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WWE DVD Review - Randy Orton Evolution of a Predator

WWE DVD Review: Randy Orton – The Evolution of a Predator

By Phil Allely

Now a ten year veteran of the WWE randy Orton has been the centrepiece to a great many of the best feuds of the decade and netted himself a nice collection of gold along the way. This three disc set takes a look at some of his finest matches from 2001-2011 and for the most these matches are well worth repeat viewing.

Taking the same form as most WWE profile releases this is a fine effort and one that does indeed offer up a decent biographical piece on Orton’s life and career to date. Alongside the timeline of The Viper’s rise to the top of the company, we also find a series of (unusually) relevant talking heads to cover key points.

On the match front we get some absolute belters, including ones from OVW and against some of Randy’s finest opponents including Edge, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and Mick Foley. The infamous ‘Legend Killer’ storyline in covered briefly, although the matches against the likes of Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes are poor in quality, they do tell the tale perfectly.

One other nice point to make about this release is that it doesn’t shy away from Orton’s own demons, he freely admits he had personal issues early in his career, his ill-fated military stint is covered also. This DVD set offers a pretty good overview of the man that Randy has become and you can see that his father (WWE legend Bob Orton Jr) and his wife Samantha are fully behind him as he progresses to his biggest challenge yet (Wrestlemania XXVII), his bout against CM Punk.

That Orton has become and retained his spot as one of the WWE’s top stars is amazing and with his current attitude and outlook on the business it is well deserved. WWE have put together a very good release here and one that will certainly please his fans no end.

Randy Orton – The Evolution of a Predator is available now from www.silvervision.co.uk and all good retailers.

RRP £29.99 (DVD)/£34.99 (Blu-ray)

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