joined his brother Matt.

Also covered here is Hardy’s heel turn and affiliation with Hulk Hogan’s Immortal faction, we are also told how Hardy’s specially designed title belt came to be and learn that he modelled his early face-painted character on his hero Sting.

Over the course of these two discs (and its five hour plus duration) we the viewer do get a warts and all look at Jeff ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ Hardy and his impact on the wrestling business. Hardy has many outside interests too, he still pursues his musical aspirations and his art, he is now a father and that seems to have curtailed(freely admitted) self-destructing lifestyle.

As Jeff Jarrett says Hardy is a one-man merchandise machine, the fans love him, they buy not only into his persona, but they buy his t-shirts etc too. This DVD is a perfect re-introduction to the present career of one of the industry’s most interesting and innovative performers.

Enigma: The Best of Jeff Hardy Volume 2 is available now from all good retailers.

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