Thursday, 22 December 2011

WWE DVD Review - Capitol Punishment 2011

WWE DVD Review: Capitol Punishment 2011

By Phil Allely

The latest addition to the WWE PPV event list Capitol Punishment had a pretty decent looking card of matches lined up and each was reasonably well built upon in the build-up to the event. However the delivery of some did hamper proceedings somewhat and even.

The opening battle for the United States Title between Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston was a nicely paced affair. Both men trading the advantage and near fall situations.

Next up The Miz and his former charge Alex Riley faced off. The duo fared well and showcased their repertoires nicely, although Michael Cole stuck his nose in where it wasn’t needed.

Alberto Del Rio versus Big Show was an odd pairing, the action prior to the match made it even more so and well worth watching.

The Intercontinental match between Champion Wade Barrett and challenger Ezekiel Jackson was pretty much what we expected. Zeke gave Barrett a proper pasting at every available opportunity, the action was pretty dull at times though.

Picking things up pace wise Rey Mysterio then tackled CM Punk. Punk and Mysterio worked hard in this one, each move hitting the mark and livening the night up.

Christian’s attempts to re-capture the World Heavyweight Title from Randy Orton were as always extremely watchable. These two really do bring out the best in each other.

There followed a bonus match not previously advertised. Evan Bourne versus Jack Swagger was a worthy addition to the card and helped retain interest in proceedings. Bourne snagged the win after a sneaky roll-up.

The main event saw R-Truth challenge John Cena for the WWE Title saw Truth making the most of his moment in the sun, his attitude, performance and general demeanour made for perfect headline attraction heel like ones.

Capitol Punishment was an ok wrestling event. There were some decent undercard matches, the (fake) Barrack Obama skits were poor and of very little interest to most people viewing. The results however did help rejig storylines and Mark Henry finally came across like the monster he was destined to be.

WWE Capitol Punishment is available now from and at all good retailers.

RRP £17.99

Running Time: 2hrs 50 mins

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