Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Young Bucks Slam TNA Writing

Young Bucks criticize TNA writing: Matt and Nick Jackson have spoken out
about the lack of continuity in TNA storylines. The brothers, who were
granted their release last month, believe that Impact programming is so
difficult to follow that most fans can't make sense of what's going on.
"There is just no continuity so the fans don’t know what to get behind.
There is really nothing to cheer for because they don’t know what’s
going on," Matt told Unplugged radio. "They don’t know who's the
babyface or who's the heel so it’s really hard for people to get into
the product." He added: "As soon as someone starts to get over, they are
taken off TV. It’s so much stop and go. It's like as soon as someone
starts to gain a little steam, you don’t see them on TV again. It
happened with Nick and I, it happened with Jay Lethal a couple of times,
and it’s hard because your like, 'Give us a chance because we can get
over.' We just aren't given the platform or the time to get over. Any
time an angle would get a little bit over, it would be called off. I
remember we were having a little bit of fun with Tara; that was one
(angle) we were hopeful for... (but) all of a sudden, (with) no
explanation that was done... Mine and Nick’s breakup, no time given to
that. It was hard trying to get any storyline over because there was no
time given to you." The Bucks talk more about their time with TNA at

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