Wednesday, 14 December 2011

TNA Final Resolution 2011 Review

Roode’s new year resolution is to keep the gold.

TNA Final Resolution PPV Review

By Phil Allely

TNA world Heavyweight Champion Robert Roode took former triple-crown titlist AJ Styles to a well-paced and exciting 3-3 draw in the main event Iron Man rules match of the company’s last PPV event of 2011 Final Resolution. This match-up certainly proved the doubters wrong as new champ Roode held his own against fellow TNA original Styles in an all-out war that gripped the crowd from start to finish.

Fortunately for all concerned this bout and its two predecessors helped elevate the event’s standing to an above average status in the grand scheme of things

Backtracking we kicked off well with RVD and Daniels again showcasing their collective talents. Van Dam and the ever impressive Fallen Angel meshing well before the obligatory ‘five star frog splash’ ended things in its owners favour.

Robbie E’s successful TV title defence next was a reasonable outing too, E cohort Rob Terry helping keep challenger Eric Young’s hands off the gold for a while longer.

The dull Pope/Devon storyline continued next as the pair took on Tag Team Champions Crimson and Matt Morgan. Morgan and Crimson’s big man act went through the motions and dominated their opponents when needed, the finish coming after a hard-hitting double choke slam on Devon allowed them to walk away victorious.

Thankfully the X Division put things back on track as Kid Kash and Austin Aries put forth a veritable highlight reel of a scrap. The final flurry saw near falls galore and stiff brainbuster move keep the belt firmly around Aries waist.

Knockouts Mickie James and Gail Kim were also on fine form for their title match. James seemed to be relishing the chance to tangle with TNA returnee Kim here. Madison Rayne however put a dampener on things by interfering on her associate’s behalf to ensure Mickie left without the gold.

The pace continued to build as James Storm (fresh off a legitimate concussion) took the fight to Kurt Angle in a well-crafted brawl. Both men went all out here, each attempting to out do the other. Storm pulling off the shock win by nailing a good looking ‘last call’ finisher to gain the nod and some well-deserved respect.

With a winner gets a title shot/loser leaves TNA stipulation the battle of the Jeff’s (Jarrett and Hardy) was a thrilling encounter. Utilising the cage to its best advantage the duo and the handcuffed to each other Sting and Karen Jarrett all worked well to make this a match where anything could happen. Karen Jarrett’s interference backfired as Hardy overcame the odds to grab a world title shot and ensure one of the Jarrett’s would be leaving TNA.

The Styles/Roode encounter then finished things off on a high.

Final Resolution did try its best to make the grade, it’s a pity the old interference heavy finishes and dodgy booking of old still hung heavy over this event. The second half matches did bring things back on track and kept the momentum moving along. Final Resolution didn’t set the world on fire, but it did progress storylines, it also showed Robert Roode as a force to be reckoned with as Champion. It will be interesting to see how he fares against the comeback kid Jeff hardy in January and if he tours the UK as company figurehead in January.

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